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Teaching 318

1. Blessed are you who come here in desire of my teaching. Bless you who know how to discover the treasure of eternal life in my words. But who are those who strengthen themselves by my lessons so that they may remain as ambassadors among mankind once my word has ceased to be spoken through these mouthpieces? It is you who cleanse yourselves from old stains due to violations of my law, who empty the cup of suffering, who come out of great tribulation and purify your soul in the crystal clear water of my teachings.

2. When you come to this rallies today, you feel unworthy of my presence. But I see that you are renewed and this purification makes you worthy of Me. Feel my caress, feel my love, it is the balm that heals your sufferings.

3. You commemorate ─ for the last time in this form ─ my Passion in the Second Time You are not coming to follow a tradition. For the disciples of the HolySpirit should not be traditionalists, they should obey my law. You come only to remember those divine events, the perfect teaching examples I left you through Jesus, which will teach you eternally to attain your own salvation.

4. Today I see your soul shaken in the remembrance of those examples and I tell you: O beloved children, do not reject these lessons, for they are your inheritance

5. You thank Me for the encouragement that My Word gives you But there are some among you who ask me this question: "Father, why don't you make happen in my life the miracle I have long awaited? But the Master tells you: I have sown miracles in your lives during this time. From my Spirit to yours have always come benefits and gifts of grace. Through the mediation of the spiritual world I have radiated my love among you. Through your faith and good works you have seen these miracles become reality. I ask you: Do you need a daily miracle to believe in Me?

6. At the beginning of your development I showered you with bodily visible, tangible gifts of grace and blessings But when your knowledge and your faith ignited like a light in your soul, I stopped giving you these material proofs. Today your faith as disciples must agree with my will to overcome all obstacles and adversities. You ask me, "Master, what is faith? And the Master answers you: Faith is the spiritual view that sees further than the heart and the mind. Faith is the view that sees and discovers the truth. Therefore your faith sees the manifestations which you often fail to comprehend and makes you strong in faith through them.

7. This is a momentous morning devotion, O beloved people, because I am building among you "The New Jerusalem". You are the first stones of the white-shining city, which has been announced by me through the prophets. This spiritual city will not have its foundations in this world. For if you believe that the New Jerusalem is your earthly fatherland, you are in a grave error: I am now building the New Jerusalem in your soul, and this city ─ whiter than the blinding whiteness of the snow ─ will spread to all men when the redemption of all mankind comes.

8. When I come to you today to start building the Great City, I see among my people the lack of harmony, of spiritualization, and my Divine Spirit suffers because you do not yet fully understand to be with Me. ─ In spite of the perfect lessons I have given you in the course of time, you persistently cling to the base passions, disunity and idolatry.

9. Verily I say to you, if you want to be great, do not seek greatness in the vanities of the world, for they are transitory. Seek them in the spiritual, which is eternal.

10. To attain this exaltation requires a constant effort, an unbending will, an unconditional faith. Only thus will you be able to attain the glorification of the soul.

11. The way lends itself to merit, since it is littered with trials. There you will be able to learn to reject your arrogance, to accept pain with patience, to reject vanities and passions. On the other hand, there are many needy people along the way whom you can help so that they too can reach their goal.

12. Every person ─ whether he has spiritualization in his life or not ─ carries a cross. My word teaches to bear it with love to make it easy and even necessary to live. Whoever loves his cross loves his destiny, because he knows that it was I who marked it out. This one loves my will, and whoever does my will has a share in my peace, my light and my strength.

13. He who evades the burden of his task, who leaves the right way or disregards the obligations his soul has entered into towards me, in order to take on obligations according to his taste or will instead, will not be able to have true peace in his heart, for his soul will never be satisfied and at peace. They are those who always seek pleasures to forget their torment and restlessness by deceiving themselves through false joys and fleeting satisfactions.

14. I let them go their way because I know that even if they go away today, forgetting me and even denying me, they will soon understand the meaninglessness of the world's riches, titles, pleasures and honors when reality awakens them from their dream of greatness on earth, when man must face spiritual truth, eternity, divine justice, from which no one can escape.

