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Teaching 327

My peace be with you, O beloved disciples of Jesus!

1. The Spirit of Elijah went before you, touching your souls with light and love and preparing the time and the way for you. Elijah is in the way of each of his sheep like a sword, like a shield that helps you to overcome the many obstacles, the temptations that are put in your way, and he who is able to feel him, who calls him and seeks him, like the lost sheep seeks its shepherd, will always find him, will always be heard and answered in his lamentations, in his supplications.

2. Often you wonder: Why is it that although the longing to follow the Master lives at the bottom of my heart, so many obstacles prevent me from coming to Him and serving Him? Then your soul rises up in a prayer which is an imploring plea for divine assistance, and at this moment Elijah, who has the mandate of God to watch over the flock in the Third Age, hastens to come and show himself in your way and help you to overcome the difficulty. Then you lift up your face triumphantly and thank the Father, and the little light of your faith flares up again, and you walk further along the path with peace and trust in me.

3. In truth the master tells you: I have prepared a kingdom of peace and perfection for every soul. But this kingdom, which I have prepared, is opposed by another kingdom: the world. While my kingdom is won through humility, love, and virtue, the taking possession of the other kingdom requires pride, ambition, pride, greed, selfishness, and malice. At all times the world has resisted my kingdom; at all times those who follow me have been oppressed and tempted in their ways, whether by visible influences or invisible forces. This is not the only time that you walk over thorns to reach Me; it is not the first time that your soul stumbles in the effort to reach My presence. At all times you have fought the battle in the innermost part of your being. The inspiration of my Spirit illuminates your inner being and has ignited a battle with the dark forces, with the false lights, with the false virtues, with matter, with all superfluous things, with all the false glory of this world.

4. Your soul has written its past and its way of life in the Book of the Seven Seals. There all your actions, every step, thought and word are recorded by Me. The great deeds of your soul, the great blows of fate and life's journey, its great trials, its cups of suffering ─ everything is truthfully written down there. Your soul has experienced many things, but your "flesh" does not know them. If your body has forgotten the first steps of your childhood ─ how should it then know the development of your soul during its long life journey? How little has your soul been able to reveal to its earthly body ─ I have not yet granted it to you because of your lack of development.

5. There will come times when the human mind and heart, purified and purified in spiritualization, will be able to receive, through intuition, the voice of their own soul, to receive clearly and distinctly every revelation that the soul makes to its body shell.

6. Today you are not yet ready to see the past of your soul during your human life Yet the Father tells you: How far has your journey been! How far has your soul struggled to stay on the right path! How many times it has been wounded by the thorns of life, and how many stretches of your path have been marked with the blood trail of your steps!

But in spite of all trials and adversities you follow the Father, your Master, whom you love ─ the God who is the source of light and comfort for your soul. And even now in the Third Time, if you want to follow me, you encounter difficulties, you stumble through the misfortunes. Some you call trials, and others you call temptations. Since you love me so much and desire so much to follow me on the way and to come to me ─, why then does your father allow that you are so tested and tempted? Truly, I tell you: Because the way that leads to me is narrow, and in this narrowness there are hardships. It is as narrow as the Passion Path, it has its falls, it has its thorns, many incomprehensions and ingratitude and all the sufferings of life.

7. But to reach this kingdom of perfection, there is only this way. The broad way leads to the kingdom of the world and of sin.

8. My kingdom is strong and powerful, and if I have allowed another power to rise before my power and my might ─ that of evil ─ so to prove mine; so that you may experience and see the power of my light and my truth in the face of deceit, of darkness. It is so that you may recognize that that kingdom of dark shadows of aberrations and temptations, although it has great power, is my tool and I use it in reality.

9. When I test you, this does not happen to stop you on your path of development, because I await your arrival in my kingdom. But I want you to come to Me victoriously after the battles, to be strong after the battle, full of light of spiritual experience after the long pilgrimage, full of merits in the Spirit, so that you may humbly lift your face and see the Father the moment He approaches to give you His divine kiss ─ a kiss that contains all happiness and perfection for your soul.

