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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 360

My peace be with you!

1. Beloved disciples of the Divine Master: You come to Me one more time and I give you a place at my table. I see that you have learned to speak lovingly. Even in the bitterest days you know how to smile hopefully and faithfully in the midst of the greatest pain because you have been encouraged by my teaching.

2. So I want to see you always full of peace, courage and trust. You have reached the time when you feel Me fully inside and outside your being, close to you in every moment. You are no longer those who said: "Father, why do you forget me in the trial, why do you not hear me? Today you know how to pray in the trial, and after praying you wait devotedly for the coming of my peace. You obediently allow the Master to test you.

3. Now you are truly my disciples. You know the value of your merits and know how to discover and judge your faults. Today your soul is enlightened with so much brightness that you know when you have been pleasing your Father and when you have hurt Him. You have moments of cold, of depression. But when these moments are over, the flame of love and faith burns again in your hearts, the altar of your inner worship of God is lit up again, and you feel within your shrine the presence of the Father ─ that Father who is always within you ─ whether you are prepared or not.

4. I cannot condemn any of my children, because it would mean taking their lives. I created you for life, not for death.

5. O disciples! On the seventh day the man of this time rests, lifting up his soul for a moment to the Father in thanksgiving or in the desire to help. But not all watch, not all pray. But for the sake of those who live awake ─ For the sake of those who work for peace, for the well-being of mankind, I cause the world to obtain a shred of my cloak of peace, a drop of my divine balm, my kiss of love in which is my forgiveness, and the opportunities which I give each soul for its salvation.

6. Now is a decisive time for the souls, truly a time of struggle. Everything is strife and fight. This war takes place in the heart of every man, in the bosom of families, in the interior of all institutions, in all peoples, in all races. Not only on the earth plan, but also in the spiritual valley, there is fighting. It is the Great Battle, which was seen in symbolic form by the prophets of other times and which is also seen in the visions of the prophets or seers of that time. But this battle, which is fought and which shakes everything, is not understood by mankind, although it is part of and witness to this very battle. The course of mankind today is accelerated ─ but where is it going? Where does mankind go in such haste? Does he find his happiness on this dizzying path, does he achieve the longed-for peace, the glorious life that every heart selfishly desires?

7. I tell you that what man actually achieves with his haste is total exhaustion. The spirit soul and the heart of man is going toward the weariness of life and fatigue, and this abyss was created by man himself.

8. Into this abyss he will fall, and in this total exhaustion, in this chaos of enmities, pleasures, unsatisfied lust for power, of sin and adultery, of profanation of spiritual and human laws, he will find an apparent death for the soul, a temporary death for the heart. But I will cause that man will rise from this death to life. I will cause him to have his resurrection and to fight in this new life for the rebirth of all ideals, for the resurrection of all principles and all virtues, which are characteristics and heredity of the soul, which are its origin, its alpha. For from me the soul sprang, from me it took life, from my perfection it drank, from my grace it was saturated.

9. Stand by men with your prayers in this time of great spiritual struggle. When you see them weeping, do not relate your weeping to the reason that makes them weep, but weep because of them, for they are your fellow men, and your tears of love are to be balm and comfort. If you see them peaceless, have no part in their peacelessness, for you are children of peace. But pray for them and become all angels of peace. Let peace descend from your soul like dew, which is a fruit of love for the whole world.

10. When you learn that they spark discussions and reflections that oppose the views of others, stand above all this. In this moment, consider my work, my word, and overcome the reasons that encourage people in their struggles and wars, with the light of the HolySpirit, with your prayer, your example and your word. When you see them break open with weapons on their shoulders and then judge them without mercy against their own brother, you too take up your weapons of love, mercy, forgiveness, eternal life.

11. Win souls for the kingdom of peace! Convert sinners to the life of grace. In this way the servants of the Father will multiply, and the kingdom of sin, destruction and death will be decimated by your struggle!

12. Blessed are those who, in the midst of so much darkness, still find strength in their hearts to seek Me, or who still keep a little purity in it to turn it into a sanctuary for a short time and allow their conscience to speak to them of Me, of themselves and of their neighbors.

