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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XII - Teaching 339 - 366 
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Book of True Life - Volume 12

Teaching 365

1. Disciples, I have set you at my table, and at it I have offered you the rich food of my teaching: my body and my blood, the word and the meaning of it, so that through this food you may be immortal and invincible in the great battles of life.

2. You surround Me, and the Master penetrates your heart and sees your sadness Why, my children? I have prepared you for the true rallies ─ in this time in which I have been with you and have manifested Myself through simple and humble men. But this has not been the best, nor the most perfect of the forms I have chosen to connect with mankind. This has been a preparatory rallies, so that the eyes of your Spirit may soon see me coming "on the cloud," and then your soul, too, can have contact with the angels in their exaltation.

3. The most perfect communication with the Master is that which will come after the parting of my word. The absence of these rallies will indeed make many weak in their faith ─ those who did not understand me nor interpret my teachings. But those who have well fathomed my word and used the time with works of love will know that I have set a limit to my rallies at the right hour, at the right time, to leave you afterwards to the infinite, to eternity, to the spiritual.

4. Watch and pray, this time is decisive, it is the hour of testing, O my people! You must watch for humanity and for yourself, because your prayer should be like a cloak that covers them ─ also like an indestructible wall that protects them. Temptation lurks in a thousand forms, do not let yourselves be seduced.

The Master gives you these prophecies because you will drink a very bitter cup which the people have prepared for themselves ─ a cup which I drank in the hereafter and which I will now give you to drink. For you are now strong, because I have put my wisdom and my readiness into your soul, and when you are awake you will be able to withstand the trials and storms.

5. What is in this cup that has left such a bitter taste on the lips of the Master? It is the disbelief of this people, it is their disobedience, their materialism, their idolatry, their fanaticism, their lack of renewal, the little spiritualization they have achieved, and the little they have appreciated and used in the time of the teachings ─ the discord and strife that has always prevailed among this people, between the workers and between the communities. And all this together now forms a cup which you yourselves will drink. But I give you the strength to pass the test.

6. To you who hear this word, I say You have not filled this cup, but you will still drink some of it, because you will be in the fight and not indifferent ─ because you will touch the lack of sensitivity of those who seem to have always been awake and praying and in reality have been deeply asleep in their routine ─ because you will have to face the weak, the multiple victims of disobedience, the desecration of many, because you will be soldiers of my work among you and with outsiders.

7. I want you to be a protective force tomorrow. But prepare yourselves, gather spiritual strength so that you will not weaken for a moment. With these words I encourage you to pray and prepare for battle so that you may reach my breast, the top of the mountain where I am.

8. Come to Me, beloved people, and obey My commandment Come to Me, O Israel, and feed yourselves with My word, so that hunger and thirst may not afflict you. Blessed is he who, when he hears my word, receives it with humility and keeps it in his heart. For the time will come when mankind will seek this bread, and you shall give it to them what I have entrusted to you in my work.

9. The times have passed and your soul has developed, and you are now in the time when you have progressed and spiritualized.

10. In three times I have put my law into your hands. My work is the same as that which I gave you already in the First Time, when I entrusted to you through Moses the tablets of the Law, and he was your guide in the desert for forty years.

11. In the second time I fulfilled this law to redeem mankind. And in the Third Time I came again as HolySpirit to explain to you the same Law.

12. After that you will give mankind the testimony of my truth ─ of this mankind, which expects to see me with their bodily eyes to believe and denies me afterwards.

13. It is a time of confusion in the world, a time of struggle for you. Three years before the year 1950 ends, I spoke to you at length so that you would prepare yourselves and unite spiritually, but now that 1950 ends, many of you have gone astray in your materialism.

14. The battle awaits you, and you are to rise as soldiers. I have entrusted you with the weapons so that you may be invincible in battle. Begin by defeating yourselves.

15. For many years I have entrusted my word to you. But those who have not understood their Master ask that I manifest myself through the human mind for another time. But my word is that of a king and must be fulfilled.

