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Teaching 330

My peace be with you!

1. Beloved disciples, recognize Me anew as Master who seeks your soul to give it a new teaching.

2. My Word becomes a healing balm among you, and in the desire for this balm you come forward. Your whole being is strengthened and your soul is comforted by my presence. For you live in times of bitterness and struggles, because wherever you set your foot, you feel the thorns that hurt. But when pain permeates your whole being, you lift up your thoughts in longing for the Master, to show Him agreement and surrender in the face of trials.

3. Already in the Second Time I promised you a great consolation, which you did not know when it would come. This great consolation would come at the time when peace would have departed from this world, when there would be no love and mercy in the hearts of men; and behold, here is the promised consolation with you! Here is the warmth of my Divine Spirit surrounding you ─ not only for those who hear Me through the mind of man, but for my creatures all over the world!

I let you in this time feel my cordiality, my consolation and my strength ─ you who form my apostle body and who had Me with you in the Third Age and heard Me through these rallies.

4. Be blessed for your courage, for your surrender and your spiritual elevation in the face of the trials I have sent you, for pain has purified you But it is not only pain that must bring you to my right hand, it is not only suffering that must give perfection to your soul. Pain does indeed wash away the soul and sensual stains, is on some occasions an obstacle, is a rein, is a cause for self-contemplation, repentance, understanding the sufferings of others. But the soul's upward development, the perfection of the soul is attained in the exercise of love and mercy.

So allow pain to purify you when it comes, never summon it, let it come when it is to approach you. Do not seek pain, seek peace, seek well-being and joy, seek them for yourselves and for others, desire them for all. For I am the God of peace, joy and light.

5. I am the God of hope and the maker of all the hopes permitted to my children. If pain penetrates you, let it do its work, but remember that to climb the ladder to perfection, to spiritual development, you must not be content to be strong and devoted in trials, in pain. You should also think of the sufferings of your neighbor, have compassion for others and love your fellow men. Then your soul will have acquired merits, will have overcome human egoism, will have conquered the self-love of the body shell, and will have developed upward as a good disciple of the Divine Master.

6. Which of you does not desire real peace in this world? Which of you does not long for the kingdom of love, of virtue, of joy in the heart of all men? But I see that your heart has reached a real surrender to pain, a great approval in the midst of trials, and for this I bless you.

But beyond that, I encourage in you the hope of a change in your life: Do not despair, do not think that you will not experience in your heart or in that of your loved ones the peace that in former times illuminated the heart and the ways of all men. For this I am teaching you at present and preparing you to purify and prepare the fields and the ways through your righteous activities, through your prayers, through your wise advice learned from Me, through your spiritual works ─ Works of Love ─ In this way you prepare this world and make it worthy for the Kingdom of the Father to once again enter into the hearts of his children.

7. Do not resign yourselves to the fact that this world is forever a valley of tears. I want your mission and renewal to renew the nations, the races and the peoples and through this renewal the valley of tears to become a valley of love and peace. Have I not already offered the kingdom of heaven to men in the past times? Have I not brought it in my words and in my manifestations?

8. So prepare yourselves, O disciples, that the power of your Spirit may break, open ways that prepare ways, and you may be in the way of men as pioneers of my coming. I will make all your works new! I have granted man freedom of will and entrusted planet earth to him. I have given him power and dominion over all nature kingdoms, substances and beings so that he may create his home.

From the beginning of man, from the beginning of the spirit soul, I have shown myself as the law of love and justice, I have expressed myself in many ways in commandments, in rules of life, in parables. I have made of life, of nature, a true and perfect textbook, so that the soul of man does not stray into crooked ways, so that man always finds the way and learns from the great book of life, which was written and created by God. But now a time has come in which I must draw the attention of all men to me, and I have begun with you, the "last," the poor and humble, to make you apostles of this truth, prophets of the events that will happen, witnesses of my Third Coming.

