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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Book of True Life - Volume 11

Teaching 310

My peace be with you!

1. Come to Me, lost and erring humanity. Seek my kingdom first, and once you are in it, drink from the inexhaustible source of my wisdom. But do not forget that my kingdom is not of this world, and that you can take it only by obeying my laws of love.

2. Disciple: The present year 1950 will bring decisive events for all people. Therefore, your responsibility is so great when you hear my teaching.

3. Mankind is sick, blind and on the road to ruin. The Father will save them through your mediation. Verily I say to you, no one will be lost.

4. Since I love all my children equally ─ then why is there misery in the world? This is the question people ask themselves. But you know the reason for the events.

5. It is not the first time that your soul lives in this world. Already a long time ago I allowed it to reincarnate in different earth bodies so that it makes up for its mistakes and becomes worthy of my law. I placed the souls on earth from the beginning of their creation so that they may gain the ability to enter my kingdom through their own merits.

6. The soul of man has been the preferred creature of creation. I have endowed it with freedom of will as a proof of my love. All other beings are subject to my will. But if men, in the exercise of their freedom of will, have only distanced themselves from the way of my love, they will have to attain their salvation in this very way, created by their freedom of will.

7.  For all souls the time of harvest has come, and therefore you see confusion among men. But truly, I tell you, in this chaos everyone will reap his own seed. But what will happen to those of my children who have always violated my law? Verily, all who sleep and refuse to study and take heed of my teachings will be caught up in the trials as in a whirlwind that will bring them down. But to all who have obeyed my instructions, it will be like an encouragement for their duty, like a beautiful reward that God gives them.

8. The Father is inexhaustible activity, He works eternally for all His children, and in the face of this example you also shall be untiring in the fulfillment of your work, that you may become one with your Lord in this way. Understand that your work is a true blessing for you, for it consists in coming ever closer to your God. This is the secret of the perfection of your life.

9. Man has developed, and in his development he has obtained many fruits to serve mankind. But today, in his arrogance, he has believed himself superior to his Creator.

10. You ask me if I can help my children to find their way out of their aberration. And I tell you: Yes, people. The opportunity I have given the soul in its reincarnations in human life is a proof of my love. For my kingdom can only be attained through the good deeds of love and mercy, which my children accomplish by following the instructions of their conscience while making full use of their freedom of will.

11. Even if you feel insignificant and weak, you are to stand by your fellow men through the infinite power which I have entrusted to you with the commandment. It is the pure and sincere prayer that I have taught you, which is to unite all mankind in the hurdle of my love.

12. Pray, disciples, send your thoughts as a message of peace to those who are currently transforming your life by their intelligence, so that the fruits they obtain may be like balm for the sufferings of mankind

13. Why does the Lord call you "the chosen people"? Because already in the First Time I assigned you a difficult mission among your fellow men. But I did not endow you with greater gifts than they did, nor did I place you above the other nations, but I made you a faithful son, a messenger of My light and love message to all nations on earth still in error.

14. I have granted you the grace to hear my word through a voice bearer ─ a message which, when the time has come, you shall carry to the heart of men.

15. Disciples, make use of the time, look at the people who are immersed in their materialism and who keep to the false voices of the world In them will be suffering, and only in this way will they awaken as to their conscience. The suffering ─ even if you do not understand it, as long as you live through it ─ is a blessing for your soul.

16. Rise to me in the Spirit, over every pain, over every temptation or weakness, then you will understand how beautiful is the way I am offering you in the fulfillment of my law. When you look upon mankind, which in its depravity has reached the summit of depravity, the Father tells you: The soul has nevertheless developed, the cruelty of wars has shaken it awake, and today, seeking peace in all ways, it stands at a crossroads.

17. There is your mission, O Israel. Each one of you will have to lead humanity by his prayer and by his example. No one has the right to speak about the imperfections of his neighbor. Then which of you is perfect? Judge no one and be a good example among men. In this way, you shall live as a reflection of eternal peace and eternal bliss. Then the people ─ will come to you tired of so many sufferings ─ and tell you: "Give us of your bread, give us of this inexhaustible water.

18. The nations are struggling for a peace that they have not yet achieved. In some parts of the world the wars have stopped, but in others people continue to be surrounded by chaos in their murderous struggles. In vain, they want peace to reign in this world because they lack love and mercy.

