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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 264:

1. Beloved people, in you I discover the fighting spirit that wants to keep to my law, that tries to be inspired by my words and to leave a trail of light on the way of mankind

2. For this people to multiply, as Israel multiplied in Egypt, and for other communities to join them, you must give proof of true obedience to my law. I encourage you to continue in the spiritual day's work which I have entrusted to you as a task, telling you that he who has let my word enter his heart, fathom it and understand it, hardly fails.

3. I do not demand all your time for the accomplishment of this mission; it is enough for me if you dedicate a few minutes of the day to the study of my word, if you do a good work, or if you take a step forward in any way on the spiritual path.

4. You are like a mirror that wants to reflect my mercy and my love, but which is cloudy and does not allow the light and the truth to reflect Purify it, and you will see my Spirit reflected in yours.

5. When you say to Me from the bottom of your heart, "Master, I am your servant, I am ready to obey your will," this will be the moment when I really begin to manifest myself in you.

6. In spite of your good will, your heart today is still asleep to my love, and you still have to understand that your mission must be inspired by my love The disciple who is moved by this power will be an apostle in his life, will be capable of great works, because he will fear nothing, nothing will make him weak.

7. When you speak of peace, have peace in your heart. When you speak of Me and My works, get to know Me first, so that you never deface the truth. Do not consider yourselves their only owners, for you would sin out of ignorance and fanaticism. I want that you, when you preach with teachings that contain truth, at the same time understand how to discover the truth in your fellow men. Some will have much light, others only a spark. But in all of them you will discover my presence, because they are all my children.

8. Thank your Father and rejoice because you have experienced the time of restoration. Be refreshed tomorrow when, already in the spiritual world, you contemplate the fruit of your works on earth. Yes, disciples, this valley of tears and atonement will be transformed into a land of peace and spiritual progress.

9. To this day mankind has not yet built the true temple to love its Lord. It has introduced many forms of worship, many rites, and founded many religious communities. But that temple of the Spirit, the foundations of which are immovable, has not yet been built.

10. your differences of faith will vanish, and you will see your wars disappear.

11. Only in my truth will you be able to discover your heritage. But when you are far from it, you will have to forget yourself until you have become brothers and sisters.

12. You, my spiritualist people, will have the task of being fraternal to all, to teach my highest commandment of love by example.

13. You do not yet know how you will work, nor do you know how far the power of your Spirit will reach. But I know it very well and say to you: Be carefree, trust in me; my light will show you the breach, and my voice will indicate to you the time to start the work of the day.

14. Your soul has already heard me and has awakened, therefore I will now no longer let you fall asleep It longs to rise up through pure feelings because it suspects my love in its destiny. Let it fulfil its assignment, give it freedom for its mission and do not overhear its voice when it makes you feel that that hour belongs to it for some high work.

15. Those who are already dedicated to the study of my revelations - those who take the time to reflect on my word will be those who walk the path more easily and find the cross more easily. The Word will come like a river from their lips, and the healing balm will work miracles in their spiritual hands.

16. Blessed are those who hear me and make use of my teaching, for they will have much satisfaction, joy and triumph in their souls.

17. The good disciples will have to be humble, and their works of love will be those who say who they are. Not like some of my "child disciples" who, without having any idea of what a commission within my work means, boast that they are among my chosen ones and want the world to see the sign of my seal on their foreheads.

18. This humanity - intuitive and awake - will very soon discover those who truly preach and those who only pretend.

19. Since I have spoken to you all, it is the proof that I want you all to possess the Light

20. Your responsibility is not limited to showing the right way to him who never walked on it. Know that the "workers" who stray from the path will have to cross your path. You will have to counsel them to make them return to the "hurdle".

21. Guard all over what I have entrusted to you. Walk with humility and wisdom, and you will prevail. If you empty the cup of suffering, do so with patience, it will soon pass.

22. When you suspect or know that judgment is with you, and that the hour of great trials has come, lift up your soul, strengthen your faith, and encourage your heart.

23. If ye have felt as banished so far, if ye feel yourselves far from the fatherland or from the father's house, be not troubled. Your merits will bring you to the fatherland for which your soul has longed, and on the other hand, your works will have caused the time of peace on earth to draw nearer, if you love your Heavenly Father by loving and forgiving your fellow men.

24. You cannot imagine the bliss of the soul that has progressed in this life of trials and comes into the presence of its Lord. In the sublime spiritual language she says to her Father: "I have triumphed, Lord, I have triumphed by the light which You have given to my soul, by the love which You have revealed to me. Very great were my trials, very strong were the storms that whipped me. but with Your power I triumphed in all this, and here I am now with You".

25. This flame of love ignited the trials, because otherwise the life of the soul would lack lessons, all its abilities would continue to slumber within it.

26. I see sadness in many of my disciples because you suspect that my call will not be long in coming, and that your soul, when it leaves this earth, has not had the good fortune to see it in peace. But I also tell you this: Do not worry, because your soul will then rejoice from the spiritual realm from which it came here, when it sees the times of peace coming to this world.

