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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 333

1. Come to Me when you are tired In my words you will find balm, comfort and caress. I assure you that after you have heard my teaching you will feel strengthened to take with faith the way that will lead you to take my kingdom.

2. These are the moments when many hearts come forward in desire for my rallies, when I give proofs of my presence by letting them feel my Spirit very close to theirs and surprise them with the sharpness of my gaze as I read in each one of them their past, their worries, their requests and needs

3. Many of them have believed by hearing Me only because they have found the truth in my words Yet many others have doubted even though I have expressed myself before them with such great clarity. To these hearts I ask at this moment: "What proof do you need to believe in me? But they answer me: "That you grant us what everyone just longs for.

4. Oh you men! What would become of you if I were to do only what you desire? Yet I will grant you some of what you ask for to prove to you that He whom you have heard during these rallies has been your Master.

5. Is it necessary that I do miracles and perform miracles so that you may call my work, because it appears to your eyes as supernatural, wonderful and true? Or is it enough that I simply speak to you, that I let my essence enter your soul and make you feel my presence in the innermost part of your heart?

6. I can give you everything you ask Me for But I may only give you what is really for the good of your soul.

7. Learn to pray and meditate at the same time, so that knowledge and understanding may come to light in each of you. Only he who knows does not doubt nor distrust. Doubt springs from ignorance, and I do not want you to live any longer in the darkness of ignorance. Do you recognize why I did not want to accomplish before your eyes those works which you call "wonderful"? Because with them I would only achieve that you would believe that I have done them, but your ignorance would still be the same. I have preferred to offer you the miracle hidden in the meaning of my Word, so that by seeking it you may find wisdom and light, knowledge, revelation and truth. For then all uncertainties and doubts will dissolve.

8. Now understand why I only wanted to call you in this third time to hear my word ─ well knowing that in it is contained everything that your soul and your heart desire or need.

9. Do not be bad pupils in my teaching, be understanding and insightful so that your judgment is right.

10. Ye are witnesses of this word, lest ye remain dumb when ye are called to give information about it.

11. I assure you: If you undertake to penetrate the meaning of these teachings with interest and love, you will discover at every turn true wonders of spiritual wisdom, perfect love, and divine justice. But if you are indifferent to these revelations, you will not know what they contain.

12. Pass not by my rallies, as many of you go through life: seeing without looking; hearing without hearing; and thinking without understanding.

13. The people of the earth are witnesses of how many wonders and goods I have put in them. But only those know how to appreciate their riches and discover their secrets who are interested in them out of a thirst for knowledge, out of a thirst for research and for their edification. These are the ones who rejoice when they discover new manifestations of divine power, wisdom and goodness at every turn.

14. I tell you once more that I have not come in this Third Age to perform inexplicable miracles or outward wonders, to impress or amaze you, but to bring you a word that is simple in form but deep in content, so that it may be studied in the light of conscience. With him I give you a further proof of my truthfulness. For you must be aware that I warned mankind in that Second Time by announcing to it that false prophets will appear in the world and perform miracles to deceive men and make them believe that I am the one.

15. I have not performed these kinds of miracles, nor have I forced anyone to believe in this Word, nor have I tried to spread fear if you do not follow Me; I have not done this to you, nor have I ever tried to make you afraid I have only fulfilled a promise given to men to send the Spirit of Truth to explain to them all that they would not have understood well or interpreted badly.

16. Here you have my promised word. Blessed are those who know how to penetrate its meaning. For truly, I tell you, there they will find my divine presence.

17. The Master speaks to you tirelessly about your mission. Some of you show their obedience to Me with rejoicing, others sadly show Me the trials you have gone through, and I put my strength in you. Be strong, the Master tells you. The trials will pass. Hope, and you shall receive; fight, and you shall conquer.

18. I have poured Myself into your soul to bring the message to mankind; they are waiting for my chosen ones. I will prepare you with my word, and your soul will always be enlightened. Once your thoughts and soul are in harmony with your Spirit, you will become one, and spiritualization will be in you. You will be the mirror of mankind, and good disciples you will spread my teaching.

19. Work, beloved people, but the reward I hold ready in my divine abode. There the angels will welcome you.

20. I have lived in you a treasure of immeasurable value. Some of you do not feel worthy of my mercy, but I tell you You are my most precious work. Obey my teachings and you will see that your works will be full of light, in them will be the truth. At present you are still like little children, later you will be disciples. But my teaching has no limit, for the light of my HolySpirit will shine in your soul forever. I am the way and the light, and everyone who comes to Me finds peace and contentment in his life.

