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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 328

My peace be with you!

1. Be welcome in my presence as soul and as body For both refresh themselves, sate themselves in my divine essence and strengthen themselves in me, to continue in the day's work.

2. Here is my Spirit, and here is also yours!

3. The Father and the children are present, they look lovingly at each other face to face, they recognize each other, love each other, and bless each other. Verily I tell you, people, at no time before the present one had your soul found the sure way to come to Me. Today you find Me through a moment of exaltation, of liberation from earthly duties, through a moment of true repentance and knowledge of the way to spiritual prayer.

4. It is no longer the time of penitential exercises, ceremonies or rites to unite yourselves with Me, to be able to believe that you glorify Me and are pleasing to Me. You have left this time long ago. Your soul has freed itself, and it refreshes itself in the Third Time by spreading its spiritual wings and dominating infinity, rising and shifting itself to me and freeing itself from earthly sufferings and troubles.

When it returns to its body after its elevation, it communicates its power and light to it, elevates it, strengthens and comforts it. By taking its own body in its arms, as an adult does with a small child, the soul carries it on the paths of life and light, enlivens it with faith and hope.

5. As time passes, your soul ceases to feel weak, it feels stronger and stronger through my teachings and through the light acquired in its trials and struggles. Therefore, I want to see my disciples become disciples, apostles of this work full of light, spirituality and love, to be able to leave you in my place, to teach men, to show them the lessons not discovered by them and to show them the way to the truth with perseverance and steadfastness ─ the way that leads to the peace of this earth and to the bliss and eternal peace of the soul.

6. From my high throne I send my Universal Ray. It spreads and pours out in love on all existing creatures. But with you, chosen people, my ray becomes a human word, a word understandable to the mind, and its content is divine essence and divine mystery, which will be enlightened. My word comes down to all my people, and verily I say to you: Although my children have often said, "In such a word transmitter and in such a church there is deceit," yet in spite of every deceit and every lack of preparation my Spirit has been present. Do you not remember that I have often told you I do not look upon the blemish or lack of preparation of my children?

7. Now is my time. It is time of fulfillment for the Father, imposed by Himself out of love for His children. Why should I hold myself back in the face of your sin, since it is precisely this sin with which I am struggling, and which I will defeat through my light and through my love?

8. Condemn no one as deceiver, condemn no one as liar or as defiled. Do you not see that you are all my disciples, that you are all learning from me at this time? After 1950, when my Universal Ray no longer becomes a human word among you, then really "Woe, woe!" to him who tries to cause ─, no matter how great his preparation may be, ─, to make my Universal Ray manifest itself as it is at this time. For despite his great spiritualization and preparation he will be a deceiver through his disobedience. It will be the time when you shall no longer reckon with the presence of the Father in the form in which you had it from the beginning of this revelation until 1950, because my laws and my decrees are unchanging. I never change my work, my righteousness is unrelenting, and my disciples must live in harmony with their Father, in obedience to Him, and in complete conformity with Him. Nevertheless, I assure you as Master that I forgive the word transmitters through whom I manifest, despite their great unpreparedness and imperfection now, in the time of my rallies, and I manifest and pour out my mercy upon the multitudes. When they notice the imperfections of the "flesh" in my words, which are purity and perfection, I have taught you to recognize the tree by its fruit, so that you may forgive human imperfections and discover the presence, power and essence of your Lord by the spiritual "taste" of the fruit.

9. I am currently creating a spiritual memorial book in your Spirit, and by my divine instruction a material book of my Word is also being created. It is the divine testament that I leave for posterity, for future generations, for the later generations that will come after you. But verily, I say to you: they will not know the "taste" of your imperfections. My word ─ be it that which your Spirit has preserved, or that which is recorded on paper ─ will be perfect, will be pure without any blemish, without any impurity and imperfection, and it will be the crystal clear water whose miraculous power will quench the thirst of man, the thirst of the soul. It will be the bread and wine with which the soul of man will celebrate many times. It will be the shining lighthouse and also the path illuminated by the light of the HolySpirit, by which the wanderers, or those who are lost in the sea, can discover the direction to reach the safe haven.