27. The time is already approaching in which my word of life blossoms in the hearts of men, in which you will see my word fulfilled day by day, and when you then no longer belong to this world, you will see everything from the spiritual world and testify to it with complete clarity and in full understanding.

28. Quench your thirst for knowledge, and you will be amazed at every step in the course of your life, and when your cross should be heavy, you will learn to make existence entertaining and easy.

29. As disciples full of virtue, lift yourselves up so that my teaching may come down to your Spirit. Then you will find in it all the strength you need to triumph in temptations and trials.

30. Already I have gathered into my barn the first harvests of your commission as sowers on my farmland, and with my word I have encouraged you that you may continue to spread the seed. Do not despair if some hearts do not immediately respond to your message. Know that just as there are souls that are awakening, there are also those that will be delayed.

31. I already see the great multitudes of men coming to the fountain of grace, which is my teaching, to wash away their stains, to take off their unclean garments, and to clothe themselves with my light.

32. Who among those who have heard my word at this time does not know that at the end of the year 1950 I will put an end to this form of rallies? No one. In the communities, large and small, in the assembly places of the cities and in those of the villages, through all the voters, I have expressed my will to end this stage of rallies through the human mind on that date.

33. A new day will be the time for the spiritualist people when they will no longer hear Me in this form, but will receive Me and feel Me in the most sublime of their soul.

34. When you then no longer hear Me through the voice bearer, you will reflect deeply on my teaching and learn to understand many of the lessons that you cannot now explain to yourselves. Therefore, when you are questioned by those who have not heard me - when they ask you the reason for my coming and my rallies, you will be able to tell them in clear words that my coming again had the same reason as the one who let me come into the world as man at that time: to put you on the path of truth, of the law, from which you had strayed because you tried to replace the true fulfillment of the law by traditions, rites and idolatrous cults, and this is not the true path, although sometimes it has the good intention to worship the Father and to be pleasing to Him.

35. Just as misinterpretations were once given to the divine instructions, so my teaching was falsified at this time; and so it became necessary for the Master to come again to help you to free yourselves from your errors, for very few are able to free themselves from their aberrations of their own accord.

36. did so because I knew that a time would come when mankind would be very far from them in the conviction to walk in the way of my teachings; and this is the time for which I announced my return.

37. I have fulfilled my word to you: I have come in Spirit, as I promised you then, when my form was last seen by my apostles. I have made myself known through these voice-bearers only because you would not have been able to feel my presence in the Spirit, nor would you have received my inspiration.

38. My rallies within the grasp of your spirit and even of your senses became necessary, which would serve as a preliminary to the rallies from Spirit to Spirit. Therefore I have made myself known temporarily through those voice-bearers through whom I have indicated the day of my last rallies.

39. This was the interim form chosen by me to speak to you before the time of the spiritual dialogue between the children and the Father would have come - interim, because I came neither as man, visible and touchable as in those days, nor completely spiritual, but mediated through organs of the mind enlightened by me.

40. This kind of rallies has served to instill confidence in my presence in you. I granted something similar to my apostles in the Second Age, when after my sacrificial death I manifested myself to them in a form, a body, which was neither divine nor completely human, but nevertheless visible and touchable and therefore capable of instilling confidence even in the most unbelieving.

41. How you would have liked to have my presence in this time, as those wanderers from Emmaus had, and how you would have liked to hear the word that the apostles heard in this way! But it was a different time, and therefore different lessons.

42. Believe Me that this form in which you now hear Me is more advanced than that because it takes place in your being, the organ of the mind, the Spirit, the soul, while those who saw and heard My disciples were outside of them, revealing themselves only to their senses

43. Today you do not need to open your eyes to see in Me a human form, nor receive bread from My hand to believe in My presence, nor put your fingers in My wounds to believe that I am.

44. You ask how then they saw my human form, and one of my disciples could even touch me, although I no longer belonged to the human world? - You still have to learn much from me to recognize the truth of all that I have shown you. But all secrets will dissolve in due time. For the time being you need only to know that there are many others between the divine nature and the nature of man, whom the Lord uses for his high purposes.

45. Christ was long ahead of his time in his revelations and teachings, so that when the times would come in which man would awaken to the spiritual and take an interest in all that pertains to that higher life, he might, at every step, discover in Jesus the Master who revealed, told, and bequeathed all things to his children.

46. Pray and meditate on my word, for the days of work and struggle are coming for this people who had this rallies of their Master, whose testimony they must spread throughout the world

47. People of Israel, beloved disciples: you have prepared yourselves as watchmen of mankind. You guard the gates of the blessed city of the new Jerusalem - the twelve spiritual gates through which the foreigner will enter in his desire for light.