21. You who are in the shade of the mighty tree, which is my teaching, are destined to care for it, to nurture it, and to cause its branches to spread out daily, so that they may give shelter to the wayfarer who approaches wearily to receive its shade. If you want the fruits of this tree, which is my divine word, to multiply, you must be prepared. Then you will see its branches spreading further, so that the crowds will come and feed on its fruits.

22. I speak to you figuratively so that you may fathom and understand my teachings. My divine light will inspire you to speak to your fellow men and give them testimony of my rallies as the HolySpirit. Work with the greatest devotion and prepare yourselves more and more to be spiritualized.

23. You come to the Master to listen and learn. But later you will pass on the teaching I have given you. For the hearts are still hard rocks, and the souls are still shrouded in darkness, and therefore it is necessary to break the chains and set them free ─ it is necessary to raise the "dead" and to convert those who have sinned.

24 This is your mission, beloved people. Do not feel weak and do not say after 1950 that your work is over. Do not have the desire to rest, for you still have much work to do for my light to illuminate all mankind.

25. My presence has been among you so that when you hear my word through the human mind, you may be prepared for the fulfillment of your mission ─ so that when mankind receives my teachings anew through your mediation, it may come to spiritualization.

26. You are my little students to whom I give another lesson every day, another page of that book of life which the visionaries always look at when I speak to you of true life

27. I have allowed my "gold feathers" to write down my word that I have given you in this Third Time, from which the Third Testament will be made, which will later come into the hands of men. Tomorrow the new generations will study it and know how to keep morality, they will know how to spiritualize and will feel that the Father is with them. I will entrust them to guardian angels and counsellors, who will be there for their rights and for the protection of mankind.

28. Beloved people, you are the disciple whom I have prepared from the beginning of my rallies, so that when the stage of my word is finished, you may feel Me in your soul.

29. The year 1950 has reached its climax. It is the year which, according to my will, was marked as the last of my rallies by the minds and lips of these voice-bearers. It is the year mentioned a thousand times in my words, so that no church would deny the last day of my rallies.

30. The word which hath put so much balm upon your wounds, ye shall soon hear no more. The voice that has been your spiritual refreshment and comfort will soon cease. But you are not to show dissatisfaction with it for a moment; rather you are to humbly recognize that if it has been my will to send you this light for a time, it will also have its end according to my will.

31. Do not say that the time in which I have made myself known to you in word appears short to you, because you are not to ascribe any imperfection to me in my decisions. Do you think that I did not know that when the year 1950 comes, you would be unprepared? No, disciples, I knew everything. Nevertheless, it has been my will to determine this year as the last, and you are to take this intention as perfect.

32.  In that second time I likewise announced my separation to my apostles in advance, though I knew they were still weak. The proof was that one of them doubted my divinity and felt disappointed in his material expectations. When he realized that the treasures I promised were not of this world, he decided to hand Me over to the enemies of my teaching, blinded by the money they would reward his service with.

33. Know whether there was not also darkness in that heart which set a price in money for the life of its Master.

34. After this, when I was arrested by that band to appear before priests and rulers, I saw the confusion and dismay taking hold of my other disciples also, who fled in fear and hid themselves. When Peter was discovered as one of those who accompanied Me, he denied Me and swore never to have seen Me.

35. All these were proofs that the disciples had not yet reached maturity at the time of my departure.

36. The reason was that those three years, which my time of preaching lasted, were fixed to bring a divine message to mankind, but not because the disciples would reach the greatest elevation and perfection in the same period.

37. Those three years served to prepare for the time of battle that would come after my departure.

38. My sacrifice was accomplished; but knowing that those hearts needed Me more than ever, because a storm of doubts, sufferings, confusions and fears had risen within them, I immediately approached them to give them another proof of My infinite mercy. In my love and compassion for those children of my Word, I humanized myself by taking the form or likeness of that body I had had in the world, and made myself visible and audible, and with my words I rekindled faith in those downcast souls. It was a new lesson, a new way of communicating Me to those who had accompanied Me on earth; and they felt strengthened, inspired, transformed by the faith and knowledge of My truth.

39. Despite those proofs of which they all were witnesses, there was one who stubbornly denied the testimonies and proofs which I gave spiritually to my disciples, and so it was necessary to allow him to touch my spiritual presence even with his bodily senses so that he might believe.

40. But not only among the disciples who were closer to me that doubt ─ arose; no, also among the followers, in the towns, in cities and villages, among those who had received proofs of my power and followed me for the sake of these works, confusion, an anxious questioning, dismay arose; one could not explain why everything had ended in this way.

