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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 262:

1. My Spirit is pleased when He sees you united in the same desire to approach the Master. Here, at the rallies of my word, you forget misery, resentment, envy and suffering.

2. You do well to purify your heart, for my word shall come to him when you have prepared it as a sanctuary.

3. Humility and simplicity is what should exist in your spiritual devotion to God, lest that which is material and exposed distract you from the essential, which is love for your Father and mercy towards your neighbor When you are ready to have these moments of exaltation, then your thinking has adapted itself to the divine thought.

4. Form a united and brotherly people who love truth and good deeds, who rejoice in the arrival of new brothers and sisters, who welcome them with a smile on their lips, with true charity in their hearts and prayer in their spirits. You will give them what you have accumulated in the time in which you have heard Me. You will show them the true path which I have laid out for you, and you will rejoice at the thought that you take me as your model. It does not matter that your knowledge is not yet very profound. When your love of neighbor is great, you will perform true miracles.

5. This mission will never seem arduous if the one who carries it out illuminates his works through love. But to him who does it simply as a duty, it may appear as a heavy cross.

6. Do not be discouraged if you think that you are still too imperfect to carry out such a delicate mission. Good will overcomes everything.

7. I am now teaching you a certain way of preparing yourselves so that your daily works may all be inspired by noble sentiments, and so that the trials and difficulties may not hinder you nor make you retreat: When you open your eyes to the light of a new day, pray, approach Me through your thinking, then form your daily schedule inspired by My light, and now rise in the struggle for life. Be strong and do not for one moment violate obedience and faith.

8. Verily I say to you, soon your steadfastness and the result of your works will astonish you

9. Make sure that your actions contain truthfulness and purity, and do not fear being mocked by your fellow men. For in that moment of imprudence they will not know what they are doing.

10. I see that you fear the derogatory judgments and criticisms. I do not want you to be mocked. But if your conscience reproaches you nothing, I will forgive those who may have hurt you, and will cause the light of truth to shine in their minds.

11. Have a true knowledge of what mercy is, how to feel it, and how to bestow it, so that it may be pure and you may exercise it without display. Always "your left hand is not to know what the right hand does," that is, you are not to give with display, because you would destroy every work of mercy with it.

12. I wanted to form with each of these churches a true family, in which you all love one another, in which you help one another in your sufferings and in your needs, so that you may learn among yourselves to exercise mercy. When that feeling has unfolded and matured in your heart, you will be able to set out on the path of struggle to offer its good fruits to those in need of love and light, thousands of whom will cross your path.

13. The day will come when you will no longer be a part of these disciples who are gathering today to hear my teaching. But although you are scattered in different points of the earth, you will remain united in the Spirit in the struggle and in the execution of your mission. No one will be able to break this bond of spiritual fellowship.

14. Be blessed because you have been in harmony with your Father. Not one unclean thought has disturbed your mind in this hour of communion with your God. Everything has been harmony, and in you you have heard my word in the bosom of nature, far from any meeting place.

15. See the glory of what surrounds you: the high mountains, which are altars in constant homage to the Creator; the sun's star as an immeasurably great light which illuminates the life of men; the harmonious singing of the birds, which send their trills to the Father, which are like supplications, and in the midst of this glory your soul in rapture at the concert of the divine word

16. My Spirit of Consolation is with you, My Light is pouring out in rays and at the same time I receive from your hearts the offering you have brought for Me

17. Therefore, in this atmosphere of exaltation and spirituality, you will see the greatest miracles among you become reality Pray, pray for the sick, for the needy, for the absent, for the straying, for the lost, for then they will receive in abundance.

18. Beloved people who seek the best sacrifice to present themselves before me with it: You have cleansed yourself and washed away the transgressions which your conscience reveals to you, and having repented of your sins, you prepare the sanctuary to be in communion with Me.

19. Watch and pray, the Master teaches you, that you may be strong against temptation and sin no more. Pray for yourselves and for those who do not know how to pray. How much time will you need to pray daily? Long hours to lift up your soul to Me? No, people, five minutes will be enough. This short time of love, of surrender to Me, is the time you need to offer Me your surrender and your obedience to my plans for the day you are experiencing. I will comfort you in your needs, encourage you in your work and enlighten you for the prosperity of your plans.