15. No one is unaware of this, since you all possess a Spirit who, through the gift of prescience, reveals to you the reality of your life ─ the way laid out for you, and all that you are to realize on it But you absolutely want to release yourselves from every spiritual vow in order to feel free and as masters of your life.

16. Is the majority of men, for instance, not anxious to fulfill their religious duties? I tell you, you have created religions to try to escape my law and make yourselves believe that you are fulfilling it.

17. To this humanity I could apply the same words that I said to the Jewish people at that time when I made them realize that, in order to follow old and already useless traditions, they had forgotten the Law

18. Everywhere the symbol of Christianity, the cross, is evident. Everywhere I find churches made of stone, the majority of people pronounce my name, homages are offered to me and daily rites are performed for me. Yet I do not discover in the hearts of men any manifestation of love, which is the essence, the beginning and the end of my teaching. But you all believe to be in the law and in truth. Therefore you complain when I reveal the opposite to you, and when someone points out your errors to you, you allow wrath to seize you.

19. Verily, I say to you, Christians, if I were to come into the world as a man in this day and age, you of all people would be those who would drag me to the cross of a new Calvary when you would hear the truth on my lips. But I will no longer come to your world as man. I have come in Spirit; you will not see me with the eyes of your body, but you must hear me. You want to meet me to destroy me. But once you meet me, this will happen to worship me. For whoever speaks to me spiritually will prove that faith has arisen in his heart and has enlightened his mind.

20. Today I still discover among my new disciples the weakness of Peter, the doubt of Thomas, the ambition of Judas, and so it is necessary that I continue teaching you as Master.

21. Remember in this last remembrance that I am holding with you today, in this year 1950, the day when Jesus, in the company of his disciples, triumphantly entered the first Jerusalem to complete his divine mission on the Cross.

22. Experience these moments spiritually with true devotion ─ not as a simple commemoration. No ─ feels that I am just giving you my last lessons through the voice-bearers in the third time. These words will be the bread of eternal life for your soul throughout its wanderings. These teachings will be your protection and your staff. You must make them your own, imprint them into your conscience with the fire of my love, so that you may later imprint them into the heart of your fellow men just as I have given them to you.

23. A great part of mankind celebrates this tradition, and my Spirit makes his love palpable to all his children

24. It is the preparation that I give to souls. Once the spiritual and human renewal takes place in all people, spiritualization as fruit will bring about brotherhood and love among peoples. Then the bright light of spiritual harmony will radiate from this planet, which will be seen on all worlds. It will be the dazzling white city that my apostle John saw in his rapture.

It will no longer be the God-killing city that lifts its Master on a cross to see Him bleed and die. It will be the renewed city that awaits the coming of its Lord, the Father, who descends from the cross of His martyrdom to live forever in the heart of His children.

25. When the Master wept in the former Jerusalem, it was not because of that race, it was because of the blindness of the people who ─ although they were so close to the Father ─ did not recognize Him.

The Master spread out his fatherly arms to embrace his children. But the heart of the children closed, blinded by his darkness, and so the father could not feel the caress of his own. Instead, He received disbelief, mockery, scorn, and death. However, since it was not the earthly city for whose sake Jesus wept, He allowed its destruction to take place in order to show mankind that what the Father sought and will always seek is the spiritual sheep lost in the dark forests of sin.

26. Since I told you in the Second Time, "My Kingdom is not of this world" ─ why then did you think that my manifestation as the HolySpirit would happen again in the limited form of Jesus? Remember that I said to the woman from Samaria, "The hour is coming when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth.

27. I have come to you in the Spirit, having fulfilled my promise to you. But do not become fanatical about your nation, for it has only been your refuge in this time, as any other people on earth could have been. But you, who are destined to hear my word at this time, are truly the chosen ones to begin to build the New Jerusalem in the union of your souls.