People tremble in fear of the new weapons created by human intelligence. Help them, people, extend to them my message of love which I have entrusted to you. Have no preference for certain races, languages or ideologies, see in them only your brothers and sisters who need advice and love.

19. Pray, for truly I tell you, my peace will reach all the peoples of the earth, overcoming selfishness and human weaknesses.

20. So my kingdom will come to you, and then the inventions which today cause destruction and death will be sent only in the necessary reconstruction to make this world a true paradise. I want man to finally perfect himself and rule this planet as the Father rules the universe: with love.

21. The man who has great faith in my law and teaches my teaching with great love has nothing to fear, because he will be an instrument of the Father and at the same time a part of God.

22. Disciples: as the light removes darkness, so with my divine message you will be able to remove the ignorance of mankind.

23. My Word revealed in this Third Age will cause men to discover the true meaning of justice and to enact laws inspired by my work.

24. This teaching, as yet unknown to mankind, will eventually spread throughout the earth and take root in the hearts of many peoples. The spiritualization will reach its full development in the humanity of the future.

25. You have had the grace to hear my messages through my voice-bearers, but you will no longer experience the flourishing of my teaching because you will no longer belong to this earth. There will be other generations who will bear witness to the fulfillment of my word. For the assignment was given to you to be pioneers of spiritualization.

26. But therefore your mission will not be less important than that of future generations ─ on the contrary. Remember that much depends on you, that those who take the good way, that they are good interpreters of my work and good disciples.

27. You shall do your part, which ─ as I have already told you ─ is very important. But do not be proud of it. For whoever becomes vain within a spiritual work has not understood how to be a worthy disciple, since one of the most essential conditions for being a disciple of Me is humility.

28. Look at yourselves in the mirror of your conscience to see if it does not reflect some unfairness. Look in this inner mirror before you begin to condemn the works of your fellow men. Then your deeds will be based on more purity and truthfulness.

29. I say this to you because I see that many of you take pleasure in condemning the errors committed by your fellow men in the various religious communities, as well as their rites and their worship. I tell you that it would be better for you to judge neither churches nor creeds, because for the time being you do not recognize their spiritual range.

30. I leave you as signposts, but not as agitators. Your seed shall be that of peace and concord, but never that of confusion or violence.

31. My word has union and peace as its goal, so that when you draw inspiration from it you may know how to reach out to your fellow men and always respect their faith as something holy. For their faith is an inner altar in which I dwell. Then you will be able to recognize in your fellow men the unfolding that they have achieved on account of their struggle, their effort, and their misfortunes.

32. If, in comparing the form in which your fellow men practice their religion with the form you have, you discover differences, do not bother to judge by the outward appearance and penetrate to the core of the matter where truth exists. Since you are spiritualists, remember that you must always be guided by the mind and not by the external forms.

33. If you gradually understand your fellow men in this way, you will soon discover that every man proceeds in a different way, but that all paths converge in a single point, which is the way to the light, to truth, and to life.

34. You now realize that it is not enough to carry the knowledge of my word into your soul, because the most important part still to be done is to put my teachings into practice. This is the test in which you must show how much you have learned from my word.

35. When I told you in symbolic language that I close your lips, this was done to make you understand that in that moment I blessed your lips so that through them your soul may manifest its inspiration and repeat my divine words, while those lips remain closed for judging, criticizing, lying or blaspheming Keep my teaching lovingly and allow your soul to overflow like a river that has been dammed up for many centuries in words of comfort, light, balm, wisdom and peace.

36. It will not be necessary for you to pronounce my name often ─ on the contrary. The less you pronounce it and the better you apply my teaching, the greater will be the testimony you will have given of me.

37. Feel your neighbors in your heart little by little as true brothers and sisters, see humanity as one family, but beware of sounding this out. Never make your merits known, for it is mine alone to judge them. The only thing you are to make known through your life and your words is my work. For this is to be known to all your fellow men.

38. The humility of the spiritualist must be real, must not be only apparent, so that his trace on earth may be full of light.

39. Recognize that my word is not, nor can be, a new religion. This work is the light-filled way in which all ideologies, creeds and religions will unite spiritually to reach the gates of the Promised Land.