48. Blessed are the twelve tribes! How many blessings have you received, how many privileges! I have come down to you at all times to speak to you from Spirit to Spirit. I have asked you about your aspirations, and you have answered Me: "Our desire is that mankind be saved. You think that you are already saved, that you will be able to defeat the vicissitudes of life, and you see in your surroundings an impoverished, ignorant and materialized humanity that does not aspire to evolve higher, and you suffer for its sake. You pray and ask me that you obtain the spiritual gifts to be saved. But I tell you: I will save all souls. The Good News will reach them. Only a small number have heard my word through the human mind. Not all will know this phase of my work, but I am currently seeking spiritual dialogue in every man. My word is pouring out in many forms: through conscience, through trials that bear witness to Me, through the forces of nature, or through my spiritual children. My word is universal. Everyone who prepares himself will hear my voice.

49. My teaching teaches you perfect love, selfless love. I have shown you my love as father, as friend and as brother. I want you to love one another in such a way that you feel true love of neighbor for your fellow men, that you lift up him who falls, that you always forgive. My life, which was so close to you in the second time, is a teaching example, so that everyone can take it as a model. That lesson that I gave you is meant for the people of all times.

50. Give back to your soul all the grace with which it was originally endowed, and which you have left in shreds over the course of time on your way. I want you to become the temple in which I can dwell forever.

51. O beloved Israel! Come to the help of men, prepare their path, strengthen their faith, fill their hearts with hope. How could you turn back the way of this world full of confusion when it sees its own faults and imperfections with you? You, little child, speak to yourself inwardly, test yourself, rule with love the body shell that I have given you, direct its steps and form from soul and matter a single body and a single will. Submit yourselves to the law. Make use of the freedom of will to love boundlessly, and create a useful and harmonious existence. Obey the laws of the Spirit and those of the natural world, for I have decreed both and they are perfect.

52. I, the Father, have always looked upon you with benevolence and have prepared and provided everything so that you may obtain all spiritual gifts. I have offered your soul the bread of the angels and your body the fruits of the nature created by Me. You have had opportunity to come to earth to complete the work you have begun to perfect your soul. In all this, do you not recognize my love? Have you not penetrated into yourselves to see that you are like Me? I have given you everything because I love you and want you to be with Me in perfection.

53. Reject sin from you, do not be tempted by false promises, even if you realize that earthly pleasures are pleasing to your heart Although my way is sown with thorns - choose this path, for it is this path that leads to peace. I have a balm for every wound, while the world has neither love nor mercy for you.

54. Mankind erects a cross for Me. Their lack of faith constantly hurts my Divine Spirit. But I will hide all my wounds under the cloak of forgiveness and suppress my lamentations so that you will not despair.

55. Watch at the feet of the cross of the Third Age. My cup is very bitter. You will ask Me for a drop of this cup to know its taste. But I tell you already today: if your life is already very sorrowful, if you live a life of atonement, rather sweeten your days, smile out of love, rejoice in the contemplation of my revelations which announce to you that after this time peace will come, that everything will be renewed, and grace and virtue will be the forces that will move man.

56. I prepare all nations, all homes and hearts to send them my message of peace and unity. After the last battle, which will bring mankind down, my kingdom will approach the soul of man, to dwell in it forever. I leave you as fighters of good against evil, so that you may destroy every element of war, every seed of vice or disease. Stand by the people in this time of crisis and unfold all your love to relieve their suffering.

57. In this time I have given my word through many voices. It has always been revealed with the same essence, its meaning is the same. I have used uneducated, simple men and women whom I have used as tools to transmit my animating, loving and wise Word. After my departure, when you have united my teachings and explored each of my inspirations, you will know the perfect and remove the imperfect. Do not ascribe to Me the part that is due to the voice bearer.

I will enlighten you so that you may unite in one book the three parts that I have given in the three times, which constitute one single work. Therefore I speak to you again and again of Moses, the messenger of the First Times. I let the memory of Jesus and his deeds come to life and unite with it my rallies of the Third Age as HolySpirit.

58. Whenever you are at peace and united, O disciples, I will give you my revelations. Your faces shall then reflect the soul with sincerity. I will leave you in possession of all your gifts, and from the beyond I will follow your steps, I will see your actions, for I will be very close to you in the temple and in the home of your heart.

59. I see you removing the children because you think that they do not understand my word. But you do not remember that I have told you that in these little bodies dwell great souls who know much of Me. Do not close your eyes to the light of this Work, although they long to witness the fulfillment of the prophecies. Your work will be confirmed by them.

This world will not stop in its development toward spiritualization. I call you at different ages of life, because the spirit soul has no age, no sex, its essence is eternal, is like me. Rejoice in the light of these souls and pray from their first steps for the fulfillment of their mission on earth.

60. Your prayer on this day is an imploring plea for peace for the world. I am transforming Myself into your messenger. For every good deed I will do good; for every forgiveness from you I will forgive a nation. Your seed will be multiplied by Me in eternity.

My peace be with you! 

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