64. Prophecies

XVI Prophecies and Parables, Comfort and Promise

Chapter 64 - Prophecies

The fulfillment of old and new prophecies

1 What the prophets have declared will be fulfilled in this time. My new word will reach philosophers and theologians, many will mock it, and others will be outraged. But while this happens, their amazed eyes will see the fulfillment of the prophecies I have now announced to you. (151, 75)

2 Those prophets of old did not receive any legal authority or authority on earth, they were not forced to submit to any authority, and they concentrated only on obeying the commands of their Lord, who put his word on the lips of those chosen by Him.

3 Full of faith and courage, nothing kept them from their task of teaching my law to the people and dissuading them from religious fanaticism by making them aware of the indifference and errors of the priests. (162, 7 – 8)

4 Humanity, does the pain, misery and chaos that surrounds you in this time seem to you to be unpredictable?

5 If you are surprised, it is because you are not interested in My prophecies and you have not prepared yourselves

6 All was foreseen and all was announced, but you lacked faith and now, as a result, you are drinking a very bitter cup

7 Also today I prophesy through the human mind. Some prophecies will soon come true, others only in distant times.

8 This people who hear them have the great responsibility to make them known to mankind. For they contain light that makes men understand the reality in which they live, so that they may pause in their frenzied run toward the abyss. (276, 41 - 42)

9 Much of what I have spoken to you in this time is prophecy, sometimes referring to times to come, sometimes to times to come. Therefore, many people do not want to attach any importance to this divine message.

10 But this Word will rise full of light among the people of the coming times, who will recognize and discover in it great revelations, the accuracy and perfection of which will astonish scientists. (216, 13)

Great Prophecy of the Nations of January 10, 1945, towards the end of the Second World War

11 In this moment I am speaking to the nations of the earth. All have my light; with it let them reflect that they have dared to dispose of life as if they were the owners of it.

12 Verily I tell you, your destruction and your pain has caused deep remorse among many and has brought to light millions of people who seek Me and call on Me, and from them a cry of lament rises up to Me asking: Father, will the war of 1945 possibly not end and You do not dry our tears and bring us peace?

13 Here I am present among you, O seven nations! Seven heads, you who have risen before Me in the world!

14 ENGLAND: I am enlightening you, My righteousness will still afflict you severely; but I am giving you strength, touching your heart and telling you: your claims to power will fall, your riches will be taken from you and they will be given to no one.

15 GERMANY: I am at this moment haunting your pride and saying to you: prepare yourselves, for your seed will not perish. You have asked me for new lands, but men have interfered with my high counsel. I bend your necks and say to you: take my strength and trust that I will save you.

16 But if you will not trust in Me and give yourselves to your pride, you will be alone and slave to the world But this is not my will, for now is the time when I overthrow the masters and free the slaves and captives. Take my light and straighten up again.

17 RUSSIA: My Spirit sees everything. The world will not be yours. It will be I who will rule over all of you. You will not be able to erase my name, because Christ who speaks to you will reign over all men. Free yourselves from materialism and prepare for a new life, because if this does not happen, I will break your pride. I give you my light.

18 ITALY: You are no longer the Lord as in the past times; today mockery, bondage, and war have destroyed you. As a result of your degeneration, you are undergoing a great purification. But I say to you: renew yourselves, eliminate your fanaticism and idolatry and recognize Me as the highest Lord. I will pour out new inspirations and light upon you. Take my healing balm and forgive one another.

19 FRANCE: You bring your pain before Me. Your lamentation reaches up to my high throne. I receive you. Before you rose to the Lord, now you show Me only the chains you carry.

20 You have neither watched nor prayed. You have given yourselves to the pleasures of the flesh and the dragon has taken you as prey.

21 But I will save you, because the lamentations of your wives and the weeping of your children will come up to Me. You want to save yourselves and I give you my hand. But truly I say to you: watch, pray and forgive.

22 UNITED STATES: In this moment I also receive you. I look at your heart - it is not of stone, but of metal, of gold. I see your brain of metal hardened. I find no love with you, I discover no spirituality. I see only megalomania, ambition and greed.

23 "Go on like this," but I ask you: when will my seed take deep roots with you? When will you pull down your "Golden Calf" and your "Tower of Babel" to erect the true temple of the Lord instead?

24 I touch your conscience from the first to the last and forgive you. I enlighten you so that in the most difficult hour, when the visitation reaches its climax, your mind is not clouded, but thinks clearly and reminds you that I am above you.

25 I give you light, power and authority. Do not interfere with my high councils, because if you do not obey my instructions or cross the border I draw, pain, destruction, fire, plague and death will come upon you.

