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Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Teaching 270:

1. Blessed are those who are prepared on the last day of my rallies. For verily I say to you, their soul will take part in my new supper. There your soul, while receiving for the last time this invisible, true bread without leaven, will be strengthened, saturated with spirituality and light, whereby it will soon understand the meaning of this teaching.

2. What solemnity reigns in this last hour! How much light shines down upon this people!

3. The kingdom of heaven will draw near to your soul with its everlasting invitation to dwell in it. The great, the strong Spirits, the Spirits of Light, true wise men in the spiritual realm, will be present in those moments.

4. The pioneers, the prophets, who in other times brought divine messages to earth, will also be present For my word has been for all souls, whether they are incarnate or free from matter.

5. Those entities will be representatives of the infinite life worlds that exist in the universe, and will attend the last of my rallies, which exist at this time in this form.

6. What will they see among this people? What will they discover? I alone know. But I charge you to "watch" and to pray, so that you may belong to those who sit at the table - to those who eat and weep with the Master, to those who eat and drink the bread and wine of heaven. Do not come to the table as long as you commit treachery, because then you have been with me only by appearance. For in reality your conscience will not permit you to enjoy the presence of your Father.

7. Do you know why I speak to you in this way? Because I know what will happen, because I know you perfectly and know which ones will deny me, and which will be loyal to me because they have studied my word, and which will go astray because they have never fathom the core of my work.

8. While some were interested only in the meaning of my word and always demanded progress and development of their soul, others took more pleasure in outward worship. Likewise, while the former rejoiced when they received teachings on spirituality, the others were disturbed when their faults were mentioned.

9. I alone know which ones will have to answer to me for all that should have been known by my voice-bearers and which was withheld.

10. Understand, people: In this "Third Age" you, as witnesses who have witnessed this divine rallies, have the task of spreading this message faithfully and truthfully. You have been called and chosen to bring the Good News to humanity, to teach your fellow men the spiritual way - the only one that leads you to peace, to true light, and to all-embracing brotherhood.

11. It has been a long time that I dedicated to you to teach you But since the last ones heard Me only a little, I leave My Word written for them, so that they may seek the divine meaning in Him and all may attain the same understanding and spiritualization.

12. If you follow this path, have no other ideal than that of perfecting your soul - a perfection which you can attain by applying my teaching, living my teachings, devoting your existence in unceasing devotion to the service of your neighbor, to divine laws and to human laws.

13. You have already fought a lot for your material life. Now it is time to work for the benefit of the soul.

14. Both efforts are different in nature. For while the human struggle is selfish because it works for itself, the spiritual struggle must be absolutely selfless, you must sow your way with love and mercy without expecting rewards.

15. Strive to penetrate and understand my teachings in such a way that you may comprehend that in the pursuit of a superior, pure, and spiritual life there exist greater satisfactions, the greatest joys, the true and eternal triumphs.

16. When the soul rises above the materialization of the world and above the recalcitrance of the body, it will see life through the light of truth Only then will it discover what is real and what is false.

17. It is pleasing to me when peace exists in the soul of my children, and it fills me with joy when the heart of man experiences joy. I only want you to strive for what is true, for which I give you the means in my words.

18. Verily I say to you Blessed are those who have not become accustomed to my word. Blessed are they who obey and respect my commands. For it will be they who bear witness to my work. They will be the ones who answer with love the love I show them in my word. It is they who have compassion and gratitude towards these voice-bearers, who more and more leave their lives to this people.

19. But how many have become accustomed to my rallies! They are present at my teachings like someone who attends a rite or fulfills a tradition, and this is not the behavior I expect from my people.

20. The time has not yet come for all of you to understand my work in a spiritual way. Take heed that, while some of my "workers" become humble and charitable to the extent that I bestow benefits upon them, others become proud and selfish, believing themselves to be ever more superior to their brothers and sisters.

21. The former work in silence, in humility, in spiritual inwardness. The latter cannot be satisfied if they do not live surrounded by flattery, praise and homage, enjoying the humiliation of their small and weak brothers and sisters. These are not disciples of Me, for never have my examples of teaching, my teaching or my revelations taught them such behaviors.

22. To those of you who have created such a pedestal for yourselves, I say in love that you are to descend from it - out of conviction, out of repentance - if you do not want that tomorrow the same ones push you down who lifted you up today, as it always happened to men who sat down on a throne of false power to humiliate their neighbors from it.

23. To those of you who have humbly worked by sowing the blessed seed of spiritual charity with love - to you I say that you should continue to sow, that you should also continue to collect the tears of those who suffer, that you should also in the future bring light on the ways of darkness, ignorance, vice and confusion. This is the way, this is the mission of the "worker" of Jesus.

24. I want the one and the other to be united in my work - united by faith, united in spiritualization, walking the same path under the weight of the same cross.

25. Do not proclaim to the world that you are masters in spiritualization, do not even say that you are disciples. But make sure that your works are as faithful as possible to my truth, then these will testify for you.