40. In these words I give you the peace and loving care that will make you forget your pains. I strengthen your faith and give you light so that you may follow the way that leads to Me. This light inspires you, invites you to pray for those who suffer ─ Present or absent. It brings you closer to your unknown brothers and sisters who live far away from you, whom you cannot touch or caress physically. My teaching teaches you to pray for all and to feel what is going on in the heart of your neighbor. I have told you that I am fully present, that for Me no one is absent or distant from Me, and I give you the ability to put yourselves in place to turn to those who need help, comfort or company.

41. How much good you will be able to do from the day when you recognize your gifts and know how to use them for the benefit of your fellow men! The prepared soul can bridge distances, brave danger and overcome obstacles to go where it is longed for.

42. When you carry a heavy burden in your soul because you were unable to pay your old debts, work in a spiritual way, then you will feel the lost peace and joy return.

43. My word makes you experience the earlier times by reminding you of my manifestations through the patriarchs and prophets and my word through Jesus in the Second Age. I let you feel my Father love and your soul recovers in the awareness that it is seen and protected by my mercy.

44. I speak to you with the same wisdom as that which I, as Master, gave to my disciples. But today, as HolySpirit, I am showing you another page of the book so that you may study it and be enlightened.

45. It is my will that you unite the three testaments given to you in three times into one, and that you prepare yourselves to answer those who ask you the reason for these rallies.

46. The example of your forefathers is written with indelible letters: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who left their people a seed of faith, love and steadfastness, fulfilled their destiny and are with Me. I do not demand any sacrifices from you, because those times are now over. Your life today is full of suffering anyway, and I only want you to spiritualize yourselves. But if I should assign your children the mission to carry my teaching to other countries, do not resist. If I should use you to lead a crowd with your words and examples, do not refuse. In this way you will leave a mark in this time, and I will show the coming generations the fruits that my word brought forth.

47. The time of battle has come for you. The clergy of great religious communities are uniting with each other to feel strong and to fight against my chosen ones. When the time has come, they will ascribe to their gift this revelation which I have entrusted to you, to those who are simply prepared by Me. If I have placed this grace in you, it is because I know you and have purified and nurtured you to serve Me your mind. But what I have given you belongs to all my children, and I do not want it to be cause for fights. If this fight after 1950 nevertheless starts ─ a time in which you will no longer have my rallies in this form ─ how much will you feel the absence of my word! Then I will only allow you to take my apostles of great faith and strong will as an example.

48. My word will soon reach other nations and hold people back in their hatred and thirst for revenge. See ─ still the sick do not rise from their camp, and still there are news of new wars. The homes have not been rebuilt, nor the nations restored, and still there is a thirst for blood. My message of peace and concord shall reach them.

49. You know that beyond your continent the nations have been laid waste, and pain has reached all hearts. There are no children, young people or adults who have not emptied a cup of suffering, and among them I discover those who, despite their suffering, have the strength to ask that the nations that keep their peace not be ravaged by war. And in various sects I find pious souls who pray with sincere love and compassion for those who are going through those great trials. I receive their works, respect their customs and give them credit for their merits. Watch, pray, ask as good disciples, and I will grant you my grace. I protect every creature and bless all nations.

50. You will all receive peace as you have earned it; but I promise you better times. After the purification that must take place on earth, men sent by Me will appear, virtuous souls with great missions to create the obedient human family. Four generations after yours will still pass until my teaching spreads over the world and reaps beautiful fruits.

51. Not all my children in this day and age will understand my coming in Spirit, nor will they know that I am preparing mankind to let them return to Me I want you to return as you came forth from me ─ namely pure ─ so that you can enter the kingdom of heaven.

52. Every soul carries within it a power that protects it in persecutions and temptations, and a light that guides it, which is conscience. If I have given man freedom of will, it is because I want him to have a will of his own and thus feel like the master of his life, his deeds and me. I have proved my love to him by making him the owner of a high destiny and surrounding him with comforts, even if this child did not obey the laws I gave him.

53. My call in this time has been for all, but few follow Me. Do not feel distant from Me because you live in this world today. I want you to recognize Me already in your life world, that your heart is receptive to every divine manifestation, that you love Me, and that you are intimately united with Me. Since you ─ possess ─ my nature, even if only in limited form ─, you can understand me and do great works.

54. The way, which I have marked out for the soul, leads it to elevation, although on it you often encounter thistles and thorns.

55. If you seek holy or righteous men to guide you, you shall not find them. If you want the highest striving for perfection, then see Me in the Infinite, connect with Me, and I will counsel you and inspire you.