10. The enforcement of spiritualism in the world should not seem difficult, and even less impossible. For I have made the fields fertile, and the seed which I have entrusted to you is germinable. The fields are waiting for it, and although not all are prepared, some are waiting to be sown, others are being purged, and this purge is a sprinkling of justice, of trials, of wisdom and love from your Father.

11. Now mankind, divided into peoples, races, languages and skin colors, is receiving from my Divine Spirit their respective share of judgment, the trials that come to everyone, the struggle, the melting pot and the atonement that I have provided for every man and race But you know that my judgment is based on love, that the trials that the Father sends to men are love trials ─, that everything is directed for salvation, for good, even if there seems to be misfortune, fate or misery in these afflictions. Behind all this is life, the preservation of the soul, the redemption of the same. Always the Father is in expectation of the "Prodigal Son", to embrace him with the greatest love.

12. There are whole races that do not recognize me; there are peoples who stubbornly distance themselves from my laws, who do not want to know my teaching, who oppose it because they consider it untimely. It is those who have not understood me who insist on earthly liberties. They are also those who often do good out of their own advantage and not out of generosity.

But my justice and trials are intended for every people and every race, and these arrive day after day to finally make their hearts and souls fertile, as if they were cultivable fields, and to plant the seed in them after their cultivation, the eternal seed of my love, my justice and my light. Those peoples will speak of Me with love, those races will then put their hope in Me, and in the souls of all peoples of this mankind jubilant songs will resound, choirs of praise and love for the one Lord of all people.

13. But now is the time of trial and struggle. Even your God is currently fighting. He is Lord of hosts and has appointed you as his soldiers.

Today you are still weak and distrust yourselves. You measure the trials, imagine the struggle and allow your soul and heart to become cowardly. Your Spirit creates a scale within yourselves, and in the right-hand scale he places the good and in the left-hand scale the evil of this humanity. As long as you see that the good is only like a grain of grain, but the evil is like a hundred bushels, you do not know what to do. Then you look into your inner being and see that you are neither righteous, nor virtuous, nor holy, and think that only righteous, virtuous, and holy can accomplish the redemption of this humanity materialized in evil, hardened in hatred, in passions, in vices, and in misery.

14. You judge your own sanctuary and see in it your little offering, your weak flame. You penetrate into the sanctuary of others and see that it is no longer a bridle to stop the frenzied course of men. Then you think that when you speak of God, you are not listened to ─, that when you speak of the abilities of the Spirit, you are laughed at.

15. Why so little trust in the treasure of priceless value which I have entrusted to you in this work which I have revealed to you? Verily I say to you: without becoming holy or righteous, you will be able to do great works of redemption among men, great wonders among mankind, and you will also be able to be an example among men. If I were to send holy and perfect beings to this mankind so that they would set an example to men, it would seem impossible to them to even become like them! I want to send among men converted sinners who know how to leave ─ without becoming righteous, saints ─ an example of renewal, of repentance, of courage, of zeal in the teaching of the Father, of longing, of progress and of spiritual development, and these are you!

16. Your soul will one day reach perfection, but you do not know when. The Father will not compel you, neither will you force your steps. But still you shall never stand still. Even if your step is slow, I want it to be always firm and upward.

17. That you will have to fight among men? ─ That is true. That the testimony that you bear among them, that I made myself known through the human mind to bring you this word, which you now pass on, is doubted? That is certain. But this should not offend you, because at all times mankind has doubted my presence and my coming to this world, and this is because men have not recognized themselves ─ because mankind, although it says that it is loved by the Father, has never understood the extent of this love ─ because, although it believes to know its Lord, it does not know that one of his most beautiful qualities is that of humility. That is why I have always come to men in a humble way, never have I used all my power, nor all my splendor, nor all my glory in my divine manifestations. Then men could not look at me, they could not resist me either!

18. I have always limited myself, but I have not limited myself in humility, in love, and in tenderness. For with the same love with which I love you today, I loved you in the second time, in the first, and will love you until all eternity. I can tell you in truth that the Father loved you even before you existed.