10. In order to be victorious in all trials, do what the Master has taught you: Watch and pray that your eyes may be ever watchful and that you may not be overcome by temptation. Remember that evil has great intuition to tempt you, to bring you down, to defeat you, to take advantage of your weakness. Be perceptive so that you can discover it when it is lying in wait for you. For although you have had great trials and temptations in which you have triumphed to be able to follow me in this time, you will have very great trials and temptations in the present year.

The struggle within you is great, the struggle in the bosom of mankind is great, the spiritual struggle in the whole universe is likewise very great. It is the decisive time for my rule, for my justice, for my power. And those who are now with me, who have learned from my words, who are currently strengthening themselves with me, must know and understand everything in order to be able to win, to be able to stand in the great trials that are coming to men.

11. I teach you to watch and to pray ─ not only for you but also for others, so that you may be like spiritual prophets who, through their prayer, convey intuition to their fellow men, giving them an inkling of the dangers, the temptations. For in this way you can spare mankind the grave bad decisions.

This is incomprehensible for some, impossible for others, but I tell you: It is what the HolySpirit brought to his disciples in the Third Age: spiritualization, the unfolding of the soul through the Spirit's teaching, so that it may develop upwards, so that it may discover its spiritual horizon, its suitable field to germinate, to find the ladder to heaven, so that it may always find the presence of the Master on its ascent, the stepladder on which it rests and on which it approaches perfection.

12. How few in this time, when I let the call go out to each of you, felt the inner enlightenment already at the first push. How few were there who confessed that their soul foresaw the miracle, that their soul felt that the fulfillment of the divine promise now became reality in them: the return of the Master. But how many of you got caught in the webs of doubt and contradiction.

13. Others of you, who were already about to depart for my word and presence, were taken up with celebrations, pleasures, earthly love relationships and feelings, their human affairs, and the Master continued to wait for you. But finally, with my help, your soul triumphed and came to Me to convince itself of my presence, that the "impossible" was possible, that my promise had become reality.

14. Since you have been tested while you were still weak ─ how much you will be now that you are strong!

15. Will the Father allow great confusion or temptation to come upon His disciples? Verily I say to you: Certainly I now allow this. But not with the intention of seeing yourselves defeated by temptation in these trials ─ no, but so that you may change darkness into light and, defeating your enemies, make them friends and brothers ─ so that you too may rise above the sins of men, leave traces of goodness and virtue, and change men into good men. That is why I will allow trials to befall you. I have already taught you how you can pass: By watching, praying and applying my teaching.

16. What will be the trials that come upon you and that will soon come? In many ways. Some of them you have already lived through, some you are experiencing now, and others will come later.

Let there be neither sadness nor fear in your soul. Just as every day brings you satisfaction and bread, so every day brings you pain. Think of these trials as great lessons that life gives you, in which you should apply my teachings. From the "child student" to the advanced student ─ you will all have tests along the way, and I am already pointing out to you that it is my will that you be awake. I do not wish for any of you to fail in such tests. Whenever anyone stumbles, there will always be at his side a friendly hand, a brotherly hand, to lift him up again on the path.

If a man is asleep and is surprised in his sleep, at a suitable opportunity go to the one who has fallen asleep and wake him up. If the sleep is deep and he does not wake up, let him who is awake be the watchman for him who has fallen asleep.

17. Thus I teach you, thus I prepare you and make you ready for a complete reconciliation, so that you also may understand forgiveness.

18. Remember, people, you do not know whether many trials, which you had long ago, and which you happily endured for love of my cause, will not cause you despair when they come again in your way. You do not know whether diseases or the lack of what is necessary for your life do not make you doubt my mercy for moments, make you doubt your preparation.

19. I speak to you about all this because temptation will use all its arts, all its powers, to haunt my disciples ─ my disciples who are not alone within spiritualism because they are all over the world. I see them scattered, though scarce, but they are everywhere, because I have sent them.

