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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 252:

1. People, thou hast been a witness of my rallies in these days. You are prepared to interpret it and be an example for the "last". You know the reason for my coming, as you also know the reason for my parting, when the hour appointed by me has come.

2. You have nothing to fear from the world, because you are my disciples. Not because you are humble, you become needy. Do not confuse the humility of the soul with the poverty of the body. You do not lose your rights as human beings because you are spiritualists - on the contrary. The one who understands spiritualization and applies it to his life is the owner of everything that surrounds him, and lives and enjoys with greater intensity than the one who sees and understands only the material.

3. Spiritualized men are those who rightly bear the name "disciples of Christ" in the Third Age - men who know how to give to God what belongs to the soul, and to the world what belongs to matter - men who make of all laws one, which consists in loving their Creator and loving Him in their neighbor.

4. A man prepared by my teaching will be able to accomplish superhuman works.

5. A light will emanate from his soul and body, a power and a strength that will permit him to realize what intelligence alone cannot accomplish.

6.To this degree of elevation you shall attain according to my will, beloved people, for then every one of your works will be a testimony of my truth. From your word as from your prayer and also from your hands will flow the divine healing balm, which will be bliss and liberation for the physically or mentally sick, from your word will spring the light that brings faith to souls, and your prayer will be the means by which the soul is carried away to sow good on its path.

7. This is the future of those who follow Me and know how to interpret and follow my teachings.

8. "Watch" from now on, so that your mind may never be darkened, so that in the trials you must go through, you may not betray what your faith is today.

9. How much joy will there be in this people when they have freed themselves from their imperfections and exercise my word according to my will.

10. Now there are still many obstacles among you that prevent you from progressing toward spiritualization. You know the obstacles that are your lack of unity, your tendency to outward ritual acts, and the lack of true love of neighbor.

11. Nor does the strong, idealistic and militant people appear among you - the people in whom mankind can find the counselor, the doctor, the brother, the leader. The people who, in their unity and brotherhood, are like an immense home full of peace, respect and love, where the bread of one is also the bread of others, and the roof of one is the roof of all.

12. Where is this example? When did you struggle for such an ideal?

13. It is not an accusation what I am telling you, people, it is the word of a father who wants only the good of his children, and who, in order to achieve this, must show them their faults and help them to correct them

14. I will remain for a time, and give you my word. I will continue to make revelations in him, revealing what I had kept for this time, and in my teaching I will continue to spread the necessary light so that mankind may be saved from the confusion that is approaching.

15. I have announced to you that the time will come when you will see many "spiritualisms" appear, and that you will have to be trained to discover which truth and which deception are based on.

16. You will see false rallies ascribed to Me; rumours of Divine messengers giving messages; sects with the name of the Seven Seals, and many confused and ambiguous teachings

17. All these will be the result of the great spiritual confusion that mankind has prepared. But do not be troubled; on the other hand, make sure that you live awake and praying, then you will not succumb to spiritual confusion, because my word will be light in the moments of greatest darkness, which will make you see my crystal-clear and eternal truth.

18. Understand that now is a time of study, teaching and revelation. Do not be negligent nor careless, for later you would shed tears over lost time.

19. Develop your intuition so that your soul may reveal to you the task it has taken on. Let it work in my work, enable it to fulfill the promise it has given me, which is written down in its Spirit. If I, your Master, promised you to come in this time to illuminate your existence through my word - why then should the disciples not keep their word to return to me?

20. I did not want to surprise you with my presence at this time. For my word was written down, and the world knew of my return. Let no one be surprised that when I called him to hear my teaching, it was with the intention of confirming to him the gifts and tasks I had placed in his soul when I sent it to earth.

21. By fulfilling my promise to you, I have given you a proof that my word takes place over all created things, so that in this way, when the hour comes to end it among you, no one will say that he did not know this, no one will say that he was surprised by it, nor will he answer by saying that he had no time to prepare himself.

22. Learn already now to respect my will by obeying my orders and loving all that I provide. He who loves me and does my will is my child and my disciple. He who does not respect my will and does his own is my child, but not my disciple, because he neither loves me nor takes me as an example.

23. In my teaching I give you the standards so that you may triumph as disciples of this work, so that you may not stumble nor commit errors which later make you weep bitterly.

24. I tell you already now that those who really sow this seed with the warmth with which I have entrusted it to you will go their way in peace. The doors will be opened to them who had been deaf to their knocking; and although they may be fought, they will never succumb in battle, because their virtue will make them survive all trials.

25. On the other hand, those who ignore the voice of their conscience, who do not obey My words and betray Me, will always be abandoned to their enemies, will live without peace and will feel fear of death.