16. The false disciples will continue to exist, and they will confuse mankind. Then they will cry out and say, "Where are you, my God, where is your truth, what is your work, and where are your elect?

17. After my departure you shall bear witness to my presence and be obedient to my law, that you may make known this work in all its purity.

18. After my rallies by voice bearers are finished, the world will rise to spiritualization, to light, to peace, and when the new generations come, there will be no more fanaticism or idolatry. Then I will be sought in the Temple of the HolySpirit, where I will be forever.

19. On this day of grace I will unite and gather the twelve tribes that make up my chosen people Israel at the foot of the mountain.

20. In this third time you have been prepared by my word, by the light of the HolySpirit, that you may fulfill the mission which I have entrusted to you from the beginning, that you may be the people who obey my law, the messengers of my divinity among men.

21. On this day I look upon your armour and receive your soul. Show Me what you have learned from Me. For I have poured out My Divine Word in you to give you teaching, life and spiritualization, so that you may be spiritual "in My image and likeness.

22. My fatherly gaze penetrates your being on this day and explores everything. I see your souls prepared, and to them I give my commissions so that you may fulfill them, as it has been written since the first time and has also been confirmed in this time by my voice bearers.

23. As master I have been tireless with you and have given you the teaching to make you my disciples. I have cleansed you and given you life with my blood. I have turned you from other ways and have removed fanaticism and idolatry from you. You are now free from all this because I have put into your heart and soul the truth, and through it I have spiritualized you, and today I show you a new page of the Book of Wisdom. But all the light, the revelation, I will give you from Spirit to Spirit.

24. You shall prepare your hearts and lift up your souls so that you may receive my wisdom in the perfect conversation from spirit to spirit.

25. You are to develop your gifts and always be prepared that my HolySpirit may pour out upon you.

26. On this day I say to you in My presence, in the presence of Mary, Elijah and the patriarchs of the First Times: You souls, who form My Chosen People of Israel, I consecrate you to take the first steps in the fulfilment of the great and sublime mission for which I have prepared you.

27. Accept the caress of my love and devote yourselves to your missionary work among mankind

28. Set your foot on all paths, show my work to your fellow men and bear witness to me, then with my wisdom, with my teaching, you will give life to the "dead" and show my law to men

29. Share with all the mercy that I have entrusted to you, feel in your Spirit the responsibility for the work that I have handed over to you, and bear this cross to spiritualize the world.

Let those of you who are prepared teach ─ the "first" and the "last" ─ with my teaching. Be like torches illuminating souls, and set the table with the bread of eternal life for those who are hungry and for those who seek my wisdom.

30. Bear witness with your works of mercy, which ye bear in your souls. Fight tirelessly day after day and "watch" for humanity and for yourselves, for I want to see you united before my Divine Spirit.

31. I carry in my hand a book, the book of life. Write your names in it, Israel, that you may have eternal life and receive from Me all that I have promised you since the beginning of time.

32. I leave you my presence, the presence of Elijah and the tenderness of Mary. I prepare the spiritual hosts so that they may unite with you in Spirit and in truth. You shall be the temple of your God, for this is my will.

33. As a blessed shadow, my sublime love comes down to cover you on your way. For I see the moment you are in and the trial your Spirit is going through.

34. With great concern you prepare yourselves to hear my word this day. Blessed people: For eighty-four years the Master has been with you to train you. But I see that you still stammer the first syllable and have been weak in the face of my commandments.

35. Humanity is disoriented, confused, and prey to the hungry wolf. Although my departure by means of the human mind is so near, you do not know the great test to which your Spirit is subjected from this moment on.

36. Recognize, Israel: I have given you three years to obtain a great armament, so that all of you would be united and gathered like sheep in the hurdle of my love ─ so that you would make an effort and bring in great harvests ─ so that you would not come into my presence with bowed heads on this day and would only show me the golden ear of corn.