26. Call Me in the difficult hours of your life in the great trials with the Spirit, without outwardly attracting anyone's attention, and I will make my presence and power palpable

27. My lands are infinite. How can anyone believe that they are limited to those places where you hear my word?

28. My fields of work are all over the earth, where according to my will a man dwells or a soul exists. My farmland extends beyond this world and reaches all life worlds where there is a desire for light, for peace, for spiritual culture, for purification and perfection.

29. Let your imaginations expand, let your mind break the circle in which it has locked itself up, and let your soul free itself from those chains with which the body has subjugated it, so that it may see the Infinite and be sated by the Eternal.

30. The time is drawing near in which men will come to you to investigate this teaching. There will then be no merit in your showing them my word to defend yourselves, since, because it comes from me, it is pure and perfect in its meaning. There will be merit in discovering a simple and pure life among my people in exploring you - men and women who know how to devote part of their time to the practice of mercy, who leave a trace of comfort and light on their path of life. This will be the living testimony that you will give to the world - a testimony given through works, not words.

31. Admittedly, the gift of the word shall blossom on your lips to move the hearts of your fellow men. But it shall be the works that shall confirm every word of yours.

32. Do you think that my disciples of the Second Age were content to repeat what they had heard from their Master? No, people. It is true that the light poured forth in abundance into the word that came from their lips. But their works, their deeds were as numerous as their words. Therefore their seed was fruitful and fruitful.

33. Therefore I say unto you, refresh your souls in my words, O people. Nor can you enjoy this grace for a short time. Make of your hearts a chest in which you keep all the essence of my teachings, and your soul shall be the ark in which my wisdom is kept.

34. Already the day is coming when these nightingales will no longer walk in the branches of this tree, and I do not want you to shed tears later because of the unused times.

35. When the hour comes to end this period of rallies, I will have given you all that you need for your spiritual journey. You will lack nothing.

36. I have provided you with weapons of light so that you can stand up to this time announced by me, in which - as I have already told you - men will try to destroy faith in themselves, in which the love for God is fought as it never happened before. But I leave with you this bread of life so that you bring balm to those who hunger for light to heal the bodily pain and that of the soul - the power to stop those who stray from the true way.

37. Prepare yourselves so that these times may not come as a surprise to you. For if you should sleep, you will be torn from your slumber by painful events. Then you will not be able to think of others; you will think of yourselves, at most of your children, parents, spouses, or brothers and sisters. But I want you to forget yourselves what you are and what you possess, so that your soul can devote itself to its highest task, which consists in loving God in its own neighbor.

38.  I want you to love your fellow men as if you knew them, and for this it is enough to know that they exist.

39. Unite so that you may form a strong people, the New Israel, which knows how to make its way through persecutions, afflictions, and resistance, following step by step the light-filled way of my law, inspired by the divine promise of my peace.

40. You are, both spiritually and by blood, a people struggling for peace and freedom, who have experienced much oppression, temptation and humiliation. Verily, I tell you, it is precisely through this cup of suffering, so bitter, that your soul has been purified and hardened.

41. Do not let the ideal of light, freedom, and peace die. You must understand that this spiritual path, which I am showing you, will bring the men of faith and good will safely to their goal.

42. When my justice is fully revealed in the world, it will help you to witness, to convert, and to level the paths.

43. The thirst for truth will become very great in mankind, and the crystal clear water of my teaching must be given to it, that it may not perish. Always be aware that the people of this time can no longer be deceived because of their spiritual development, that the world is about to open its eyes full of light to say, "This is the good and this is the evil, this is the light and this is the darkness," and it no longer wants to go on crooked ways, nor to get lost in rites and traditions.

44. The long way of experience, of freedom of will, of disobedience and of evil has already been travelled by mankind, and it is approaching its goal, where it will get confused, but where it will also experience the dawning of the light within it.

45. The Spirit, as a sharp sword of light, will fight against the darkness and prevent the soul from getting into confusion, and when she calms down and can see and judge her past, a series of faces will pass by her mind and encourage her never to turn back

46. My word will shine like a beacon in these moments on stormy nights, illuminating the way of the stray.

47. Would it be right if you had not attained the necessary armament by this time?

48. Ye know, indeed, that ye are not absolutely necessary for the spiritual salvation of mankind. But what would happen to your mission?

49. I can do everything without you. But what could you answer me when I call you?

50. Disciples: After you have prayed, think of your responsibility and measure the scope of your mission. You know them very well, because I have spoken to you about them in detail.

51. I come to you to encourage you with words of love and wisdom. You are on the eve of great events. I have announced to you that the world will be shaken in 1950. These events will mark the last year of my rallies and farewell, so that people, if they are interested in finding out the truth of my rallies and the circumstances surrounding them, may discover that heaven, nature and human life were shaken both at the beginning of my rallies in 1866 and towards the end of them in 1950.

52. Think of the world of tomorrow, beloved people, of the people who will anxiously seek signs of my presence. Remember that you remain as a faithful witness of all that you have seen and heard from Me.

53. As my teaching has been extensive, so will your testimony have to be, lest you leave the slightest doubt or error in any of your fellow men.

