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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 326

1. You begin to hear my word, and your eyes become an inexhaustible source of tears Why do you weep, people? You do not always know the reason, sometimes it is because the struggle of life has been cruel ─ sometimes it is because life has scourged you through misfortunes, disappointments, failures, sickness or bereavements. But there are occasions when, without having any of these reasons, you shed many tears when you hear Me.

2. I know the reason for this weeping without any apparent reason, I know its origin: it is your soul that weeps and makes it known by means of the flesh through tears. Every tear is a treasure of tenderness contained in it, of pain because it feels trapped, of remorse for mistakes made, of agony because you have become weak, of grief because of wasted time.

3. What does the material nature know about all this? That is why you have often believed that you cry for no reason.

4. You ask me if it is a mistake to cry with me. Verily, I tell you, whoever does not feel this need to relieve a pain or express a supreme joy, carries a stone in his breast instead of a heart, since he does not feel my presence in any way.

5. Weep, beloved people, because weeping too is a means I have given man to purify himself and to free himself from a burden that weighs him down See how you then feel freer, lighter and purer to resume the daily work.

6. Your soul needs this purification to become worthy, to fulfill the task that is destined for it, and it must rid itself of the burden that has accumulated in it over time. For a new struggle awaits it ─ a struggle that it must begin without feeling any tiredness.

7. Yes, disciples! The weeping in the moments of your inner contemplation is a proof of sincere emotional movement, and each tear is more eloquent than a thousand of the most beautiful and expressive words of your language. But not all of them show the weeping of the soul, the repentance or the joy through tears. In many of my children, this feeling is inward, hidden, visible only to me. They appear unfeeling or indifferent, but their heart is just as sensitive or even more sensitive than those who express their feelings.

8. Once you all have understood spiritualization and live it, you will also be able to control your spiritual feelings without displaying them to your fellow men, because you have understood that He to whom you are to confess, repent and purify is your Father, and He you will carry in your being.

9. First of all, beloved disciples and disciples, it is important that your heart begins to feel the vibration of the soul in your being, the need to understand how to purify yourselves in order to accept the cup of suffering when it reaches your lips, and that it is as beneficial spiritually to feel the feelings hidden in the core of your being as it is to express them outwardly

10. A whole world awaits you, a humanity awaits you, and therefore you should strive for your purification, so that when you set out on the path of becoming missionaries of this spiritual message, in your heart the virtues do not mix with the vices, for then you will see yourselves constantly deceived by yourselves. You will desire to be sincere, and hypocrisy will come forth to deceive you. You will have the desire to be charitable, and the selfishness of your heart will prevent it. Therefore, I tell you that your purification must be true to make you worthy to fulfill this spiritual mission. But there is no one but your conscience to cause this inner purification to be permanent, true, as a ripe fruit, through self-reflection, experience, self-reflection, and following my teachings.

11. Can you imagine the happiness that your heart will experience when you speak to your fellow men of what I have revealed to you during this time, and you then see them crying in silence ─ with a weeping that will not only be that of the "flesh" but also of the soul that thirsts for tenderness?

12. Every time my Word is pronounced by your lips, previously prepared by prayer and inspired by My Mercy, my essence will be alive and my Word will be touching, which is why I tell you that it will produce the same effect through your mouth as it did in the hearts of the listeners when it was transmitted through the intermediary of the voice bearers; I am telling you that it will have the same effect through your mouth as it did in the hearts of the listeners when it was transmitted through the intermediary of the voice bearers

13. Disciples: the word I have given you in this time you are not to use as a basis for a new religion because it is only the explanation of the law which I have revealed to you from the earliest times

14. Remember, if it were a religion, it would be for those only who would profess it. But since it is the infinite light of God, it shines down upon all, it comes down upon all to illuminate the ways of mankind without distinction of peoples, races, languages, or creeds.

15. My law is the altar to which all must come to worship their Lord. Wherever a man exists, there the altar will be in the high place of his soul, expecting his tribute and his gift of love.

16. Understand, disciples: What I want to make you understand, is that everyone who receives this teaching should likewise unite and become one with all spiritually, without the outward difference of the various forms of worship being an obstacle that prevents you from recognizing and loving your neighbor as brothers and sisters in Me.