28. Today you are still far from seeing the kingdom of peace on your world. Make yourselves free from all selfishness, and though you do not enjoy peace in the present human life, you should not cease to strive for it. I have taught you to forget yourselves and think of others. Why must you always strive for your own well-being and allow that I am the only one who cares for all mankind? There are many of you who lack your words, prayers and love. They lack the wealth of benefits that these revelations, which you have squandered, bring. Work these fields, make them fertile with your love. If you leave the work unfinished, if I call you off into the hereafter, then be unconcerned, because bodily death will not put an end to your fulfillment of your commission.

29. I am life, I am eternal, and I have let you dwell with Me so that you never abandon the work you have begun. trust in Me, and verily I tell you, not a single seed will be lost and your harvest will be perfect.

30. Think of the coming generations who will come after you and sow for them the seed of love, leave your trace of virtue recognizably. Do you know if I do not let you return in those generations?

Be virtuous in pleasure and in suffering, in peace and in struggle.

31. Obey my law of justice and love; there is no "impossible" that prevents you from fulfilling my highest commandments. I do not demand perfect works from you, for I still see you struggling for your life in the stormy ocean of life. You fight there, clinging to the lifeboat of your conscience, in order not to perish in the troubled sea of corruption.

32. The great cataclysms of the soul and the eclipses caused by the teachings of materialism will prepare the cup of suffering and great events for humanity.

33. Your planet is still not a place of love, virtue nor peace. I send pure souls to your world and you return them to Me unclean, because the lives of men are pervaded by sin and corruption.

34. I see the virtues as small, isolated lights among the souls, which are whipped by the storms of egoism, revenge and hatred. This is the fruit that mankind offers me.

35. Long before your soul would find peace and harmony in this world, your matter enjoyed this bliss.

36. So that man would inhabit this planet, I shook and prepared this earth with My perfect wisdom and through the forces of nature But before man would inhabit it, there were the primitive beasts that lived on it.

37. When this world was transformed into a home full of delights, wonders and beauties, I offered it to my beloved child, man. So I let you inhabit the earth to live on it, for to love and understand life is to love Me and to understand Me. Once love and understanding of everything that surrounds you is really present, then you will have recognized me and will have redeemed yourselves in true knowledge, because I am in all created things.

38. Those who explore nature without love, guided only by the knowledge of human science, deny Me, and this is because they did not understand to see, because they did not really understand, and still much less felt and loved.

How many, on the other hand, are there among the humble, among the despised, those humbled by the pride and ignorance of those who consider themselves scholars among humanity, those who believed without knowing because the gaze of their faith saw the truth directly and they understood that this planet has been there for mankind since the beginning ─ a paradise of grace, harmony and blessings.

39. You have marvelled when you recognized the perfection of every being, how every creature created by Me takes its place on its way, everything is subject to a commandment, everything obeys my law You need not doubt the origin of your nature because you already trust in the accuracy and reliability of its law. You have discovered many teachings in life and trust in the observance of its natural laws, which have not deceived you.

40. From the earth you have received their benefits. She is to you like a blessing, which has always given you food, a paradise of delights, and at the end of your earthly life she has opened her womb to receive you lovingly. But while you found beauty in human life at the beginning of your existence on this world, your soul, although it is in the Third Age, is still struggling to attain peace. Just as I shook this planet in the beginning through the forces of nature to offer it to you as a paradise full of blessings, so in this time it will be again my forces of nature that shake you. It will be my perfect justice that helps the souls to gain their freedom. Likewise, I will manifest myself in the midst of religious communities, sects and institutions and eliminate their enmities and feelings of revenge, which have divided men for lack of spiritual union.

41. These events await mankind. Watch and pray, disciples, for many of you will witness these trials. You will see the teachings of materialism become highly active as they embrace men and cause them to cry out fearful cries of pain.

42. I do not want to frighten you with this wake-up call, but to warn you who live on earth in this time of trial. All this must happen so that all souls may attain salvation.

43. It shall be my Divine Spirit who shall blot out the arrogance of men. It will be my wisdom that reveals the truth to you who have wandered in darkness. It will be the light of the HolySpirit that enlightens men's souls in their sciences and leads them into the path of forgiveness, love and justice.

