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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 265:

1. Disciple, come to my chair and reflect on my teaching. You will experience how, through your reflection, you will discover the meaning of this word that

will reveal the true meaning of your life.

2. If men had known from the beginning and throughout all times that its purpose was the perfection of the soul, their existence would have been different and their works different. But man, from his first steps, considered himself the owner of what had been given to him only for a short time, and used all that was entrusted to him for noble works for unfair purposes.

3. See how this world strives to discover with its science only the glory and power of the earthly, without caring for its spiritual perfection. But if the soul does not develop its abilities, nor apply the virtues that exist in it, it will not be able to have love, nor feelings of true mercy in its life.

4. Many wish to free their soul from this materialistic, corrupt and selfish life that reigns in the world. But they cannot free themselves because the struggle for life is so complicated, bitter and difficult for them that even the soul is bound to the worries and problems of human life.

5. If your existence on earth were simpler, the life struggle would also be less, and you would have the freedom and the time for your soul to occupy itself with the tasks that come its way.

6. It is not for you, my little disciples, to realize the transformation of mankind, since this is a work that is beyond your powers. But you are to spread this divine message, which must free men from the great errors in which they have lived.

7. This work of sowing the spiritual seed in such dry fields requires faith, love and effort as all great works. Therefore I tell you that you must not doubt for a moment in the realization of my divine plans, for if you would doubt, you would not achieve anything effective. Your task is to work as members of this union of disciples which I am preparing at this time.

8. Do not think that you are the founders of this spiritual work. Understand that you are the continuation of other, earlier efforts, other works done by your brethren in earlier times.

9. This is why I have told you that the teaching I have brought you today is the same as before and always - that if you discover any difference in it, it concerns only the outer form For the form in which I have given you my teaching in every age has been in accordance with the spiritual development that mankind had attained, and also in accordance with the people to whom I have turned.

10. Your purpose was to receive me in this time. Your mission will be no less important than that which I entrusted to my messengers and apostles of former times. My Word together with the purity of your works will be the fruitful seed destined to blossom in the hearts of men.

11. Could you, with my word and your example, change the lives of men and peoples who for many centuries have lived an existence far from the spiritual?

12. Understand that you must prepare yourselves beforehand until you are ready to be masters in this teaching, and you can take your fellow men by the hand with love, as if they were little children, to guide them step by step from the first to the last lesson.

13. No one wastes such a precious time as the present one, nor does he wait for the future one to fulfill his mission without having properly used the present one, which for the time being is the one that should be close to your heart, so that you do not despair when the hour of battle comes. Your confidence in what you are going to preach must be perfect, and you must banish the fear that your counsel will be easily ruined by the eccentrics and materialists.

14. He who fears does so because he is not fully convinced of my truth, and for him it is necessary to be tested until the flame of faith burns from his heart.

15.When the disciple has obtained the grace to be a master, his presence and his words will be loving, friendly, convincing. He will work in such a way that he will inspire confidence from the first moment. His word will prove that he really has knowledge of what he is speaking, that he has an absolute conviction of what he is teaching, and that a higher light is illuminating him. When the good disciple sees himself attacked by his opponents, he will calmly expect them, because his heart will fear nothing, and because his trust in Him who taught him is perfect.

16. Verily I say to you, whoever wants to follow Me to be my disciple must cast off the garment of hypocrisy and clothe himself with the sincerity and truthfulness which he saw in the Master, for I am the truthfulness.

17. It is necessary that the sowers of truth should appear on the earth and spread my balm everywhere, that the deaf may hear and the blind may see the light of my message.

18. God wants only good for his creatures. Blessed are all those who cooperate in the realization of this good.

19. The echo of my word and what you do has become known in many places - farther than you think. And though the skeptical people to whom news of my rallies has come cannot believe in a teaching that is intended to turn this world of strife into a fraternal family, that unbelief should not be of any concern to you, nor how many years must pass before those who convert. Fight, work for this work, for in this way you will gradually create a world of harmony, and the seed will spread more and more.

20. People, the present time is one of trial for you - use it. It will be of no use to you to repent later and say, "Lord, forgive my weakness. I tell you that you will not be able to regain the missed opportunity with it, but only through works and testimonies of my law.

