BTL - Volume 9 - Teaching 274

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 274:

1. Be welcome, pilgrims of all ages, who on this day of grace stop on your way to hear my word and sit at my table spiritually

2. I give your heart rest and peace so that you may hear Me. For truly, I tell you, my word is the way that leads to peace and well-being.

3. But do not seek Me only to ask Me for that which concerns matter. True, I have the healing balm for all the evils that torment you and possess the keys that open the gates to work. But beyond that I bring an infinite wealth of goods for the Spirit, a stream of wisdom, an inexhaustible source of spiritual joys.

4. I know that the meaning of this teaching surprises many; when they hear it for the first time, it is because my teaching speaks to their spirit soul. I seek her and I turn to her to offer her a kingdom beyond this world, telling her which is the way that leads to that promised home. But the man who lives for himself, who loves only what is his own, thinks only of himself, and expects everything from the world - when he hears talk of renunciation, of longsuffering, of sacrifice, of selflessness and mercy, he asks himself, "If I give everything, who will give me? Since I possess so little in this life - why should I renounce it?

5. I forgive them, for they could not think otherwise; their egoism comes from their ignorance. But when they hear me more than once, and a spark of the light that is present in my words illuminates their soul, it awakens it as if from a long sleep, and asks them in wonder and confusion, "Where am I, who has spoken to me?

6. Meanwhile, my word continues to touch that soul and lovingly makes the strings of that heart vibrate, until finally the soul-pain, which has accumulated for a long time in that man, breaks its dam and overflows with tears, which means confession, awakening to faith, spiritual resurrection, and the beginning of the ascent to the Light, to the Truth, and to the Eternal.

7. This is not the case with all. But those who once came to the rallies of my word and had in their hearts selfishness, love of the material, pride, and arguments to deny my spiritual teaching, when they heard my lesson of that day, immediately remembered the day when they came in darkness and then saw a light which they never thought would exist.

8. Many of them are now my most faithful and unselfish workers.

9. People: My Word is a stream of love that will purify men and prepare them for a better life.

10. Amazement: I am giving you my teaching now, which will save sinners through the lips of such sinners.

11. You cannot grasp my universal plan of salvation; but I am letting you know a part of it so that you may partake of my work

12. I alone know the meaning of the time in which the world lives. No human being is able to comprehend the reality of this hour. From the first times of their existence, men stained themselves incessantly, until they darkened their sensations and their souls, creating for themselves a sick, restless and sad life. But now the hour of purification has come.

13. You who have heard this divine word have an idea of what is happening at this time and will be careful to pray, to beware of doing evil, and to do good instead. But not all mankind knows the meaning of the events of this time, and therefore confusion, despair, suffering, hatred, unbridled striving for power, vice, crime and all lower passions prevail among men.

14. The world needs my word, the peoples and nations need my teachings of love. The ruler, the scientist, the judge, the pastor, the teacher - they all need the light of my truth, and that is why I have come in this time to enlighten man in his soul, heart and mind.

15.  Would you not feel satisfied if you would serve my Spirit as a guide to prepare my coming to the hearts, peoples and nations of the earth? But if you have the desire to make breaches and prepare ways, what examples and proofs will you give?

16. Forget not that my work is perfect, eternal, powerful, clear, and light-filled.

17. You still immature disciples: you do not know how the Spirits in the higher worlds love me - beings who are your brothers and sisters. If you knew how they love Me, how they serve Me and obey Me, you would feel a deep regret about your behavior toward your Father, and you would hasten to create a sanctuary in your heart to offer it to Him who loves you with perfect love.

18. Let my love be in your heart to make it sensitive to the pain of men. You must know compassion so that you can practice forgiveness and give comfort to those who suffer.

19. Let my word shake your heart so that it may beat in love for your neighbor.

20. Keep my teaching words in mind, for these very words

will serve you as weapons in battle, when you must become true sowers of my truth.

21. Come near, for I give comfort to those who weep, and you weep - some shed tears, others inwardly, without sobs

22. I reap your sorrows and turn them into peace - I, who is the only one who penetrates to the bottom of the soul I come for the sake of your soul burden - that burden which you cannot yet bear.

23. O souls incarnated in men! You did not come to earth so that pain, problems, trials might conquer you. You have come to triumph in adversity and adversity.

24. Weep no more, nor sleep any more. Man's spirit soul is in struggle with everything - with trials, with pain, with passions.

25. Ye have known all the sorrows of life, as ye have desired. But your faith, your will and your effort can lift you above matter and pain.

