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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 338

1. I am the way and the light that lead you. I am the rod that sustains you and spares you falls on your way. I am the beacon that illuminates your path, strengthening your soul with the peace of my Divine Spirit and calming the storms of your life, so that you may be healed, so that your soul may not be left behind.

2. In my words you receive the strength, warmth and nourishment your soul needs to rise and fight as the Master has taught you.

3. My word has served, serves and will serve as a touchstone over the centuries to attain the purity of the soul and to perfect it. Your soul has gone through various stages of development, but it has not yet reached perfection in its works in the fulfillment of its mission.

4. I came in the Third Age and made myself known through the human mind with the purpose of showing you the way again and preparing you as disciples of the Third Age. I have spoken to you in the simplest way so that you may understand my word. I have spoken to you in symbols and in parables. But in every one of my teachings I have let their meaning penetrate your soul and have expressed to you the desire that the Master feels to recognize in each of you a real disciple.

5. When will come the time when your soul will comprehend the perfect love which the Father has shown you at all times? At this time the struggle of your Master is great in mankind to save all his creatures, all souls. I awaken your soul, as nature awakens with the first rays of the morning.

6. Although my word is simple ─ if you study it, you will discover greatness in its core and will appreciate the value of each of my words. Know that you are in a school where I consider you as disciples, disciples and masters. According to the level your soul has reached, you receive from my words what is according to you. The student simply takes my word and makes it his own as well. The disciple takes from my teaching the part that corresponds to him, and from this he is filled with virtue. The one who is prepared as a master takes my word, fathoms it, enjoys it, feels in his soul the desire to fulfill, to spread my teachings, to exercise the virtues and to develop his gifts.

7. You want to transmit my word to your neighbor, but you have discovered that many of your fellow men are not prepared. You have knocked on hearts, but you have found the doors closed, and they have not received your words, and you have felt the wound of disrespect for your fellow men. But this has been done for your benefit. For verily, I say to you, so you will be able to understand what your Master feels when He knocks on the heart of man and arrives at the sanctuary unprepared. But my love for all my children is great.

8. This is why I tell you: do not give in to your struggle, stand firm, for I will stand by you; and if on one occasion you should find the doors closed, tomorrow hearts will open and receive my word

9. Mankind is foolish and remains stubborn in its sin. But I in my love, in my forgiveness for all my creatures that dwell on earth and in the hereafter ─ I love your Spirit, for it is part of my own Spirit. But I give your body what is necessary so that it is the support of the soul.

10. The rest and peace you enjoy on earth is a blessing and a grace you receive from your Father. But you also lament inwardly and say to me, "Lord, my outward appearance is poor and ragged. But truly, I say to you: Do you think that I am therefore far from you? Do you think that the presence of God is not with you because your clothes are tattered?

11. The interest I have in you concerns your soul and if you live in this world devotedly and in agreement with your poverty, the virtue your soul reveals will be great Remember that your Master has taught you humility and the merits that the soul can obtain through this virtue. You shall have on your lips only one blessing and one song of praise for your God. For truly, I tell you, the reward is not on earth, beloved disciples, it is in the hereafter. Here on earth I will not give you bliss, here is not paradise, here I have prepared a mild reparation for my chosen ones.

12. Blessed are you who suffer with peace and surrender, for you will take firm steps on the way. The Master has taught you not to seek the riches of this world, not to desire the perishable treasures of this life. If you dwell in a humble hut, but your Spirit can unfold the gifts I have given him, you will be able to feel happier than a king or potentate of the earth in the most luxurious residence.

13. I have spoken to you in parables to teach you to live on this planet in harmony with your Father so that you may be able to obey his commandments For your destiny is written down in my love.

14. This life has served you so that your soul may attain elevation through the surrender and through the light you have received from Me.

15. You have gone through various stages of development. Already in the first one you have begun to prepare yourselves to reach the fulfillment of your difficult mission. In the second you have found greater progress, greater clarity in your Spirit. In the third, you have made greater progress, greater understanding of my words, and greater observance of them. Thus you have reached the fourth stage and have felt the grace of your God even more, the approach of my Spirit to yours. And in this great bliss your soul reached the fifth stage, in which you had to perform an even greater unfolding in the fulfillment of your mission. You have struggled, and so you have reached the sixth stage, to new fulfillment, renewed progress and further unfolding of the virtues which your God has bestowed upon you. And thus will you attain the seventh stage, in which you will behold the kingdom of the Father, in which your Spirit will directly experience the glory of the Father, and in which you will be at the right hand of your Lord.

