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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 271:

1. I bless you, people, and in you I bless future generations.

2. I see that you have been infected with the diseases of the world, that you have become sick like all weak beings. But I will cleanse you because a great, noble and difficult spiritual mission awaits you to accomplish it.

3. In my words I have called you "Israel", and when you heard this name, you trembled under the burden of a responsibility that you never imagined to bear.

4. This name made you awaken, and since then you have ceased to feed yourselves with immoral, harmful or bad satisfactions, in order to maintain the heart and soul with rich, healthy, pure food.

5. You gradually replace the lower passions with true love, you give up senseless pleasures for spiritual satisfactions, and all this, which is renewal and purification, has given sensitivity to your heart and allowed the sleeping faculties of the spirit soul to begin to manifest in your life.

6. When my word came to your mind, like a ray of sunshine when it illuminates a manor, you finally realized that your soul can only be nourished by love for the Father and for your fellow men.

7. So gradually the light penetrates this people, who are destined to usher in the era of spiritualization. Therefore, I tell you that once you have won this battle against yourselves, you shall not descend, retreat one single step.

8. When you no longer begin to feel your own pain, and instead feel the suffering of others, you will take another step in the way of my teaching.

9. Now are the times announced to mankind by the prophets, in which the pain will become very harsh, only to pass away afterwards and slowly turn into peace.

10. The people in their majority know nothing of my coming and my presence as a spirit of consolation, but in their innermost being they suspect something and expect me.

11. This people here is about to give the people the certainty of my new revelation. This is the reason why I pour out my light on your souls.

12. No more fickleness, people, no more doubts nor disobedience! Let faith and trust take hold of your whole being.

13. Do not flee from the trials of life, for they are lessons you must learn. Know that you have been sent at this time to purify your soul in the accomplishment of a high, noble and precious mission.

14. Do not postpone your mission until later, saying that today there are too many obstacles to follow Me - that you prefer to wait until tomorrow's sun fully illuminates your path and then set out to fight.

15. See how the light of the Divine Spirit shines down upon your soul incessantly so that you do not fall or sleep.

16. Sometimes I surprise you in the silence of your meditations when you ask why there are such great duties towards humanity. But I tell you that your question comes from the fact that you do not know your spiritual past and therefore also not the debts you have toward your fellow men.

17. When the certainty of your responsibility toward the peoples of the earth is perfect, you will take up your cross with great love and joyfully climb the mountain of your spiritual ascent.

18. The past of your soul may be erased from your memory, the former existences may have fallen away from it, but the book of life, in which everything is written down by God, lets nothing sink into the past, nothing is erased nor forgotten. There everything is present and eternally alive.

19. Such is the Father's justice: perfect, loving.

20. When a man goes astray and falls into the filth of the world, the Lord lets his mercy prevail and saves the soul. If you think that your works on earth have irretrievably corrupted you for eternal life, the Eternal Judge gives you a new opportunity to make amends for your mistakes and thus, through effort, willpower, and perseverance in goodness, attain salvation.

21. Now you have this blessed opportunity to reflect on all this and make an effort to fulfill your mission, so that when you return to that "valley" from which souls depart to inhabit the material world, you may arrive without unfinished missions and assignments and instead experience the true bliss of having triumphed over the poorness and awkwardness of the body shell in which you have lived.

22. Your soul is awake as never before. This is why I tell you that you are responsible for the steps you take during this time, since the period in which I gave you my teachings was very long, and the word with which I gave you my lessons was very detailed.

23. Do not forget that temptation ensnares you most of all in the most solemn moments and in the hours of greatest consequence, the heart becomes weak and the courage decreases, the doubts, uncertainties and indecisions arise

24. Inspire yourselves by the purity of my work, ask yourselves what is most pleasing to your Father, what you are doing well and what you are doing badly.

25. Examine your own works before you judge those of others, and you shall see countless imperfections arise which your eyes have overlooked for lack of study and love.

26. Drive out from among yourselves all fanaticism, idolatry, superstition, materialization, and superfluous, useless ritual acts. It will be as if you were clearing the earth of weeds, to sow it with beautiful wheat afterwards.

27. Use the time you have left to hear my teaching, that it may fill you with light and grace, that you may take the firm step towards spirituality - a step you have not taken because you have continued in a cult full of materialism and error.

28. Until today you have lacked the faith to abolish your figures, rites and symbols and to seek Me spiritually in the Infinite You have lacked the courage to be spiritualists, and you have invented a kind of illusory spirituality behind which you hide your materialistic disposition and your errors.

29. I do not want you to be hypocritical, but sincere and truthful. Therefore I speak to you with the greatest clarity so that you may thoroughly cleanse your lives and show the world the truth of this work. You call yourselves spiritualists? Then you really are. Do not speak of my teaching as long as you do the complete opposite, because you will then only confuse men with your works.