13. I have announced to you a time in which the human Spirit will exercise a worship of God as never in times past, in which he will offer to his Father the spiritual worship which I have taught man from the earliest times through my perfect teachings. Always have I made great revelations, always have I been a teacher, and also as a Father I have lifted the veil from my mysteries so that human creatures may better recognize me and I may be loved with greater perfection in this way. But to man the earthly existence has appeared so wonderful, so rich the treasure which this world contains, that he has always forgotten the teachings which speak to him of spiritual life. He has had only eyes for the glorious material creation, a work of the Father, and a mirror, a faint reflection of life in the high beyond. And while he has opened his eyes, his mind, his senses, to look at, touch, long for, the goods of this world, he has closed the eyes of his Spirit and has forgotten that above all this there is another wonderful existence, another still richer life, and other, truly greater riches. In this love, in this inclination of man to earthly goods, he has materialized himself. Yet his soul has not forgotten me, it preserves the inkling of my existence, and beyond this it feels the desire for a food which the earth cannot give it, and seeks it me. But it seeks me half-heartedly and not always in the best ways.

14. Since man is materialized, he must seek me through the meaningful cult, and since the eyes of his Spirit are not open, he must create my image to see me. Since he has not made himself soulually sensitive, he always demands material miracles and proofs to believe in my existence, and places conditions on me to serve me, to follow me, to love me, and to give something back to me for what I give him. In this way I see all churches, all religious communities, all sects, which men have created all over the world. They are steeped in materialism, in fanaticism and idolatry, in secrecy, deceit and desecration.

15. What do I take from this? Only the intention. What comes to Me from all this? The mental or physical need of my children, their little love, their desire for light. This is what reaches Me, and I am with all. I do not look at churches nor at forms, at rites. I come to all my children equally. I receive their soul in prayer. I draw her to my breast to embrace her, so that she may feel my warmth, and this warmth is an incentive and stimulus on her path of visitations and trials. But because I accept the good intention of mankind, I must not allow it to remain eternally in darkness, wrapped in its idolatry and fanaticism.

16. I want man to awaken, that the soul may rise to Me and in its elevation see the true glory of its Father and forget the false splendor of liturgies and rites. I want that, when it reaches its true ascent, it renews itself, frees itself from human needs and overcomes the sensuality, the passions, the vices and finds itself; so that it never says to the Father that it is an earthworm; so that it knows that the Father created it in His image and likeness.

17. This is the reason for your responsibility in this third time, O people of Israel!

18. I have told you that mankind is like a field which I have made fertile, and in this fertilization is the awakening of its gifts and latent faculties Through intuition mankind is currently receiving my message, through spiritual dreams and in various other forms. My spiritual world also awakens and prepares people. The events, the happenings speak clearly to the heart and soul, and through all this, humanity has gained some armament. It knows that it is at a crossroads ─ it feels that it has entered an era of meaning and spiritual abundance. It feels that divine justice is relentlessly upon all creatures. But she lacks the living word and the final proof before her eyes. But you, people, have that proof and that word. To you I have entrusted it; you are the bearers of this revelation, which is a seed of divine love, which you will sow in the fields already fertile by my perfect wisdom.

19. Continue willingly to immerse yourselves in prayer, so that I may continue to form you, so that I may soon transform you into servants and apostles of this Work which I have called ─ as you know ─ as spiritualist, trinitarian, Marian ─ names which will disappear once the world fulfills my laws. There will then be no need for names, nor for symbols, because all of you will carry within your being, as it were, a spiritual stone, which together with all others will form the true temple, the true sanctuary, in which your Father and Creator dwells.

20. Is all mankind trinitarian? ─ No, disciples. Not everyone carries in his soul the legacy of the three times. There are many who do not even keep the testament of the two past times, and some do not even keep that of the First Time. But you will bring the trinitarian seed ─ My law, teaching or teaching, whatever you want to call it, which I have entrusted to you in three times, as a seed to the heart of all nations and all people.

Do not force my teaching with excommunication, with threats, nor with pain. Only present it, present it as pure and pure as it is. Offer this source of eternal wisdom and allow the thirsty to drink from its crystal clear water. Verily, I tell you, those who feel that they have quenched their thirst will then be with you. Those who drink and yet are not able to quench their thirst will remain hostile. But you shall leave this matter to Me. And there will be others who will refuse to drink, but you will wait and see, because the spring is eternal. If those who refuse today will not drink of this water, their thirst will be even greater tomorrow. Their thirst will torture them, and then they will come to the spring, and if they do not find it nearby, they will search for it through deserts and on long distances, because they remember that it was fresh and refreshing until they find it. For although water was denied me, I will never deny it to you.

21. Mankind is not yet spiritualist, but already souls are awakening and recognizing the deafness and blindness of their idols, and already they are becoming aware of the uselessness of false sacrifices and penance, and I meet many tired and weary of fanaticism They long for a food which is sweet and pleasant for the spiritual sense of taste, they long for a wine which really invigorates the soul.