21. I leave you these fatherly counsels so that you may reflect on all that I have said to you, and just as your Father in heaven devised for himself a plan of love, life and teaching for his creatures, so you too, inspired by Him, should devise for yourselves a plan of love, humility, obedience, perseverance and redemption.

22. Man cared more for his human life than for his spiritual life, even though he was often aware that the human life is transitory and the spiritual life eternal. This is the reason why, although he has made progress in his civilization and science, he has remained spiritually stagnant and sunk into sleep in his religions.

23. Consider one religion after another, and you will see that none of them shows evidence of development, unfolding, or perfection. Each is proclaimed as the supreme truth; but since those who profess it think they find and recognize everything in it, they make no effort to advance one step.

24. The divine revelations, the law of God, my teaching and my rallies have made you understand from the beginning that man is a being subject to development. Why then do none of your denominations confirm and test this truth? I tell you: Only that teaching which awakens the soul, which ignites the light in it, which promotes it and reveals to it what it contains within itself, which lifts it up every time it stumbles and lets it progress without stopping - only this teaching is inspired by the truth. But is this not precisely what my teaching has revealed to you at all times? Yet you have long since stopped spiritually because you were more concerned about that which concerns your life on earth than about that which concerns your soul. But in order not to completely give up the spiritual, you have formed your religions so that they do not in the least disturb you in the execution of your work and duties on earth. Then, when you follow that religious tradition, you think you are doing justice to God, you seek thereby to soothe your conscience and believe to secure your entrance into the kingdom of heaven.

25. What ignorance, mankind! When will you finally awaken to reality? Do you not realize that if you follow your religious customs, you give Me nothing, and your soul also goes away empty?

26. When you leave your churches and say, "Now I have fulfilled my duty to God," you have fallen into a great error because you think you have given Me something, although you should know that you can give Me nothing but receive much from Me and give much to yourselves.

27. You believe that the fulfillment of the law is limited to visiting those places, and this is another great error. For these places should be the school where the student should learn for later. Being back in everyday life, he should apply the lesson learned in practice, which is the true fulfillment of the Law.

28. Do you see how much discord among brothers and sisters, how many tragedies between spouses, how much immorality and vice, how many wars between nations? Everything has its cause in your abandonment and distancing from the divine laws.

29. Men lack spiritual education, they lack the knowledge of their development.

30. The piercing pain that descends on this world in many forms is the effect of the errors committed by men. But they are not aware of my justice - some blinded by ambition, and others by hatred.

31. Who will be able to eliminate the evil among men? A superhuman pain, for example, or an infinitely painful trial? No, people. Pain will stop it only for a short time. But this short period of time will serve men to reflect, to be outraged and to calm down again, and then they will feel the only power, the only light that can save them, which is my law.

32. Disciples, understand the meaning of the revelation I have given you. Consider the importance of this message for the souls of men. Then you will understand why I have come to speak to you and why my rallies have been among you for a time.

33. Alas, if only you all knew that when I mention your religions and cults which you must follow, I neither judge nor try to hurt you! If only you understood the divine desire of the Master to love one another and to apply the spiritual teaching to your human lives! But I know that your heart is still hardened, and that you, as you did in times past, will persecute my new messengers and mock my new revelations.

34. In spite of all this, my light will twitch like lightning from east to west and will set souls free.

35. Pray, disciples, and let your prayer be a sign that you have understood this teaching, that tomorrow you may express through your works the knowledge acquired by my teaching.

36. You must struggle to understand the work which I have entrusted to you, for this will be the only thing by which you will obtain that your testimonies contain essence and truth.

37. Understand also that if your knowledge in my teaching is not sufficient, your faith and convictions will be in danger when the enemies of the light in you fight my work

38. I have told you that you will see spiritualists appear all over the world even though they have not heard this word, and that when you observe their actions and hear their words, you will be amazed when you recognize their intuition and the clear vision they have of spiritualism. But I also announce this to you that after my departure groups and sects will appear who call themselves spiritualists, although their lives and works will be the negation of spirituality. They will come to you in opposition and seek your imperfections to reject you and call you cheats. Although you doubt this, there will also be among yourselves - among those who have nourished themselves from this word - those who will rise up against their brothers and sisters and take up the weapons of disturbance and blindness.