20. Whenever you need a confidant, a kind friend, turn to Me and lay down with Me the sufferings that may be in your hearts and I will advise you the best way - the solution you seek. If your soul is depressed by the burdens, it is because you have sinned. I will receive you and be benevolent in my judgment, I will strengthen your resolve to mend your ways and give you back your lost strength.

21. Only the observance of my teachings will keep you in grace and maintain your mental and physical health. The experience you gain will be light which you gradually accumulate in your soul.

22. My judgment and my law are inexorable, and if you have to pay your debt in this time, do it in love, patiently. But when you are exhausted, I will help to carry your cross, so that you may gain new strength to continue fighting.

23. If you know that your destiny is written down, that the trials only grind down the heart and bend the flesh nature, why do you go on?

24. Your soul has been endowed with great power, and the trials I am sending you are no greater than the ability and energy you possess They are benefactions that help you to earn merits and save you.

25. My Father-Spirit suffers when He sees the pain of mankind. I have not punished them. My laws of love and justice, applied, bring only prosperity and peace.

26. Through man the forces of destruction have been unleashed. War has sown its seed in all hearts. How much pain has mankind experienced! How much abandonment, misery, orphanhood and grief it has left behind on its path! Do you think that the souls of those who have fallen in battle have perished, or that that part of life, the eternity that dwells in man, no longer exists?

27. No, people: the soul survives war and death. This part of my own Spirit has risen from the fields of pain and on my way seeks a new horizon to continue to live, to unfold and to develop.

28. And to those who remained on earth, and saw their homelands devastated, their fields laid waste, pestilence and hunger, the principles of morality and goodness trampled underfoot, I have preserved their courage to live, and have watched over them all.

29. In times to come I will make use of them to carry the light of My word to other peoples. I will entrust them with a great spiritual mission.

30. They have learned to pray as I have instructed you There is no pain, no misery in these souls, but soul greatness, because in the midst of their trials they loved Me, understood Me and were obedient to Me. They have purified themselves in pain.

31. People, unite your prayer with that of those souls. You have not been purified in pain; your melting pot has been the peace which I offered you in this time in my words of love. Once you have been prepared - some through pain and others through love - you will come together, unite and together, in following my teachings, explore my word. You will drink this cup of love and affirm that all you have received has been charitable. I will advance my work and show you the ultimate goal, the result of it. On the spiritual and moral ruins that mankind is offering, I will build a healed and strong world.

32. Your judgment is yet to come, people, and as the other nations have borne the burden of my judgment, so shall you receive it according to your works in the time indicated.

33. I welcome all, both he who comes eagerly to hear Me, and he who enters to explore, or he who with much smugness denies all that he has heard, and comes only out of curiosity.

34. Verily, I tell you, my radiation has always been and will always be - in one way in the past, today in another, tomorrow in another again, and so for eternity.

35. There is a bond between the Father and the children that can never be broken, and this bond is the cause of the dialogue between the Divine Spirit and that of you all.

36. Blessed is he who seeks the truth, for he is one who thirsts for love, light and goodness. Seek and you shall find, seek the truth, and it will come to meet you. Think further, also further consult the Book of Divine Wisdom, and it will answer you, for never has the Father remained silent or indifferent toward him who constantly questions him.

37. How many of those who seek the truth in books, among the scholars and in the various sciences, will they finally discover in themselves, since I have planted in the innermost part of every man a seed of Eternal Truth.

38. Here is my light, which shines in a human brain and becomes a word. Why do you consider this rallies impossible? Do you think that men can have more ability than God if they reach understanding among themselves at a distance by means of their science?

39. Verily I tell you, if you do not know the abilities with which the soul of man is enabled, you will know me even less.

40. I make myself known through the human organ of the intellect, because the brain is the "apparatus" perfectly created by the Creator, so that in it the intelligence is revealed, which is the light of the soul.