9. My teaching is for all, and in this revival call to mankind I will bring justice and remind all my children of their task. Through them I will make new all that is destroyed, all that is degraded I will make worthy and lay the foundations for a new life in this world. I will remove all useless and superfluous things, I will destroy all harmful things in the life of men, I will fight every deceit and vice, pride, egoism, hypocrisy, and I will show mankind once more the unchanging law, the law of all times, the eternal one, which I remind you of once more. Then you will really feel the nearness of my kingdom, the presence of the Universal Father.

10. Inside and outside of you, my presence will be felt and recognized with deep respect, with soul elevation, with true love and veneration. The happy days of the patriarchs will return. The days when families lived together in love for many years and only death separated them will return. The days when generous and just plenipotentiaries ruled the peoples of the earth will also return. All these I keep in readiness, and these times will bring light and great progress to man, because I will leave to him the experience, the light, the upliftment, and all that mankind has reaped in its great struggles, in its falls, in its errors, and in its successes on the path of life, as a foundation, as experience, as real knowledge of what is good and evil, what is light and darkness. And then, when the fields are prepared, the great sowers, the great leaders, the great patriarchs, the good government officials and the righteous judges will come.

11. When these souls with great light have once appeared among men, mankind, surprised by the power, goodness, and energy of them, will ask itself, "Who are these? Is it David who has returned to earth? Is it perhaps Solomon? Is it perhaps Elijah? Have the prophets of the early days returned? Are they perhaps the apostles of the Master from the Second Age? So people will ask themselves. But I will keep this secret until you all return to the hereafter. Then you will reliably know who were those who came to you in the Third Age.

12. You who are present at this moment and hear my word, say in the depths of your hearts: "We shall not live to see these times; we shall not be able to live to see these happy times. But the Master explains to you: I allow that ─ although those events I predict for you are distant, beyond the life span of your present existence ─ will draw into your heart, into your present existence, happiness, peace and well-being, and this will be like an anticipation of the bliss that this humanity will enjoy in the times of full unfolding of spiritualism among men. But who or which of you can know whether I will not send them out to inhabit this world at that time, to reap the fruits of your patience, your steadfastness and your surrender to pain? This will happen when you will learn to exercise love and mercy in the midst of your prosperity ─ when you will learn to glorify the Father in your highest moments of happiness. But then, when you are wrapped in that atmosphere of bliss and peace of mind, you shall turn to the needy. It is then that you should remember the one who suffers. In this way I will show you that you can follow my teachings even in deep peace of mind, in prosperity, and that ─ when pain washes away ─ sanctifies love.

13. For this I am currently preparing you, disciples, for those new times that are to come. For the Kingdom of Heaven to enter into the hearts of my children, man must first experience my righteousness, he must first purify himself, even to the last corner of this world, and then, when everything is prepared, my kingdom will be entirely among you. My kingdom has begun to draw near with the coming of my Universal Ray, which has become word and life, the human voice, among you in this Third Age.

14. Elijah as the forerunner of the HolySpirit at all times paved the way and awakened men. He came to call the scattered sheep with his bell, so that all of them, united in the barrier, would hear the voice of their Lord. This was the preparation for the Kingdom of the Father, the Heavenly Kingdom, to come ever closer to you at this time.

15. Who who has heard the voice of the Lord at this time has not felt at least a little peace in his heart? Who has not received a drop of balm or a little comfort for his suffering? Who who has strayed into the ways of darkness has not seen a ray of light shining through in my words? Who, who has been tired of life and believed that he had no right to exist, has not discovered in my work the true justification for his existence?

16. It is the kingdom of the Father which has come near you. But this kingdom does not consist only of the king, because a king without subjects cannot be a king, and so He has come with His whole kingdom to make Himself known: He as Father, and His subjects as true children of the Father, and as real brothers and sisters of you. This is the kingdom that I promised ─ this is the consolation that I had in store for you in these times, and as your preparation progresses and time passes, my word will be fulfilled and my kingdom will come ever closer to you.

