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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 243:

1. My fire of love comes down to you to give warmth to your heart and light a burning flame in your soul. Because the light, which inwardly illuminates you, was about to go out with the one, while it has already gone out with the others, and they only show me ignorant uncertainty. But my light shines in this moment in all.

2. why retreat or stay on the path that has begun? Forward, disciples!

3. Mankind already awaits my messengers, the bringer of the Good News. These messengers are you, the witnesses of my presence and my word in the Third Age. Will people be able to reach Me through different religions? I only tell you that there is only one way for the upward development of mankind, and this is the one that I showed you in the First Era in my law - a way that was sealed with my blood in the Second Era, and which is illuminated in this time by my HolySpirit.

4. My whole law is summarized in two commandments: love of God and love of neighbor. This is the way.

5. Religions are small byways that lead souls to the true path, on which they can ascend step by step until they come to me. As long as people on earth profess different religions, they are divided. But once they are on the way of love and truth, they will be united, they will become one with that one light; for there is only one truth.

6. But the wayfarers, the pilgrims on earth, have stopped and are asleep. Love and truth have departed from the hearts; that is why I have spoken to you and prepared messengers who with love and mercy awaken and raise up those who are lost or tired before the forces of nature are unleashed and devote themselves with their imperious calls to the task of stirring up souls, feelings and intelligences.

7. Their enemies will rise against the spiritual teaching, who will seize their best weapons, use all their power, seek testimonies against this revelation. But verily, I tell you, there will be no human power that can extinguish the light that has risen in this time, just as men could not silence the voice of Christ then, not even by the execution on Golgotha, because the blood shed there by them continued to speak for eternity.

8. Fear not to be called deceivers or sorcerers. All these abuses were also hurled at your Master, and were also the names that the unbelievers and depraved people gave to my prophets and my apostles. But when the truth of the Lord and His own triumphed, those who blasphemed most were the most repentant and fervent afterwards, like Paul.

9. In my apostolic group of the Third Age there is also that woman who accompanied the Master on the way of suffering up to the feet of the wooden cross, ignored insults and endured mockery. Now in the Third Age she has been a faithful "worker", a strong soul and a soldier in battle. That is why I have given her a place at my table during this time. For the apostle rank is grounded in the soul, without distinction of sex.

10. Work together and walk in the way of truth until you come to the Promised Land.

11. Now is the time in which Israel shall work with humility, without making known its works of love. The left hand shall not know what the right hand does. There shall be no boasting of being a disciple of the Lord, neither shall flattery be sought. If this is done, the spiritual armies will unite into real armies, to form a single will, a single front, whose struggle will be to combat ignorance, sin, and religious fanaticism.

12. This people, this army of men and spirit beings, will be the guardian of this work in the times to come, so that teaching and the law may not be distorted, so that man may cease to fight the truth.

13. Under the shadow of my teaching shall no thrones be established, from which glorified men can dominate the souls of their fellow men. No one will be crowned nor covered with a purple robe in an effort to take the place of the Lord, nor will confessors appear who judge, forgive, condemn, or pass judgment on the deeds of men. I alone am able to judge a soul from a just and perfect judgment seat.

14. I can send men to rectify, teach, and guide, but I will send no one to judge and punish. I have sent men who have been shepherds of men, but not masters or fathers. The only father according to the Spirit is I.

15. Spiritualization will penetrate into your soul and will be passed on to the generations to come, who will find in their bodies an instrument willing to the commandments of conscience and a great clarity to receive the divine inspirations. From those generations will spring great teachers of spiritual teaching and also great scientists with bright minds and high intelligence. There will be patriarchs who are exemplary in morality and virtue, there will be prophets and apostles of truth.

16. When I tell you to prepare yourselves, this is also so that you may leave your children as a testimony of your example of obedience, of spiritualization and brotherhood, of your works of love towards your fellow men.

