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Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Teaching 349

1. Beloved people: You have believed in my coming in this time, and even in the last days of my rallies you come hastily, without weariness, desiring my word. Many have been called, I have given the water of this spring to all, but few have heard and understood me. But I have made myself known and have radiated love throughout the world.

2. In the second time I told you: "Blessed are those who believed without seeing! And to you in this time I say likewise: "Be blessed because you have believed and have remained faithful to my work without seeing Me!

3. My coming should not surprise you, for it was announced. But you did not know the hour in which I would come.

After my departure in the Second Time, my words were written down by my disciples, and they took them to other, new disciples to be spread all over the world.

The promise of my return was a stimulus in the hard struggle, a beautiful hope and nourishment for their Spirit who thirsted for knowledge, for those who followed me directly. And from generation to generation my disciples hoped to see the reappearance of their Master. But behold, the generations followed one after another, one after another. A great number of beings came to incarnate on earth, and afterwards they returned to the hereafter without their eyes seeing this promise become reality. Centuries passed and even millennia. But when the hour was indicated and my presence opened a new age in Spirit, I realized that men had erased my word from their hearts and very few were awake awaiting my return.

4. I came to you in silence, without pomp. But the manner in which I made myself known surprised many, was for some a cause for doubt and for others even for mockery. Only those who were able to persevere with alert Spirit and alert mind felt me, as they could feel me in any form I would choose to manifest myself. But the promise was given to all, and its fulfillment is likewise destined for all.

5. This is my revelation of this time: Man has been my voice bearer at all times. I have chosen him because he is my child, my work ─ this is the reason. And although this child feels unworthy of me because he has not perfected himself, I see beyond these imperfections that particle of light which is part of my Spirit ─ the preferred creature, the intelligent being capable of transmitting my word.

6. You as humans ─ do you love only your good children? I have seen parents support their sick or lost children with more care to free them from their suffering. I have chosen this time to carry out this task with humble, simple men and women, sinners and uneducated. For with them I have found gratitude, and these have known how to purify and uplift themselves in order to carry out their task with dignity.

7. If I have not become man in this time to speak to you as I did through Jesus, the reason for this is this: could you, for instance, hear my spiritual voice, perceive and understand ─ today, since you have materialized so much that you are not able to hear and obey the voice of your Spirit, which is frightened and weakened in that world in which you live?

8. This is why I have chosen man and equipped him with spiritual abilities so that he could be my voice bearer And through these rallies I have found faith and have been understood by many. Others, however, have remained in their unbelief.

9. I have allowed the spiritual world to make itself known to man in the same way, and have united these beings in the Spirit and the others in the body.

10. It is necessary that you taste the "taste" of all the cups of suffering, that you may know pain and also peace, so that you may know everything and it may be a part of your existence. For I want you to be true disciples, that you teach more by works than by words. The example has more power than the word, and it is necessary that you let my work reach all your fellow men, and this is the best way to spread it.

11. Work patiently, remain steadfast to the end. Nothing shall stop you on your way, for great is the pain you are to relieve, and there is much darkness you must remove. Above all, you should trust in your Father and in yourselves and recognize the value of your gifts.

12. In the Second Age, when Jesus addressed His Word to the multitudes who followed Him, He spoke in one teaching to all and everyone, revealing the inner life of those creatures who approached Him. But despite the various requests, needs and intentions they brought to His attention, His wise, accurate and clear Word always comforted a pain, solved a problem or dispelled doubt. Although the unprepared heart of some could not receive that word and could not interpret its meaning, the spirit soul ─ accepted those teachings more accessible than the "flesh", more sensitive to divine emanations ─, and after thinking and passing a battle with her body, she finally believed. For only a superior master, the Father of infinite goodness, could recognize the drama that was taking place within men, and calm and comfort their souls.

13. Many people, when they saw the disciples living with the Master, hoped to receive from them the same works that Jesus had done, and often they were disappointed when they saw that they were only little children who were beginning to rise spiritually and were striving to understand the great lessons of their Lord. But Jesus had not yet said to the crowds: "Listen to these disciples! He did not introduce them as teachers during the time of his preaching. They were still stones that had just been cut to shine.

14. How often did the disciples try to drive away the small children who approached Jesus to hear His word ─ in the opinion that they were doing the right thing and thus keeping greater devotion, without understanding that they too had to take a place among the disciples. When this happened ─ how much pain they felt when the children left with their mothers!

15. The people who followed Jesus always judged his works and those of his disciples attentively. When one of them tried to defend his Master by drawing his sword, his actions were rebuked by the crowds. But Jesus continued to correct and train his faithful disciples until the day he told them: "I leave you in my place, that you may do to men what I have done to you.