30. Have above all the knowledge of what my work is - of what my law means, of what your task is, and how you must carry it out, so that - if you have no guide worthy to direct your steps in your way - you may guide yourselves by conscience and by the knowledge you have gained in my teaching. Thus you will not be able to blame anyone for any misstep or error.

31. Also I say to you: If he who guides your spiritual steps with his counsel walks in accordance with my law, you shall follow him faithfully because he has made himself worthy of your trust.

32. When the hour comes to call this people to account, my voice will reach every soul with the same justice, since my word has been heard by all in the same way. Then let no one say, "Lord, call to account those who know more, and forgive those of us who did only what they told us to do.

33. Do you think that a child, in the face of the bad example of an earthly father who is vicious or wicked, makes a mistake if he does not follow his way of life? Or do you think that the child is obliged to follow the steps of his parents?

34. Verily I say to you, it shall be conscience and reason that lead you on the right path.

35. But because you depart from the evil way which those who have the duty to lead you through life have marked out for you, you shall not disobey them or love them no more - on the contrary. From the place where you find salvation, you are to do everything from your side to help those who have gone astray. This means that your mercy and your love shall never be changed.

36. Try to grasp my word fully, beloved disciples, so that you will not be troubled by doubts when trials surprise you.

37. Materialism stands in the way of the development of the soul as a tremendous obstacle. Before this wall, humanity has stopped.

38. You find yourselves in a world in which man has been able to develop his powers of reason in application to material science. But his judgment about the existence of the spiritual is still limited, his knowledge about all that does not belong wholly to matter has been left behind.

39. This century in which you live shows two aspects: one is the development of the mind, and the other the spiritual stagnation.

40. Indeed, the divine light shines down upon minds, and from them springs my great inspiration, the fruits of which astonish mankind, for mind now craves freedom and knowledge expansion. Man immerses himself in the study of nature, he researches, discovers, rejoices, marvels, but is never indecisive. But whenever the thought arises in him of clarifying the relationship to the spiritual, to the truth that lies beyond the matter known to him, he is afraid, he is afraid of advancing into the unknown, into that which he considers forbidden, into that which (in his opinion) is only for high beings worthy of the study of the mysteries of God.

41. There he has proved himself weak and foolish, unable to overcome by willpower the prejudices that hold him down. There he has shown himself to be a slave to twisted interpretations.

42. Never will the unfolding of human intelligence be complete until it also develops on the soul level. Know how great the backwardness of your soul is, because you have devoted yourselves only to the knowledge of earthly life.

43. Man is a slave to the will of others, a victim of spells, condemnations and threats. But what has been achieved by this? That he gives up all his desires to grasp and attain the highest knowledge that man is to possess; that he prevents himself from being able to clarify what he has absurdly always thought to be a mystery: spiritual life.

44. Do you think that the life of the soul will be an eternal mystery to man on earth? If you think so, you are in a great error. Verily, I tell you, as long as you do not know your origin and know nothing of that which refers to the Spirit, you will still, with all the progress of your sciences, be mere creatures who dwell among plants and animals in a miserable world. You will continue to fight each other in your wars, and pain will continue to rule over your lives.

45. If you do not discover what you carry in your being, nor discover in your neighbor the spiritual brother that dwells in everyone - can you really love one another? No, human children, even if you say that you know me and follow me. If you take my teaching superficially, your faith, your knowledge and your love will be wrong.

46. Today my light comes down on every organ of the mind in a radiant and inspiring way. When it makes itself known through these voice-bearers in the human word, it has become my teaching to him who has heard it. But since all this is aimed at uplifting your soul, I have called it "spiritualism. But never bother with names or definitions. What is important about my teaching is the meaning and the truth it contains.

47. Now is an auspicious time when the light of my Word, the higher morals and the wisdom of spiritualization will pour out on your hearts like a refreshing and beneficent rain after the long dryness of the desert you have crossed.

48. This teaching is perfect, as my word expressed in the Second Age was perfect, and as each of my inspirations is perfect. Perfection would not be possible if it arose from the organs of mind through which it is given. But it comes from the Divine Spirit who inspired it.

49. This teaching is simple like all things pure and divine, and therefore easy to understand. But it will sometimes seem difficult to you to apply it. The efforts of your soul require effort, renunciation or sacrifice on the part of your body, and if you lack spiritual education or discipline, you must suffer.

50.  Since the beginning of time there has been a struggle between the soul and the "flesh" in trying to understand what is right, permitted, and good to live a life conforming to God-given laws. In this heavy struggle it seems to you as if a foreign and malevolent power is constantly tempting you to turn your back on the battle, inviting you to make use of your freedom of will and to continue on the path of materialism. I tell you that there is no greater temptation than the weakness of your body: sensitive to everything that surrounds it; weak enough to give way; easy to fall and seduce. But he who has learned to master the drives, passions and weaknesses of the body has conquered the temptation that it carries within himself.