37. But ye have not fully known my word, neither have ye understood my inspiration. You are at a standstill, you have left the cross on the path and are disturbed by your disobedience. But your struggle is not over: I will speak to you through revelation and intuition so that you may continue to work in my work and be united spiritually.

38. After my departure, the voice-bearers will divide among themselves. All this my eyes see. But it is my will that you all have the same armor. If you act in this way, I will keep you awake. I have left my word and its meaning imprinted in your hearts, and what the "gold feathers" have written down of my teachings will constitute the Third Testament.

39. The Master will never depart from you, for to every one who really knows how to prepare himself to seek Me, I will give according to his exaltation and spiritualization from Spirit to Spirit I will give Me as revelation, as intuition and as inspiration, so that you may lead the crowds and reach the top of the mountain.

40. I will make you subject to great trials, because every trial calls you to duty and obedience.

41. So I speak on this day to the flock which Elijah has chosen in this third time, and as a Father I receive your commission, your effort and your readiness.

42. Through the voice bearers I have told you that on the last day of the year 1950 you will hear my word for the last time, and that he who after this day would call my ray or my spiritual world to communicate in the present form would fall into lie, into deceit. Today I repeat my instruction for you.

43. When the year 1951 begins, my HolySpirit will enlighten you for spirit to spirit communication, and as Father I will not turn away my gaze and love from you.

44. On this day a love tear of my Spirit falls upon you because you have been able to use my spiritual benefits and feel my presence in your soul.

45. You will fulfill my assignments on earth because I see you prepared, full of teaching, power and wisdom.

46. You have been obedient to my will. I have spiritualized you on the path of life, have eliminated the materialism that existed in you, and have made you feel my presence in the upliftment of your soul.

47. I open a greater door, but one that is full of light and spiritual perfection, through which you will reach, and through which you will let your fellow men reach the kingdom of spiritualization.

48. I pass on prophecy, revelation, intuition and real understanding of my Divine Will. You shall be like clarinets and trumpets, which make my teaching known and thereby awaken mankind.

49, I await you on the top of the mountain, and when you have fulfilled my commissions, I will reward you with the crown of laurels. I will embrace you in My fatherly arms, and as a reward for your obedience you will enter the Promised Land, and when you are then with Me, I will tell you

50. "Welcome the disciple in the sight of the book of perfect teaching."

51. From the moment you were marked with My divine light, you have received the difficult and great mission to stand up for mankind.

52.  I see the misfortunes you have gone through, but verily, I say to you It was not I who put pain in your way. You have done so, and today I give back to your soul what belongs to you. But I have filled you with my grace and told you: You are to be the strong of mankind and give my light to it.

53. You must be a living example of love and mercy to your neighbor when you show them my work. For you are the children who were able to understand me, and I see that you are ready to always listen to me and follow the track of your Master.

54. For a long time I told you that the disoriented men would come to you to ask you for my teachings. Today I tell you: Show them in truth that you are not idolaters, that you live in the time of light, that they may seek me from Spirit to Spirit. In this way they will find the loving Father, the Almighty God, the best doctor and also their best friend.

55. When the philosophers come to you, you shall explain to them what they could not comprehend, and when the scientists come, you shall give them the light of my wisdom. For the light of my HolySpirit is with all my people.

56. Beloved disciples of the Master: In this third time I have announced to you that when the year 1950 is over, I would cease to give you my word through the human organ of the mind. But I have left you words of consolation and orientation so that you may direct your actions accordingly, so that you may strengthen your faith and be like your Master tomorrow.

57. In this time of mental and spiritual development, in which man struggles with himself, with different worldviews, to find the truth, you must begin your work to achieve that mankind abandons its customs, rites and habits of the past, so that it may come to know and understand spiritualization in a comprehensive way.

58. In today's world the world misjudges each other: one brother kills the other, women forget their shame and dignity, parents misjudge their children and children misjudge their parents. The value of a life is not sufficiently appreciated. People follow different ideals, and there is no unity among them. The leaders of nations do not understand each other.