54. Imprint deeply in your heart that it shall not be done by outward and impressive deeds, with which you shall try to convince your fellow men - it shall be done by the spiritual essence of my teaching. You could indeed impress those who come with their burden of suffering in their longing for consolation and who, in their longing to find relief for their pain, will not even pay attention to the way in which they receive the balm. But remember that they will open their eyes and understand that the Balm which the "workers" have received from Me has not been handed over to them in all its purity. Verily, I tell you, the seed sown in this way will bear many deaf fruits.

55. The "worker" who bases his work on the exercise of a true, correctly understood charity - who, besides bringing relief from the diseases of the body, lights the light of faith in God and transmits spiritual knowledge - the one who forgets himself and dedicates a few moments to the service of his neighbor, will make spiritualism palpable in his fellow men, will make my presence palpable through his works, and as a result his field will be fertile and his harvest good and abundant.

56. I must remind your soul of the mission assigned to it, so that you do not deceive yourselves, so that you may explore in advance your intentions, the purpose of your works, and so that you may understand how the result you obtain may be.

57. Ye are my disciples, and must live awake that ye may hear the voice of conscience before you do any work. Then you will determine the goal you want to achieve beyond this life, knowing that you are to accumulate merits here only to become worthy to dwell in worlds of light.

What does it mean that others will arrive before you with your help? All the greater will be your merit, for this means that you have thought more of them than of yourselves.

58. The spiritualist's path of life is difficult. For whoever, after he has received the teaching, harbors feelings of hatred, selfishness, hypocrisy, or ill-will, will not rightly be able to call himself a disciple of this teaching.

59. In the spiritualist there must be peace, faith, charity, forgiveness, smiling, understanding, forbearance, and tenderness, to be given as a balm to those who suffer. On the other hand, there must be in his heart fervor, strength and severity towards those who change, hide or betray the truth.

60. I give you pure seeds and offer you prepared fields to sow them. Therefore there is no reason for you to give me a bad fruit on your return.

61. Use my word and think seriously about it, then you will feel how it will become a fine chisel that will penetrate into the secret of your being and begin a work of smoothing in your heart

62. Understand, people, that my call was made to make known also the task you are to perform on earth. Your Spirit already knew what it was sent out for, but it was still lacking that your material nature also received this revelation so that it would be ready to co-operate with the Spirit and that both would form one being and one will.

63. Having heard these revelations - could any of you reject his mission? Could your Spirit escape and refuse to fight? It would be childish to flee from your own destiny and run away from yourself. What place could you discover in this world or in other worlds that my voice would not reach? None. For my voice is your light. Besides - who could escape this time of trials? To every place where you would retreat, purification would follow you.

64. Verily I say to you, security and peace you will find only in the exercise and observance of the law which I have entrusted to you. The merits your soul acquires on the way of love, which are mercy and brotherhood, will be reflected in your human life as peace, rest, confidence and health.

65. In the first time the people made a covenant with their Lord and swore to fulfill the law. Today, I do not want you to swear - I want your impulse to follow Me to be spontaneous, that your fulfillment be out of love.

66.  I have seen all the churches gathering together in this time and forming one crowd to commemorate the date when this people swore obedience and union to Me. But I ask you: Have you kept your oath? Have you been obedient to my instructions and have you united? No, people, you have not kept your oath; your oath was void. Then why do you remember that date? I would much prefer to see you physically separated, even though you would never unite then to remember those traditions, but to see you united spiritually instead, to see you exercising my teaching and obeying my word in the same way. Then you would be united in my work, and your union would be strong of love and truthfulness, without the need to fulfill only because you carry in your soul the burden of an oath.

67. I want that when the New People of Israel arise to follow Me, their covenant shall be of love and faith.

68. Do you understand why I abolish all your traditions? Because in striving to follow them, you forget the true meaning of your life, which is to follow the law of love.

69. I tell you that if you do not unite nor forgive yourselves before my rallies end in this time, you do not know the trials that will shake you and remind you of your wrongness and disunity.

70. I see that you have become accustomed to My Word and that you close your ears when I speak to you in reproachful or rebuking tone, trusting that a little later I will forgive you and speak to you with infinite love

71. Alas, people, you have not wanted to keep the seed and only desire the delight of eating the fruit! what will become of you if you lack my word? Will you then think of some way to fill up your emptiness? No, people, do not try to deceive yourself, rather keep my word in your heart already now, collect it, and once you no longer have my rallies, you will be the owner of an inexhaustible treasure of wisdom, a source of health and peace, an inexhaustible fountain of blessings.

72. My word becomes clearer and clearer as the announced day approaches, when you will no longer hear it. Some of my voice-bearers have reached maturity, and as a reward for their armament and that of the people, I pour out my Word full of clarity and simplicity.

73. Before this it was necessary to speak to you figuratively, because the voice-bearers were only able to speak in this form of the deep teachings of my truth. Behind every parable or image there was something divine or mysterious that the voice bearer could not express. Later, when his spiritualization and elevation made his task comprehensible to him, the figurative sense disappeared from his lips, because his mind was now able to express the high in a simple language, in the comprehension of all organs of the mind and of all souls.

My peace be with you! 

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