51. What new things does spiritualism teach you, when the teaching of love brought by Jesus in the Second Age showed you the way to follow? He has made you understand that word, explaining it in the greatest detail and teaching you to practice it spiritually.

52. The teaching of Jesus was perfect because it was revealed to you through the incarnate "Word" in which God was hidden. That "Word" that spoke to the world in Jesus is the same one that now speaks to you in the Spirit, telling you to apply to your lives those teachings, works and examples that I left behind when I lived among you, that because you consider yourselves very evolved and live in an epoch very far from that, you should not believe that my Word is not up to date. In spiritualism you can find the way to apply my teaching and examples to the era you live in and to the development you have.

53. The Word of today is different from that of Jesus in the Second Age because it is given through human voice-bearers and these minds are limited in their capacity to receive it. But the meaning of the Word that comes from their lips is perfect.

54. No one is to see the presence of the divine in the human bodies which I use, nor the voice of God in their human voice. God has no form or expression of a human voice like hers. Therefore he who hears my word will find God not in the outward expression of the human word, but in its meaning. It is this which I have revealed in all churches.

55. The Master is with His disciples anew to remind them of those divine teachings which He brought to mankind in the Second Age as a message of love and peace.

56. I have come back because the present generations have not used my word as the norm and law of their lives, and it is necessary to teach them the way through new lessons that explain to them what they had not understood.

57. Stubbornly man goes his way, following the impulses of his free will, far from many realities of life.

58. It would be time that there were no longer any empires or strong peoples on earth to oppress the weak, and yet they exist as a proof that in man the primitive tendencies still prevail to rob the weak by abuse of power and to conquer them by force.

59. It is true that I put man on earth so that he would become Lord and rule on it, so that he would rule over a world of peace, understanding and harmony, where he would be a prince obedient and faithful to the King, who is its Creator.

60. But the dominion which men have established on earth is different - a dominion of false greatness, vanities, false glories. Therefore the world does not count among its greatest riches the spiritual treasures, as peace, wisdom, and spiritual exaltation are.

61. Humanity longs for a little peace, but it never seeks it through the means available to achieve it, such as prudence, forgiveness, mercy, reconciliation, and love.

62. Now I announce to you a great and fierce struggle between those who strive for the establishment of the Kingdom of Peace and those who fight to defend or increase the power of their earthly dominion

63. It is the fight between Spirit and matter, the ancient battle between the eternal and the temporal, the Spirit in opposition to the material. Who will defeat whom? Some say: the Spirit, others say: the material. I tell you: no one will win.

64. This battle is not about the Spirit winning and humiliating the "flesh. For if it were so, its victory would be false. The final victory will be for both when body and soul walk together, in unison, and both fulfill their destiny under one ideal on the path of justice and love, which is the path laid out by my law. How much harm do people do to each other with their murderous wars! The days, months and years go by without having a little peace in their hearts, living in constant fear, under threat from their own brothers who have become enemies. Is this to live for a high ideal, or at least to fight for it? No, people: people kill each other for their human power goals, which are worth much less than their lives. But they do not want to recognize the value of a life, they do not want to know that the existence of a human being is sacred, and that only he who has created it may dispose of it.

65. The same world that you currently inhabit has long been a battlefield. But man has not been satisfied with the enormous experience bequeathed to him by his ancestors - a bitter and painful experience that lies before the people of this time like a book opened by conscience. But man's heart is too hard to accept that fruit of experience which is like a legacy of light. The only thing they have inherited from their ancestors is the hatred, pride, resentment, greed, pride and revenge passed on to them in blood.

66. It will be necessary for the earth to be colored red by the blood of many innocent people, and then become black by the grief of those who survive

67. all empires built by men on foundations of pride and arrogance have fallen apart because their seemingly solid foundations were false and could not stand up to my righteousness.

68. Those powers that amaze men today, you will soon see crashing down, and when others arise after them, they will likewise fall.

69. When men will unite their peoples and rule themselves spiritually and humanly by the laws of love and justice which the Father has revealed to them since the beginning of time, they will have laid the firm foundations of a kingdom of peace in which, for the first time in the world, there will be harmony, brotherhood, real progress, a flourishing in soul and in man, wisdom, knowledge, and welfare.

70. Beloved people, on this morning of grace, concentrate your thoughts and listen to your feelings so that you may experience how much strength your faith has with regard to the teaching you are currently receiving.

71. When you feel prepared, strong enough to work for my work, set out and make known my word, which will be the firm foundation of a new world, that kingdom of peace and truth which I have announced to you

My peace be with you! 

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