39. What weapons could you counter those forces if your faith is not firm and your knowledge not great?

40. Do not think that I am anxious to give you weapons to defend your faith against the hostilities. I do not want you to make war with them, much less to reject them and close your doors to them. It is my will that you remain quietly at your post so that you will never be taken by surprise, and so that everyone who comes to investigate you may find you in prayer and study my word.

41. The truthfulness of your works will be the best weapon you shall take against those who would destroy you.

42. I will have in my ranks steadfast soldiers, courageous soldiers who know how to defend the truth, not legions of fanatics who in their ignorance desecrate my work instead of honoring it. I do not want crowds of people of little faith who lose courage in the face of battle and flee because they think they are incapable of fighting.

43. Explore yourselves, and if, after having heard me for so long, you feel incapable of fighting, this will make you understand that you have not used my word, that you have not understood the purpose of my call, and that you have slept without hearing the wake-up call that resounds ceaselessly in my rallies.

44. I do not tell you that you are lost and that you must necessarily be defeated by your persecutors. No, on the contrary: I tell you that the time is still favorable to examine your works thoroughly, whether they are spiritual or human, to observe your actions closely, so that you may discover all that is erroneous, false, and unworthy of my work. Once you have achieved that your actions are characterized by truthfulness and sincerity, you will have nothing to fear. For true spiritualism will put you on the path of fulfilling all laws, so that no one will be able to condemn you.

45. You must know that the weapons of faith are not to be used only to defend yourselves, but that your responsibility will go beyond your person. For to each of you is entrusted a flock for which you must watch, pray and fight until you have saved them from the trials.

46. You will still be able to hear me in many more morning devotions and to strengthen your knowledge and your faith. Then you will feel in your being an unknown power and boundless trust. This self-confidence and calmness in the face of struggle will be given to you by faith, and knowledge will give value to what you have found in my words.

47. I want you to form a people of peace. For this purpose I wrap you in the mantle of my love.

48. Beloved people: Today you have spoken to Me in the language of the Spirit and I have answered you with my peace.

49. Thinking that you will soon no longer hear this word which has been your defence, you will be filled with sadness, and you think that my coming in this time, apparently long while, was in reality short. But I ask you: What do you call "my return"? Perhaps the period of time that covers the years between 1866 and 1950, which mark the time when I give you my word?

50. Verily, I say to you, this rallies through the human organ of the mind has only been the preparation for you to enter into the time of Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue, in which you will have my return fully in the "Spirit on the Cloud," as it was announced to my disciples at Bethany.

51. Take this teaching which I am giving you through the voice bearer as preparation for that time when it will no longer be the mind that receives the light of the Master but your Spirit.

52. This is the new promise and the new goal for you. Remember that the message which you have received through the voice bearer was given by a man, and that he, however spiritualized, is not wholly free from imperfections and impurities. Thus you can now imagine the perfection with which you will receive the concert of my Word when it reaches your Spirit directly, without the need for transmitters, without first having to go through your hearing or your brain. It will first reach the Spirit, and the Spirit will take on the task of enlightening the soul and ennobling the heart.

53. For a long time you have heard this teaching, in which you have had to seek the meaning to feed on something divine. Tomorrow, when you are then able to receive inspiration from Spirit to Spirit, it will no longer be human word that your soul receives, but divine essence, and you will have the task of transmitting this essence in thought, word and work, so that you may be the mediators between your Lord and humanity.

54. Understand, disciples, that this period of rallies by my voice-bearers was for the purpose of teaching you to understand the divine language. It has been the master's basic lesson for his disciples.

55. While ye hear this word, ye have this day the feeling of my presence, wherefore ye fear the day when ye shall hear it no more. But I tell you: When you commune with Me from Spirit to Spirit, my presence will be felt by my disciples with still greater clarity and purity.

56. Great will be the bliss of those who feel me so in their heart. They will never say, "The Master will soon part," or, "The day is drawing near when the Lord will leave us without His Word. No, then the disciples will know that the Father has always been with his children, that he never left, that it was the people who did not always understand to be with Me.

57. Today you say: "God is in us"; but you say it without feeling it or understanding it, because your materialization prevents you from feeling my presence in your being. But once spiritualization is part of your life, you will experience the truth of my presence in every human being. My voice will resound in the consciences, the inner judge will be heard and the warmth of the Father will be felt.

