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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 253:

1. My presence on this day is that of a judge. My light penetrates into the sanctuary of your being.

2. I come to receive and also to give, to receive the fruit of the good seed and to give you new seeds to plant.

3. You come into my presence to thank Me for the benefits received and for the good result of your works in the spiritual path. Some come to Me repentantly. They are those who bring the burden of some repentance and tremble at my voice of righteousness and are filled with fear. Some, like others, seek my forgiveness and pray so that they may not lack sustenance in the times to come.

4. Today begins a year with you, the penultimate year of my rallies through the human mind, and it is only natural that my word should be righteous to the people who have long received these teachings.

5. With fire of love and justice I will make you understand my teaching, which is written in your Spirit from the beginning, so that tomorrow you may know how to bear witness to this truth.

6. All my works are written down by Me in a book called "life". The number of its pages is innumerable, its infinite wisdom will not be able to be reached by anyone besides God, who is its author. But in it, on each of its pages, there is a short summary, in which the Father has presented each of his works in a comprehensible way, in order to make them comprehensible to every mind.

7. You too are constantly writing the book of your life, in which all your works and all your steps along the whole path of development will remain written down. That book will be written in your soul and will be the light of knowledge and experience, with which tomorrow you shall illuminate the path of your younger brothers and sisters.

8. You cannot yet show your book to anyone, because you do not even know its contents. But soon it will become light in your being, and you will be able to show your fellow men the pages that speak of your unfolding, your atonement, and your experiences. You will then be an open book for men. Blessed are those who make their mission their own. They will feel that they are climbing up the ladder that Jacob saw in the dream, which is the spiritual path that leads beings to the presence of the Creator.

9. Accept all the trials of your life with love, knowing that they are lessons that will enlighten and strengthen your soul to go the long way it still has to go. The greater your understanding is, the greater must be your love for Him who sent you on the way of struggle for perfection, and who has always stood by you in passing your trials.

10. Though I test you, I search you and judge you. But at the same time I support you, I forgive you, and I raise you up. Never will a soul be disappointed in my presence because there is no injustice in me.

11. I bless you, you crowds of people who have learned to hear Me in silence and to hold back the sobs that the thorns of the path take away from you Your lips are silent so as not to make any lament loud; instead, I bless your heart. How should the Father not bless you in turn, who feels so understood by his creatures?

12. The light is now spreading in your soul It is the time when the dark shadows are leaving the people I am currently seeking and uniting.

13. Many generations make up this people, and from each of them I receive on this day their tribute, that is, the fruit of their work, so that each one may receive the reward according to their works, their efforts and their aims

14. Whom it desires for honors and praises of the world may receive them here; but they will be of short duration and will be of no use to him on the day of his entrance into the spiritual world. Whoever is after money may receive his reward here, for it was that for which he was striving. But when the hour has come in which he must leave everything here, to set himself up in the hereafter, he will not have the slightest right to claim any reward for his soul, even if he thinks he has done much for the benefit of charity.

In contrast, he who has always rejected flattery and favors, who has loved his fellow men with a pure heart and unselfishly, and rejected every material reward, who was busy sowing the good and who took pleasure in doing works of love - he will not think of rewards, for he will not live for his own satisfaction, but for that of his neighbor. How great will his peace and happiness be when he is then in the bosom of his Lord!

15. It is necessary to let the trees grow, that they may be known by their fruits. Then will be the hour of judgment, in which all those who have given poisonous fruits to men will be destroyed in the fire of my love righteousness, and only those who have produced fruits of life and health will be respected.

16. In the same way, the religious communities and all the sects that exist on earth will be judged - in such a way that only those will remain who love the truth and follow it, and all those who hide it behind the veil of lies, falsehood and hypocrisy will disappear.

17. There is only one law, and therefore only one way to fulfill it. It is the one you all must seek, so that you may be united spiritually.

18. You who hear my voice judge yourselves inwardly at this moment. You wonder whether your ideal is high and your works pure. You ask yourselves whether you are already sufficiently prepared so that after my farewell you will be able to remain among men like patriarchs, prophets, and apostles. You ask yourselves whether you have already spiritualized yourselves, whether you do honor to the name "spiritualists," which I have given you to mark you.