17. Then your name will be blessed and remembered by the generations to come, who will love you because of the trace of your struggle, your good deeds and your examples to be imitated. How could you not be recognized by your children when you are the ones who cleanse the way of thistles and thorns so that they do not hurt themselves? Do not therefore walk indifferently over the obstacles of the path without removing the mantraps. For those who come after you would reproach you every time they encounter the obstacle or the thorns, and some would curse you.

18. You will have to perfect your actions in my teaching, so that those who come after you may see that you were able to fulfill and carry out what would seem impossible to many. You will have to prove that spiritualism is not a fantasy, nor is it an overly advanced teaching, but that it was revealed among mankind at the right time, when souls, by virtue of their development, were able to comprehend and practice it.

19. Now is the time when the Spirit of Elijah will shine throughout the universe, illuminating all worlds, all paths and all souls, waking up those who sleep, raising the dead, and discovering among the vast crowds of people those who belong to the 144,000 marked or "sealed" who have had a mission from the Lord for mankind since the beginning of time.

20. So now I have formed the new families of this people from souls who in another time belonged to the twelve tribes of Israel, at whose tables those who belonged to the tribe of Reuben sit, together with those of Levi or Zebulun, to wipe out boundaries, divisions and divisions. Therein lies divine justice.

21. Make no effort to increase the reputation of a place of assembly, even yours. Work that my name and teaching may be recognized and honored by your fellow men. When I will speak to you for the last time in 1950, this shall not be to receive the people divided into groups or places of assembly. I will receive the totality of my "workers" without regard to which assembly place better carried out my teachings and which was the one that did not know how to bow to my will.

22. I will not count the increased or small number of "workers" that each place of assembly comprises. I will receive from every heart its tribute, and out of all I will make one heart, in which I will set up my sanctuary.

23. Elijah has been on your way, and his power has made you victorious in the fight against the unbelievers, the fanatics, and the materialists.

24. He united the people in the first time when they were divided by division. And in the present time he has united you again spiritually with his light of love.

25. Remember that in those days the people were divided into two kingdoms, with ten tribes belonging to one part and two to another. The greater part had fallen into idolatry and had become worshipers of Baal. Then Elijah appeared among them to reveal my glory, my existence and my power before the Gentiles, and he said to them as follows: "I, Elijah, come in the name of Jehovah your God, whom you rejected and fought against, and in whose sight you set up false gods and idols. I come to tell you that you are to test the power of them, and that I, in turn, will invoke the presence of Jehovah my Lord, and that he who is heard possesses the true God.

26. The worshipers of Baal consented, erecting an altar of burnt offerings, and calling upon their God, they asked him to send fire down to them to prove his existence and power. For days and nights the priests and crowds of people invoked their false god with dances and celebrations, while the age of burnt offering remained unchanged.

Then Elijah erected his wooden pile on an altar made of twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of God's people, called to Jehovah and told Him, "Lord, I, your servant, ask You to reveal yourself before these who rejected You, so that they may worship and glorify You anew. Then the Father revealed himself in the midst of a storm from which a flash of lightning flashed, which came down on the Prophet's burnt offering and set it alight.

Then the idolaters, the blinded and faithless understood that Elijah was the emissary of the true God, the prophet of fire in which all evil is destroyed, with whose light darkness is illuminated.

27. He it is who prepared the way so that I would come to you - he who at that time united souls who belonged to the twelve tribes, who are today like rocks, to bring down on the new burnt offering the Universal Ray of My Divinity, because you were divided and divided again But this light returned to unite you for eternity.

28. Today I say to you, be welcome all, the "first" as well as the "last," the disciple as the child disciple, the fervent as the unbeliever.

029 I prepare you all, for the world will demand of you proofs of my new revelation.

30. There are many religious communities on this earth, but none of them will unite people or cause them to love one another It will be my spiritual teaching that does this work. In vain will the world oppose the advance of this light. When the persecution of my disciples is most severe, the forces of nature will be unleashed; but they will be appeased by the prayer of these my workers, so that the world will experience a proof of the authority I have given them.