16. All imperfections, errors, and ignorance had fallen off them like useless garments, to be clothed with the gifts and authority of him who sent them. Now they could represent their Master, and even if they were investigated by the people, they would find no reason for rebuke. How much they had to fight with themselves to reach the degree of exaltation necessary to preach the teaching of their Lord! But verily I tell you, their example is indelible. How much humility and how much love they spread in their way to bear witness to my work, and how fruitful and blessed was their example for this humanity. Even after many centuries, their names and the memory of them still live on in the hearts of men, and I bear witness to their great work in the Third Age, an age after, because they have been able to bear witness to my truth.

17. Today, being once again surrounded by disciples and little children, as I was in the Second Age, I prepare you in the same way and clothe you with grace and power You will be left like sheep among wolves like them. But do not despair, nor shall it seem impossible to you to accomplish a great work and leave an example to mankind.

18. You will imperceptibly begin to live a virtuous life, and your steps will bring you to ever greater understanding and development of your mission. You do not know the power that your example will have and the influence that you will exert when you dedicate yourselves to your mission.

19. I see how in the future of this humanity the works of this humble people, who are making their way through hardships and severe trials, are being written down with luminous letters.

20. how much darkness will your works of love and mercy remove, and how many altars of fanaticism will fall to the ground in the face of the power of your spiritualization! For you will carry my teaching of peace and love in your eyes, on your lips, in your heart, and in all the faculties of your Spirit.

21. Today, when my word will soon no longer be manifested in this form, I tell you The absence of these rallies should not make your hearts cold and be the reason for alienation from one another. You cannot yet fight alone in the fulfillment of your commission. Nor are you dependent on giving yourselves warmth, life and encouragement. I want to see you continue your meetings after my departure. For I will continue to guide your works and hire myself to pour out inspirations on these beloved gatherings. I want you, as you are doing now, to continue to turn with patience to my word, to my new revelations, because the Divine Light will continue to descend upon you all without limit.

22. In studying my teaching, avoid any controversy or passion, so that you may never cloud your judgment. The spiritualization, which is devotion and exaltation, should always govern your assemblies, and you should not think only of yourselves. Bring the sick, the weak, or those who are weary in life ─ those who are disappointed in the various cults that practice them ─ those who are hungry and thirsty for spiritual nourishment, the humiliated and defenceless because their concerns are not understood. Love all and bring them, and give them comfort there in your assemblies, heal their wounds, help them to pray, and come to Me all united in one prayer. Seek Me as Father and as physician, then this act will be enough for Me to pour out the healing balm and grant you miracles.

23. The more spiritual your assembly is, the greater miracles you will see come true. There will arise among you the good interpreters of my teaching, and when they speak to make known to you their interpretation, I will enlighten them and tell them what will inspire them in this moment. But let no one speak out of vanity, lest he deprive himself of his precious gifts.

24. As I have rewarded your armour in these times by granting you this rallies, so will I grant you graces in those times to come for the sake of your exaltation and your zeal in my work. If you act in this way, men and women will come to you who ─ when they learn of my return ─ will be interested in getting to know my message, and who will eagerly ask you about what I have taught you, and how I have spoken to mankind in the Third Age. But that book which the "gold feathers" are currently creating ─ that inspiration which the voice bearer translates into words so that they are collected and carefully guarded on the pages of the books, will be the holy legacy that I leave to everyone hungry for bread and to all those who desire food for their souls.

25. Do not put these pages in the corner of your forgetfulness, for they will be weapons in the days of battle when your lips will not yet be able to speak with the necessary eloquence. If your weak memory forgets my teachings, these printed words will speak with the same persuasiveness with which I have taught you. The light of this teaching will penetrate the heart of those to whom you bear witness, and they will be shaken and will believe in my rallies as the HolySpirit.

26. The time of battle will come for you and you will see the people feeling strong and brave, burning in their faith. To know whether that hour has come, you will not need to ask your fellow men, but you will feel the call that your Father addresses to you. The prophets will be awake because their responsibility will not end. Their spiritual eyes will penetrate with reverence and love into that world, from which they will clearly see the signs that will lead the people on the good way. And also in this world there will be events that will speak to you of that hour of fulfillment.

27. What else will you experience for those times, which you have not already understood through this simple and clear word that explains and illuminates everything? With the same clarity you too shall teach, so that you may be true teachers and advisers to men.

28. The provinces will regard you as their defenders, the prophets will find faith. Your beneficial, healing words will be desired by the sick, your counsel will be urgently sought, and your prayer and intercession will be likewise sought in the moments of trial.

29. What beautiful times these will be for your commission! What a great opportunity for your soul to blossom and develop your gifts! What happiness you will feel when you see many who had lived uselessly become strong in goodness and rise up by doing useful works, works of importance!

