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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Teaching 321

1. Be blessed, disciples, because you use your good will to interpret my word. In this way you will be able to unfold the gifts you have and use them for the benefit of your fellow men.

2. You are now in the time when people feel uneasy about the eternal, about that life which is beyond the fleeting human existence. But you, who have been my disciples during this time, should always be aware that the key that opens the door to spiritual wisdom is love.

3. I have explained to you throughout the whole time of my teachings how this life on earth serves the soul as a school, experience, touchstone and for unfolding, but that it will only attain the highest knowledge of spiritual life once it has left the earthly body and is in the infinite "valley", beyond the earthly.

4. Admire the simplicity of my teaching, which can be applied to every activity, to every field, because its light illuminates and enlivens the whole universe. When its essence pours out upon your mind, it reveals to men the way to improve themselves until they reach spiritual perfection. This essence is the good that exists in your God as an inexhaustible source of inspiration in your life.

5. My teaching is simple and therefore within the grasp of the human creature, understandable to all, since you all possess Spirit. Where complexity, mystification or materialism play a role, my truth is not light.

6. Strive for simplicity, love humility, then the mysteries as well as the most impenetrable mysteries of your mind will appear like the pages of a book that clearly exposes all its contents. When I speak to you of mysteries and secrets that men could not or would not enlighten, I refer to all that I have in store for the knowledge of my children in my secret treasury. I do not speak of what you never need to know, because only your father is responsible for it.

7. In the Second Time I gave you a teaching through which I made men understand that they are not only made of matter but that in each one of them dwells a being whose life is higher than the human one and whose home is not forever on this world but in an infinitely higher realm than that of the earth That teaching, though profoundly profound to eternity, was nevertheless expressed in a plain and simple form so that all men might understand it, since all had a right to know it.

8. This teaching was the preparation for mankind to enter entirely into the spiritual realm in this Third Age. For today, when I humanize my voice again to make myself audible to men, I have come to them to expand that lesson, to develop it and to explain it, because I see that this mankind is now able to understand the meaning of all that was at first like a promise.

9. I will gather all men and all nations around my new message, calling them as the shepherd calls his sheep and giving them the peace of a stable where they will find refuge from rough weather and storms.

10. You will still experience how many, although they seemingly have not the slightest trace of faith or of spirituality, have preserved in the purest of their souls the immortal principles of spiritual life ─. you will still recognize how many of those who seem to you to have no worship of God at all, carry in the innermost part of their being an indestructible altar.

11. Before this inner altar men will have to kneel down spiritually to weep for their transgressions, their evil works, and their insults, in sincere repentance for their disobedience. There, before the altar of conscience, human pride will collapse so that people will no longer consider themselves superior because of their races. Then will come renunciation, reparation, and finally peace as the lawful fruit of love and humility, faith and good will.

12. Those men who at present nurture only ambitious pursuits of power and earthly glories know that their most powerful opponent is spirituality, so they fight it. And since they anticipate the battle that is already approaching ─ the battle of the Spirit against evil ─, they fear to lose their possessions and therefore resist the light that constantly surprises them in the form of inspiration.

13. Who believes ─ do you believe ─ is the victor in the end: the Spirit or the flesh? Undoubtedly the victory will be that of the Spirit, who, having been a slave to the world, will now be the one who controls the passions of the "flesh". It will be the time when you will "give to God what is God's, and to the world what is the world's."

14. With prophetic words I tell you on this day that the time is coming in which all peoples of the earth will harmonize spiritually. Which of you will be able to accomplish this work? Which human being will have the power and the light to make my prophecy come true? No, beloved people, there is no man who would be able to ignite the light in the darknesses that surround you. As always, I will be the one who dispels the shadows, who calms the storm and makes you all be united around my table of love as true brothers and sisters, as children of one Father, who are you. Yet I will not be alone in the struggle, this people will collaborate with Me, these disciples will be my interpreters towards humanity. They will be my faithful witnesses to the scouts, they will be the tools I use to give the world proofs of my power, my love, my presence.

15. Never will you bear the whole burden of my cross ─ I tell you once again But the part that you will have to carry ─ how difficult it will be! Your responsibility will be great.

16. The battle will be fierce, but it will always be made easier by favourable events that will be the proof that I am with you. They will be like my voice speaking to your heart.

17. How your soul will rejoice over every people that gradually awakens to the light of the new day, to the light of the Third Age, in which all men will unite to build, as homage to your God, the spiritual temple, the inner sanctuary, in which the unquenchable flame of faith and love will shine!

18. At present you still feel very far from peace, harmony, brotherhood, and you have reason to do so. For with every man the ideas about God, about life, about truth, are so different that the impression is created that there are many gods and that there is a separate God for every man.

19. Have you not at least in the nature that surrounds you observed how everything obeys a single principle, how everything follows one and the same order, and how everything harmonizes in one and the same law?

