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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 358

1. Bless you all ─ not only in this place, but in all the places where you gather to be with your Father ─ you who hear his word as one soul

2. Very short is the time left to you to receive my teachings through the mouth of my voice bearers, so that you may learn the way to prepare yourselves to hear Me afterwards in spiritual silence But truly, I tell you, I will never leave you, I will always be as close to you as in these moments.

3. I am omnipresent, I am in the whole universe and in each of my children. But not all of you feel the nearness of your Father, the presence of your God.

4. I have my sanctuary in your heart, I have given you the key to open it. But this must be born of your own will, this is the duty that comes to you.

5. I have given you Spirit, which is a part of Myself, and a material covering to live on earth. But verily, I tell you, if you know how to overcome the trials you must go through in this life, you will attain spiritual liberation.

6. In the First Time I gave enlightened spirit beings the mandate to incarnate on this planet and speak to mankind as prophets. In the Second Time, out of my great mercy, my "Divine Word" became man, so that you would better understand your God. I came in Jesus to speak to you of love. And now in the Third Time I have come once again ─ in Spirit to give you my teaching.

7. Much time had to pass so that mankind reached spiritual maturity. You have always succumbed to the two extremes: one has been materialism, through which you seek to achieve greater worldly pleasures; but this is in reality detrimental because it keeps the Spirit from fulfilling his task. But you must also avoid the other extreme: the mortification of "flesh," the complete denial of all that belongs to this life; for I sent you to this earth to live as men, as human beings, and I have shown you the right way, so that you may live in such a way that you "give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.

8. I have created this world for you, with all its beauty and all its perfection I have given you the human body through which you are to develop all the abilities I have given you to reach perfection.

9. The Father does not want you to deny yourselves all the good that this world offers you. But you shall not put the body above the soul, for the body is perishable, but the soul belongs to eternity.

10. Ringet, wrestle for the attainment of soul perfection. I have shown you the way to attain this goal. I have entrusted prayer to you as the "weapon" superior to every material weapon, to defend you against treachery on the way of life. But the best weapon you will have when you fulfill my law.

11. What does prayer consist of? Prayer is supplication, intercession, worship, and spiritual contemplation. All its parts are necessary, and one comes out of the other. For in truth I tell you: The request consists of man asking Me to fulfill his desires, to satisfy his longings ─ that which he considers the most important and salutary thing in his life. And indeed, I tell you, my children, the Father hears the request and gives everyone what he needs most whenever it is for his own good. But beware of asking for something that is contrary to the salvation of your soul. For those who ask only for material goods, for bodily delights and perishable power, ask that their souls be put in chains.

12. The bodily delights only bring suffering ─ not only in this world, but also after the transition to the spiritual world; for even there the influence of those bodily desires can get; and because the soul cannot free itself from them, it continues to be tormented by those desires and wants to return again and again to earth to reincarnate and continue to live materially. Therefore, my children, ask only for what you really need for the good of your soul.

13. The second kind of prayer, intercession, comes from love for neighbor, that love which I taught you as Master when I came into this world. Pray for your brothers and sisters near and far, for those who are suffering the consequences of war in the different nations, who endure the tyranny of the transitory rulers of this world.

14. Prepare yourselves, O my children, pray for your fellow men, but also in this intercession you must understand how to ask, because what is important is the soul. If a brother, your parents or your children are sick, pray for them, but do not insist that they remain in this life if this is not what the soul needs. Rather, ask that this soul be set free, that it be purified in its sufferings, that the pain promote the soul's upward development. This is why the Master taught you already in the Second Time to say, "Father, thy will be done. For the father knows better than any of his children whose soul needs.

15. The third kind of prayer, veneration for the Divine Spirit, means veneration for all that is perfect; for by this kind of prayer you can unite yourselves with the perfection, with the love, which embraces the whole universe. In worship you can find the state of perfection that you must all attain, and worship takes you further to spiritual contemplation which, together with worship, brings you to union with the Divine Spirit, the Source of Eternal Life ─ the Source that gives you strength day after day to reach the Kingdom of the Father.

16. Thus you shall pray: beginning with supplication and ending with spiritual contemplation. This will give you strength.

17. Then, when you are well prepared, you are to fight not only for yourselves, but also to help your fellow men to go this way. For you cannot achieve your salvation for yourselves alone, but must struggle to achieve the salvation of all mankind.

18. People cry out, "If there is a God of mercy and love ─, why must the good suffer through the bad, the righteous through the sinners? Verily I say to you, my children, no man comes into this world to obtain only his own salvation. He is not a single individual, but is part of a whole.