31. Do not sleep, lest you be dismayed by the pain and chaos of the world after I have exalted you above all this

32. Do not waste this time trusting that another, better one will come For the moment that is fixed will come to return to the "spiritual valley. Even if you then ask for the extension of your life to complete your mission, you will meet the Father's justice, which will tell you that this opportunity is over.

3. Realize that your mission is to receive the weary wayfarer and the sinner weakened by vice into your midst, for by your example, counsel, and teaching they will find their renewal.

34. I do not come to you as a judge, for I see you coming to Me in your desire for consolation to ease earthly sufferings. But I teach you so that you do to your fellow men what I have done to you. Remember: When I entrusted this spiritual inheritance to you, I told you: Give to your neighbor, to the needy. For if for their sake you should neglect your loved ones, I will provide for them.

35. This teaching shall not be defended with murderous weapons. The only weapons I have entrusted to you to fight for them are the words full of light and the works of love. Whoever uses them correctly will see how the bad intentions and the suffered attacks before them will be destroyed.

36. If you seek to exhort a sinner to do good, do not do it by threatening him with my judgment, with the forces of nature, or with pain if he does not renew himself, for you would make him averse to my teaching. Show the true God, who is all love, mercy and forgiveness.

37. But you are not the only ones over whom the light of the HolySpirit has flooded in this third time. This light is within and over every human creature, in every soul. Just as this time has proved to be a precious opportunity for you to develop yourselves upward, so has it proved to be an opportunity for the clergy, priests, and pastors of all religious communities to correct mistakes and fulfill the will of the Father.

38. Strive to be pleasing to Me. For this you must please your fellow men. They will hear the Good News attentively when you bear witness to my truth with true works of love.

39. After 1950 you will no longer hear my word in this form. But I have already taught you how you can obtain the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit. Make yourselves worthy of it by the exaltation and good exercise of my teachings. You will not remain without my inspirations and my new revelations.

40. The places where you come together shall not be adorned with ornaments, because you seek to please my Divine Spirit with these decorations. My presence will be better felt in simplicity and simplicity.

41. I will prepare strong men who will understand and interpret my teaching in a pure way, so that they may be an incentive for the multitudes and the children may see in them a good example. For this people shall be a seed of brotherhood, unity and concord.

42. It was my will that at the end of this time in which I make myself known, you should form a family in which people love one another - that the pain of one may be felt by the others, as it is with real brothers and sisters. Understand that you have come from one and the same Father. Once you reach this ideal, your strength will be insurmountable.

43. Do not judge the value of your own gifts, nor compare them with those of your brothers and sisters Do not say that some have been given more than others. For since everyone has been given his gifts and his task, every creature reaps little by little the fruits of his love and steadfastness, as well as those of his transgressions and aberrations. In the various tasks you carry out within my work there is justice, reparation and also reward. But no one knows whether he has done it by merit or by a debt to his Lord.

44. My teaching will be unforgettable for your soul, both on earth and in the "spiritual valley. Now it will never again be rebellious on its path of development, and since it is in connection with its Father, it will always be able to hear his voice. For I am the light of the world; whoever comes to me will not perish.

45. I brought about the union of the human flesh with the soul. Thus I created the first man, to whom I revealed my law from the beginning through various revelations, to let him recognize the love he is to have for his Lord and his neighbor.

46. My teachings have brought about that mankind recognizes itself as the daughter of the Father. This is the reason why I tell you that the wars among men have no right to feel and understand. But not all think with the Spirit, and still less do they appreciate. For the Creator has enabled all to think, their own souls, because they are carried away by their earthly passions. Man should always be aware that he is part of myself, that he is created "in my image and likeness.

47. Soon he will know that he has come to this planet more than once, but not to go astray or perish on it. Then he will understand that this body, which he possesses and loves so much, is only an instrument of the soul, with which it is united as long as it lives in this world.

48. You have been witnesses of this my coming, have received my revelations and teachings, and have witnessed my rallies.

49. For many today these teachings are incomprehensible, and yet, when the time comes, they will understand them through your word and your works. My word will enlighten human thinking, its light will reach all souls to lead them on the way of truth, to dissuade them from fanaticism, to awaken them and make them hear the voice of their Spirit.