20. If there were different commissions, if you had discovered laws other than those I have revealed to you and someone other than Me, you would have a reason for there being differences in your beliefs, forms of worship, beliefs and ways of life. But I tell you again that it is only a light that has shone down from eternity on the firmament of your human and spiritual life.

21. For no man will it be a sacrifice to convert to this teaching, nor will he have to rack his brains, nor will he have to reject all that is good, true, or just which he carries in his heart.

22. The only purpose of my work is the spiritualization of all men, for in spiritualization they will become one and understand one another. In spiritualization they will see the names, the outward forms of their religions disappear, which have been the cause of their spiritual separateness, since each has interpreted their God in a different way.

23. As soon as they all approach spiritualization in their different ways, they will understand that the only thing they lacked was to free themselves from their materialism in order to be able to interpret spiritually what they had always understood in a material sense.

24. So he who kneels before an image to recognize my presence in it will feel me in his soul afterwards, without the need to create any form to represent me through it.

25. He who has made long pilgrimages to reach a place of which he had been told that I was there, and that he could be healed there, will learn that it is not necessary to go from one point of the earth to another to find Me, since man can find Me through the divine gift of prayer regardless of the place in every moment of his life.

26. Then men will purify themselves through sincere repentance and confess their sins from Spirit to Spirit with my divinity, involving their conscience in that spiritual act.

27. Spiritually, there will be no other bread nor wine but the essence of my word ─ an essence from which men will feed and grow strong in love, in righteousness, in justice, in mercy.

28. And those who dedicate their lives to the study of the writings of past times, and who, because of the different ways of interpreting those words, have likewise divided themselves into sects and churches, will also come closer to one another in spiritualization, because the higher view, in the way of analyzing and interpreting, will reveal to all of them the true meaning that they had never discovered, because they had always given a human and earthly meaning to divine revelation.

29. Spiritualization is all that I demand of men in this time, then they will see their highest ideals fulfilled and their most serious conflicts solved within the framework of what is permitted.

30. In this time of confusion my word will appear in the world like a lifeboat. People will be able to rise to a new life full of light, peace and brotherhood.

31. Now mankind will soon see the dove of peace flying over the nations, carrying in its beak the symbolic olive branch.

32. My ray has come down to you, and although you do not see it sensually perceptible, your soul still feels the presence of my light that enlightens you

33. You will now discover in your being something more than the organs of your body, and these will be the gifts, abilities, powers and qualities of the soul that have lain dormant in man for many centuries You will discover neither substance nor form, so I tell you that it will not be your science that discovers this mystery.

34. So far only that which you have discovered with the mind and touched with the senses has existed for you. But the time will come when you will understand that the true values lie in the spiritual, in that life which you did not want to know. Then your existence will be illuminated by a new light that will reveal to you the greatest secrets and the most beautiful teachings. I will bless you, for at last you will cooperate with your Father in the unfolding of life and the development of your soul.

35. At present you are in a state of stagnation without being able to become aware of it, without noticing the end of one period and the beginning of another, without discovering the meaning of your trials, and without being able to remove the divine signs I am giving you at every turn.

36. You do not know whether you are inside or outside of me, also not whether you are alive or dead for the spiritual life, because still your emotional world in your being is in a sleep-like state.

37. Verily, I tell you, only my voice can wake you up, only my call can raise you up, and for this I have come full of mercy to rescue you. Already my light approaches every heart, already it penetrates imperceptibly into your comprehension, just as a thief in deep night penetrates into a bedroom: on tiptoe, without making the slightest noise.

38. When my voice is heard in a spiritual way in humanity, people will feel something vibrating that has always been in them, although it could not express itself in freedom. It will be the Spirit that encourages ─ through the voice of his Lord ─ will stand up and respond to my call.

39. Then a new age will begin on earth, for you will no longer look at life from below, but will look, recognize and enjoy it from the heights of your spiritual elevation.

40. Recognize that my love does not wait until you awaken of your own accord, but that it comes to your aid to lift you up from the deep sleep of materialism.

41. I see you small, and I want you to be great, that you take up with your abilities, your intelligence and your senses everything in you that is to be yours with my approval.

42. Allow your intuition to awaken, your sensitivity to the spiritual to begin, your inspiration to become active, your heart to be cleansed of sin, your mind to clear.

43. Strive for your solidarity with one another, work in such a way that you all harmonize with one another. Fight that constant hostility in which you lived on earth until you eradicated it. Make sure that the good in the world comes to the fore, that your lives are ennobled by following my teaching, from which the law of love and justice springs. Then you will have worked for the most noble cause, and your soul will have come much closer to Me.

44. The destruction of the evil that you perpetuate in your world

wanted, that many ─ even if you do not believe it ─ to their God made, since they dedicate all forces and thoughts of their being to it, must be your goal, by fighting it ─ animated by the thought to eliminate and drive it out of your life ever more.