17. Elijah, like in a fiery chariot, crosses spiritually the whole universe, leaving a trace of love ─ that love which is the fire of the Spirit of God, that light which illuminates and enlightens, that embraces, that warms the cold in the soul and in the heart. But if Elijah had crossed the whole universe ─ would he have omitted to cross the nations of this world as well? No, for sure. His light has been with all, as has his preparation. He is the forerunner, which is why he awakens the souls as he passes through. If some are still unawakened, it is because they are still waiting for the new call of Elijah as shepherd. He, who is untiring, will shake those who have fallen asleep, those who have sunk into deep sleep, until he has awakened them. But those who are awakening open their eyes and intuitively sense the time in which they live. They sense the presence of the Father, the meaning of the time, and their soul withdraws from the world to connect with their Lord, to call upon Him in their solitude, to call upon Him to draw Him into their own hearts.

Some call on Him as father, others as master, the others seek Him also as judge. But verily, I tell you, all will awaken as well as those who have already done so. No one will remain unheeded in his petition, in his exaltation and prayer. I speak to them, I share myself with them and prepare them. But since they are not yet perfected, nor are they certain of the dialogue from spirit to spirit, they doubt this truth.

18. Who are they who remove the uncertainty of those who begin to commune spiritually with my Divine Spirit? You who will be pioneers, apostles, and prophets. You will arrive with the assured word, with the exact, clear teaching and the blunt testimony that I have been among mankind and that I am still present and will be eternal in the souls of all my children, and you will also tell them the perfect way to approach Me. You will teach them true spiritual devotion ─ how to live up to the spiritual life and the earthly life, and you will show them love, justice and morality.

19. When men discover great gifts in you and therefore feel inferior, let them know that there are no higher human beings. There may be more advanced souls, but there are no higher ones. Verily, I tell you, there in the home of the righteous, very close to Me, there are great souls. This is the goal that I am showing to each one of you. I want that at the end of the times, when they disappear, when the paths for your feet end and you reach the goal of this oasis of heavenly peace, all of you at my table are equal ─ equal in the infinite and perfect peace of my home, my kingdom. So when people admire you, flatter you, envy you, make them understand that all are equally endowed. I reveal to you on this day that any man or woman who has the will to do so can be a bearer of gifts to heal and to transmit the light. I declare to you on this day that every man or woman can see the hereafter and the things to come because of his vision or spiritual face.

20. Verily I tell you, every man or woman, whatever their age, will be able to heal and do wonders if they have love and good will. If I have marked among you those who have the gift of prophecy

of healing, the ability to transmit the voices of the hereafter, the gift of counseling and leading crowds, it is because I wanted to entrust each of you with a small part in my work. But your souls and your human bodies have been created by my love in a way that is the same for all. You have come forth from one Spirit, and also from one "flesh.

But you are also to make men understand that they are to take over only a part in the work of the Lord; but this part you are not to determine. You are only to prepare them with these teachings so that they may discover, through their conscience and my mercy, the gift and the task entrusted to them by the Father.

21. One hundred and forty-four thousand are the marked in this third time. It is a legion of souls, it is a flock that my mercy has marked and selected at all times from among the multitude of souls, to give them a special mission, a responsibility to others, and also an opportunity for reparation, to prepare them as leaders, as apostles, as models. The twelve tribes of Jacob in that First Age were numerous, far exceeding one hundred and forty-four thousand, and yet it was my will to select only the said number from that so numerous people for the fulfillment of the mission in that Third Age. To them I have given the mission to awaken mankind, to lead them on the way of the HolySpirit ─ on that infinite way, which brings you closer to the Father, which connects the soul of man with the higher worlds and with the lower worlds ─ which brings all souls closer to each other, which makes them one and makes them, through the symbolic act of "sealing", true brothers and sisters and children of God.

22. Many have been marked, but others will be surprised in their own ways of life and it will be revealed to them ─ whether through my Divine Spirit or through your mediation ─ that they belong to the number of one hundred and forty-four thousand.

The sign I gave you, the number of which is complete, will cause a great shock on your planet, and this shock, this event, will soon come to you. When this happens, and many of you remember these words, you will say, kneeling spiritually before the Father, "Lord, you have sealed us, now we are united.