58. I teach you many things and prepare you that you may receive the coming of the new time with joy. But yet I see sorrow in many hearts as the day of my last word draws near. Those who weep and are depressed by sadness are those who have heard Me but have not understood Me, and who will not be prepared in the hour of trial.

59. I have always said to you: Seek the divine meaning in the core of this word, which the voice-bearers in their rapture utter. If you are content with the outward form of these rallies, you will give divine character to some words that come from the human, and you will then be on the way to falling into a new fanaticism and idolatry.

60. You must understand that you are destined to bring the Good News to mankind, that you are on the way to teach your fellow men with the love, patience and mercy with which I have taught you, repeating the lessons when necessary and turning back when it is necessary to recall the first pages.

61. Remember how I spoke to you on many occasions about spiritual life before man existed - man's appearance on earth, my first commandments and my first revelations. Remember how often I have spoken to you of the way of mankind through the ages, of its successes and its aberrations, of its upward development and its decline - of the enlightened ones, whose names are respectfully preserved because of the great and noble examples they left you, as well as the names of others, whose corruption indelibly wrote down the history of mankind so that you do not act like them.

62. I have reminded you of the names of my messengers, through whom you have received messages, commandments, prophecies, and teachings.

63. So I have united the contents of all former teachings into one teaching.

64. Spiritualism is the legacy in which the three testaments are united in one spiritual book.

65. All my teachings are aimed at preparing you for the post-1950 struggle - a time when you will no longer hear the spiritual world through the "bearers of the gifts". It too has limited its time for this form of rallies. But these blessed beings, guardian angels, advisers, comforters and protectors of this people have prepared you so that you may continue to remember them after this time, feel their presence and receive their help.

66. What was the spiritual world coming to during this time? - To explain my teaching through their word and their works, to teach you to interpret my revelations, and to help you to understand their meaning.

67. Never did they give you superfluous teachings, never did they reveal to you what it was not yet time for you to know, never did they come to awaken your curiosity or to give you mysterious sciences or abilities. Their mission was different, their soul size and light could not allow them to fall into ordinary materializations, because they had made the ideal of their Spirit out of the Law of Love.

68. This spiritual world came by divine command to communicate in a human way for a short time, to leave the impression of their generous brotherhood, the testimony of their existence, and the proof of their presence among men.

69. They have told you that if they no longer speak to you by human lips, they will not move away from you - on the contrary. They long for your sensitivity to allow you to feel their presence even closer in the days to come.

70. When you, people, learn to use your gifts, when you really reach the point of being in harmony with the spiritual world - verily, I tell you, you will leave a trail of miracles on your path

71. It is necessary that in this time the strong ones from these crowds appear, the good prophets, the good counselors - those who by their life and their words know how to lead the people on the path I have marked out - those who know how to keep the pages of my teaching spotless

72. Who are these strong men of whom I speak to you? I tell you only that I am preparing them at this time with my word, so that when the end of this rallies comes, they may rise and encourage the people, not allowing by their faith the multitudes to scatter.

73. The word that comes from their lips will always remind you that I left you as witnesses of my communication with men, and they will constantly tell you that you are destined to announce to mankind that I have come in Spirit

74. I will no longer come to become man or to materialize among men; I will no longer come to incarnate on this earth You are to speak of this to your fellow men; it is a part of your cross. But I know that you will be able to carry this.

75. Do not worry, for I have already told you that what Cyrenees did for Jesus when he saw Him exhausted by the weight of the cross, I am doing today for all those who need my assistance, accompanying them step by step to the top of the mountain that represents your life, where you will rise on the cross of your destiny.

76. You will then experience how satisfying it is to complete a work by allowing your heart to open up in that moment, just as the Master's side opened to pour out blood, which was a sign of love, life, forgiveness.

77. This is the teaching I am currently sowing in the heart of the spiritualist Trinitarian Marian people

78 "Spiritualist" because it receives the light of the Divine Spirit; "Trinitarian" because you recognize God in the three stages of revelation in which He has manifested Himself to humanity; and "Marian" because you recognize this divine tenderness as the stepping stone that leads you up to the Father, as the Advocate that strengthens you, consoles you and purifies you, eliminating your arrogance and transforming you into children full of gentleness and humility before the Lord.

79. Do not forget this most tender love, for you are not always sufficiently prepared to come to me But if you trust in her, you will soon feel her support.

80. Remember: "If you do not become like children, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

My peace be with you. 

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