45. For this blessed fight you are to create a supply of faith, will, courage, strength, patience and perseverance.

46. Nor will you be alone in this battle. I will put my strength in your arms, and my light in your intelligence. I will make miracles of each of your works, if they are inspired by mercy and love.

47. Take up this lesson in you, keep it in your heart, and put all your wills to the service of the desire to know you better How? By trying to discover your soul in its gifts, abilities, tasks, duties of atonement, and all that it holds as your heritage.

48. Do not be discouraged when you see the days pass by without discovering any of these in you. Pray and meditate, act according to my examples and lessons, and when you think least, some gift of your soul will be revealed through your works.

49. Open your eyes and refine your senses so that you may perceive that invisible world which lives and weaves around you You have taken it upon yourselves not to take note of that spiritual life which is constantly moving within, outside, and above you, without imagining that you are as intimately connected with it as you are with the air you breathe.

50. The reason for this is that you have become too interested in earthly science, and you have forgotten spiritual wisdom

51. You know that to penetrate the infinite ocean of spiritual life, one must have courage, goodness, faith, and love for God, and this seems to you to be difficult and difficult to accomplish, which is why you always prefer the human sciences, which you think do not require that purity and exaltation which the study of the spiritual demands.

52. If you would learn that there is no work of yours that is not influenced by some spirit being, this would seem to you incomprehensible, and yet it is so.

53. Beyond your human life there exists a world of Spirits, your brothers and sisters, beings invisible to man, who fight among themselves to conquer you.

54. That fight has its reason in the difference of development in which the one and the other are in. While the beings of light, sustained by the ideal of love, harmony, peace and perfection, sprinkle the path of mankind with light, always inspiring it with goodness and revealing to it all that is for the good of mankind, the beings who still cling to the materialism of the earth sow the seeds, who were unable to free themselves from their selfishness and their love for the world, or who indefinitely nourish human addictions and inclinations, the path of men with confusion, obscuring the mind, making hearts blind, enslaving the will, in order to make use of men and make them instruments of their plans, or to use them as if they were their own bodies.

55. While the spiritual world of light tries to win the soul of men to open a breach to eternity for it; while those blessed hosts ceaselessly toil, increase in love, become nurses at the painful camp, counselors at the side of man who bears the burden of a great responsibility, advisers of youth, protectors of children, companions of those who forget and live alone, the legions of beings without the light of spiritual wisdom and without the uplifting feeling of love likewise ceaselessly work among men. But their aim is not to make the way to the spiritual kingdom easier for you ─ no; the intention of these beings is completely opposite, their ambition is to rule the world, to continue to be the masters of it, to perpetuate themselves on earth, to dominate men and to make them slaves and instruments of their will ─ in one word: not to let what they always considered theirs be taken away from them: the world.

56. So, disciples, among the one and the other beings a fierce battle is waving ─ a battle that your physical eyes do not see, but whose reflections are felt day by day in your world.

57. In order that man can defend himself and free himself from the bad influences, he needs knowledge of the truth that surrounds him, he must learn to pray with the Spirit, and must also know what abilities his being is endowed with, so that he may use them as weapons in this great battle of good against evil, of light against darkness, of spiritualization against materialism.

58. It is precisely the spiritual world of light that works and fights and prepares everything so that the world may one day set out on the way to spiritualization.

59. Think about all this, and you will be able to imagine the intensity of this struggle of your spiritual brothers and sisters who strive for the salvation of men ─ a struggle that is a cup for them, with which you continually give them the gall of ingratitude, since you limit yourself to receiving from them all the good that they give you, but without ever standing by their side to assist them in their struggle.

60. Few are those who know how to join them, few are those who are receptive to their inspirations and follow their advice. But how strongly do they go through life, how protected do they feel, what delights and inspirations inspire their Spirit!

61. The majority of men are torn between the two influences, without choosing one, without committing themselves completely to materialism, but also without making any effort to free themselves from it and to spiritualize their lives, that is, to increase them by goodness, by knowledge, and by spiritual power. These still lie entirely in the struggle with themselves.

62. Those who have completely surrendered to materialism, without still caring for the voice of conscience, and who disregard everything as far as it concerns their soul, are no longer fighting; they have been defeated in battle. They believe to have won, believe to be free, and do not realize that they are prisoners, and that it will be necessary for the legions of light to descend to darkness to free them.

63. I send this message of light to all the peoples of the earth, so that men may awaken, so that they may become aware who is the enemy whom they must fight until they have defeated him, and what weapons they carry without knowing it.