19. There are disciples among you who ask themselves: "Why could our soul not remain and persevere in goodness and virtue, though it sprang from a Father full of love, full of purity and perfection? The Master answers you: I sent your soul to earth, endowed with all the qualities that exist in the Father, and created it as a child similar to its Creator. A body was entrusted to her for her walk upon the earth, but this body has been the cause of trials and strife for the soul because the flesh is weak. It had to be so ─ seducible ─ to test the strength of the soul.

20. The virtue shows itself only in the test. The light shines most strongly in darkness, the light does not shine in light, and so it was necessary that your soul be tested and purified. For your soul has a beginning, but in its innocence it lacked merit, lacked experience, lacked development, lacked perfection. Therefore it was commanded a lower stage of life in order to be able to ascend to another, higher one, and so on on the seven steps of the ladder to perfection, until it reaches the presence of the Father as a perfect and pure soul ─ full of light, developed by the unfolding of all its gifts, perfected in all its abilities, with many merits acquired in the struggle, full of knowledge of itself, its father and life, aware of its origin, for what it was created and where it had returned to.

21. Just as the soul in the flesh encountered the beginning of its struggle on the earthly way, so it encountered an infinite number of trials and temptations ─ some trials tangible and others invisible ─ so powerful temptations and trials that these brought it down by means of the flesh ─ some visible and others perceptible only to the soul, the Spirit, the tender strings of the heart and the mind.

22. The soul has been tested in all ways from its origin. Since it has been tested by evil ─ do you think that the father could possess evil to tempt his children? Verily, I say to you: No. But evil also exists from your origin; it has caused the weakness, the seductiveness of the soul and the "flesh. Since the souls did not know how to make use of their own strength, and the "flesh" succumbed to temptations ─ what has the Father done in the face of this? He has allowed the forces of evil to test you. Once and a thousand times I have allowed it to test in you my own light, which I have entrusted to you, to test your own virtue, which is mine, to purify you in pain, in difficult times of crisis, in the chaos of life, so that your soul may find occasions for perfection, for the fulfillment of the law, during these trials and these difficult events ─ opportunities to prove to your fellow men and to your Father their strength and steadfastness in my laws.

23. You have always intuitively recognized my law ─ my law that commands the good and condemns the evil Intuitively every human being recognizes from his first steps on earth what the good is and discovers it where the evil is. But you have not been able to remain in natural law like the first human beings, as my people were before the coming of Moses. Do you believe that my people Israel, which was in the process of being formed, did not recognize their father before the coming of Moses? Verily I say to you, it was not so. Since the beginning of this mankind there has been someone who has recognized Me, and through him I have been recognized by others. But when, among mankind, evil took precedence over good, I had to come to remind man of good, I had to make myself physically perceptible to make myself visible and tangible to men, as it happened at Sinai, when I proclaimed My law before Moses, who was surrounded by his people, and handed it over to him carved in stone and sent him to his people so that it would be the seed among all nations.

24. By this law my people were saved, and delivered, and gained prosperity and happiness on this earth and hope for the hereafter. But the day came when my law was falsified, the day of habituation to it, and again evil spread until it weighed more than even good. When those commandments were gradually twisted, when men began to create new ways within mine, then I had to come again, but now as Messiah, becoming man among men, to straighten out the ways and to connect them with the way of truth, to draw men to truth and good, to invite them to the way of justice and love ─ to unmask the deceivers, to destroy all wrong, all superstition, and to tell them "This is the law, this was what I handed over in that First Time! "

25. By this my coming new peoples of the earth and new races likewise found the way, peace, spiritual happiness, food, and hope in the hereafter.

26. For a long age this humanity fed on the rich meal of the kingdom of heaven. But behold, this meal was also defiled, and already in this state brought to the hungry people, my teaching was falsified, my teachings likewise twisted and misinterpreted. The fulfillment of the law by the children and their worship of God was not what the Father had ordered, and so it became necessary to return to the people and thus fulfill a promise. For I knew in advance that my presence among men was necessary from time to time. Therefore, now is the heralded age when the Lord would again come to you to call you to account for the law of the past ages, for the revelations, teachings, and wonders with which you have been abundantly blessed in the two ages that have passed before.