They will be sought out to test their soul in its virtue, in its love for Me, in its love for others, to bend it, to offer it the riches of this world, the earthly, transitory glories, the splendor of glory and earthly greatness. But just as I warn you by means of man's mind, so I warn all those disciples by revelation and by intuition.

20. Be vigilant, says the Master to you! Even though you will soon be afflicted by trials in the earthly life and will often triumph in them, other trials will also come for the soul. The year 1950 is drawing to a close, and all those who have not prepared themselves within this my people will be tempted by my voice-bearers, my spiritual world, the church leaders and also the "workers".

21. Many will rise who disagree with the cessation of my word ─ all those who feel unable to live already without this rallies will rise to ask the Master to revoke his order, change his decision and issue new orders for his people. But in all this will be the temptation that sows its seed and haunts the hearts of the voice-bearers, all without exception. This will have no effect on those whom it encounters, waking and praying, enlightened by its Spirit. But those whom she meets already influenced by lack of preparation, by rebellion, by confusion and fear of abandonment, will certainly inspire her, in them she will find a base, and these hearts will take the right to distort my teaching to a great extent.

22. Who is he who can cause the Father to change his divine decisions? Verily I say to you, not even Jesus effected this from the Father. In the second time, when the hour of the Master's sacrificial death was near, Jesus went to the solitude of the garden and let his disciples accompany him. Sadness overflowed the hearts of the apostles, the foreboding of severe trials depressed them. But the heart of Jesus was also permeated with great sorrow. Then the Master said to his disciples, "Watch and pray with Me for a few moments. But when the Master was awake and praying, he did it not only for those disciples, but for the whole world.

23. The Master's heart as a man felt for a moment abandoned by all, misunderstood and alone, and out of his body came bloody sweat. This happened when Jesus, lifting up his gaze and voice, said to the Father, "My God, if it is possible, take this cup, so bitter, from Me. But not my will, but thine be done.

24. In view of the Son's request that the Father should withdraw his will, if it were possible ─, did the Father hear those words? Verily, I say to you: No. It was written down and decreed, and the Master of all Masters had to make himself felt over that blessed body so that the Spirit would prevail over the body. Then when I returned to the disciples who were sleeping, I told them, "Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

25. How loving was his reproach for that body!

26. The third time is nearing its climax, and therefore the Master wants you to watch. Yes, my disciples of this time. For although those of the Second Age slept in that blessed and solemn hour, and the Lord watched and prayed for all, I want you today to watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation, lest you allow the Father to do His will among you. And when He has announced the hour of His departure, when He has indicated to you the moment when He will withdraw His word, you must obey the high commands of the Lord, even if it is a great trial for you. But you already know that my spirit will be eternally present, that I will make myself known from spirit to spirit, and that my spiritual world will stand up for you and protect you.

27. You are accustomed to these rallies received for so long, have become accustomed to them to a great extent, and therefore you feel pain by the termination of these rallies. But be strong in the face of this pain, my children, give signs of your high level of spiritual development in the face of this trial. But verily, I tell you: All those vocalists who reach this day well prepared will feel that even they are touched by death for a short time. But I will raise them up afterwards. Others will feel as if they were orphaned.

But the only thing that will remain ─ the only thing they will lose will be the sound of the physical voice, the sound of the human word, because the vibration of my Light, my Spirit and my inspirations will follow you everywhere. And the stronger your spiritualization then is, the greater will be what the HolySpirit reveals to you.

28. Ah, if only I could give my teaching to all my disciples of this time, united in a single flock ─ if all my people would hear these warnings! But the last moment of this period of time is drawing nearer, and I still meet you divided, spiritually distant, without love of the one to the other. Spiritual respect and charity are still not born out of the purest of your heart; but there are the virtues which I have sown as divine seed in the heart of all my children in expectation of soul development, to be reborn to the life of grace.