41. I had compassion on all, and therefore I gave them proofs, as I did to my nearest disciples, that I had not departed from them, even though I no longer stood by them as man on earth. In every home, family, and people, I manifested myself to the hearts that believed in me by making my spiritual presence palpable to them in many ways. Then began the struggle of that people of Christians who had to lose their Master on earth to rise up and proclaim the truth that He had revealed to them. You all know their great works.

42. Ye also shall have to lose this rallies, that ye may depart to bear witness to my words. But before you set out, I will make myself known to my people from Spirit to Spirit to take away their doubts, to correct their errors and to free them from their confusions. Because I tell you once again that also you will not be prepared when I let my word end. Therefore there will be traitors ─ there will be those who deny me and who doubt my rallies from spirit to spirit. But I will inspire you and give you new proofs of my truth so that you likewise rise full of love, faith and spiritualization to the fight that awaits you.

43. Hear my voice, people, it comes down to fill you with courage and bravery for the fight that you must soon take up The way awaits you, the time of your mission is drawing near, and you must be strong.

44. My word, which is already imprinted in your soul, will be your guide. It will lead you step by step up to the happy goal that I have marked out for you so that you will dwell in the light forever.

45. Each one of those who has heard Me and learned the divine teaching will be a messenger of My word on the path. His heart will be a traveling bundle full of blessings that will pour out on his fellow men in need of health, peace and consolation.

46. My disciples will travel great distances on the way to cities and peoples, where ─ without knowing it ─ many hearts await them. Once you are on your missionary way, you will not have to ask anyone whether you are on the right way or whether you are lost, because the Spirit will enlighten you and my word will instruct you in all you have to do.

47. The mercy with which you treat your fellow men will be rewarded by me through miracles and works that move even the hardest and coldest heart

48. Now you will be able to explain to yourselves why you have long since been subject to purification. For it is absolutely necessary that those who are about to speak of purity carry purity in their hearts, and carry within themselves those who want to bring peace and concord to the homes.

49. My word fills you with courage; for now is the time for you to appear on earth as messengers and apostles of spiritualization. Mankind is filled with terror through war, hunger, and corruption of morals.

50. You must not lack courage when you face pain, misery, and death. For just then the light that you have in you will shine and illuminate the life of your fellow men.

51. Blessed be this people, because in them the prophecies of the past times will be fulfilled, in which it was said that the people of God would appear on earth, and blessed are those who are able to recognize it and receive it, because they will remain united with my people.

52. Nothing is impossible to my power. Therefore I will move you from one point to another, I will guide you and make you reach where your presence is necessary. For in every child of this people I will send a consolation to those who suffer ─ to those who have long awaited the coming of justice and peace on earth.

53. When my people reach out to the nations and approach their fellow men, they will be surprised to find among the people a certain preparation or readiness to understand this teaching. This is due to the natural development that has reached every creature and to the unceasing vibration of my Spirit upon mankind.

54. From the people of today without spirituality and love I will bring forth the generations so often prophesied by my Word. But first I will work on these peoples who today misunderstand each other, war and destroy each other.

Then, when the execution of My judgment has passed over all and the weeds have taken root, a new humanity will begin to emerge, one that no longer bears in its "blood" the seed of discord, hatred or envy, because the "blood" of its parents was purified in the melting pot of pain and remorse. I will receive them and tell them: "Ask, ask, and it will be given to you," as I told you in the Second Time. But today I add: understand to ask.

55. How few have been there who truly understood to ask! Even you who hear this word often do not know how to ask and what to ask for. But I in my mercy towards you always go ahead and give you more than what you need, even if it is not always what you have asked for. For I alone know what is most helpful to everyone.

56. You ask for just now, I give you for the future. You think of your material improvement; I think of your spiritual perfection. I tell you not only that the soul is more important than the body, but that the body is always to take second place. All that which does not concern the soul is given to you additionally.

57. I give you everything. And what do I ask in return? Only that you fulfill your mission and in doing so make use with love of what I have granted you, and understand that this is more than enough to reach the goal to which you are to arrive.

58. I am speaking to you as a father, not as a judge, even though my word carries justice in it. For it is just now that you are to work with your thoughts and be anxious to improve yourselves morally and spiritually.

59. Your work has begun today, do not wait until tomorrow to begin the day's work, for it may be too late, since only a short time is allotted to everyone on earth to use it for the good of the soul.

60. I call you "children of light" because knowledge of my teaching gives you an understanding of life as a whole. Therefore no one should wait until he reaches the last hour of his existence on earth ─ empty-handed and trusting in a sleep of death or a new opportunity. For nothing will change my justice.

61. If you are able to comprehend my teaching, it will give you many satisfactions, many opportunities for upward development. Learn to pray before you make any decision, for prayer is the perfect way to ask your Father, since in Him you long for light and strength to survive the struggle of life.