22. I see churches, small sects and large groups of people who strive for spiritualization, who enter the spiritual sanctuary, the home of souls ─ some on paths close to the spiritual intention, which is that which comes to me. I will reward them one day, and true spiritualism, profound teaching full of teachings and revelations, consolation and spiritual nourishment of the HolySpirit will be revealed to all ─ the yearning, the thirsty and also the coldhearted and indifferent.

23. Is all mankind Marian? Verily, I say to you: No, many do not even know Mary. I see a part of humanity which does not even know her name, another great part which, through her, has fallen into great fanaticism, into the greatest idolatry, into profanation, into lucre. And another part of humanity and religious communities which you do not recognize as the spiritual mother of humanity.

24. I have called you "Marian people" because you will teach mankind who Mary is.

25. I tell you, O people: Mary is not only the woman who received the Savior in the Second Age. I say to all those parts of humanity that I have just mentioned, to all sects and religious communities, to all races and all people, that Mary is the maternal, divine essence that has always existed. She is the feminine, universal essence that you can discover and see in all the works of creation. She is the tenderness, is the intercession and the bosom that nourishes. The existence of Mary and her earthly coming was revealed to you already in the past times. For truly, from the first to the last ─ to all I have spoken as Father, as judge and as Master.

26. Already in the First Times the patriarchs and prophets began to speak of the coming of the Messiah. But the Messiah did not only come in Spirit ─ he came to be born of a woman, to become man, to receive a body from a woman. The maternal Spirit of God also had to become man, to become a woman, as a flower of purity, so that the fragrance of the "Word" of God, which was Jesus, might flow from her corolla.

27. When that woman had reached her virginity, she was betrothed. The Father sent her an angel to announce her mission. But how did the angel meet her, how did he surprise the engaged virgin? Praying. And when he met her prepared, he told her: "Hail, O Mary, who has found grace before God. Fear not, for your womb will receive him who will reign in the house of Jacob, and his reign will have no end".

28. Mary knew that she would conceive a more powerful and greater king than all the kings of the earth. But is that why she crowned herself queen among men?

29. did her lips proclaim in squares, streets, in the simple huts or in the palaces that she would become the mother of the Messiah, that the "only begotten Son" of the Father would come forth from her womb? Certainly not, my people: the greatest humility, meekness and grace was in her, and the promise was fulfilled. Her heart of a human mother was made happy, and even before she gave birth ─ at that time and afterwards throughout the life of the Son ─ she was a most loving mother who knew spiritually the destiny of Jesus, the mission he had to fulfill among men, and what he had come for. She never resisted this destiny, for she had a share in the same work.

30. When she sometimes shed tears, it was a weeping of the human mother, it was the body nature that felt the pain in the Son, her own flesh. But was she a disciple of the Master, her Son? No. Mary had nothing to learn from Jesus. She was in the Father Self and had incarnated only to fulfill that beautiful and difficult task.

Was that excellent mother-heart limited to loving only her most beloved Son? Certainly not; through that small human heart the motherly heart revealed itself in consolation and sublime words, in advice and beneficence, in miracles, in light and in truth.

Never did she put herself on display, never did she misunderstand the word of the Master. But just as she was at the feet of the manger that served as her cradle, so she was at the feet of the cross, on which the Son, the Master, the Father of all creation died and took his last breath as a man.

31. Thus she fulfilled her destiny as a human mother and set a sublime example to all mothers and to all men. And that she might be respected by humanity, that she too might be loved, and that her example might not be erased from the hearts of men, the bleeding Master on the cross dedicated one of his seven words on the cross to the Mother, saying to her, "Mother, this is Your Son," and said to the Son, who at that moment was John the Apostle of the Lord, "Son, this is Your Mother!

32. With this, the Master wanted to leave John as the representative of humanity, and in the hearts of men a sanctuary of love and respect for the Universal Mother.

33. Did the apostle John claim that motherhood only for himself? No, indeed, he went to his own, to the companions in battle and in teaching, to the other disciples, and told them: "The Master said this before He passed away," and there the disciples remained with Mary until She was lifted up to infinity.

34. On the day of Pentecost, that feast which the people have celebrated since the first time as the Passover, the disciples were gathered together, and in their midst was Mary. And the HolySpirit approached, symbolized in a white dove, and flooded them with his light and filled them with his grace.

35. The disciples felt deepest respect and love for Mary. And since those sowers, those doctors of the soul felt this devotion for the Mother of the Redeemer as a human being ─, why then should the generations of the times that followed not feel it? I have told you that Mary is eternal, and verily, I tell you, if you turn to Her, many of you will find Her.