26. Is it righteous - I ask my disciples - that you present a perfect work like the one I have revealed to you to mankind in such a way that it is judged as an aberration or that it is regarded as another of the teachings and theories that have arisen in these times as fruits of the prevailing spiritual confusion?

27. Would it be right for you, whom I have so loved and trained with my word so that your testimony might be pure, to be brought into the hands of earthly justice as victims of your errors or to be persecuted and scattered because your neighbors consider you harmful? Do you think that my teaching - correctly followed - could cause such events? No, disciples. Let me speak to you in this way, for I know why I do it. Tomorrow, when I no longer speak to you in this form, you will know why I spoke to you in this way, and you will say, "The Master knew exactly how many infirmities we would be afflicted with. Nothing escapes His wisdom."

28. I want you, when I have finished my rallies, to have a clear idea of what this teaching is, that you may follow it in the right way; for to this day the true spiritualists have not yet appeared among the multitudes who have heard my word. Until now, it has not been spiritualism that you have practiced, but only your conception of what is my work, which is far from true spirituality.

29. You must be strong to admit to yourselves that you have gone astray; you must pull yourselves together to improve your habits, and strive with zeal that the truth and purity of this teaching may shine forth among you.

30. Fear not to change the outward part of your forms of worship and worship, so long as you do not distort the essence of my teachings.

31. I will give you your reward; I will reward all that you do in effort and sacrifice for the improvement of your works in the way I have shown you.

32. Many of you investigate my rallies to convince you whether they are true or not. But often you judge it by its outward appearance instead of exploring it in its meaning, and in the end you err for this reason.

33. I have seen you watching my voicebearers even at their slightest movements, I have seen you surprised when you saw them crying or as human as yourselves. Then your hearts have blasphemed in blasphemy and denied my rallies the truth. I have heard you say, "How can they call themselves 'footstools' or voice bearers of Jesus, since I saw them weak, poor, and human as any mortal? Oh you sensuous souls who seek the truth only in what they can see or touch! Also at that time men condemned me because I was born in poverty, and took offence at it when they saw that my body bled on the cross and my lips lamented. Poor human beings who could not comprehend the mystery or meaning of any of my actions.

34. To those who feel my presence in their souls, the meaning of my word, the light of my teaching, the radiance of my love, the consolation of my spiritual mercy are enough. These are they who close their eyes to everything external, to seek me with the soul - these are they who always follow me.

35. In those who felt the presence of God in the Word of Jesus, the essence of the Master's sacrificial death remained as the divine seal of love, just as at that time the essence of my Word remained in those who sought me in Spirit.

36. Is it necessary that I repeat to you again and again that my kingdom is not of this world?

37. My word in this time reminds you of the past, reveals to you the secrets and announces to you what is coming. It will set right everything that men have bent and debilitated; for I, as guardian of the truth, come with the sword of my zeal and my righteousness to tear down all that is false, to smash hypocrisy and lies, to drive out again the merchants from the temple of truth.

38. Understand that ye need not seek the truth in books, or in counsel, or in commandments of men, to obtain your salvation.

39. All of you must be saved; I do not discover one who is already on firm ground. You are shipwrecked in the midst of a stormy night, in which everyone is struggling for his own life without thinking of his neighbor because his life is in danger.

40. But verily I say to you, I am your only Savior, who comes once more in search of those who are lost because they have strayed from the shipping route, which is the law. I illuminate your way so that you may come ashore to that blessed land that awaits you because it holds in its bosom infinite treasures for the Spirit.

41. Allow, O people, that My word may make your heart loving, so that tomorrow you may love your fellow men and be with them in their pain, as I have been with you in these hours of trials

42. Help that the branches of the tree, which is this teaching, may grow and spread over the world, giving fruit and shade to every hungry and weary man who walks on the earth

43. I am the tree, and ye are the fruits by which mankind must know me.

44. If there is sweetness and life in your works, you will have given a faithful witness of Him who taught you and gave you the lifeblood of love and truth.

45. The teaching I have given you in this Third Age is a new testament to be united with those of the past times because these three are one revelation

46. My light will illuminate the minds of men who are destined to unite all my teachings in one book

47. My spiritual servants will guide the hand of my chosen ones so that there will be no blemish in this book.

48. The differences that have existed among this people, their disputes and disagreements, will disappear when you delve into this book and finally understand the truth of my work.

49. Today you are not conscious of the consequences that your disunity brings you. But truly, I tell you, tomorrow you will shed tears as a result. How many times have I asked you for the union of thoughts, of rites, of souls. How many of you have not listened to my divine counsel!