41. This "apparatus" is a model that you can never imitate with all your science. You will use its form and construction as an example for your creations; but you will never attain the perfection which the works of your Father have. Then why do you doubt that I can use what I have created?

42. I tell you again that you do not know each other. For if you knew each other spiritually, not only would you affirm this divine rallies through your minds, but you would understand that still greater surprises await you. If you knew each other, you would not complain of not being understood by your fellow men, since you do not even know yourselves. Get to know yourself, so that you are not an eternal question for yourself - so that you do not seek the answer everywhere, which you carry within you.

43. The purpose of all my teaching is to make you aware of all that your being contains, because from this knowledge the light is born to find the way that leads to the Eternal, to the Perfect, to God.

44. My teaching aims at creating in you a being that is higher than all that exists in the world - a being that is generosity, light and spiritual beauty, virtue, wisdom and power. How great then will be your bliss and your inner peace! Your Spirit will tell you: "This is the true essence of your being.

How different will be the behavior of those who have expelled from their hearts every good seed and dedicated their being to a selfish life, a materialistic and vicious life. Once they have come to look into their inner being, once they have had a moment of dialogue with their conscience, they have seen themselves in that mirror that never becomes cloudy, that never lies, and they have been horrified by the monster that they carry within them and that they cannot recognize as their own work.

45. O unbelievers! Come and listen to me often; my word will overcome your doubt. If you have the impression that the expression of my word is not the same as I once had, I tell you that you should not keep to the form, to the outward appearance, but seek the meaning, which is the same. The essence, the meaning, is always only one, because the Divine is eternal and unchanging; but the form in which revelation reaches you, or through which I let you know another part of the truth, always shows itself in accordance with the receptivity or development you have attained.

46. Much of my teaching has been for the purpose of your discovery of yourselves, for you to know each other, so that you may no longer fall by the wayside and no longer cry out for mercy when you feel lost or miserable.

47. Why shed tears when you have so many riches and hidden treasures in your being? One of the goals of your life, which you had long forgotten, is this: You must get to know each other to discover all that the soul holds within.

48. Ask, research, fathom, and the more you penetrate into your being, the greater treasures and surprises you will discover

49. You crowds of people, come with me, I will save you. When your world wearies you, when your fellow men misunderstand you, when your relatives do not understand you, come to me and I will receive you. I will prove to you that I know everything that happened to you.

50. Come here so that I raise you to true life and remind you that you were created to give But until you know what you carry within you, it will be impossible for you to give to him who needs it.

51. See how everything that surrounds you fulfills the mission to give. The elements, the stars, the beings, the plants, the flowers and the birds-everything, from the greatest to the no longer perceptible, has the capacity and the destiny to give. Why do you make an exception when you are most endowed with the divine grace to love?

52. How much more must you increase in wisdom, in love, in virtue, and in skill, that you may be light in the way of your younger brothers and sisters! What a high and beautiful destiny has your Father intended for you!

53. Feel my peace and carry it in the deepest part of your heart. Do not allow anyone to rob you of my peace. It is a treasure - the greatest that man can possess.

54. Neither power nor science was able to give you peace. Nevertheless, I tell you not to despair if you do not find it. For it will not be long before you understand that peace is really in men of good will, to love, to serve, and to obey the laws dictated by God.

55. Hear my teaching, which teaches you the most practical, plain, and simple way to fulfill the law. Understand that your God, His works and life are simple and plain, that it is your ignorance and immaturity that makes what is simple seem complicated to you, and what is obvious seem mysterious.

56. God is not complicated, mysterious, nor without order in his creation, because that which is perfect is simple. The creatures on their various levels, on the other hand, are the more complicated the more imperfect they are.

57. Try to get to know Me, to penetrate into the meaning of the spiritual, until you can have a truthful conception of your Father. Even if your knowledge of me is slight, it is to be true.

58. When you have a real idea of my existence, of my essence, of my power and my justice, you will, when the time has come, be able to bring your fellow men a truthful idea of what your Father is.

59. You will then experience how that God whom men have imagined to be distant, inaccessible, mysterious, and incomprehensible will disappear, so that in his place the true God will appear, whose heart is eternally open to his children, present in every place and at every moment.