16. My word comes down to inspire your soul because I want you to continue to refresh yourselves tomorrow in the presence of My Divine Spirit because of your preparation. For when you are prepared, you will not feel orphaned, you will not feel the absence of my Word because your Spirit can dialogue with my Divinity. Therefore I want you to prepare yourselves in time, to practice prayer and have spiritualization in your heart, so that tomorrow you will not be confused nor practice deceit. I want you to know how to lift your soul to Me so that you may receive My inspiration. For I am about to transform each of you into a "footstool" of Me.

17. A "footstool" is the foundation upon which the light and power of your Lord rests. Then you, my children, will be tomorrow the true "footstool", the true voice bearers of my word. Prepared by the unfolding of your gifts, you will pass on my word in all purity. I will see no ignorance among my people Israel after this precious time of my rallies through the human mind has passed for you.

18. Which of you will deny this divine thing after 1950? If you do so, it will be out of ignorance, and it is ignorance that I am presently eliminating from you. For he who is enlightened will not retreat, he will stand firm and advance on the way. But he who has not understood me will not recognize that it was the fruit of his lack of preparation, his lack of faith and spiritualization, and for this reason he will return to his idolatry and fanaticism.

19. If you see imperfection in this way, do not attribute it to my divinity, I am perfect. Ascribe it to your neighbor who has not been able to prepare himself to lead you with the perfection with which I have taught you.

20. I have said to you: For my Spirit there are no nationalities, there are no castes nor family genders, there are no races nor colors. You are all my children, and for all of you I have opened my arms, and I have received all of you. I have received him who came to my feet contrite and repentant ─ the heart that is corrupt, that still carries traces of blood on his hands, and I have protected him from the justice of the earth. Why? Because he is my child. And if he has been the cruelest sinner on earth, if he has killed, I have forgiven him and told him, "Sin no more. I am the forgiver, but I want that forgiveness to be your salvation forever.

21. I want you to forsake your ways of evil, that everyone may understand my word and repent of his faults, that you may be repentant sinners in my presence, that you may confess to your God. For I will hear you in silence and will not make your sins known. I will not betray you, my children, I will counsel you as the most faithful of your friends. On earth do not take the forbidden fruits, do not enjoy what does not belong to you, do not do works that dishonor you in life. Be men or women who live in all honor and righteousness as I have taught you. If a weakness made you sin, repent now of your transgression. Allow my mercy to purify you. But I want your repentance to be pure in heart.

22. Improve yourselves, renew yourselves, for the Master has told you at this time: I serve the sinner, but not the unruly sinner, but the repentant sinner. And if you have repented ─ what have you received? Peace, peace of mind, balance in your soul, thanksgiving and virtues of your God.

23. What man is able to give you a moment of spiritual peace as I give it to you in every moment? What man advises you as I do? Recognize that no one on earth is able to prepare your way with so much reliability and ability as I do with you. And yet you still want to go off this path to experience new adventures.

24. Men and women who suffered the passing away of your family members, who died ─ of those who lived with you, gave you peace of mind and filled your hearts with love Do you not agree that my will has been done to your loved ones?

You mothers have felt the loss of your children, you children have been orphaned in life, you have lost the presence of your dearest people who were your parents. The wives have seen their faithful companions pass away. I removed them from their lives, called them to the afterlife. But will you interfere with my high counsel? No. For you are to recognize that you are only temporarily in this world, that I have only recalled them because I have a new life ready for them.

But now your hearts agree with it, and if you have wept over the absence of your loved ones, it is because of the weakness of your earthly nature. Your Spirit, however, who has understood my HolySpirit, has felt joy.

25. The Father tells you Obey each of my commissions with love, with approval, and with peace. For one day not very far away your soul also will enter into the hereafter and see those souls who died before you. You still dwell on this planet, but verily I say to you: the same fate awaits you. But in this life, have strength, light and peace so that you may continue to live righteously on this world. When I recall you, your eyes will open to this new life and you will begin a new path.

26. Blessed is he who is prepared, for he will escape his purification and see a new life in his way.

27. Remove yourselves from the world, lift up your eyes to Me and be refreshed by My presence. Let my word be imprinted in your heart so that you may be strong and not allow temptation to rob you of what I have entrusted to you with so much love. Fulfill the law so that you may be true spiritualists. For you have slept at all times and I have awakened you. If you intend to be with Me, you will not feel the burden of your debts.

28. I come at this time to receive the commission of my workers and to leave in their soul my love and my kiss of peace, spiritual bliss I want you to be the mirror for the others ─ for those who deny my presence among you, who do not believe in my rallies through the human mind.