64. Verily, I tell you, if I had come at this time as a man, your eyes would still have had to see my wounds fresh and bleeding, because the sin of men has not ceased and they also did not want to redeem themselves in remembrance of that blood which was shed by me on Calvary and which was a proof of my love for mankind But I have come in the Spirit to spare you the shame to look at the work of those who judged and condemned me on earth.

65. All is forgiven; but in every soul there exists something of what I shed on the cross for all. Do not believe that that life force and that blood dissolved or were lost. They embodied the spiritual life that I poured out on all men from that moment on. Through that Blood, which sealed my word and confirmed all that I had spoken and done on earth, men will develop upwards in the desire for renewal of their soul.

66. My word, my works and my blood were not and will not be in vain. If at times it seems to you that my name and my word have been almost forgotten, you will soon see them appear anew full of lifeblood, life and purity, as a seed which, although fought against incessantly, never dies.

67. Neither will my word and manifestations in this time pass away. There will indeed be times when the impression will be given that all this is over, without leaving a trail or traces in the world. But suddenly, when you think it least, the teaching of spiritualization that I have taught you will resurrect with as much or even greater power.

68. My patient work by means of your mind will not be in vain, since, as I then symbolically shed my life through that blood to teach you love, I now pour out my Spirit upon you to open to you the way of ascent to eternity. But if my blood has not been barren, it will be even less the light of my Spirit.

69. Now you cannot yet measure the scope of the word you are hearing. But your soul of light, which has eternal origin, will be able to experience the truth and the fulfillment of all that I have revealed to the world in this Third Age through uneducated and impure voice-bearers and the spiritual world of light.

70. Sometimes, in your contemplations, you wonder how the spirit beings in space proceed to move from one point to another when they are sought at the same moment in different parts of the earth. Your imagination then lets them fly incessantly, as fast as light, from one point to another and from one end of the world to another.

71. You think: How hard and difficult is their task! You say: "How painful is their reparation!

72. I must tell you that that mission is not as your mind imagined it. Those beings, when they have reached the necessary level of development to receive the task of leaders, protectors, advisors and benefactors, have such a wide charisma that they do not need to move from one place to another, since from where they are they can influence their brothers and sisters who need them. From there, they can see, hear, feel and perform the works that are part of their mission.

73. The distances disappear for the superior soul because of its wisdom and love, and its sphere of action corresponds to the level of development that it has reached.

74. But now you might think that a soul without any level of development certainly needs to put itself in place to overcome distances, since its most valuable qualities have not been developed.

75. Neither try to imagine the place where that being resides which your memory evokes. For it is neither near, nor is it far, just as I, who am neither far nor near to you, am present in everything and everywhere.

76. The only distance that exists between you and God or between you and a spirit being is not a material distance but a spiritual one, caused by your lack of preparation, purity, or willingness to receive inspiration and spiritual influence.

77. Never put that distance between you and your Master or between you and the spiritual world, then you will always enjoy the benefits that my love pours out upon those who know how to seek them. You will always feel that the spiritual world is close to the heart of those who prepare to feel it.

78. How great is the distance that humanity puts between itself and spiritual life at this time! It is so great that people of today therefore feel God infinitely far from them and consider the Kingdom of Heaven to be far away and unreachable.

79. The more time passes, the farther men feel the spiritual kingdom. They lose the blessed idea of once inhabiting it, and when they die and allow the soul to separate itself from the flesh, they have only the impressions of the earthly, which make them lose every idea of the spiritual.

80. My message of love during this time erases distances, eliminates errors, dissolves darkness and causes the soul of man, which has already lived in the infinite spiritual realm, to return to its origin praying and meditating, discovering its essence and revealing it to man, the mind and heart of the being, which has been entrusted to it as a tool to fulfill a task on earth.

81. You see that a moment of spiritual enlightenment is enough for it to disappear, apparently at such a great distance, and cause you to experience all the joy which you have so long deprived yourselves of, while you thought me to be far away

82. Today you are more capable of your change of mind, although it seems difficult to you I say this to you because your whole being has unfolded, developed both in the soul and in the body, without stopping on the whole path of your freedom of will.

83. Just as the mental receptivity of men of today is much greater than that of men of past times, because their abilities have unfolded, so has the soul unfolded in its constant life experience, whereby it can understand, grasp, believe and accept that which men of other times were not able to attain.

84. Therefore, to reveal myself to mankind, I have chosen the perfect form, that is, the spiritual one, because I know that you are now able to understand it. Not so in the past times in which I had to seek meaningful forms to make myself audible and understandable to men.

85. Now is the time when mankind will struggle to introduce spiritual worship for God. But it is only natural that this should only happen after a struggle, when understanding and peace of mind have reached the hearts.

86. You who hear Me through this teaching have understood how to free your hearts from prejudice and fanaticism and worship Me in a natural and simple way and feel Me within you You can consider yourselves preferred beings among men, and I will use you as pioneers of the age of spiritualization.

My peace be with you! 

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