19. In the year 1948 this people was shaken by an earthquake. It has been the thrust of my righteousness that has awakened you, as at all times when you have fallen into the lethargy of fanaticism or routine.

20. If you had tried to understand the meaning of my new message since the beginning of my rallies at that time - how much pain, how many arguments and how many inner struggles would you have saved! But you have, as always, been inclined towards the outward cult, which denies the soul freedom and elevation. So the time had to come to set a limit to your errors. Are you spiritualists? Then you must prove it in your worship, in your life and in your relationships with one another.

21. While some have awakened and understood what the truth is and have set out to work for spiritualization, others, clinging to their customs, symbols, cults and habits, have clung to them and say that I have shown you all these symbols, and that they are therefore the law for them.

22. The controversy has broken out, but it is not the first time that this has happened among the people taught by God. Already in the First Time, in one of the commandments dictated by God on the summit of Mount Sinai, I commanded the people not to use any image that would represent the Divine, and at the same time I made them understand that the true worship was that of the fulfillment of that law which was entirely limited to the love of God and to the love of neighbor.

23. Nevertheless, the people created infinite traditions and daily increased their fanaticism and idolatry. Now the symbol was no longer the meaning-image through which they received the explanation for something higher, but the object of idolatry and worship.

24. It was necessary that I came into the world to show you the way from which you are moving away more and more. But when the priests and the Pharisees realized that I had not come to preach traditions, they accused Me and told the people that my word was against the Law of Moses. Then my voice was raised to answer the hypocritical representatives of the law that I had not come in opposition to the one ordained by the Father, but to give him fulfillment with my life - that what I wanted to erase from their hearts were the useless traditions and ceremonies by which they had forgotten to fulfill the law, that is, to love God and to love one another.

25. Do you not think it right that today, as you live in the time of the HolySpirit, I wipe from your hearts all that you have introduced in traditions and outward cults into this work which you have come to know as spiritualism

26. While it is true that at the beginning of each of the three revelations God has given to mankind, some symbols and ritual acts have been allowed to you to facilitate your understanding and appropriation of the divine teachings, but not to keep them forever, still less to worship them. This has always been the reason for your spiritual stagnation and the reason that I have come at all times to turn you from the perilous path and to lead you on the true path of light.

27. Neither do I today reject what I have decreed in past times, but teach you to obey it, giving your life and works a higher degree of spiritualization, which is at the same time truthfulness.

28. When I cease to speak to you in this form, you will therefore no longer desire material objects, nor rites and formalities, because you will already have freed yourselves from idolatry and materialism to seek with the Spirit the presence of the Father, who is also Spirit.

29. You will soon find yourselves in the midst of men who are weary of outward cults and weary of their religious fanaticism. This is why I tell you that the message of spiritualization you will bring them will reach their hearts like fresh and refreshing dew.

30. Do you think that if you come to them with fanatical cults and practices that are contrary to spiritualization, that the world might recognize you as the bearer of a divine message? Verily, I tell you, they would take you for fanatics of a new sect!

31. In view of the clarity with which I am speaking to you, there are those who say to Me: "Master, how is it possible that we should reject many of the ritual acts that Roque Rojas left us as a legacy? I tell you that I gave you that example from the "Second Age" when I made the people understand that they had forgotten the Law, which is the essential thing, for the sake of observing rites, formalities, traditions and holidays. I reminded you of this act of your Master so that you might understand that even today you should forget traditions and ceremonies, even if you learned them from Roque Rojas, as the people of Moses had inherited them then.

32. Now, I do not mean to tell you that these have taught you anything bad - no. They were only compelled to resort to symbols and ways of acting that would help the people to understand the divine revelations. But as soon as this goal had been reached, it was necessary to eliminate every now useless form of worship or allegory in order to let the light of truth shine.

33. What I demand of you is sincerity - from the voice bearer who conveys my word, beginning with the last of the "child pupils.