26. Do you not understand my word? It is so simple! But you are clothed with matter and often you do not reach the core of its meaning because you do not fathom it. A day will come when your soul, already without the covering of your body, will repeat my sentences with bliss and understand my teachings, and from this memory will spring a stream of light for your journey. But you will lament that you could not grasp my teachings when you walked over the earth where you lacked a spiritual staff or support.

27. Memorize my teachings whenever you can. For if they slip from your memory, if they depart from your heart, if you forget them and renounce them, you will seek them later and not find them. It is as if you owned a spring and abandoned it, and then when you are tormented by thirst and you seek it, it is as if the water had evaporated.

28. If you want to know how to go through this life without thirst and without exhaustion, and if you want to be enlightened, if you are in the spiritual - if you want to avoid pain and confusion, make use of my teaching, let it be indelibly imprinted in your being and make it the law and the norm of your life

29. If the Father were to call you to account today, what would you do? What would you be able to show in favor of your soul?

30. When your conscience tells you that you have not loved, though this is the law, do you mean to be ready to change from the human condition to the spiritual? How many souls, wandering about in space, would like to make themselves heard by men to say to them, "Don't waste your time as I wasted it.

31. Verily I say to you, if you would study every one of my sentences, you would illuminate your way of life. For each of them contains essence, wisdom, eternity.

32. Whoever understands my word finally knows what has come into the world - knows where it comes from and where it must return to.

33. He who satiates himself with this essence will never again say that this world consists only of pain, tears and bitterness, because he knows how to raise his faith and love above pain.

34. This world, in which man has suffered and cried so much, is a place many would like to escape from. But verily, I tell you, I have appointed it for you to fill it with love. But if I were to ask you all in this hour how much love you have sown on it - what would you answer?

35. I want you to tell Me that you have understood Christ - He who one day told you: "love one another". Know that I am asking you this question after many centuries of tireless teaching.

36. This is why I tell you again and again that you should learn to hear Me, that you should learn to become silent when "the Word" speaks, so that the divine seed may germinate and blossom in your hearts

37. I have had infinite patience to wait for you to hear My voice. Why do you not have a little patience when you are subject to a test? I tell you that he who has no patience will learn it in this time of atonement. She too is a teacher, even if she teaches with hardness for a short time. Why not rather learn from the Divine Master, who teaches only with love?

38. For the materialist the time is not the same as for the spiritualize. For the one it proves to be justice, for the other a blessing. But the light of the centuries has always passed over men, caressing some and awakening all.

39. When will you allow this light to be revealed through your spirit soul? When will I meet man free of chains and ready to fly up to me?

40. There are still many wanderers astray, many human beings lost in the darkness of ignorance, because they are more "flesh" than Spirit, more lies than truth.

41. With them matter is the victor, and the conquered is Spirit. It is these erring ones whom I invite to the feast of the Spirit, to the banquet of love, where my heavenly table awaits all to deliver them from so much bitterness and so much loneliness.

42. I will give them my food - bread, fruit, wine and honey, which, understood in the true sense, are cordiality, comfort, peace, health and knowledge.

43. The prayer which you silently send up is a true spiritual song of praise, its sounds mixing with those of the righteous and the angels.

44. You bring the burden of your debts into my presence, show me your whole life But I tell you: In the secret of your being there are sufferings and duties of atonement which you do not know and which only I know. But it does not matter that you do not speak to me of all this, nor ask me because of all that you do not know from your past. I am in everything, and nothing escapes my mercy, just as nothing escapes my justice.

45. Feel my fatherly love, let the darkness, the sufferings, the tears disappear in it Strengthen yourselves in Me, win back health and peace, return strongly to the way of struggle.

46. This is the word you seek, the word that gives consolation, that gives you new courage and fills you with hope. Why do you follow Me in spite of the trial? Why do you not throw the cross from your shoulders? Because you find in the meaning of my Word an absolute understanding for all your sufferings.

47. "Israel" is what I called the people I am currently gathering around my new revelation, because no one knows better than I which Spirit dwells in each of the called of this "third age".

48. "Israel" has a spiritual meaning, and I give you this name so that you may be aware that you are a part of the people of God. For "Israel" does not represent a people of the earth, but a world of spirits.

49. This name will be known again on earth, but free from error, in its true meaning, which is spiritual.

50. You must know the origin and the meaning of this name; your faith that you are children of that people must be absolute, and you must have full knowledge of who gave you this name and why, so that you may withstand the attacks that will be made on you tomorrow by those who give another meaning to the name "Israel.