27. This is the reason why I have come. For you have been unable to stand firm in good and abide in it, because you have given in to the weaknesses of the flesh, because you have fallen in both visible and invisible temptations ─ under that supernatural power of evil that exists above you.

28. Do you believe that in those first days all witnesses of my coming in the face of it became believers? Truly, not all!

29. Do you believe that that revelation was believed by all when it was taken to other lands, to lands of the Gentiles? No. Many did not understand that that law was to be a divine work. Rather, they believed that it was the work of men. But when that law prevailed and manifested itself through its righteousness, through their own deeds, the great unbelievers investigated it.

30. Likewise was it in the second time. Thousands upon thousands of men and women heard Me. Many really believed, but even more doubted and thought not that that man was the Messiah, but that He was a man like all the others. His word became incomprehensible and confused through their unbelief, and it was clear and understandable only to the good believers. Therefore I was fought against, mocked and persecuted by the unbelievers, and my suffering, my deeds, my miracles were not regarded by the unbeliever as divine works, but as the work of men.

31. When my teaching spread through their own manifestations over mankind, when my witnesses likewise gave proofs that they were my true disciples, my true witnesses, then the unbelieving mankind converted to my teaching, shed tears of repentance, and likewise became my disciple.

32. Why should it surprise you that this also happens at this time?

33. Some will doubt your testimony and that I have made myself known to man through the mind. Some, when they will turn their eyes to those material books which contain my word, will doubt that it is a divine work received by inspiration. Then they will attribute everything to you, men, to human vanity, because there is distrust in this humanity. But you are to overlook suspicion and unbelief without condemning your fellow men, without doing violence to yourselves, because you know that after suspicion and unbelief, as a result of your own deeds, faith will follow. Let them see your works, let your testimonies really be full of light, so that it is neither the books nor your words that convert the world, but your good works with which you seal the testimony that I have been with you, that I came "on the cloud" to make myself known by means of my ray through a voice bearer, a man, who has been so designated by my Divine Spirit.

34. I will send you in all the ways of the earth, as will your children, who likewise will be disciples of the HolySpirit, and their children also will bear my seed. But truly, I tell you, not three generations after yours will pass until this humanity, in the face of spiritualism, the coming of the HolySpirit, will be shaken to its foundations by extraordinary events, some of which I have realized among you, while I have others ready for the future. In the same way, you will gradually eliminate the kingdom of evil. This power will disintegrate more and more through your works of love and justice.

35. Every man who is converted to spiritualism will be one less who belongs to that kingdom. But if you believe that I am giving you the task or commission to overcome the atmosphere of evil through your works of love and light, I tell you in truth that the time has not yet come when you can completely conquer it, that it is still stronger than you are. But because of these words I am telling you, do not hide your weapons and do not omit to draw them ─ no, my children. Remember: Even if your sword is not omnipotent, I am omnipotent, and I am in your sword.

36. Fight against temptations, discover the traps, tear the seductive nets and cords, discover them by your intuition, if they are hidden behind the veil of the beyond, discover them, if they are hidden among men or in the fights of men ─ always fight I tell you: You shall be with me in this fight. I am in it as a great fighter against darkness and all existing evil, and in the end it will be me who leads the last blow and who wins, who stands by you, and you will be those who help me to win. The final victory over temptation and evil will not succeed for you, my people, in this time. I will have to bind that power for a time, but your merits in this will be attributed to you.

The time in which that power will be bound will be for the good to take root in the hearts of men, for the good in all its forms to grow in strength. When man has then become strong in good, when good weighs more than evil on the scales of my righteousness, then temptation in all its forms will be released for another period of time, and in that very time it will not be my sword that defeats it, but your own weapons.

37. I will watch only from infinity, because then you will have the strength to defeat the enemy. Virtue in all its forms will have prevailed in this world, and temptation will find no angle, no open door, no space, and its greatest traps, its greatest pitfalls, will be nullified to the last element of that power of temptation. Then when their kingdom is broken and divided, the beginning of your triumph will come, and darkness will turn to light, evil will become good, and those who go astray will be found.