44. Once you have gone through these trials of my love, the spiritual and physical renewal of humanity will come about. Then, when men walk on the path of virtue and spiritualization, they will be amazed when they realize that this life is the same as the one I offered them from the beginning, that nothing in it has changed. They will learn that the planet that I have entrusted to them as a temporary home continues to be wasteful of blessings ─ that Mother Earth, merciful as the Author of Life, continues to offer them her bosom to nourish them with her love. For this is the task that the Father has entrusted to her. Also the sun will be the same, which will continue to send its invigorating warmth, as a symbol of the presence of the Lord. It will be in that time, O beloved people, when people will understand that it was their evil deeds that made their existence bitter for them. Therefore, they will become my good workers and prepare themselves to live in harmony in more perfect homes in eternity.

45. Thus I prepare you, disciples, for the times that await you, in which there will be no hungry among the full, ignorant among the learned, nor mighty among the powerless. You will all be at the feast of the Lord and enjoy the eternal concert of his love.

46. In that time, O disciples, the New Jerusalem will be in the heart of men. You will reach high degrees of spiritualization and I will not only send souls of great development to incarnate among you to bring you my messages. I will also send you the souls who need your virtue and who, when they live among you, purify themselves from their sins. In those times the opposite will happen from today where I send you pure souls and you return them to Me defiled.

47. Create with the meaning of my word in the heart of your children a sanctuary of spiritualization, not of fanaticism or idolatry. Lead them into the way of my law. It is not enough not to harm anyone. It is right not to do evil, but if you do good, you will be pleasing to me with it.

48. How clear and simple is the truth! How clear and simple spirituality! And yet ─ how difficult it is to understand for those who stubbornly remain in the darkness of their fanaticism and traditions. His mind cannot comprehend that there is something more than what he understands; his heart is reluctant to reject what for him was his God and his law: tradition and rite.

49. Do you think that I detest those who do not want to know my truth at all? No, my children, my mercy is infinitely great, and it is precisely these to whom I turn to help them to leave their prison, so that they may delight in the contemplation of the light. The tests necessary for their awakening to faith are reserved for them. They will not be tests beyond their strength; they will be lessons that are wisely adapted to every soul, every life, every man.

50. From there, among those darkened brains, among those hearts sick with religious fanaticism and ignorance, you will see the great and passionate soldiers of truth appear. For on the day when they free themselves from their chains, from their darkness, and when they see the light, they will not be able to hold back their rejoicing and shout out with full throats that I have come back to save the world by raising it up the ladder of spiritualization to the true kingdom.

51. To help you in your development you have had the rallies of Elijah, your spiritual leader, the pioneer of the Third Age, who prepared your soul But he sees with sadness that many have gone astray, and how great then is the pain of Elijah. He seeks his sheep together with his spiritual servants in all ways. Which of you will prepare yourselves to summon the absent ─ those who are on the way of pain?

I will strengthen those who are suffering, so that they do not blaspheme, so that they may feel my presence and hurry up in this time, to be at one table with the Master and to feed on the bread and wine that I have prepared with my love.

52. You are the generation that in this Third Age will hear my word so that your life may be conformed to the fulfillment of my law, and I make myself known through the organ of mind prepared by me to fulfill my promise of the Second Age

53. In the past time, my apostles felt sadness when I told them that I would soon leave them, that they would be the ones who would have to spread my teaching afterward But I pointed out to them that I would come again when the world was at the height of corruption. Some did not recognize me, but others will come ─ when they receive the essence of my Word ─ understand their Master and feel my presence. You will again be with Me, and I will receive you with the same love as always so that you will be at My breast.

54. I have given you my teaching so that by living ─ ─ you make yourselves worthy to enter my kingdom.

55. Already in the Second Time I have taught you how to reject temptation ─ all that does not come to you from this world so that you may be with Me as Jesus was in the Father.