26 JAPAN: I receive you and speak to you. I have entered your sanctuary and have contemplated all things. You do not want to be last, you have always wanted to be first. But verily I say to you: this seed is not pleasing before me.

27 It is necessary that you empty the cup of suffering so that your heart may be purified. It is necessary that your "language" be mixed with other "languages. It is necessary for the world to approach you. When the world is prepared and purified, it will bring you the seed that I will give it. For I see no one prepared. I do not see with you the spiritual seed of My divinity. But I will pave the way.

28 Soon there will be a chaos of world views all over the world, a confusion of sciences and theories. But after this chaos the light will come to you. I prepare you all and forgive you and see to it that you take the right path.

29 When the time comes and peace comes to the nations, do not be resistant, do not interfere with my high counsel, nor oppose my will. When the nations have made peace, you shall not stab them in the back, for then will I bring My judgment upon you.

30 Seven nations! Seven heads! The Father has received you. Before you, under your rule, is the world. You are responsible to Me for it!

31 Let the light of the "Book of the Seven Seals" be in each of the nations, so that men may prepare themselves, as it is my will. My peace be with you! (127, 50 - 65)

Wars and natural disasters - signs in the sky

32 The same world you currently inhabit has long been a battlefield. But the enormous experience bequeathed to man by his ancestors was not enough for him - a bitter and painful experience that lies before the people of this time like a book opened by conscience.

33 But men's hearts are too hard to accept that fruit of experience which is like a legacy of light. The only thing they inherited from their ancestors was the hatred, pride, resentment, greed, pride, and revenge that was passed on to them in blood. (271, 65)

34 Remember that it is time for judgment; for verily I say to you, every offence will be atoned for. The earth itself will demand account of the bad use that man has made of it and its nature kingdoms.

35 Everything that has been destroyed will call you to account and will make men recognize by this that they were created by the Creator with love intentions and that just this one will, which could destroy them, cares for them, protects them and blesses them. (180, 67)

36 I give you this message, which you must pass on across the seas. My word shall cross the Old Continent and reach even the people of Israel who have thrown themselves into a fratricidal fight for a piece of land without realizing the misery of their Spirit.

37 You cannot imagine the trial that the world will go through. Everyone expects peace, but it will only come to fruition after the forces of nature have borne witness to me. (243,52)

38 My forces of nature will be unleashed and will devastate whole regions. Scientists will discover a new planet, and a "star rain"- will illuminate your world. But this will not bring disaster to mankind; it will only announce to men the coming of a new time. (182, 38)

- In the Gospels this judgment sign is announced with the words: "The "stars" will fall from heaven".

39 I have already revealed to you that my people are scattered over the whole earth, that is, the spiritual seed is scattered over the whole world.

40 Today you disagree and even disrespect one another because of trifles. But when the materialistic teachings threaten to overwhelm you all, you who think and feel with the Spirit will finally become one. When that time comes, I will give you a sign so that you can recognize each other - something that you can see and hear in the same way. When you then bear witness to each other, you will be amazed and say, "It is the Lord who has visited us. (156, 35 - 36)

Prophecy about the division of the Mexican communities

41 Now hear me well, people, and go to do my word worthily and truly.

42 I see that you carry sadness in your hearts because you foresee that not all these multitudes will keep the law which I have written in your Spirit. But I tell you that today, as in the "first days," the people will be divided.

43 I have spoken much to you and have marked a single path for all. Therefore I say to you: if some of my children disobey Me, the judgment will be pronounced on this people when the day set by the will of your Father comes to end this rallies.

44 I came to you in this time as a liberator, showing you the way through the desert, the spiritual "day's work" of the struggle for liberation and salvation, and in the end promised you the new land of promise, which is peace, light and happiness for the Spirit.

45 Blessed are those who set out and follow me on this journey in the desire for liberation and spiritualization, because they will never feel abandoned nor weak in the trials which the wide desert brings them.

46 But woe to those who violate the faith, who love the things of the world more than the spiritual - to those who continue to hold fast to their idols and their traditions! In the opinion of serving Me, they will be subjects of "Pharaoh," who is "flesh," materialism, idolatry.

47 Whoever wants to come to the Promised Land, the fatherland of the Spirit, must leave a trace of goodness in his walk through the world.

48 Come in this way and do not be afraid. For if you put your hope in me, it is impossible for you to stray. If you fear or have no faith, then your faith is not absolute, and I tell you that whoever wants to follow me must be convinced of my truth. (269, 50-51)

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