17. Once you feel this way, you will be able to make my teaching your own and, in the hard days of trial that are approaching, you will be able to distribute and share your gifts without excluding any of your fellow men.

18. I do not demand of men the unification of morals, of earthly laws, or of knowledge of science. For finally and in the end the day will come when an agreement will cause the peoples to unite. What I inspire you to do is spiritual harmony, union in thinking that all mankind may know and practice spiritual prayer, in which you all will be able to rise up inwardly and receive the bread of eternal life directly from my Spirit.

19. There are many religious communities on earth, and in their majority they are based on faith in Christ. Yet they do not love one another, nor do they recognize one another as disciples of the Divine Master.

20. Do you not think that if they had all understood my teaching, they would have put it into practice by leading the denominations to reconciliation and peace? But this was not so. They all kept their distance from one another, thus spiritually dividing and dividing men, who then consider themselves enemies or strangers. Each seeks means and arguments to prove to the others that he is the owner of the truth and that the others are wrong. But no one has the strength and courage to fight for the union of all, nor does anyone have the good will to discover that there is some truth in every belief and in every worship of God.

21. I expect spiritualization from the world. With me the names by which every church or sect is distinguished have no meaning, nor the more or less great splendor of its rites and outward cult forms. This only reaches the human senses, but not my Spirit.

22. I expect spiritualization from men, for it means elevation of life, ideal of perfection, love of goodness, turning to truth, exercise of the activity of love, harmony with oneself, which is harmony with others and therefore with God.

23. I am currently giving the rain that will prepare the fields where tomorrow my seed will rise and bear fruit. Today it still seems impossible that this world can be transformed earthly and spiritual, considering that evil has taken root in the heart of this humanity. But I tell you that not much time will pass until you experience the beginning of the spiritual transformation of your peoples.

24. Who would have believed at that time that in pagan, sinful and sensual Rome ─, a city where life was a constant orgy of vices and pleasures, sins and crimes, the faith in the Word of Love, in Christ, would be ignited earlier than in any other people? And yet this happened.

25. Rome had to sin much before, and reach to exhaustion and disgust, to reach the point of receiving in her heart the seed of my Word. But when it came to them, those hearts, weary with pleasure and torn apart by disappointment and pain, opened up in contact with the essence of my message, as withered cups of flowers open when a moist breeze blows down to caress them.

26. The heart of that people beat with power, and their soul was shaken. His sins were forgiven him thanks to his faith and his courage to respond to my call.

27. Courage and sacrifice were needed by that people to strengthen their faith and their love of truth, which began to light up their hearts. But they were strong men and women, whether they were adults, youth or children.

28. Do you understand, disciples? Then compare that dominion of the vanities, vices and love of the world with this humanity of today, and you will discover that ─ also disgusts them, tired of vanities and sick of sin ─ is getting closer and closer to the day, when her soul will be surprised by the breath of the divine breeze that will awaken her ─ a breeze preceding the dew, which will quench the soul's thirst that torments her, and which will be the preparation for the seed of spiritualization that will later fall to all hearts.

29. How many times have you asked Me in your hearts why I have not shown you the spiritual life in all clarity? But I tell you: If you would touch that life with your physical senses, you would never make the slightest effort to attain any spiritualization. Never would you unfold your spiritual gifts and abilities, nor would you strive to acquire merits to deserve my revelations.

30. There is a veil between you and the Spiritual Valley which permits no one to profane the purity of that sanctuary, and only he who is clothed with reverence and humility, sincerity and a noble purpose, love and true faith, is permitted to cross those thresholds.

31. I say "true faith" because there is apparent faith inspired by something unreal ─ by something that, because it is false, disappears and fades away as soon as one knows the truth.

32. There are many who have tried to imagine spiritual life in order to believe in it. "Great" and "small," ignorant and educated, they have all wanted to know how "heaven" is, how God is, what form the spiritual beings have, how the light and existence is in that world. Then they imagined beyond the stars a beautiful field, a majestic palace, a throne, and on it God in human form sitting.

You also gave human form to the spirit beings, and imagined them flying like birds to move from one place to another. All this you see full of light ─ a light similar to the one you have on earth, all shining like gold and adorned with the most beautiful things you know on the material world: heavenly songs and divine music that fill the room, while millions of beings eternally worship the Lord, always kneeling before His throne, praising Him and offering incense to Him.