34. The greatest responsibility rests on the voice-bearers, because it is through their lips that I declare the law. But they have not understood their responsibility. To them I say: Awake! Hear the voice of your conscience! See this people - ignorant, eager for my word - how they have clothed themselves with humility and receptiveness to what you offer them. What would happen to you if the people rose up and demanded preparation and spiritualization from you? And how much reason and right they would have to do so, since it concerns their faith, their soul, peace on earth and the way to eternity.

35. Voice bearer, transmitter of my word, prophets of the third time: It is not your clumsiness, nor your immaturity, nor your poverty that are an obstacle for me to make myself known to mankind through your rallies - it is your sin and your lack of preparation that limit the meaning of my word and hide the truth that I have brought for my people.

36. Verily I say to you, whoever does not feel able to spiritualize, keep his lips closed and do not mix untruth with truth. For the multitudes of men who hear it do not yet know how to separate the chaff from the wheat, that is, the lie from the truth, the superfluous from the essential.

37. My word is strict and unambiguous. But see, also this rallies will once come to an end, and it is necessary that your best work is the crowning of the spiritual work, which I have entrusted to you.

38. Know that this word that came from your lips is the spiritual message that overthrows kingdoms, empires and thrones, so that the Kingdom of Heaven may enter into the soul of men, which is a kingdom of love, peace and justice.

39. To other nations I have sent messengers of my word. Pray for them and give them strength with your thoughts. They will plant seeds and gather multitudes of people who, once spiritualized, will unite with you through bonds of brotherhood and understanding.

40. I am presently preparing new messengers of my word, who will likewise carry this good news to other fatherlands. Over all I spread the mantle of my peace.

41. The time in which you live is a time of transition, development, trials, changes and surprises. Live vigilantly, watch and pray and persevere in my law.

42. Today is the time of struggle, today is the time of merit, today is the time of suffering, fighting and toiling. Tomorrow, when you are all with Me, when you have reached the perfection of the soul, you will have your home in the bosom of the Father, where everything goes and where everything is kept that has reached its perfection - a "womb" that contains wisdom, perfection and glories that you cannot imagine here.

43. My word is the way, the truth, and the life that leads your soul to the land of promise. Come to him, do not stray, beloved people.

44. My ray of light settles on the mountain, from where I ask you: why are you still at the foot of it, why have you not yet managed to climb it?

45. Many hear Me with great rejoicing in their hearts But some, when they hear My word, are seized by a great sadness. These are those who, like Israel in Egypt, feel themselves slaves. They still carry with them the marks of the lashes, and their hunger is for freedom and for light.

46. know that it is for you for whom I have come, because I saw you hungry and thirsty for justice, freedom, and love

47. Come and hear this voice, which gives you courage, fills you with strength, and enlightens you, that you may turn your back on Pharaoh and go away from his lands, where you have been captives, wounded, and humbled

48. Lift up your eyes and contemplate the divine mountain, as it invites you to climb it. Come to him, believe that you will reach the summit, take the first steps, climb up, and soon your delight will be great when you feel that the chains that held you down and the yoke that pressed you down have been left behind.

49. O people of all time! Remove from your heart ingratitude, that you may truly experience the peace of your Father.

50. In this way the blind shall see, the weary shall recover their strength, the lame shall walk, the sick shall recover, the afflicted shall sing for joy.

51. I reunite my people anew and confirm their spiritual mission to mankind. I make the pariahs into people who are useful to their neighbors, and those who thought themselves disinherited into prophets and doctors of the soul.

52. It is you who must bear witness to my coming in this third time. I know that the nations and provinces need your witness. But know that when you set out, it must be done to prove you to be the children of light.

53. I want you to understand beforehand the spiritual greatness of the mission I am entrusting to you at this time. Only then will your soul become aware of the responsibility of your mission.

54. But if you believe that I have to wait until it is your pleasure to prepare yourselves to bring this message of light to the world, you are in a grave error. For it is I who redeem men and save their souls. You will only be pioneers, announcers, prophets, servants. For the sake of the fulfillment of these tasks I teach you.