23. Woe, woe to the whole earth at this moment," the Father tells you in truth. For in this way I will make men understand that something supernatural is happening, that just something beyond the forces of nature, the will of man, is happening. Then the greatest part of mankind will fearfully come to prayer and repentance.

24. Because of the mercy of God and announced by the prophet John, it is written that at the climax of the sixth seal the elect of the Lord would be sealed. I have fulfilled that which was written and prophesied by the prophet. Be sure also of all that I tell you. Who among you does not understand what I am saying to you? Who lets the teaching I am giving my disciples pass by without feeling?

25. I have limited my rallies, simplified them to make myself understood to all my children. Do not seek my majesty or my glory in the outward works, do not seek all things in the face of the body sheaths through which I manifest myself. If they attain a little spiritual transformation, a little change of form, it is because they are possessed by my grace. But seek me in the meaning of my word, there you will find me.

26. Thus I manifest my Universal Ray among you. It becomes balm, teaching, prophecy and refreshment for your soul. But the light of my ray comes down to all creeds, to all spiritual-religious ceremonies that mankind celebrates. At this moment I am present in all hearts, I collect the tears of men, I give the protection of my love to the orphans, I caress the children with tenderness, I encourage the heart of the young, I strengthen the old in their tiredness, I accompany the lonely and the abandoned, I heal the sick, I myself hear the last lament and worry of both those who know how to ask and pray and those who do not. When I also hear the insult of him who blasphemes in his pain, I forgive his ignorance. I am with all. I do not separate myself from the mighty, nor do I humble him. I do not repudiate the rich nor the greedy, do not turn away from the egotistical. On the contrary ─ I consider them to be those children who have taken their inheritance and have moved away from the father. In their wealth they have then forgotten me ─ they have forgotten that I have more than they have, and that they will need me one day.

27. Today they do not call on my name, do not seek my Spirit, do not love me, but I am with them. The gates of my kingdom are always open to the repentant, my heart is always open to the "poor". For all of you are spiritually considered poor ─ some in material wealth and others in misery, although I always give you my gifts and my benefactions to make you rich and owners of the true values, the true eternal goods. And since I am with all, O my people, why should you not be likewise? I want that your soul, too, raised to the beyond, should consider all your brothers and sisters in the same way; that from that level which your soul reaches in prayer and love, you should not distinguish your fellow men by religious communities, sects, classes or races ─; that you should consider all of them with the same love, and look upon them with the same brotherhood and mercy; that you should not blaspheme the cults or forms of worship of others, that you should mock even less the fanaticism or idolatry of your neighbor. For then you would not practice my teaching as I teach it to you.

28. From the first times I have granted spiritual freedom to the spirit soul. From the moment when the first spirit beings sprang from my heart, I put them on the way of spiritual freedom, and I also granted freedom of thought to man from his origin. Who then are those who forge the chains for the souls? Who are those who imprison and intimidate men and souls? They are the bad spiritual and the bad spiritual leaders of mankind, who let themselves be overcome by darkness and then lead the soul of man on the wrong paths. At all times I have offered my law of love, never have I imposed it. Never have I punished a soul because it does not love me, or because it does not obey my law. I only test it, hold it back, admonish it, touch it, and provide the means for its redemption. But never do I punish her, and still less could I avenge myself. In the Spirit of God full of love, revenge can have no place.

29. Therefore, my people, do not demand that all men think and believe as you do. You must never condemn men, you must never pass judgment or impose a punishment on him who does not listen to you, who does not accept your suggestions, your teaching or your advice. You must regard all your fellow men with the same deep respect and with true spiritual charity. Then you will learn that in the practice of his religion, in his teaching, in his way, everyone has reached the place to which his spiritual capacity has given him the right; and to the point where you see men, their own development has led them.

30. You are only to offer spiritualism, the third message of god to men. For the first came from the Father at Sinai, the second was that of Christ, and the third message is that of the HolySpirit. But in this third message are united all the laws, commandments, testaments, which God has bequeathed to his children.