33. Thus the spiritual life is understood in the imagination of many people, and once they have created that image in their minds, they have believed that it is so, that it must be so, and they have committed themselves to it by faith.

34. What will happen to them when they come to know this teaching and learn that what they have imagined does not correspond to reality? Some of them will immediately open their eyes to the light of truth, as they recognize the errors created by their materialism. Others will be confused and deny the truth of my revelations.

35. I tell you only that it is necessary that you banish from your minds all the images you have created of spiritual life, because God is not in human form, nor sits on a throne, as the kings of the earth do, nor is the heaven beyond the stars, nor is His light like that of the sun, nor do souls have human form. Everything is different from what you have imagined ─ to the extent that, even if I were to explain to you how spiritual life is in reality, you would not understand it because even your language would not be able to express the truth, the infinite glory, the beauty and the perfection of the Eternal.

36. Could you tell me what shape or volume the conscience has? Could you tell me of what form is love or intelligence? "No, Master," you tell me. So you cannot compare earthly things with those of spiritual life, just as conscience, intelligence, love, has no form. Nevertheless, there is nothing more beautiful than the qualities of the Light Soul, which is a combination of abilities and virtues that do not require form to exist.

37. God has no form, for if He had it, He would be a limited being, as is the human being, and then He would not be God. His "throne" is perfection, justice, love, wisdom, creative power, eternity.

38. "Heaven" is the highest bliss that a soul achieves on its path of perfection, when it rises so high in wisdom and love that it attains a degree of purity that no sin and no pain can reach any more.

39. When my prophets spoke of spiritual life, they sometimes did so by means of human manifestations and objects known to you.

40. The prophets saw thrones like those of kings on earth ─ books, beings with human forms, palaces with tapestries, candlesticks, the Lamb, and many other forms. But today you must understand that all this was but a symbol, a symbol, a divine meaning, a revelation, which had to be expressed for you in a figurative form, since you were not able to understand another, higher one.

41. Now is the time for you to interpret correctly the meaning of all my parables and teachings which I have revealed to you by means of symbols, so that the meaning may enter your Spirit and the symbolic form may disappear.

42. When you come to this knowledge, your faith will be true, since you have then founded it on truth.

43. You men, I prophesy to you in my words a better world than the one you live in, when your heart has washed away its impurity in the blood I shed on the cross ─ a blood that has been the embodiment of divine love, the highest forgiveness and redemption of all men.

44. You ─ unbelievers and doubters ─ cannot believe in a world of justice, nor can you imagine a life of love and virtue on your earth. In a word, you are incapable of doing good, nor do you have faith in yourselves.

45. But I believe in you, knowing the seed that is in each of my children, because I created them, for I gave them life through my love.

46. I very much put my hope in man, believing in his salvation, in his becoming worthy, and in his ascent. For when I created him, I appointed him to be Lord on earth, on which he was to create a place of love and peace, and I also appointed that his soul had to become strong in the struggle of life to reach, through merits, to live in the light of the kingdom of perfection, which is due to it as eternal inheritance.

47. This earth, which you call "valley of tears" or "place of banishment," was prepared by me with infinite love to offer it to the children who would inhabit it. Everything on it was brimming with life, abundance, blessing and delight for those who would possess it. There was nothing on her that was created to cause pain to man ─ On the contrary, everything was provided in such a way that if mankind would harm itself with its mistakes, it would find on its way and everywhere the necessary means itself to heal its sufferings and triumph over its misfortunes.

48. Many centuries have passed over man on earth, and still he could not be happy on it. Why? Simply because he wanted to find this happiness without seeking it on the true path, which is the path that my law, the law of love and justice, of harmony and sincerity, marks out.

49. Do you believe that it is absolutely necessary to suffer on earth to deserve heaven? No, humanity, the only thing you achieve with suffering is a certain purification. For the true and absolute purification of the soul is obtained through the love that inspires you my law.

50. What merit is there in the fact that some who have suffered much on earth live for this reason with the desire to go to heaven? It is only natural that when they see that the world has nothing more to offer them now, they think of spiritual life. A real merit is that of one who, although ─ has everything in the world, would be ready at any moment to give up his possessions and comforts. For then he would really prove his higher degree of spiritual development and testify that heaven or bliss is not the particular place created by man's imagination through the ages and ages, but a state of the soul, which he can begin to experience, experience and enjoy already in his human life ─ a state that becomes more and more pure and perfect as the soul rises on the stepladder that leads it from the earthly world to the summit of spiritual life.