This is your mission: to redeem your neighbor and give him back the light he had lost, so that he may feel himself partakers of divine grace. All that he had robbed himself of, he will then possess again to be the owner of divine peace, divine wisdom and divine love.

30. Your preparation for this time shall not contain mysticism nor human theories. You shall not be servants of cults or formalities, but simple teachers entering into the time of activity.

31. Understand that humanity is now awakening to spiritual life, and soon you will experience great events that will reveal its progress. You will see nations that have long been enemies unite and recognize each other; many opposing races will merge. The teachings that are not rooted in spiritualization and which have dominated peoples will be eliminated by those very peoples whom they have previously proclaimed to be salvific, and new teachings will arise that are inclined toward the high. I will allow them to gain prominence because they will be movements that precede the purest spirituality. But when you see these movements appear on earth, you will know that the Spirit of men is ready to come to the end of another great period of time.

32. Many who are called wise men today will rack their brains and be disturbed in those days, while others, who have been persecuted and humiliated for their love of justice, will see their longings, their salutary ideals shine forth in those days of reconciliation and moral renewal.

33. The spiritual life will be fully revealed on this planet and will make its influence felt on all men, and those who have been materialists will close their lips, close their books, and open their spiritual eyes to see that life which they had denied, and will open the doors which they had closed to the great multitudes.

34. They shall see my light shining upon the whole earth, and every soul shall be enlightened. The treasury will be open, and everyone who wants to look into its interior will be able to do so, if he prepares himself with a little love.

35. When mankind then knows my teaching and grasps its meaning, it will put its trust in it and will be strengthened in the belief that it is the sure way, the guide for every man who wishes to live in justice, in love, and in reverence for his neighbor. When this teaching takes root in the hearts of men, it will enlighten family life, encouraging parents in virtue, marriages in fidelity, children in obedience, and teachers will fill them with wisdom. The rulers will make them generous and inspire the judges to exercise true justice. The scientists will feel enlightened, and this light will reveal to them great secrets for the good of mankind and for their spiritual development. In this way a new age of peace and progress will begin.

36. Spiritualism ─ as I have called this teaching ─ does not mean mysticism nor fanaticism. This teaching advises the simplification of the cult and the purest elevation of the soul. It leads you on this path and lets you step by step enter the path of truth.

37. How few have understood Me and have an inkling of the true essence of my teaching! I also see in my disciples the desire to remain in the traditions and customs of their ancestors ─ the fear of abandoning many habits and rites which are an obstacle to the progress of the people in their armament. But I will help those little ones, those weak souls, so that they may become strong and catch up with the first disciples, for you are all to unite in a single purpose.

38. The mission of this people is to work for the peace of this world by preaching and sowing my word in their way, so that this earth valley may be a reflection of the heavenly homeland and its inhabitants may be an image of the righteous who dwell in my kingdom.

39. To reach the goal in this world you must fight, suffer and shed tears, but you shall not lose heart in your struggle. You will be shaken by the imperfections and hardness of the human heart, but you shall not be judges of your fellow men. Remember that in the Second Time there was no condemnation of any of your fellow men among my disciples. I alone corrected and judged the deeds of those who followed Me, and if anyone was indignant at what another had done, approached Me to say to Me, "Lord, why has that brother sinned? What will happen to him for this reason, what consequences will it have for him on his way of life," I answer him, "If he has sinned, do not commit the same mistake, nor expect any punishment for him, so as to feel that you are more perfect and worthy of Me. Also on the day when I celebrated the last meal with my disciples and the work of Judas was known to all, my presence commanded silence, no one condemned him, no one called him unjust or a traitor, no one rebuked him or called him ungrateful. The silence happened because the disciples had already learned this lesson from their Master, and it was only the conscience of Judas that called him to account and judged him.

40. So shall ye also be in this time: Judge not, neither condemn your fellow men, no matter how ignorant and faulty you see them. Leave your request to Me and do your duty as good disciples. Set an example; for if you do this sincerely, without vanity, you will find an echo in the heart of those who surround you, and soon you will see them taking the same steps and following the same inspiration.

41. Watch and pray, people! Strive for your unity and your peace. You are already in the last days of this year and I want to see you united. I have been the lark under whose wings all chicks have found shelter. So I will continue to give you warmth so that you will not scatter. I have often taught you so that you may be the first to lead those who follow. Consider that there are some among them who are not stable, and it is necessary that you help them. And even among those who have often heard me there are some who are weak. Repeat my words to them, give them warmth and life so that they do not stray from the path, and work with your works for the peace of this world. Pray, then this prayer will illuminate the life of your fellow men. And your soul will be transformed, into a lark of peace, as the Master flies over the face of the earth and brings my message to all men of good will.