29. My spiritual world protects you and is the rod in your life. But when you enter darkness, they show me their tears because you have forgotten that it is they who guard you.

But I come as a Father to counsel you ─ as a Master to teach you, and as God to give you my blessing and mercy. I see the disciples with the hope to come to Me. But I tell you that everyone who wants to be with me must be obedient.

30. I have taught you that you may understand and spiritualize.

31. My rallies through the human mind are coming to an end. But when you understand my teachings, you will feel united in thought and will and love one another.

32. There are only a few more morning devotions in which you will hear my word through the human mind, and it is necessary that you understand me that you may take with you the meaning of this word at the bottom of your heart. I have come to you; tomorrow you must rise spiritually to reach me.

33. After the end of my rallies through the human mind, the teaching I have given you will reverberate in your being. You will feel melancholy because of the absence of this rallies and then weep over the unused time if you have not used what I have given you in my teaching.

34. I have called you in this time, beloved people, so that you may be prepared. But if you spurn this opportunity, I will allow you to go on your own way and I will follow your steps gently and humbly, and if you fall I will raise you up again kindly and lovingly and after your long wanderings I will draw you to Me again.

35. I have lifted you to a higher level than that on which mankind is. I have imparted progress to your soul so that you, like your Master, bend down to mankind to raise it up, as I have done with you. You shall not look at the splinter in the eye of your fellow men without first looking at the beam that is within you. Understand these words, people, for mankind has not yet understood them.

36. You will form my church. It will be the union of the pure souls, the souls of good will who love their God and serve Him. They will be the souls of light who no longer have any evil in them, because darkness will have no place in these souls, for they will be pure as snowflakes.

37. I said unto you, Ye shall be part of my hosts, which shall fight hard to deliver mankind from their darkness, and by your obedience ye shall reach the stage of perfection. Many good works you will be able to do if you are gentle, humble, and full of faith in your Father. For I will make myself known through your minds because I have given you great gifts and have poured myself into you as light, grace and wisdom.

38. I have made you rich that you may give of these riches to the needy. For you are not to be egoists who want everything only for yourselves. For if you should act in this way, you would be deprived of my mercy.

39. The prophecies will come true, and when mankind is then in its confusion, in its darkness, you will show the light to it and manifest my presence among yourselves.

40. Understand me, people, I speak clearly to you, receive you lovingly. come here to quench your thirst, I am the fountain of living water Rest with Me, I who am peace, and refresh yourselves with Me, I who am the perfect wisdom.

41. Remember, humanity, that it is necessary that pain be with you to feel me But do not blame your Lord for these events, blame yourselves. When suffering came to you, you told Me, "Lord, why do You punish us? But you do not recognize the fruit of your works to tell Me: "Lord, we have sinned, forgive us.

42. Once mankind knows how to lead itself in my way, it will have been saved, and all will love their God and Lord and love one another. Therefore I say to you: Keep my teaching in your heart, have my wisdom in your soul and pass it on to mankind in all ways as I have given it to you. Help her to ascend, raise her up with the power I have entrusted to your souls.

43. I give you sandals for your feet so that you may be good feet and therefore walk in all ways and bring my light. You will go on behalf of me because I have made a covenant with you to fulfill this blessed mission. When you then come to me, you will show me your harvest.

44. Anew I will rejoice in your soul and present to you the teaching you have to learn because you have to practise what I as Master have taught you.

45. You show Me your obedience and the zeal you have in your heart to follow Me and this makes you understand My divine Word It is my will that you are prepared to be the true messengers of my word, so that men may awaken and feel me at the bottom of their heart ─ so that they may recognize the way and walk on it and be in harmony with me.

46. You have gone through various trials and have not been weak in them because my power has remained in you I as Father encourage you with My words and point you to the moment when I entrust you with the mercy that mankind needs. You will go out in representation of Me and bring to your fellow men the bread of life and the light of my HolySpirit so that they may escape from their darkness.

47. I will make use of the souls that I have purified and purified ─ of those to whom I have given light for their spiritual eyes so that they may recognize my presence in this Third Time ─ you whom I have prepared with my word so that you may pass on the testimony of my presence in your hearts

48.You have come into my presence in need without any good. But I have prepared your soul, clothed it with the light of my HolySpirit and have distributed among you my gifts of grace so that you may go to the needy and share with them the wealth I have entrusted to you.