38. Behold, this will be the triumph in your soul, and when you then begin your song of praise, it will be the triumph of light, of justice and of love. For you will not go out of this world as failed, will not perish through temptation. No, my children. Although you have fallen for a long time and will continue to fall through these traps, the day of your triumph will come when you will lift up your faces and look to your Lord, as the soldier rises before his commander.

39. People, I prepare you for the coming confrontations. I will see you always victorious in all battles. But I do not want these victories to flatter your pride. They shall not be victories for your vanity, they shall be for my kingdom. They are to be deep, most intimate satisfactions for your spiritual humility, which do not even show on your own face.

40. Let not your works of love and mercy be made known; let there be no Pharisees among you who celebrate with the charity practiced among their fellow men. You shall be those who do good in silence. You are already living in the time of the HolySpirit, and your soul is now unfolding in all its faculties to do good by means of the same. You will be able to give ─ not only the goods that you possess on earth, but also those that your mind, heart and soul possess. What you cannot do through your word, through your earthly personality, do through prayer. Speak to Me, rise to Me, and from there you will be able to accomplish great works of mercy and love. But when your conscience tells you that you have to part with something material to give it to the needy, do not intend to replace that beneficence with prayer. Do not seek to hide or disguise your selfishness by spiritual prayers. Do not desire that what you can do, the Father should do.

41. Allow your conscience always to command and tell you in what manner you must do charity, and if in this charity there is a need for you to part with something of your own, let not your heart regret it. Reach out your hand and you will feel happiness in your soul. Then your heart will also feel the joy in your Father.

42. I prepare you for the great struggles among mankind and say to you The people of today are not really all interested in the hereafter ─, but people are still exploring the spiritual at all points of the earth, they are anxious to explore the Lord's secret treasury, they discuss and study the books, people are penetrating the philosophies and sciences.

The reason for this is that I am sought, that my presence is felt by all, and they try to find me. The souls know that I am the source of love and forgiveness, and so they dare to seek me despite their transgressions, because they hope for forgiveness and redemption. They know that I am an inexhaustible source of mercy, and that I am also a table covered with food to satisfy their hunger and thirst.

43. Do you think that in this search men do not become strong and prepare themselves? Do you think that in their studies they do not achieve development and unfolding? Yes, people. Once you set out, you will be surprised. If you speak to your fellow men who feed under the shade of other trees ─ who eat fruits other than those I have offered you, you will experience that they too have fed, that they too are strong. And when the moment of battle has come, when you have to make use of the sword of your reason, your knowledge and your spiritual elevation, you will experience that the sword of your fellow man also possesses light power.

44. Sleep not that you may fight, but learn to recognize victory. For often the victory will be in your defeat, the defeat will be only apparent to the opponent. The victory will be within yourselves, and afterwards it will be reflected on the face of him who apparently defeated you.

45. Understand me, people. For the moment will come when you must be silent, when you must humbly bow your neck in true humility, and then the opponent will rise above you and strike his blow. But you will have been silent, you will have deliberately bowed, and later you will see how in the soul of the same the seed you have left behind will rise, and that the blow of your sword of light and love will leave a deep wound in the heart of your brother ─ not your enemy ─, and through this wound the pride of that heart will pass away and the seed of the Master will penetrate.

46. You have already had experience, for you have often come to my sanctuary to tell me: "Master, I have sown in a heart with great love, but his ears did not hear me, he remained cold and hard, and his lips mocked me;" and you have not been able to hear me

But the Master smiled lovingly, filled you with peace and hope, and told you: "Wait, for your seed has not been lost, it reached the bottom of that heart. Leave it there! I will give him rain and make him fruitful. I will remove the weeds and the boulders that your hand could not remove for the time being. But pray for him, do not forget, pray spiritually, and hope that the time of your satisfaction and happiness will come. But if that time has come late, it has raised doubts in you. But so that the doubt does not continue forever, I have told you: "Remember the seed you have sown. It seemed to disappear, but in its place a bush has grown tall. Tend it now that it may bear fruit." There your joy and the joy of others has been great.

47. I prepare you, people, that you may not be impatient, that spiritual patience may determine the fulfillment of the commission. For the seed which I entrust to you one more time has no time limit to germinate as the seed on earth. It unfolds within eternity, and this time can be both short and long. You do not know this, your task is only to nurture and protect it through your prayer and love.