51. You are the spiritual people who will truly understand the mystery of the leaders whom Jacob saw in a dream with the eyes of the Spirit. I already see you able to understand my lessons and have united you to reveal them to you.

52. The ability to understand comes from development, unfolding and accumulated experience.

53. Verily, I tell you, before the worlds were created, and before man appeared on earth, your soul already existed. There were epochs of ignorance for it, a life in those homes of preparation - times when the soul was taught to inhabit the earth by incarnating in man.

54. Your mind does not receive the impressions or memory images of your soul's past because the body is like a dense veil that does not allow to penetrate the life of the soul. Which brain could receive the images and impressions that the soul has received in the course of its past? Which intelligence could grasp what is incomprehensible to it in connection with human ideas?

55. Because of all this, I have not yet allowed you to know who you are spiritually, nor what your past was like

56. Could you therefore know in what way I form the people of Israel? No, I have revealed to you only that which you must now know and as far as you can understand it. So I have told you that you are children of the people of God, that you belong to him in spirit and not in flesh, that your task is to multiply yourselves to infinity and to invite all to enter into the circle of this people, and that it is your destiny to carry the light everywhere into the worlds.

57. In the first time I gave the name of Israel to a man. It was Jacob, so that he would be the tribe of a people who would be called by the same name. This name was spiritual, so that this people would be like a book opened before the Spirit in the history of mankind.

58. That people heard my voice, and revealed the gifts of the Spirit. They received my law through Moses and were subjected to very great trials. They had no other mission on earth than to reveal to the Gentile nations the existence and the law of the living and true God.

59. The patriarchs, the prophets, the seers, the rulers, the lawgivers, the judges and kings were my messengers, were my mouthpieces, my servants and instruments to reveal Me sometimes in love, sometimes in teaching, sometimes in justice. Through them I gave other peoples proofs of my power.

60. Today, when many centuries have passed, and the splendor of that people as well as its judgment are far behind, you shall not disrespect its history. For if you transfer it from the earthly sense into the spiritual sense, you will receive an infinite number of teachings and examples of teaching, whereby you will finally understand that that Israel is a symbol, a allegory, a parable, and that the New Israel that I am currently forming means its realization in their spiritual sense.

61. Look: When Israel, at that time, after having achieved its liberation in Egypt and conquered the Promised Land with its faith and perseverance, founded the capital through its children and gave it "Jerusalem" as its name, it built a temple there in honor of Jehovah, which was like a torch of faith for the hearts.

62. Who would have told those people who thanked the Father because He had granted them to rest in the land of promise, that in that city which they called holy, they would strike the Messiah on the scaffold of blood?

63. Ye who are the new people struggling to free yourselves from the power of "Pharaoh", who is materialization, ignorance, fanaticism, idolatry, the great desert migration begins. But when you then felt fear of loneliness, hunger, and danger, you suddenly saw that a "cloud" was descending on the mountain, and that out of the "cloud" a ray of divine light was released, which, when it reached your mind, became the word that is wisdom.

64. This Word is the law of God, the perfect law of love, justice and peace. It is also the new manna that nourishes you and will enable you to reach the new Jerusalem.

65. That city is no longer on this earth, it is no longer of this world: that city exists in the spiritual. But when you once inhabit it forever and I come to you as Messiah, you will no longer crown me with thorns, nor give me vinegar to drink, nor nail me to a cross. I will come to you as on that day when the crowds of men covered the ground with their cloaks, sang praises and waved palm fronds. You will receive Me in your hearts when you celebrate the Master's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

66. When this once happens, I will no longer separate from your midst.

67. Do you understand the divine meaning of these revelations and the earthly meaning you had given them?

68. Now I am with you only temporarily, as I once was. The time is already approaching when I no longer speak to you, but mankind has not felt my presence.

69. From the "mountain" from which I send you my word and contemplate you, I will have to cry out on the eve of my farewell: "mankind, mankind you did not know who was with you! Just as in the "Second Time", shortly before my death, I looked at the city from a mountain and cried out with tears: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who did not know the good that has been with you! It was not the world for whose sake He wept, it was for the sake of the souls of men who were still without light, and who still had to shed many tears to attain the truth.

70. If all that the people possessed in the First Days had not been merely a symbol, my almighty justice would have kept intact that city with its temple and traditions. But everything was destroyed, so that only the Law would continue to shine in the consciences and all would understand that the Kingdom of the Spirit is really not of this world.

My peace be with you! 

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