42. Do not expect the result of your sowing, however, at the time when you put the seed into the earth. I have told you that the spiritual seed does not have the same place for germination as those you sow in your fields. If the material seed germinates in seven days, the spiritual seed can germinate in seven seconds as well as in seven stages of eternity. You must sow and nurture with love, and one day your spirit soul, which belongs to eternal life, will experience the joy of seeing the germination of the seed it sows, its growth, its blossoming and bearing fruit. But not only this, but the multiplication of that fruit of which you have sown only one seed.

43. In this way I teach and explain to you that which you are not able to comprehend, I make you stronger daily, because I want to see you strong in soul and healthy in body

44. Every one who feels weak or sick strengthens himself in my presence, feels my consolation and rises with faith and trust in his destiny. Just this faith will be a staff to keep upright and to go forward. If your sufferings last long, overcome them through that strength I give you. If you see pain in your fellow men and want to eliminate it, come to the source of comfort, and you will very quickly turn this pain into peace and smiles. Do not see death where it does not exist, because I am life, and all of you as men live in me.

45. If you want to pray for the beings who dwell in the spiritual valley, do not set days nor hours to call them and approach those creatures Do it out of love that unites you with them and remember that they belong to the Spiritual Life, that they live in eternity and are not subject to the passing of time.

46. Now live in communion with that world which is near to the others. Make your bonds of love closer, and when those beings with whom you have been united on earth are higher on the spiritual ladder than you, they will stand by you in your life. If, on the other hand, you are retarded and your prayer and assistance are needed ─ the example you can give them ─ so help them, and in this way you will maintain harmony and peace in this world.

47. Do not show impatience to be reunited with your loved ones This impatience springs from the human heart, which wants to perceive the shape of those beings, their face and their behavior, in order to enjoy them for a moment. Restrain this impatience and wait with true spiritual virtue until the joyous moment of that reunion comes, and then you will walk together on the same path that will lead you all to my right hand.

48. Watch and pray for the beings of the hereafter. For those who need nothing from you, your prayer will be a greeting, a kiss, a spiritual embrace. But for those who need your help, your prayer will be a balm, a deliverance, a caress, and an encouraging voice on the way of trials and reparation. When those spirits who have not been able to lift themselves up to the home that awaits them, to the world to which they belong and which awaits them, receive the voice from this world that attracts them through your prayer, they will awaken from their sleep, will rise from their death and seek their salvation.

49. But mankind does not know how to illuminate the life of these beings, nor to eliminate their materialization. It is not able to break the chains of remorse and pain that weigh on them. You who possess the Light ─ pray and have mercy on this world unknown to you and help them to free themselves and set out on the path to the life to which they belong. Do not shrink from their presence and do not fear them. I bring you together so that you pray together and come to Me. So I will receive you to give you the peace that must spread to cover all. For you are all my much beloved children.

50. My Divine Spirit embraces you and blesses you. Receive my word so that you may be full of light, strength and wisdom, and penetrate it so that you may know my will. I want you to carefully guard what you receive and know how to interpret it.

51. In my manifestations of love you have felt that I give you life. You feel my warmth and my protection and are no longer cold, so that you become beings full of faith and hope.

52. Every word of mine is a commission, and I want you to hurry to fulfill it. My prophecies given by simple and humble creatures will be fulfilled, and you will bear witness to them.

53. For my work many of you will be judged badly. But do not you take the matter into your hands, leave it to me, and I will defend you. Only strive to spread this light and be humble. Whenever you are attacked, use only the weapons I have given you: love, respect and humility. The more you are criticized, the more I will manifest my power with you. And those of you who have the gift to look beyond this life into the regions of the Spirit ─ strengthen the weak by confirming my words. And those of you who have the gift to rise up to hear the voices of the high beyond ─ prepare yourselves to pass on my messages. These higher rallies will sustain your souls even in the greatest trials.

54. Your works shall be written down for ever. Therefore, you who have been consecrated to my ministry, use your minds and the gift of the Word in the right way.

55. I give you my teaching as a seed, that ye may sow and nurture it. Once your prepared heart feels that the hour has come to begin its work, open it up, share it with all the hungry, and the seed will multiply.

Many will not be able to receive the Good News because their Spirit will not yet be ready to understand these lessons. Others will want to steal the precious fruit to abuse it. But after that they will repent, and come to me as "Prodigal Sons". But I will replace the seed they have lost out of ignorance, and every soul of good will will will possess it.

56. Once you know how to discover in my teaching all light and encouragement, which your Spirit needs, you will follow Me to the end. You will not feel any weariness, you will not let yourselves be stopped in your task of making my word known, and the misfortunes will not make you waver. When you have understood a lesson, fathom the following one and continue to read in the book of infinite lessons that I leave you to study and nourish yourselves. Take from it what is necessary to live. Live as disciples of Me.

My peace be with you. 

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