60. Once you really know me - because your conception of me is still more human than spiritual, and your faith is small - you will love me more deeply than today. When you once love me in a more perfect way, you will be tireless to carry the light everywhere where you encounter darkness. Your compassion for all those who do not know the true Father will be sincere - for those who, thinking they love Me and know Me, do not really know Me in truth, nor love Me in sincerity.

61.) In the Second Time I enjoyed wandering through the fields where the farmhands, when they saw Me passing by, would come to my reception and speak to Me with their heart. My Spirit rejoiced to see them pure and simple. I entered the homes, sometimes at the moment when the parents sat down to eat with their children. When they heard my call, they joyfully came to Me, inviting Me to eat with them, opening their heart to Me to ask Me for some gift of grace. I blessed them all, and when I reunited with my disciples, I told them These families are an image of the Kingdom of Heaven, and these homes are like sanctuaries.

62. Occasionally, once when I was alone, I was discovered by children who came to Me to put little flowers towards Me, to tell Me some little sorrow and to kiss Me

63. The mothers were anxious when they found their little ones in my arms, listening to my words The disciples, who thought that this meant a lack of respect for the Master, tried to drive them away from my presence. Then I had to tell them, "Let the children come to me; for to enter the kingdom of heaven you must have the purity, simplicity and simplicity of children.

64. I rejoiced in that innocence and impartiality, just as one is delighted at the sight of a flower bud just opening.

65. They too are souls in bloom, promises for the future, lives that are beginning to shine.

66. I love the souls because they are buds that must blossom for life, for the glory of the Father.

67. On one particular occasion I was invited to a wedding together with Mary, my earthly mother. I wanted to be with my children at that momentous moment in the lives of the two people who are united in love. I wanted to see the joy of those hearts and experience their feast with them, making you understand that I am not indifferent to any of your salvific joys, and that my presence cannot be absent at any of the important or significant moments of your lives. Mary, the loving Mother and your Advocate, also gave proof of what her task is towards this humanity when she asked Jesus, using His power, to increase the wine of the feast, which was scarce for a short time. I granted that miracle for the sake of that blessed intercession, for the sake of that woman's heart, whose faith in my power and inspiration to ask are a perfect example for you.

68. Let me mention, even if only briefly, those events. But do not say that it is absolutely necessary that I return to the world. For then I must tell you that all that I experienced and spoke is written down and is present in your Spirit. On the other hand, you should realize that this life, wonderful in all its stages of development, is a deep and infinite textbook that speaks eternally from Me to you.

69. Observe it, feel it, and you will discover in it the Master, the Father and the Judge, will hear the voice that speaks to you already here from another, higher, more luminous and perfect life.

70. Disciples: I have lifted you up from the dust of the earth, in which, defeated by pain, you are laid down, to a life of hopes and realizations. I have made my power palpable to you in your trials, teaching you not to doubt, not to despair, even in the greatest sufferings.

71. Today you know that all humanity is currently drinking the cup of suffering, that you are not the only ones who suffer, nor the only ones who shed tears, or who empty the cup of suffering with greater intensity. For this you thank Me and you direct your thoughts to your fellow men and forget yourselves a little.

72. You all carry a wound in your heart. Who, like Me, could penetrate into your inner being? I know your suffering, your grief and dejection in the face of so much injustice and ingratitude that prevails in your world. I know about the exhaustion of those who have lived and labored long on earth and whose existence is like a heavy burden for them. I know about the unfulfilledness of those who have been left alone in this life. To all of you I say, "Ask and it will be given to you," for I have come to give you that which you need from me, be it company, peace of mind, healing, tasks or light.

73. Be not ashamed to weep before me, men, for tears are not only for children and women. Bless those who weep before me, for my hand will dry their tears, and my word of comfort will descend into their heart. Whoever comes to me weakly will afterwards be strong toward his fellow men, because he understood how to become strong in the power of his father.

Know that I do not limit myself to feeling your tribulations, but that I want to remove them. But it is necessary that you not only know this, but that you have love and faith in my law, that you know how to ask and pray, and that you have patience in the trials.

My peace be with you! 

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