31. Bring this rich and beautiful message to all mankind and offer it lovingly. If you do so, you will experience how your seed will germinate in the hearts in humility, in that silence with which the seed of the earth does. Likewise, your soul will also rise and rejoice infinitely when it sees that the seed of the Father never dies when it is sown well.

32. I prepare you that you may soon be the true sowers and the good apostles, bringing the seed of my mercy to your fellow men. I am preparing you now for the time after the parting of my word, that there may be no chaos among you, that there may be no weeping, that uncertainty or disorientation may not enter into your soul.

33. I have told you that not all churches are prepared because they did not know how to awaken in these last moments. But all those who are really preparing will be left behind as those in charge to assist the other churches in their trials, who, if they no longer hear my word, will despair ─ who, in their pain when they no longer see the messengers of the Master's word at the table where they have been eating for so long, will no longer see them, shed tears and waver in their faith.

34. Ye shall indeed be counsellers, strong as pillars, lest the roofs of the houses of Israel fall down. I want you to be like a voice that comforts, like a song of praise, as you were in those first days when you crossed the desert in longing for the Promised Land, when the women played their lyres to encourage and comfort the men, and to gladden the hearts of the children on the hard way ─ when the soldiers felt exhausted from the battle, when the soles of their feet were calloused from the hard way. Then the hymn of praise of the women of Israel resounded in the room, refreshing the hearts of the men and making the walk easier.

35. In those moments of silence, of devotion and meditation, when they are interrupted by weeping, by despair, by the longing for the Father's ray to return once more to the voice-bearers, you too will say, with your words like a hymn of praise, like a voice full of consolation, "We are not forsaken, the Master is among us, He has remained forever in our hearts," and the voice of the seers will cheer you up. This will be the time of the prophets, in which their faithful testimonies will resound in the hearts of the people like heralds who will truly announce the events to come as a testimony that the Father and his kingdom are closer than they have been in this time of my rallies.

36. Shortly is already the time of my staying among you in this form, and I am already preparing you for some gifts of grace which I will grant in the last days of 1950

37. You voice bearers, do not think already now that the one of you who receives my ray for the last time and pronounces my last word will be the happiest and the most filled with my grace among you ─ do not think so about it.

I will make myself known through one of you at each of my last teaching rallies, will come down to each of your minds. With all my grace I will leave in your soul and in your heart the memory of the last time I made myself known through each of you. It will be like a kiss, like a sensation that your soul will never be able to erase. For you are the ones who have served me ─ the tools through which I have spoken to the world in this time, and I will give you my caress and my blessing, will accompany you all along your life's journey and wait for you until that day or moment when you will be at my right hand forever.

38. With you, who have been an open door for my spiritual world, I will also cause my grace and that of those blessed beings to remain forever imprinted in your hearts

My spiritual world will also make itself known for the last time through its protectors and protégés, leaving behind as its last message a counsel of love, a counsel full of warmth and light, and the testimony and confirmation that each of these guardian spirits will continue to watch over the steps of their brothers and sisters on earth, and that neither the Father nor the spiritual world will separate from this beloved people.

39. Those who had the task of church leaders, and all who have heard my teachings and follow them by loving and forgiving their fellow men, will have over their souls and bodies the grace and encouragement of the Master to continue. For their voice shall be powerful after my parting, a voice full of life, a word full of content and strength. All her gifts will be enlivened in the last "moments". Every one of them shall become a soul transformed into a torch of light, and all these torches shall go forth to the people, so that they may not go astray. For they are to continue to be spiritual guardians of the people during the time of inner contemplation and afterwards in the time of battle, in order to free them from the traps of bondage, the pitfalls, the seductive ambushes in search of all the obstacles and to continue to lead the faithful to the places of assembly ─ to the blessed hurdle of spiritual union, the union of ideals and intentions, the union in obedience and in the fulfillment of the commissions entrusted to me.