55. I have put an essence into the heart of every disciple. This essence will be present in your thoughts and prayers, in your words and in your works of love.

56. Do you not remember that I told you that you are to be the spiritual savor among men?

57. What more can you desire on earth than to be advisers, guides, and spiritual doctors to the needy?

58. Mercy is one of the most beautiful flowers of love, and it is precisely the flower that, according to my will, should open in you to give off its fragrance among your fellow men Verily, I tell you, if you have the ideal or desire to give greatness to your soul, I offer you the way of Mercy. I offer you this way, which is only little taken by men, so that you may rise to me on it.

59. I want you to reach the end of this stretch of the way with the satisfaction of having remained faithful in hearing my teaching. My word strengthens you so that you may continue on your way with firm steps until the end of the journey.

60. Many temptations and obstacles will appear on your way in the last days of my rallies, which is why I warn you and call you to be awake so that you may watch and pray.

61. Be strong, O people, and the trial will pass. For if you would not be obedient and faithful and fall into temptation, you would create for yourselves an endless chain of trials that would confuse the minds of many and destroy the faith of many hearts.

62. The plan for your mission is already designed, and you must not deviate from it.

63. I have told you that when I put an end to my words, I will give you sufficient time to prepare you, to study, to reflect and to exercise my teaching among you. When I discover that my people have spiritualized, I will open the ways by which you must go out and bring the Message of Light which I have entrusted to you to make known to mankind.

64. Clear and simple is the plan I have designed for you so that you do not change or alter it in the least if you want to call yourselves spiritualists

65. Whoever wants to have authority to convert his fellow men - power to heal the sick as you have never experienced before, and the power to perform miracles, should be faithful to my law and devoted to my commandments, then he will never be without the inspiration and the power to perform great works full of love and wisdom

66. He who disregards the spiritual gifts and the fruits that come from the pure exercise of my teaching, because praise and material rewards tempt him more, is satiated with vanities and false satisfactions that do not nourish the soul. This is what he loves on earth and what he has sought in my work, and I grant him to receive it. But verily, I tell you, those who do not accomplish what I have planned, who remain in stagnation and do not give up their fanaticism, vanities and material aspirations, will be the obstacle that will not let those advance who love my orders and really want to obey them.

67. With what words or pretexts will those who disobey My decrees answer Me when I show them the people who are stagnant, caught up in fanaticism and useless traditions-when I show them the peoples who still have to wait for the arrival of the Third Age apostles?

68. It is My Love that speaks to you - My Light that constantly watches over you, warning you to avoid that you obtain a cup of suffering instead of spiritual progress

69. I prepare you for the day when I will speak to you for the last time For from this time on everything will change for this people in the spiritual. This is why I have told you long ago that you should not be traditionalists nor keepers of outer forms, that you should not make customs or habits out of your ritual acts, which you then can no longer pluck out of your heart.

70. Do you think that everything must continue indefinitely in the same form? Do you think that you will be united in these places of assembly all your life? No, people, it is necessary for everything you have had up to now to disappear from your sight so that you may feel the light of true spiritualization appear. You have not yet understood the meaning of my message or the purpose of this work.

71. Admittedly, "the first" were not able to grasp the meaning of a revelation that surprised them, for lack of teaching and instruction. But you, who are among the "last" - those who were to witness the end of this period - do you think it right that you maintain the errors of the "first", and that you continue not to know the meaning of this message, just as those who only saw the dawn of the Third Age did not know it?

72. No, tell me your heart. I tell you all that this conviction that you have in these moments must not leave you in the hour of your temptations. Remember that I tell you on this day that for your obedience and sincerity you will have peace in your homes and in all the ways you travel.

73. Do everything you can to enter prepared and strong into the time of confusion that is approaching Do not multiply with your confusion those who cause the sects, churches, philosophies, and doctrines when the time comes for all to deny the truth.

74. I want this people, who have been taught by Me in spiritual form, to enter into this time calmly, consciously, vigilantly and humbly, and that their presence may be a ray of light and a breath of reassurance on that storm

My peace be with you! 

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