62. When you pray, your mind will soon come to the enlightenment that will make you clearly distinguish good from evil, the advisable from the unwise, and this will be the most obvious proof that you have been able to prepare yourselves inwardly to hear the voice of the Spirit.

63. My teaching reaches man's heart in this Third Age to teach him the way to attain perfect communion with God and inner communion with conscience as a proof that your soul has reached a degree of development and ability which it never had before and which enables it to understand the new revelations of the HolySpirit.

64. The way is paved and the door is open for everyone who wants to come to Me

65. The path is narrow, this has been known to you for a long time. No one is unaware that my law and teaching are most pure and unbending, so that no one thinks to change them according to his convenience or will.

66. The broad way and the wide open gate are everything but that which leads your soul into light, peace, and immortality. The broad way is that of unbridled, disobedience, pride, and materialism ─ a way that the majority of people follow in an effort to escape their spiritual responsibility and the inner judgment of their conscience.

67. This way cannot be infinite, because it is neither true nor perfect. Therefore, since this way, like all human things, is limited, man will one day reach its end, where he will pause to bend in horror over the abyss, which is the end of the way. Then chaos will break out in the hearts of those who have long since departed from the true Way.

68. In some will repent, whereby they will find enough light to save themselves, in others there will be dismay at an end which they will consider unjust and illogical, and still others will blaspheme and rebel against God. But verily, I tell you, this will be the beginning of the return to the light.

69. I bless you, disciples of the Third Age, who know how to cross the thresholds of this world in order to come in desire for my Spirit. I invite you to pray day by day, to gather yourselves together to fathom and reflect on my word. For these are the last times in which you have it in this form.

70. I invite you to enter the secret treasury, the wisdom that my work contains, so that you may feel strong in the midst of the battle that you are going through ─ in this battle that you are going through

71. The chosen people, who have the mission to kindle light in the world, are scattered in all nations and receive the call to live paying attention to my voice Some will hear my word through my voice bearers, and others will be instructed spiritually. But you will all be witnesses of the coming of the prophecies announced for this time. I will direct your steps in the same way, and one day you will meet and recognize each other.

72. You have lived through ages, have inhabited the earth for centuries, and during these times you have evolved, and at last you are able to begin spiritual communication with your Lord and with the spiritual world.

73. I entrust you with a great mission and await your understanding. Base all your actions on the law, which is unbending and strict. Thus prepared, go your way with the fear of God, but with certainty. Feel the fear of breaking the law, of not working conscientiously. But also have confidence, for I am the guide and support on the path of each of you.

74. You have only part in the present, but I know what you will go through tomorrow, and know the obstacles you will encounter. I tell you that if you have faith, you will be able to stand the greatest dangers, you will be able to plunge into the most dangerous undertakings, always sure of my protection.

75. Bear your hardships with patience, and if you are not able to comprehend the meaning of your trials, pray, and I will reveal their meaning to you, that you may affirm them inwardly.

76. Yet you have not yet perfected yourselves, nor are you "righteous", and therefore you come upon new trials which will smooth your heart and perfect your soul.

77. Israel has been belligerent from the beginning of its great wanderings, and when it became fainthearted because of the harshness of the way, my voice encouraged it by saying to it, "My strong arm is in your arm. And when it prayed and watched and obeyed my commandments, it enjoyed my grace and my privileges.

78. Now ye are going through the times which are announced, and ye must not doubt. Now the book is opened in its last chapters, so that you may read with devotion and take its meaning. These are the hard times of which I spoke to you in advance. But in spite of their hardness, I want you to look into the future with joy and confidence. For your pains will not last longer than up to the limits which my law of love and justice establishes.

79. Pray that you may be full of peace and good will. Think, that you may be certain of the place which you occupy spiritually. For the attainment of your greatest elevation there is no appointed time. If you have faith, you can take great steps in this way.

80. My rallies through man will end in 1950. But the era of the Spirit will continue, and after this year will come the unleashing of the gifts of the Spirit and thereby the conversion of many souls.

81. The branches that have come loose from the tree will again cling to it, all of you will join me.

82. Watch over my revelations, that my teaching may remain pure and untouched. Man has had enough of limited forms of worship and seeks the whole. He longs for a divine teaching that will save him in his human state today and in his spiritual state tomorrow.

83. Everyone who rises with high desires or aspirations will be supported, and I will show him the shortest way to reach me.

84. Fulfill the law, even if you have to sacrifice your heart or change the customs existing in this world You shall have no churches nor places of worship, shall not limit my teaching nor your field of work. Your home shall be the whole world, your family the humanity, and your church my Divine Spirit.

My peace be with you! 

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