29. Only spiritualization will give you union. Until you have achieved spiritualization in my work, there will be no mercy, nor understanding, nor love, and without these virtues you will not be able to be united with me. I want you to be united with each other so that you may bear witness to your Master, and I to you. When you say among men, "This is my Master," I also want to say to the whole world, "These are my disciples. But I still have to work on you, and you still have to learn and work.

30. Proceed with me, O my children, for I will help you to pass every test. I will give you the light so that there will be no darkness in your way. I will always be the loving voice that does not allow you to sleep. And when then that hour is approaching, which is already close at hand, in which I tell you the last word through this rallies, then I want to meet spiritual devotion, devotion, real understanding and the endeavour to make progress among you. But woe to those who oppose my will! Woe to those who seduce my voices! Woe to those who let them fall into nets of temptation! For no one will be able to say that he was ignorant, no one will be able to say before the tribunal of my justice that he did not know what he was doing. What spiritualist does not know that at the end of 1950 this form of rallies by man will end? Who does not know that I alone in my high council conclusions have to determine this? Who has not heard that I am a merciless judge?

31. So when I tell you my last word, which will be, "My peace be with you," there will be silence in the material world Your Father will no longer let his word resound through the human mind. I have not provided for any punishment, have not erected a gallows for the children who do not obey Me or oppose My commandment ─ for those who put Me to the test at that decisive time. They will be accused of themselves, accused before their conscience. They will be those who sign their own verdict, and they will also be their executioners.

32. But what fruit will they be able to give, what essence will they be able to pour out on the hearts of men? He who should rise up in such disobedience will rob himself with his own hand of authority, gifts and commissions.

33. I cannot deceive you! I am never in an act of falsehood, I do not hide myself in the dark. My truth is always naked. But if men could not see the nakedness of my Spirit, it is only because they did not want to. I do not hide my truth from you by any garment. My nakedness is divine and pure, my nakedness is holy, and I will show it to all beings of the universe. As a symbol of them, I came into the world naked as a man, and naked I went away from you again.

34. I want that truth always prevails among the ones who are mine, because I am and will always be in your truth. I want that love is among you, and my love will always be in your love. There is only one truth, one true love; and when this truth and this love are in you, your love and your truth will be mine and my truth and my love will be yours.

35. I want my disciples to be like this, because even after 1950 I will continue to speak with them in the moments of their meditation, in your gatherings, when you walk alone. When you are in company, you will always meet the traveler, the wayfarer, who crosses your path and asks you to invite him to walk with you, and my inspirations will then be great, and you will feel your soul comforted and say, "That which the Father sent from the beyond, he never said by the mind of the voice bearer. The reason for this is that the Father continues his work among us".

36. So I want to see you in truth ─ with this humility, with this willingness, to be able to make myself known to you. For I still hold great lessons ready for the future ─ all that which I have not handed over to you in this time. My spiritual world will come to your Spirit, and this will be the powerful encouragement that comforts you and cheers you up on the way: the nearness of the father, the real presence of him and his spiritual world, the nearness of his kingdom among you.

When you go to the multitudes of men, you are to bear witness with them and tell them that I and my spiritual world have been with you, transmitted through the human mind ─ that it was you who spoke with the Father and those who had conversations with my blessed beings.

37. When the world should ask you: "And this exchange of thoughts and those spiritual conversations have ceased with you? Then you shall say, "The dialogue with the Father is eternal. He has sought out His children from the beginning of their development, and at every moment He has exchanged with His creatures. But in the course of time He has sought a better, more perfect, higher, and more spiritual form of manifestation." When you speak with this simplicity, mankind will understand many divine revelations, and you will cause the dark blindfold to fall away, preventing the soul from comprehending my truth. In this way you will cause them to recognize my greatness, and fanaticism and idolatry to disappear from their hearts.