56. Prepare yourselves, for you are the disciples who follow the track of the Master who ascends Calvary one more time. These last words of teaching are like the last moments in the life of Jesus. For when the year 1950 is over, my Divine "Word" will no longer speak to you through these mouthpieces. Today you come here in haste because you do not want to miss a single one of my lessons. You keep them in your heart because you want to be witnesses of my last words to mankind.

57. You are the same as those who sang the Hosanna in the Second Time when Jesus entered Jerusalem. Today, as I manifest Myself to you in the Spirit, you no longer spread your cloaks on my way, it is your hearts that you offer as your dwelling to your Lord. Today your hosanna no longer comes out of your throat, this hosanna springs from your soul as a hymn of humility, of the love and knowledge of the Father, as a hymn of faith in this rallies that your Lord brought to you in the Third Age.

58. Once like today you are the same as those who followed me when I entered Jerusalem. The great crowds surrounded me, captivated by my words of love. Men and women, old and children shook the city with their cheers, and even the priests and Pharisees, fearing that the people would rebel, said to Me, "Master, if you teach peace ─ why do you allow your followers to cause such a revolt? But I answered them: "Verily I say to you, if these would keep silence, the stones would speak. For these were moments of rejoicing, it was the climax and glorification of the Messiah among those hungry and thirsty for justice ─ those souls who had long awaited the coming of the Lord in fulfillment of the prophecies.

59. With that rejoicing and joy my people also celebrated the deliverance from Egypt. That commemoration of the Passover I wanted to make unforgettable for my people. But truly, I tell you, I was not just following a tradition by sacrificing a lamb ─ no, I offered myself in Jesus, the sacrificial lamb, as the way through which all my children would find salvation. Even in the Third Age I do not follow any tradition. Through my word I have let you relive the events of past times. But know, disciples, that the law I dictated to you on Mount Sinai is present in your conscience. The sacrifice of the Immaculate Lamb and the revelations I have brought you as the HolySpirit and the teachings I will give you in the times to come ─ all this is present in eternity.

60. Later you will remember these events, but your remembrance shall consist of meditation, true intentions for renewal and fulfillment in my teaching. You will not celebrate any feasts, will not hold any ceremonies or rites in the opinion of being pleasing to me with them, forgetting the law. You shall not be traditionalists. The spiritualist disciples will always remember the suffering of their Lord, will feel His divine presence and teach their fellow men, hearing the voice of their Spirit.

61. When the time comes to remember the HolySpirit, you shall do so with your prayers, then you shall feel my Divine Spirit distributing among you the spiritual bread and wine. In this way I will illuminate for you the lessons which you will still consider as being shrouded in mystery.

62. Awake, disciples! You have entered a time when Christian mankind, desiring to obtain the correct interpretation of the earlier revelations, is studying my word and the prophecies. In some I discover a little light, others have gone astray. With some I see enough humility, respect and love to understand the prophecies in study. In others I see pride and vanity, and they explain to the nations the meaning of the scriptures in their desire for fame. But verily, I tell you, with their errors they have confused mankind.

63. Remember that I told you in the Second Time that I would send you the "Spirit of Truth", the HolySpirit, and that He would explain to you the revelations which you could not understand in that time, and would give you new teachings

64. Here is the Spirit of truth, the HolySpirit, speaking to you of the past, present and future.

65. Watch and pray, people, for in prayer you will find the light to better understand my teachings. This is the bread and wine ─ feeds you, disciples, strengthen you, for tomorrow you will have to share this food with humanity.

66. Learn from Me, bring my example and wisdom, O people, O beloved disciples.

67. All of you are workers in my corridor ─ some as "first" and others as "last", but you will all be able to be "first" through your zeal and spiritualization.

68. In this hour of devotion, in which your soul offers its spiritual hosanna to Me, my Divine Spirit floods you with peace, love and blessing.

69. Through my blessings, legions of souls who have purified themselves in the Spiritual Valley receive the light. At this time they experience the continuation of my work, the erection of the New Jerusalem in the united souls of men.

My peace be with you!

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