19. Does not a healthy and perfect organ in a human body suffer when the other organs are sick? This is a material comparison so that you may understand the relationship that exists between each human being and the others. The good must suffer under the wicked, but the good are not completely innocent if they do not work for the spiritual progress of their brothers and sisters. But as individuals, each one has his own responsibility, and being part of my Spirit and similar to Him, he has the will and intelligence to contribute to the progress of all.

20. Since the first time I have spoken to you through my prophets to guide you, but not to compel you to fulfill my law.

But time has passed, and the human spirit soul has developed, has reached maturity and can now understand its mission as a spirit soul. Mankind, which is so close to the abyss, to ruin, needs spiritual help from you.

21. It is the battle, the final battle, the most terrible and dreadful between darkness and light. All the Spirits of Darkness are currently uniting, and all the Spirits of Light must confront that power.

22. You who have heard Me, you who carry the light of the HolySpirit within you, awaken! Waste no more time with earthly pleasures, with temporal goals. Fight for humanity, struggle for the Kingdom of the Father to come into this world. It is the mission that I, from the least to the most educated, give to all.

The spiritual world is with you and over all the Father full of love, full of mercy ─ the Father, who sees with infinite pain the suffering that men inflict on each other.

23. This is the fight of light against darkness, and each of you must fight until victory is won. Pray, my children, with all sincerity. Follow the way which the Father showed you when He spoke to you of prayer on this morning of grace. This is your mission, so you will achieve spiritualization for yourselves and salvation for those for whom you pray.

24. The hour is already near when you will hear my voice for the last time through human instruments. But the Father tells you again: You have nothing to fear after 1950 if you unite in love.

25. Do not think that I seek only those who are pure in heart ─ no, I seek the erring, the defiled, who are those who most need my mercy. Do not think that I have preferences ─ neither for those who live in luxury nor for those who live in poverty. I am looking for the soul that needs light ─ the sick, the afflicted, the hungry, and these needs I meet with both the rich and the poor.

26. I come to all to bring them a message of light, comfort and hope through a teaching full of loving justice. Verily, I tell you, whoever approaches to drink from this spring will never be disappointed. Everyone who seeks in it for his own good will find it. Whatever I offer you is true, whatever I promise you will come true. In my words there is no lie that your world is full of at this time!

27. I give you justice in that you have become doubters on earth because your fellow men have promised you many things and fulfilled nothing. That is why there are millions of people who believe nothing and expect nothing because they have been made victims from one disappointment to another. But I ask you: What do you expect from a materialistic, selfish and inhuman world? What do you expect of those who rule the world and do not let themselves be ruled by conscience, which is the only light that leads to the true path?

28. Come back to me, but approach me without lament and resentment toward your fellow men Come to me and let my word once more ignite the light of faith in your soul. For then you will no longer be weak, bitterness will leave you, and instead of distrust and fear of men you will have courage of life, hope and love of neighbor.

29. When my light has penetrated into all hearts, and men who lead the nations, those who teach them, and all who have the most important tasks to perform, are guided and inspired by that higher light which is conscience, then you can trust one another, then you can trust your brothers, because my light will be in all, and in my light my presence and my justice of love will prevail.

30. You live today in a time of spiritual confusion, in which you call evil good, in which you believe to see light where there is darkness, in which you prefer the superfluous to the essential But my always ready and helpful mercy will intervene in time to save you and show you the light-filled way of truth ─ the way from which you have gone.

31. The nations are progressing, and their scientific knowledge is increasing more and more. But I ask you: What is this "wisdom" with which men, the more they penetrate it, the more they move away from the spiritual truth, in which lies the source and origin of life?

32. It is human science, it is learned wisdom, as it is understood by a humanity sick by selfishness and materialism.

33. Then that knowledge is false and that science is bad, since you have created with it a world of pain. Instead of light there is darkness, since you are driving the peoples more and more into destruction.

34. Science is light, the light is life, is strength, health and peace. Is this the fruit of your science? No, mankind! This is why I tell you: as long as you do not allow the light of the Spirit to penetrate the darkness of your mind, your works will never be able to have a high and spiritual origin, they will never be more than human works.

35. The true knowledge, the knowledge of goodness, is in me, and it is I who inspire it to those who have offered their minds to me as a depository for my revelations. These are those people who, in self-sacrifice, have dedicated their existence to a discovery, a revelation, which is for the good of mankind. These people have truly opened paths of light, have truly brought a message of peace, health, and comfort to their fellow men. Some have done perfect works, others have been pioneers. But some, like others, have taught you through works that goodness, love, the upliftment of the soul, have been the keys to their victory.