56. You have not spoken to the world of what you have heard from Me. But this materialistic and cold world expects a sign from me, a hint or a word, to return to its Lord and start a new life. Scientists are observing and wondering the reason for so many phenomena in space. The theologians want to penetrate into my secrets, and every soul sensitive to my presence wonders whether the world has entered a new age, and I have the answer for these eager for knowledge, thirsty people, to whom I will give to drink the water at the spring that quenches their thirst.

57. You are now prepared; your gifts are permanent. If you value the grace you have, do not lose it. If you have merits, multiply them. For no sacrifice will be unfruitful, nor any effort in vain, because every work remains written down, and there is no hand that can erase or change your book.

58. Ye that carry a soul of Israel within yourselves know that the essence which pours out my word is the same as that which I gave you in the first and second times. Today I am showing you the pages of the Book of Life in its third part, and like the preceding ones it contains My infinite wisdom.

59. I am the book in which life is written and in which all wisdom is present. Come, knock at my door, and I will open you immediately. But I will see in your heart true desire for light. If you should feel that your comprehension has reached its limit of understanding and cannot go beyond it, do not worry. For then your Spirit, for whom further horizons exist, will rise above the limitations of matter until it reaches that light which it desired to see.

60. Whenever man, in his desire to increase his knowledge, has entrusted everything to the power of his intelligence, he has failed because of the obstacles insuperable to the human mind. Or he has plunged into abysses of mystery without being able to satisfy his curiosity or his desire to discover more light for his science.

61 To this day, scientists have lacked spiritualization, which is why their knowledge has always been limited, as they have not been able to seek the true origin, the source and the principle of all that they study.

62. Verily, I tell you, after this age of a materialistic, selfish and corrupting science, there will come a time when scientists will know how to penetrate into the secrets of nature ─ spiritually prepared by prayer, clothed with humility and respect, inspired by noble, high, human ideas and resolutions.

63. With great strides mankind is approaching the end of this world created by man's science, this false and superficial world, and it will be man who with his own hand destroys the work that his arrogance and greed have built up.

After this, silence will come, reflection and thereby renewal, high intentions and ideals. A new age will open before men, and into this age will enter a humanity purified in pain and purified in experience. Men will build a new world, but it will be a world led by the Spirit soul, enlightened by the Spirit, brought on the way of my law.

64. I want this world to understand that materialistic science is never the goal of your existence, nor will it ever be, since with it you have not even been able to attain your happiness on earth.

65. You must know that if you leave this planet in order to be able to reach a higher world of life, you will not be able to do so if you leave a scientific and materialistic world, but only if it is a world spiritualized by love, by virtue.

66. Materialized souls are blind in other worlds, because they have neglected their ability to understand the spiritual, and thus have prevented them from becoming sufficiently sensitive to perceive the subtle, the pure, the high, the luminous.

67. No one dares to deny that he brings spiritual tasks with him in his being. Only I and your Spirit know the pact that exists between the Father and his children. But believe and know that you must answer to me for everything I have handed over to you, that you must give an account of all gifts and assignments that I have entrusted to you when you return as a spirit being to the eternal kingdom.

68. Since you have reached a point in time where you can already understand, accept and grasp the spiritual life, I have sent you my word, which is teaching for the soul, which is a sure way and full of light, so that you may come to me on it with sure and firm steps, make amends with patience and love, remove the cloak of impurities, which you have carried for a long time, and acquire more and more light, so that when that blessed hour has come to depart from this world of trials and struggle, you may make a worthy entrance into the "valley" that awaits you, to bring you a harvest of light and a fruit of peace.

69. All of you have my light within you, every soul possesses this grace; but while for some this light grew stronger and stronger, growing, pushing outward to make itself known, for others it remains only in a secret, hidden, unconscious state. But truly, I tell you: No matter how spiritually retarded a man may be, he will always be able to distinguish between good and evil, which is why you are all responsible to me for your works.

70. I must tell you that your responsibility grows as your knowledge increases, for you will then become more and more sensitive to the instructions of conscience.

71. Are you aware how much you need on earth a teaching that facilitates your understanding in a lawful, correct and simple way?

72. Here you have my word, people, the promised word, the message ─ those whose essence would be the Spirit of Truth, the divine Light, who would come to enlighten every mystery that the mind of men could not penetrate

My peace be with you!

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