36. When my disciple John found himself alone on the island of Patmos in his retreat, where he received the great revelations of the coming times, where he entered spiritually into the High Hereafter and saw the great mysteries of the Lord, clothed in symbols and represented by figures, he saw there also the figure of Mary.

In this great revelation, which was entrusted to John by the Father for the people of the coming ages, he saw there, after a great sign, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet, and on her forehead a crown of twelve stars. That woman was in labor pains, and when that pain was greatest, John saw evil in the form of a dragon chasing after her, waiting only for the birth of the child to devour it.

But the Master tells you: Since this revelation given to John through the Father spoke of the times to come, I tell you: He saw Mary in the Third Age, just before she gave birth to the Marian people, and the evil that was lying in wait for the Lord's people.

John also saw that at the moment of her birth a great battle of angels broke out against the dragon, who embodied the evil of men ─ a battle that is currently taking place among you because the Marian people were born, have already appeared on the surface of the earth, and today receive their shield and sword of love to go into the great final battle.

37. This is what this revelation means, O beloved people! This is why the Father said to you on this day: those who know Mary, they do not know her in her truth. They see her only as a woman, they see you only as a human mother, and around you they have created cults, rites, feasts and raptures. Through this idolatrous devotion, they have forgotten the fulfillment of the laws of the Lord, the word of the Master and love for one another.

38. The Father does not want the world to know Mary in this way, nor do I want you to be loved in this way. Mary is not only a woman, I have already told you: Mary is the maternal essence that exists in the Divine and that is revealed in all that is created.

39. If you seek Her in the solitude of the night, in the silence that does not disturb anything, there in the cosmos, you will meet Her image, and if you seek Her in the fragrance of the flowers, you will meet Her as well, and if you seek Her in your Mother's heart, you will have Her If you desire to meet Her in the purity of the Virgin, there you will also meet Her, and as in Her in innumerable works, where the eternal feminine is reflected, which exists in God and exists in all his creation.

40. Once you physically set out on the ways of fulfilling the mission, of preaching teaching, you will clash with the hard hearts, with those who have created a closed door so as not to let the essence of Mary's love and her name penetrate. For many, this essence does not exist. What will you do then, O people? Will you use force to tear down that wall, that door, to let Marian teaching penetrate those people and nations? No. I have told you that you should only represent my work, only point out my teaching, but that you should speak with so much soul, with so much heart, with such truthfulness that many of those stubborn people will convert and say: "Truly, the essence of the Universal Mother is flooding the whole world, this teaching is clear and understandable. She is like a source of life that invites to drink, but does not force us to make use of it.

41. Verily, I tell you, if this were to happen, I would have brought all souls long ago with my power to bathe them in this water, to make them drink from it and bring them to the goal for which you are all destined But you are not only to reach me through me, but also through yourselves. That is why I have given you Spirit, will, intelligence, abilities and senses. That is why I have revealed my law to you and given you the necessary time and have set your soul on a path of development, progress and redemption of the same. I want your heart and your word to be like a spring, like an inexhaustible fountain among men, and I want your voice to humbly invite you to drink of my word which you are to spread.

42. If this water is crystal clear, if it is as unclouded as I have entrusted it to you ─ verily, I tell you, in it men will find their health and salvation They will then cry out at the top of their voices and confess that they have found my truth with you, and this is the responsibility of Israel in the Third Age ─ this is the burden that rests upon the spiritualist Trinitarian Marian people.

43. Your gentle and humble walk will shake religious communities, will shake foundations and principles. Your word, which will always be mine, will tear down false sanctuaries, and from them no stone will be left upon another. It will overthrow idols, all those idolatry created around the worship of God, as well as around Mary and her name, until the greatest exaggerations are reached. All this must disappear, burned by the fire of the Word of the HolySpirit, which I have placed and will continue to place in you.

44. After this My Word has ceased to be manifested through the voice-bearers, I will meet you as my disciples of the Second Age gathered together on the Passover Feast, and My HolySpirit will come in fullness, united with you from Spirit to Spirit, the forerunners of this Third Age, the forerunners of the perfect dialogue between the HolySpirit and the Spirit of men

45. What will the Father reveal to you at that time? That which I have not told you through the human mind organ. But know that you must have true consecration and spiritualization ─. Know that to obtain this preparation you must get rid of every trace of fanaticism and materialism.