40. To the seers I say: You will have visions full of glory as you never had them before ─ precursors of your revelations, which you will unfold and receive in the times to come. For certainly these prophets do not yet reach the elevation that they must attain ─ nor have their eyes seen all that they must see, nor have their lips said all that they must prophesy. But the purification they will reach ─ guided by their conscience ─ will be so effective that never will be the lie or the darkness in their soul or on their lips. They will always know how to distinguish the true inspiration from the false and seductive inspiration. They will know how to receive from the mercy of the Father what He gives them as a message for mankind.

41. My "gold feathers", whose hands have been tireless in these times, will continue to write down the testimony of the prophets, will continue to write down their own inspiration, and also the word of the inspired ─ of those who will appear as teachers among the people.

42. I will also not forget my "pillars" ─ those hearts which likewise let the people go on the way of inner gathering, of respect and of spiritual upliftment. The one and the other have been like captains under the command of a general. They were like Moses or Joshua in the desert, supported by the tribe of Judah ─ of that tribe, in which the Maccabees were great leaders, invincible warriors, who broke into the city, tore down walls and ruled over whole nations, because they had behind them the people of the Lord, who had to receive the Promised Land as an heir. Such comparisons the Master draws to you, O "pillars"!

43. And the people, consisting of disciples and disciples, will likewise have great joy in the last moments and receive great teachings from the Master. Among the great gifts of grace, which I entrust to you, O people, is that I will grant you that at the end of 1950 you can contact the spiritual world, the guardian angels, the counselors or healing beings for the last time, and also those souls who have been your parents, your children, brothers and sisters, friends or relatives on earth. I will grant you that you may materialize them for the last time, that you may hear them humanized, and that in that communication you may receive the caress, the spiritual embrace, the counsel full of light, the voice of hope telling you: "Continue your journey until we are all united in the house of the Lord.

44. So I am already preparing you with love, with tenderness, refining your taste, softening your heart, so that those moments with you may be an opportunity for rapprochement, for reconciliation, for forgiveness among yourselves; so that the deceitfulness, the evil looks, the double-edged swords that have left deep wounds in your hearts, may be put into the parting, and all this may be erased by true love, by forgiveness among brothers and sisters; so that, when your eyes shed tears in those moments, your tears may come from true love, and more than from your eyes, may come from the source of high feelings of your soul. When your bodily arms embrace each other, let it be more than the arms of your body the bonds of your souls ─ bonds of love, with which I have connected all souls of the globe, and you all are to acknowledge yourselves in my law at this moment. When my word is finished, when the voice of the Master sounds only like a distant echo in the vastness, that love, that close embrace of yours shall be the warmth, be the consolation, be the company you give each other on your wanderings, and through this love, through this mercy among yourselves, you shall behold the sanctuary, for which I ask you ─ that temple in which I want to dwell and where I am seen, heard and felt by you ─ that temple into which the world is to enter according to my will so that it may feel me, see me, worship me and love me for all eternity through spiritualism, which is the message that the HolySpirit sends to the world through your minds.

45. You should also go with your spiritual message to the children, the young and the old. See no more boundaries and do not say, "My Father, pour out your blessings on my nation. Say no more: "Lord, liberate the nations. Say to Me now: "Father, bless our fellow men, forgive us all who hurt You.

See no more nationalities, mention them no more in your prayers. Swing up, and when you are then united with the angels ─ with those who always stand and pray for all, then also radiate the peace of your soul to all your fellow men. Then you will see how the races begin to unite again into one. The languages that separated you will gradually become known to those who did not know them. The castes and clans will disappear and be replaced by humility and understanding. The high ones will descend ─ from the trials ─ to those who considered them low, and those who were below will ascend to reach the height of those who were above. For it is the time of reparation, and in this reparation is my divine righteousness, which is perfect.

In every soul present there will be my scales that weigh your deeds. Therefore I say to you: I am He who knows how to judge and guide with perfection, and I alone can penetrate the mystery of every life, of every destiny.

46. Watch and pray, that the peace of my Divine Spirit may come down upon the whole world.

My peace be with you! 

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