51. If I did not know that your destiny is so high, I would not speak to you in this way, neither would I have sent you my law, nor would I have given my life for you, if I had known that you would never be redeemed by the same.

52. I have sought the method of manifesting Myself to men in three ages only because I knew that at the end of times you would rise above passions, carnality and human needs and live a noble life full of high inspirations, full of works that would reveal your spiritual maturity

53. Do you think that once men live in such a way, they still feel hunger and thirst for justice, or need judges and rulers to guide them in the world and judge them and punish their actions? Do you think that in a world where good will reigns among themselves and where brotherhood and justice exist, there can still be wars, misery and pain? No, humanity. You will then experience how this earth can give you only warmth and life, food and well-being, wisdom and bliss ─ a bliss, which, although not in its highest degree ─ because this one gets to know only if one reaches the height of perfection ─ is so nevertheless a luck, which fairly rewards those, which struggle to remain in the truth.

54. To this you all move, toward that life of joy and peace, not toward the abyss and "death" as your heart believes to divine it. Admittedly, you still have to experience much bitterness before the time of your spiritualization comes. But neither death, nor war, nor pestilence, nor hunger will stop the course of life and the spiritual development of this humanity. I am stronger than death, and therefore I will give you back to life if you should perish, and will let you return to earth whenever it is necessary. I still have much to reveal to you, beloved humanity, my Book of Divine Wisdom still holds many surprises.

55. Nature still holds many teachings for you, and the earth has not yet given you all that it holds in its bosom.

56. You are frail flesh and sensitive to pain, you are weak and small, and therefore I have mercy on you

57. The struggle of the soul as long as it dwells in matter is very great, but it is just there where it is hardened, when it acquires its merits, and where it is tested.

58. My divine teaching is not only meant for the Spirit ─ no, it must also reach the human heart, so that both the spiritual and the physical part of the being become harmonious.

59. The divine word is meant to enlighten the mind and make the heart of man sensitive, and the life essence contained in this word is meant to nourish and uplift the soul.

60. For man's life to be complete, he needs spiritual bread as much as he works and toils for material nourishment.

61. "Man does not live on bread alone," I told you in the Second Time, "my word is still valid, because men will never be able to do without spiritual food without being afflicted on earth by sickness, pain, darkness, misfortune, misery and death.

62. The materialists could counter that men already live from what the earth and nature give them alone, without needing to strive for something spiritual, which nourishes them, which strengthens them during their life journey. But I have to tell you that this is not a perfect and fulfilled life, but an existence that lacks the essential, as spirituality is.

63. Spiritualization does not mean piety, nor does it presuppose the practice of any rite, nor is it an outward form of worship.

64. Spiritualization means the unfolding of all the abilities of man ─ both those that belong to his human part and those that are beyond the physical senses and are powers, qualities, abilities and senses of the soul.

65. Spiritualization is the correct and good use of all the gifts that man possesses.

66. Spiritualization is the harmony with all that surrounds you

67. The need to nourish oneself spiritually is ever increasing in man, but he is striving by all possible means to satisfy himself by what he possesses in the world.

68. As the soul develops, this need will have to become more palpable every day, until it reaches the characteristics of an infinite thirst and hunger, until it feels despair and fear like those felt by the wanderer lost in the middle of a hot and arid desert ─ like those felt by the shipwrecked man lost on a desert island

69. But one day, when mankind at least thinks so, the nations will awaken and cry out for justice, light, truth, and love, people will be tired of so much sin and so much falsehood, and will realize that there was an immense emptiness in their lives that they could never fill, and a hunger that they could never satisfy.

70. While thousands upon thousands of men and women profess a cult form and strive through their various religions to nourish their souls, they are not able to do so. But there is so little they do, and it is so imperfect that hardly anything reaches the heart through the senses, because it cannot reach the soul, since the soul can only eat spiritual bread and drink wine, which are Divine Essence.

71. When men who seek the light by means of ceremonies and liturgical acts once renounce every rite and outward worship, they will immediately see the light of truth appearing in fullness like a wondrous basket of bread and fish, which in the face of men's desire gives its gifts inexhaustibly.

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