How will you achieve this great armament? Through the study of today, through the unfolding afterwards, later through your true love. For my word is not finished. My word will not be finished in 1950. My rallies will continue. But no longer through vocal carriers, no longer in this kind of rallies, because your rapture will be more and more perfected after 1950. Your spiritual elevation will be greater, and my rallies will be by means of the Spirit alone.

46. Those who have been my voice-bearers have come a long way. Those who have often received my ray will continue to develop and pass on great inspirations or revelations. In those who have received my divine ray only a few times, and where my word has been rarer, my inspiration will then be great, very great. They should not hinder their unfolding, their progress on this path. For that which they have not attained in this time of rallies through the human mind, they can then receive from Spirit to Spirit, and then there will be joy and gratitude in their soul.

47. But I will not make myself known gloriously only through those who were consecrated voice bearers. My Divine Spirit will also gloriously shine over those who have received gifts. This grace will not be less with them, it will be the same for all. My spiritual world will likewise shine, its flowing ray, transformed into inspiration and into thought, will be on the disciple of the Lord, so that these light beings will continue to make themselves known to the beings of this planet, through the church leaders, the "foundation stones," the seers and the "gold feathers," through the marked and the unmarked; through those who have experienced the symbolic act of marking, and through all those who consider themselves too useless to form a part of my people. On the "first" and the "last" will be the tongues of fire which the HolySpirit will pour out, so that tomorrow, a very near "tomorrow", you will be able to make yourselves known to all your fellow men ─ at that dawn which is approaching you, and where you will be able to bring my word not only to those who speak your language, but also to those who speak languages which you do not yet know today.

48. How will you be able to communicate with them? By your good will, by your effort, by your zeal and your love. I will stand by you, says the Father to you. I will do miracles among you. I will see to it that among you, that out of your churches, the pioneers, the messengers, those who are prepared by my will, come forth who speak other languages, to bring the Good News, the third message of God, to other peoples, to other men, to other races. In this way, the Tower of Babel, which has been destroyed in the material world by human hands in the course of time, will also be gradually destroyed in the spiritual world, and above it will rise the Tower of the HolySpirit, the true church, the true place of worship and the sanctuary, in which all reach out to one another, in which all languages merge, in which all races and sexes merge in the love of the Father.

49. On this morning of grace, when you have received my word in a great number of assembly places, but which are one people, the Master asks you for intercession, mercy, prayer for the world. Remove from your heart any discord or bias and come closer spiritually to form a people strong in spirit, and this spiritual power shall stand by men. Why have you not yet been able to perform great miracles in your soul and with your thoughts? Why has the weapon of prayer, which I have revealed to you, not yet revealed itself with glory in these times?

50. By your lack of armament, people ─ by your lack of unity, you have allowed the bird of prey, the temptation that is always lurking, to penetrate into you to divide you and weaken you: a cunning move of temptation that has never allowed you to unite. Although my Word of Love has always been with you, your heart still leans towards the bad whispers, you still let yourselves be seduced by the pretense and falsehood of will-o'-the-wisps. But be vigilant, people, be vigilant, O spiritualist, Trinitarian Marian disciples, so that in these times of preparation for you ─ in these times of trial for humanity, which is currently drinking the Goblet of Sorrows once again ─ can give proofs of your power ─ cannot seize many weapons, but a single lightsaber and with it the cords of temptation, break the chains of bondage, tear down walls, open doors to free souls and let them rise to the light of the Third Age.

51. You can do this, people, by the power of thought, by prayer. But it must spring from true love, which I am inspiring you at present. Unite yourselves, recognize each other, forgive each other, love each other, then you will experience miracles all over the world and you will see how this humanity, which is running in frenzy towards the abyss, of which I speak to you, will very soon experience the crash, and also that "so far and no further" will be experienced, which will be the disgust, the weariness, the weariness of the soul in hatred, in materialism, in sensuality, and in pleasures, so that you will reach out your brotherly hand to her, touch her lovingly, and wake her up to tell her

52. "Behold, there are no more palaces of self-importance. The rulers have left their thrones, the greedy rich have disappeared, and the weapons of war no longer spew death from their mouths. The generals and soldiers are defeated. Lift up your face and see on the horizon the light of a new day, a new dawn that illuminates a new life.

53. I now receive your soul in its prayer. I want to find gratitude in her, and therefore I reveal myself once more in the world to pour out my Spirit in various forms on mankind. I could do it without your mediation, but through them I will show my mercy.

54. So I leave you on this morning of grace: lifted up in love and mercy to your fellow men ─ spiritually lifted up so that you may feel in your being the blessing of your Father.

My peace be with you! 

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