49. Therefore, I have prepared and purified you thoroughly so that I may use you ─ of those among you who have turned away from evil and from lies ─ of those souls into which, when they heard My Word, My light penetrated, enlightened them and made them know where the true God is For this reason you have turned away from the confusion which the world has brought with its false teachings, with which mankind seeks me, because it has not recognized that its God does not reveal Himself to it in the materialism of its works.

50. Lift up your souls and communicate with me from Spirit to Spirit. But to attain this dialogue, it is necessary that you have imprinted my Divine Law in your heart, so that you may be in dialogue with Me by virtue of this spiritualization. I tell you: If I no longer speak to you through the human mind, I will not depart from your soul; I will dwell in you, because this is necessary to make Me known to mankind through your mediation.

51. It has been my will that you would be the first to sit down at these tables. It has been my most holy will that you would be gathered around Me and flocked together to give you your inheritance and make yourselves rich from the needy to possess the treasure of my word. In this way your spiritual eyes have seen the light of a new day because you are the disciples of the Third Age that I have prepared so that later on you may bear witness to mankind of my presence ─ that you may speak of my law ─ with all truthfulness and wisdom so that you may preach the Gospel of my love and make my presence tangible to men through your works, so that repentance may enter their hearts for their past transgressions and errors, that they may abandon their false gods and find their true God, and through your mediation receive comfort and hope for the coming times when my prophecies will be fulfilled.

52. In your way darkness will rise to embrace men. But not you, because you carry my light in your spirit and heart. You can no longer be embraced by the darkness of the world, which darkens the mind and blinds men and causes them not to hear the voice of their conscience. But this is the fight that I entrust to you because in your hand I have put a lightsaber that will light up the dark caves.

53. You will experience how men in their limitation will continue to bow before the false gods. But the light of my word will penetrate to the innermost part of their hearts, and they will feel the presence of my Spirit.

54. The multitudes will break forth and be purified, that they may receive my message through your mediation. For the Father comes in desire to save souls, and it is necessary that they should first purify and purify themselves to receive my mercy. Some will be reluctant because they are full of striving for power, because they have risen to lords among the multitudes, and their souls have become darkened and confused.

55. You will hear how your fellow men will deny the truthfulness of my messages brought by your transmission and will say that you are the wrong ones ─ imperfect men who cannot carry my presence in themselves, in the innermost part of their being. For they belong to those who want to experience me as another king of this world.

56. In the Second Time I reigned humbly to bring my teaching to men, but they did not believe in the coming of the "Native Son of the Father. Likewise, your fellow men will deny in this time that you are my messengers, my chosen ones, whom I have bestowed with my gifts of grace so that you may make my work known in all clarity. For they will see you humbly and will experience that you belonged to the erring men, that you likewise lived in the dirt and in sin in former times. But you will speak to them of my love and invite them to receive me in their hearts so that they also can find the saving haven.

57. In this way you will go through the lands, and when you have spoken at length, when you have tirelessly revealed my love and mercy for mankind, when you have shown the true worship of God that they shall offer to their God, then this mankind will see my judgment unleashed, and the great purification of mankind will begin until it is pure and pure as the gold in the crucible Their sin will end with fire, and the mighty will know that my power is greater than theirs, and that my righteousness is above all laws. Their enmities will be removed and abolished. For my love will be the fire that will purify the heart of men. Then the great masses of people will feel my presence, and this will happen, Israel, when your work, your toil, will begin to blossom. The fields will be fertile, and my seed will multiply a hundred to one.

58. Your struggle will continue even after you have left your body. Your soul will continue to carry the life of my HolySpirit, life of grace, eternal life, and you will work like my angels so that the coming generations will be people of good will, loving one another, nourishing my peace and glorifying their God with their works.

59. Today mankind is in chaos, it is sleeping a deep sleep. It has not felt Me, has not heard Me, and there are few who are awake and feel the presence of their Lord. But men will finally understand that now is the time when they are to spiritualize themselves to reach the top of the mountain. For they will receive the light of the HolySpirit so that they may escape from their darkness.

60. The time of their confusion is now nearing its end; the kingdoms of this world will tremble and see that their foundations are false, and in this way my will will will be felt. But it is up to you to prepare the world, because it is my will that men, women and children should hear the good news. To those who have wept and have expected comfort ─ give them this, show them the truth in the depths of your heart.

61. I bless the pain you have endured for my sake, for all that you suffer for my sake will make you worthy forever.

62. I give strength to your soul and leave in your hands weapons of light, so that you may overcome pitfalls which temptation will set up as obstacles. In this way you will continue to walk towards the kingdom which I have promised you.

My peace be with you! 

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