59. Therefore have I come in the Spirit, and have made myself known through the mind of man to the world

to make her understand that My work is the lifeboat, and to remind her of the same teaching that I gave her in the Second Age.

60. The Master will not separate from you, but He will not make Himself known in this form any more, because you are entering a new stage of spiritual development, in which it is necessary that you unfold your gifts. For only in this way will you give proof that you have used my teaching, and that you are worthy to make my work known.

61. Only once did the "Word" of the Father manifest itself with all its powers and love in a perfectly prepared body, it was that of Jesus. But in this day and age, through my mercy and compassion, the "footstool" has been prepared so that the Spirit of Comfort, which is my own Spirit, may manifest itself. As you prepare yourselves, you will receive my inspiration in a comprehensive way in the times to come.

62. Why have I come again, my children? Because man, by his own instincts, by his own passions, has become more and more inclined to that which removes him from spiritualization. He has followed paths so different that in trying to understand my work he has distorted it.

Man has stopped spiritually because his spiritual development is not in harmony with his scientific development. It is not by following rites that men will attain greater exaltation, nor by fear of punishment or punishment for their deeds.

63. The soul incarnated in one body and the other has had different experiences to know the merits of good and the contemptible of evil. In this way, feeling the satisfaction of doing good out of love for the Creator, you will be able to attain eternal perfection.

64. My work is love, and love gives itself without selfishness, without seeking benefits for itself. Therefore it was necessary that I should come to remind you of my teaching.

65. Each one of you has been equipped by my light, and you have also felt the presence of high beings who stood by you at the very moment when you needed them You have felt the Master with you. I have lived with my children in their moments of tribulation and doubt. Who could doubt the manifestations that the Lord has allowed to comfort mankind in this time?

66. I do not limit anyone. You shall make my work blossom and make it known according to your disposition. The practice of mercy will be the best experience for you, and by this virtue you will rise spiritually.

67. These rallies, which you have received from me through a voice bearer, are now coming to an end, but you will continue to receive my inspiration because your soul has been enlightened by me and prepared for Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue.

68. My spiritual work does not require material symbols and rites. It is the continuation of the teaching which Jesus left in the Second Age.

69. Spiritualism is not a religion, it is not a sect, it is not a new teaching, it is the law of all time. It is the love, forgiveness and light that Jesus left to the world in the Second Age. If you understand my teaching and follow it, you will be worthy to call yourselves spiritualists.

70. Those who from 1950 on continue to make their fellow men believe that I am still manifesting myself through the human organ of the mind will judge themselves, and in their time they will draw the consequences and awaken from their sleep

71. The father no longer makes himself known in the present form, but everything what I have given you remains in writing

72. I left my word of teaching, poured out my love, so that all your works would be inspired by it I have forgiven all insults because I am forgiveness and love, because I reveal myself in righteousness. But not in the way you understand it, if you think that I punish you by destroying you with the unleashed elements. No, My justice has been revealed with you when I have prepared you and enlightened you to understand Me, when I have shown you your own work and made you know what you are and what you will be when I have revealed to you what the world has obtained and what mankind must receive through your mediation.

73. You will gather together to study my word, which will be preserved in writing, and the more you understand it, the greater power and edification you will have

74. I leave you united and convinced of the importance that my work will have in the world in the future I have already told you that you are the sowers, but that you will not reap the harvest in your earthly life. No. For what you will sow in this time is for the world of tomorrow.

75. My work shall be for you like a crystal clear mirror that reflects your actions and enables you to know yourselves.

76. My people: I will not leave you alone. Whenever it is necessary, I will be with you, and when you speak in my name, I will be there to give love and mercy.

77. According to your preparation you will be able to receive from Me life, inspiration, love, knowledge, understanding, strength, healing power and all that you lack, whenever you are in harmony with Me

78. Let your purification stage end so that you may begin your ascension stage. In this way you will feel in your soul the ineffable bliss when you merge with the love of your Heavenly Father.

My peace be with you! 

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