36. Verily, I tell you, with the ideal of doing good and bringing peace to those who need it, you will be able to open the most secret door of my treasury, because there is no door that resists the call of love On the other hand, he who, inspired by selfish and arrogant goals, seeks scholarship, knowledge and power, must steal, must seize, in order to possess something of what he wants to be revealed to him.

37. From all this you may conclude that if your science has as its goal the welfare and advancement of mankind, the doors of the treasury will be open and will reveal to men the infinite secrets of life.

38. How little have you obtained for your own good, and how much have you stolen to do you evil!

39. Blessed people of Israel, arise in prayer that you may feel my presence. Blessed are those who, through prayer, feel the influence of my Divine Spirit, for they will not feel orphaned when my word has ceased to be manifested through the voice-bearers.

40. Blessed are those who practice prayer with love, with purity, and who soar up to draw near to Me. Verily, I judge not whether your prayers are exalted or imperfect. I pay attention to every request, but I am Master and teach you to pray. I am perfect and correct you so that you do not commit any imperfection.

41. Beloved people: How often has the Father seen men on earth accomplish a perfect work within the human, and it has been pleasing to Me. But you do not yet show me perfect works within the spiritual because you will only reach spiritual perfection when you once have put aside every materialization. Then, people, your spirit will see a higher life, it will see my face and hear my loving voice. He will truly comprehend my law and will know who he is, and who he has been, and who he will be in eternal life.

42. In this time, people of Israel, in this body, in this shell into which I have sent you to reincarnate, you are like a child. But do not worry, dream of perfection, seek it and strive for it. For your destiny is to pave a path for mankind, a path of peace, virtue, teaching and revelation.

43. Your mission, Chosen People, is to break the breach of the human soul so that it may find its Creator in its own being.

44. In the three times you have found the way that leads to perfection, because your conscience is like a shining beacon in which there is the burning torch. But you have been frail and have not been able to perceive the spiritual glory in this way. Vanity and arrogance have subjugated your soul, and you have used your gifts only to create kingdoms in this world ─ kingdoms to which you do not belong; but you have been masters and possessed riches, had servants and acquired titles, exalted yourselves to others and forgot your father, forgot your mission.

But after that the world itself rose up against you, humiliated you and subjected you. But in that bondage in which you have fallen, Israel, you have not forgotten Me, you have used the time of your armament to re-enter the path that leads you to Me, and you have listened to the voice of your conscience.

45. Why has the Father allowed these falls? Why has the Father allowed you to know all the vanities, all the needs and the false glories of this life? Has the Father really allowed it?

Yes, my chosen people, I have allowed the tower of corruption and human sin to rise before Me. I have allowed the seven great sins to arise in my creation, to which all others are attributable. But verily, I say to you: Sin does not come from Me, it does not originate in Me. I have only allowed it to exist so that your soul may acquire experience, so that you may appreciate the greatness of your God, His perfection, His justice, His love, His truthfulness ─ so that you may appreciate the perfect and know the imperfect.

46. But the Father says to you Now it is enough! I meet you captive, burdened with chains, hardships and diseases. But in the midst of your prison you have not forgotten Me, and I tell you Have faith in Me and in you, Israel, I will set you free!

47. Your development is great, your soul is great and knows Me. In it you accumulate truth, sincerity, mercy and love, and with these gifts you will be able to bring peace, concord, light and salvation to the world.

48. Who in this world can give you peace and restrain the wars which are taking hold of the nations? These are your abilities, this is your true greatness, which is based on humility, on gentleness. Blessed people, never pass on the word of love or the truth for the money of the earth, never falsify an act of mercy by flattery, for then you will not bear witness that you are my disciples.

49. The people of Israel of this third age shall be an example of humility, of meekness, of spiritualization. Walk in the path of perfection. You now know, blessed people, that the peace, wisdom, and teaching I pour into your souls are not only for you to accumulate, but that you are to distribute, pass on, spread this teaching among mankind. You are the commissioners to do this.

50. The Master tells you: It shall not be enough for you to do no evil. You should do good that you may be worthy of my heavenly kingdom. I have forgiven all your faults, all your falls, cleansed you from all your stains of shame with my words, with my blood and my tears. That is why I demand of you that you fight, that you make an effort so that you can reach the goal of the journey of life where I am.