50. In the course of time I have used various forms to come to you, until I finally made myself human in Jesus. The way in which I am with you today is the highest and at the same time the most profound, because you feel, touch and hear Me through your spiritual upliftment and inspiration.

51. To make myself known through the human mind, I limit myself according to the receptivity of him through whom I speak and of those who listen to me. Some who hear Me cannot understand Me, while others understand Me without hearing Me. You who have heard Me today are the ones called in this Third Time to take a step towards spiritualization.

Also in the earlier times the people rose up at the call of the prophets to give up their idolatry. Until today you have been the people who preserve the traditions. But in the core of your being you have awaited my return to give up useless traditions and pointless rites for the sake of spiritualization, which is the inner cult of humility, mercy and love.

52. I give you this message which you must pass on across the seas. My word shall cross the Old Continent and reach even the people of Israel who have thrown themselves into a fratricidal struggle for a piece of land without realizing the misery of their souls. You cannot imagine the trial that the world will go through. Everyone expects peace, but this will only come into effect after the forces of nature have borne witness to me.

53. Men no longer feel fear of my righteousness. The war has been cruel, but mankind is not renewed. It is not that I punish human sins with war. If my righteousness allows it, it is because man must be purified.

54. Many are those who call themselves "children of God," but very few of those who recognize Him in truth, for you must seek my divinity with the Spirit. But already there is among you the time of awakening, of revival, of resurrection. After the sowing will come the harvest, but this will not only be the product of human development, but also the work of my heavenly power. You must prepare yourselves and contribute so that the new generations can blossom and bear good fruit. Be careful that your faith does not diminish, because after 1950 you will have to witness the truth of my teaching and proclaim it as prophets.

55. My disciple John saw the events that were to come. By divine command, he saw what was to come and announced it for the salvation of mankind. He saw that those who were marked were saved. You belong to the marked and will not perish, nor will those who flee to you as last refuge.

56. Let your lips be heralds, which make my word known to mankind.

57. People of Israel, I have prepared thee to caress the sick, and to "anoint" them, and to multiply the bread of them that are in want, and to bring peace unto thy fellows.

58. I come in this day to test your seed of what you have reaped, and to ask you how you have brought up your children, and whether you have prepared the way for the generations to come.

59. Every moment you seek my trace and tell me, "How should I act in this or that critical moment? I tell you then: My word teaches all this. Study it, and you will find in it the solution you seek.

60. The way you are going is stony. But every step, every work you do within my law brings you closer to the goal that every spiritualist has.

61. Your duty of reparation is great, and consequently so is your pain. But once you have paid your debts, and you have obtained your salvation, you will understand that the pain was not in vain, and that your fate is just.

62. Why have ye not served one another, as the servant does to his master? Understand that he who serves is not inferior; for his humility exalts him and gives him dignity. All the commissions I have given you you can fulfill. Your ability and strength is sufficient for this. I have told you that you should love one another and that you should do good without any selfishness, that you should not expect payment from your fellow men, since a coin is not the price of your love or your sacrifice for others.

63. Forgive one another, and you will find relief for yourselves and for him who has wronged you. Bear not the burden of hatred or resentment in your soul; be pure in heart, and you have discovered the mystery of peace and will live as apostles of my truth.

64. On this day you remember the people who belonged to you on earth: your parents, children, or brothers and sisters. But some accuse me in their deep distraction because I have called them back to the "spiritual valley. But I tell them: The bonds of love that unite you are not torn apart. You all live within this universe and will go from one level to another until you reach the final goal, and there you will all find yourselves again. Those beings for whom you ask Me are not dead, they are alive, and there is a greater clarity in their soul than in you. They are enlightened, and far from having lost them, they are for you staff and comfort in the sufferings, intercessors and protectors. Unite yourselves with them, for they are united with Me through Love and Spirit. They do not suffer and are content because they develop and perfect themselves to come to Me.

65. Mary, your Advocate, sends down to the world her motherly love, her strength of soul and her peace.

My peace be with you!

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