48. So the master prepares you for the time after his departure. I want that the bliss which you enjoy today, when you hear my word through the human mind, may continue after my departure. People, I want that I ─ when my Spirit in that high beyond awaits the approach of yours by means of prayer, be it individually or together ─ in the heart of my children, I may see the bliss and bliss I see today; that you come in full knowledge of all that has happened during this time ─ all that the Father has given you and of the end point which He set for His rallies through the mind, to offer Him your infinite thanks; that you come with a song of praise which your lips conceal but which burns in your soul to say to Him: "Father, how much you have given us! How much bliss in our souls during those times! How light-flooded You have left souls behind, and what a precious heritage You have left to mankind!

49. I want to see you so filled with happiness, O people! I do not want to see among you a soul that is left behind, I do not want to see anyone who continues to wander in unbelief, who splits hairs in the midst of his sins and his lack of use of my grace. I want to see unity among the people so that I can feel in my own Spirit his radiance and his prayers that express the following: UNITY, PEACE AND GOOD WILL ─ BELIEVE, HOPE AND MERCY

50. So I want to see these virtues nurtured by your soul and blow like a standard in the wind, in the infinite, so that I can give you the command to set out to all peoples, to the masses of the people, who really await me and long with a burning heart for the return of the Messiah, the Redeemer to men.

Some say, "The Master is already among us, but he is invisible. I say to you: Blessed be the intuition and prescience of these souls. Others say, "No, He has not yet come, He must come visibly and touchably as in the Second Time. The reason for this is that the "the cloud" have forgotten ─ that spiritual cloud in which I came in this Third Time.

51. There are others who have completely forgotten that promise and neither watch nor pray. But you have been prepared; the revelation of the Third Age has been handed over to you in a living voice, so that you may go to your fellow men without wavering, with full assurance, and not be intimidated in the face of the great crowds.

For when the time comes, you will be questioned and you shall leave hearts satisfied by your testimony. The faithful will form legions; the unbelievers, too, will form such and fight. But the armies of the unbelievers will soon be decimated, because then is the time when the HolySpirit gains the upper hand. For he will seep into all hearts.

52. Strengthen yourselves, disciples, nourish yourselves, get well with me, pass the earthly tests, be of good cheer in the face of life. Do not look indifferently at the pain that oppresses you because this touchstone will perfect you. Do not curse pain, nor curse it, but rather bless it. If the cup of suffering must be drunk by you, drink it. If its yeasts cannot be drunk by you, I will drink them. But be devoted and patient.

Look at the pain more with the soul than with the "flesh", or feel it more with the soul than with the body, then you will experience how much strengthening you will find in the meditations of your soul. You will experience how much light the Spirit gives to the soul and the soul to the body. In your soul you will find the divine balm, the true balm, which alleviates and heals all suffering, and through it you will truly recover.

53. Be the true spiritualist, be my true disciple, O people! Then all thorns, stumbling blocks, and obstacles on the way will be lightened and eased. That burden which temporarily weighs on your shoulders will inexplicably be lighter when you meditate and pray. You will have the explanation for this within yourselves. It is because the soul will rise, and it will be exalted strong, and its "flesh" will be strong. Therefore I want you to lead an uplifted life, so that from there you may rule this life, and your soul will fight and win ─ so that from there it may rule the "flesh", its passions, weaknesses and needs.

54. Rise up more and more, my people, then the peace and the kingdom of the Father will be within your reach, and while you are still inhabiting this earth, your soul will be an inhabitant of the Father's kingdom of peace!

55. This is my teaching word, which I give you as teaching in this morning devotion. Take it with you in your soul, in it is contained all the love of the Master, in it is contained a weapon with the encouragement to rise and fight in the future.

56. Ask in this moment for all mankind, says the Master to you, and ask in truth for all your spiritual brothers and sisters! Now is the moment of prayer. My Spirit of Love and Peace will spread His mantle over the whole universe to envelop all my children in this caress, in this balm and in this fatherly blessing, O blessed people of my divinity!

My peace be with you! 

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