50. I have inspired you to form one nation and have given you the name "New Israel". I have given you various missions and assignments so that you can count on all the necessary elements in your journey and in your efforts, just as it happened to Israel in the First Days when it crossed the desert in its desire for the Promised Land. But so far you have not tried to understand my commissions, nor have you sought to look at the example of unity that that people left in writing - an indelible example. For it was its harmony and its union that made it overcome the blows of fate it encountered on its way.

51. A new land of promise awaits you, but you are still far from it. At present you are crossing the vast desert, having left behind you the servitude of Pharaoh and having already received the law. Yet you have not yet completely abandoned idolatry, and without realizing it, you sometimes worship the Golden Calf.

52. You will have to experience trials, resistances, and persecutions in order to awaken from your sleep. Then you will certainly be ready to fulfill my commissions and inspired to watch over the work I have revealed to you, as the Israelites created the tabernacle and the ark of the covenant to keep the law. For the trials had brought them to light.

53. Your tabernacle shall now be your Spirit, and your ark your conscience. There shall be my law there, and shall light the way of the people of the LORD.

54. In this day there is no man appeared who would go forward in the following of Moses to this people, and encourage their faith by miracles. But with a little preparation you could feel the spiritual presence of Elijah, who leads, encourages and inspires you in this wandering.

55. Now come tears to the multitudes who hear Me. I alone know the reason for their sobbing; I alone know all the obstacles and difficulties they have encountered on their way and which have stopped them.

56. Persevere, you multitudes, be faithful, and you shall see the obstacles fall. Pray and work with ever greater truthfulness, purity and perfection, so that in your mission you may find the consolation and strength necessary to bear the vicissitudes of life with patience. If you follow your path in this way, when you think least, you will see the path smoothed and the stumbling blocks disappear.

57. Ye are my fields, where for the time being the wheat grows together with the weeds. It is not yet the hour of mowing. But when it comes, the works of every one of you will be judged. Then I will leave on earth the good disciples and take from this world those who have not borne the fruits of unification and spiritualization.

58. Watch and remember my words. Do not be overconfident because you have received very great commissions and tasks from Me - in the belief that My righteousness can never reach you. Remember David and Solomon, who were great before their people, fell asleep in their greatness, transgressed the law, and saw My Divine righteousness come upon them--unrelenting and wise, believing that because they were so loved by the Father, they would never be afflicted by Him.

59. Think, O people, of the new generations. Think of your children, as the patriarchs did, who prepared their peoples to understand the coming of the Messiah.

60. Pray for those who are yet to come. Prepare the way for them through charity and love. Understand that they will have even higher missions than yours, and that it will be good for them to find a trace of spiritualization to follow. What will this trace be?: That of your life, that of your works.

61. Why must you always let me come with reproaches? I come to you out of love because I see that you carry pain in your hearts and I want to comfort you. Because I want that you carry my peace in your soul.

62. Sometimes I reveal myself to you as judge, occasionally I appear as father, but always I show myself as master Among these three forms of revelation you have the Divine Essence, which is one: the Law, Love, Wisdom. This is the Trinity, which is present in my Spirit.

63. Close your eyes and release the soul so that it may intensely experience these moments of communion with its Master. Let her settle close to Me like those who followed the Master in the Second Age on country roads, in valleys, through villages, on riverbanks and through deserts, so that she may not miss a single one of His teachings. Then you will be able to understand the figurative sense in which I sometimes speak when I use material things of the earth to symbolize the spiritual to you and to bring it into your spiritual reach. You will recognize how my word brings the kingdom of heaven close to your soul.

64. Come, mankind, so that I teach you. Or do you want it to be pain that continues to teach you throughout your life?

65. Come to my estate to sow the fields with brotherhood I assure you that my lands will not disappoint you as the world does.

66. Here is the way, right in front of your soul, inviting you to follow it and never stop. For every step you take on it will be a step that brings your soul closer to the perfect home that awaits you.

67. The time is very short in which I will still be among you and will speak to you in this form, and I want you to learn to acquire merits so that my word in these last years pours out abundantly through these voice bearers.

68. How can the divine rallies become a reward for your merits? Through your faith, your commitment and your spiritualization - through the love that reigns in the bosom of the people, through the practice of mercy, through the love of truth.

69. Verily, I tell you, if you do not unite yourselves as it is my will, mankind will scatter you and will drive you out of their midst when they see that your life deviates from what you preach

70. What will happen when people discover that in every church there is a different form of worship and a different way of doing my teaching? They will not be able to understand that it was I who taught you.

71. I entrust to you the last three years of my rallies, so that you may work for the unification of this people - an association that embraces both the spiritual and the outward, so that your work, filled with harmony and unanimity, may be the greatest proof that a single Master was teaching you all, in the different assembly places and in different parts of the country GOD.

My peace be with you! 

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