51. Be aware, people, of the great mission which the Father has entrusted to you already at the moment of your creation You do not know whether it is not the last opportunity to inhabit the earth. But if you leave your mission unfinished, I will send you again to the world ─ the one to reap the harvest and the other to complete the mission that has begun. But others of you will not return to earth. I will give them missions so that they can work and fight in the spiritual.

52. I will reveal to you great lessons of the high beyond. For I am currently preparing you for the spiritual life, for the true life ─ for that life which has neither beginning nor end. I will prepare you, show you the way and also show you the door because you are the firstborn, whom I have always taught the way, which you also are to teach the others. And just as I have shown you the path in this world, you must also recognize it in the high hereafter. Then you will continue to guide the souls on the path that leads you to true peace.

53. People: The time has come for you to know how to pray. Today I do not tell you to fall down to earth, I do not teach you to pray with your lips or to call on Me with chosen words in beautiful prayers. Today I say to you: Turn to me in your thoughts, lift up your soul, and I will always come down to make my presence palpable to you. If you do not know how to speak with your God, your repentance, your thoughts, your pain will be enough for Me, your love will be enough for Me.

54. This is the language I hear, the language I understand, the language without words, the language of truthfulness and sincerity. This is the prayer which I have taught you in this Third Age.

55. Whenever you have done a good work, you have always felt my peace, reassurance and hope, because then the Father is very near to you.

56. In my words is the fire, and with this fire I destroy the tares

57. "Love one another"! Do not make fun of the false God whom your fellow man worships. Do not declare the teaching of your fellow man to be false, however wrong it may be. If you want to be respected and follow you, you must first show respect. But be afraid of no one, for I have given you the truth and the gift of the Word. Rise, speak and convince your fellow men. In the word is the balm, the love, the power and the life. In the word is the power to make you rise.

58. My word shall be written down for all time; out of it you shall compose the book of the third age, the third testament, the Father's last message; for in all three ages God had his "gold feathers "* to leave his wisdom to mankind.

* This term refers to the names of those participants in the Divine Rallies who had the task of writing down the word of the Lord in shorthand.

59. Moses was the first "gold pen" which the Father used to write the events of the First Times in indelible letters on a scroll. Moses was the "gold nib" of Jehovah.

60. Among my apostles and followers of the Second Age Jesus had four "feathers", and these were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These were the "gold feathers" of the Divine Master. But when the time came for the First Testament to be united with the Second through bonds of love, knowledge and spiritual progress, a single book was born of it.

61. Now in the Third Time, in which you again have my word, I have likewise appointed "gold feathers" so that it may be preserved in writing. When the time has come, you will compile a single book, and this book, that of the Third Time, ─ when the time has come ─ will likewise be united with the Book of the Second and the First Time, and then from the revelations, prophecies, and words of the three Times, the Great Book of Life* will arise for the edification of all souls. Then you will realize that all words ─ from the first to the last ─ have been fulfilled in truth and in Spirit, that all prophecies were the anticipated course of history, which the Father revealed to mankind. For God alone can let write down the events that will come to pass.

* Explanatory text from Instruction 85, verse 24, of the Book of True Life: "You do not need to bother to unite this (presently emerging) testament or book with the previous ones, for it was I who united in this book the revelations and teachings of the three times, drawing the essence from them to create one single message.

62. When the prophets spoke, it was not them, but God did it through their mediation.

63. I have given enough preparation to my new chosen ones, as Moses and the four disciples of the Second Age had, so that my word would be written down in complete sincerity, in full clarity and truth, for it is for the generations of tomorrow; but if anyone should intend to add or delete anything from that book, I will call you to account.

64. Now, my beloved children, who attaches importance to the book you are beginning to compile? In truth ─ nobody! But the time will come when mankind will ask you for your book full of desire, full of curiosity, and then it will awaken, explore and discuss my word. In that battle of ideas parties will emerge ─ scientists, theologians and philosophers. The testimony of your word and the book of wisdom will be brought to the nations, and all will speak of my teaching. This will be the beginning of the new battle, the war of words, thoughts and ideologies; but in the end, when all have realized in truth and in Spirit that the Great Book of Life has been written by the Lord, they will embrace and love one another as brothers, as is my will.

65. Why was not the word of Jehovah sufficient in the first time to unite the world, nor could the teaching of Jesus in the second? Why was it not enough in that time that I have been giving my word since 1866 for the nations to love one another and live in peace?

66. It is necessary that the three books form one, so that this Word may enlighten the whole world. Then mankind will follow that light and the curse of Babylon will be lifted, because all people will read the Great Book of True Life, all will follow the same teaching and love each other in Spirit and in truth as children of God.

My peace be with you! 

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