38. In this way the proud buildings, the altars of gold and silver, the rites of pomp will fall, they will all fall of their own accord, defeated only by time. But the idolatry, the temple of fanaticism, which lives in the hearts of men, shall collapse according to my will, shall be destroyed. And to the people who have hurt me most, I will snatch from them everything that they keep in their hearts, so that no trace of these desecrations remains.

39. O blessed people of Israel! Be filled with my power and my light. For if in my words I always announce to you severe trials and painful events, it is so that you may protect yourselves from them and survive them safely. But I also always pour balm and joy, confidence and hope into your heart and soul in my words. To your heart I announce and prepare a better life on earth. I comfort and bless your human heart ─ be it that of a child, a youth, a man or a woman in mature age or in old age ─ and I open up new possibilities on the path of life to pour out blessings on your way.

I teach you the best way to find peace in the world, to know the fruits that taste sweet in your mouth. I teach you what are the permitted works that can make you happy and worthy of my peace in this world, which is a valley of tears. I strengthen your bonds of love for your children, parents, brothers and sisters, relatives or friends and between nations.

I also teach your soul once more the life of the high beyond, which you can achieve through merits that you earn. For all of you will inevitably have to reach the hereafter without any exception, not knowing at what moment you can arrive there, because death does not come only through old age, not only through the exhaustion of life ─ it comes at any hour, on any day, at the least expected moment. Remember that you all ─ absolutely all ─ will leave this life behind.

40. But if you enjoy and study this human life you live ─ if you have never fully recognized this life you enjoy and suffer, which you study so much and serve so well ─ how will that other one be that stands above it? Your soul knows something of him, but this something is not everything.

Some more and some less ─ they have all lived through the "valley" of the soul, those high regions, those worlds higher than this world. But nevertheless, your soul must always be prepared to enter other worlds ─ not the one you left the last time, but another, higher, on a higher level of the ladder to spiritual perfection. That is why I come to you, that is why I speak to you not about the earthly life, but also about the life of the soul. For it is longer, it is the perfect life, because it is the home, in which you will remain eternally, and I do not want you to be disturbed when you reach it. I do not want your soul to feel unworthy to knock on my door ─ I do not want the step from this life to the other to confuse you. Because this step is important, it is really a test, a struggle.

41. I do not subtract all your thinking from human life. It is I who gave you a body, who let your soul incarnate. It is My mercy that has sent you to live on earth, that has adorned and blessed this planet with every kind of gift, nature kingdoms, elements, creatures full of benefits for your nourishment, maintenance, refreshment and development. It is I who marry you, who gives you the order to grow and multiply.

42. It is I who put the instruments of work into your hands, and who blesses this work and your fruit. It is I who blesses the sweat on your forehead. Therefore I cannot be the one who keeps you from your duty as long as you are really busy with it. But fulfill it, as is proper for you, with humility, with respect and compassion for yourselves and also with compassion for others, then with the least earthly effort you will reap a fruit that gives peace and satisfaction to your heart.

43. But apart from those duties, those love relationships, feelings and bonds that unite you with one another, I also demand attention and time for your soul, for that higher being, which is to determine all the movements of your heart, your mind and your whole being ─ for that being that governs your body shell, for that being that is my servant, and to which your body is to be this one I want that you also grant her time for her self-reflection, for her work, for her development, for her worship of God, for her spiritual duties toward her Father and toward the other souls.

44. In my teaching and in my laws I have at all times united all laws, all duties, all forms of worship. Likewise I come to you in this Third Time and teach with this breadth, so that you do not fall into new fanaticism, so that you do not fall into secrecy nor into temptation, and in the fulfillment of all your duties you are simple, so that the soul does not become fanatical, nor the body shell makes its duties more difficult ─, so that the soul is not an obstacle to the heart nor to the mind, so that the body too is willing and the conscience makes itself felt in the body, so that it too does not hinder the soul from its fulfillment.

45. These are my disciples. Blessed are they who truly benefit from my lesson. Blessed are those who watch and pray in this examination year ─ this year in which temptations and confusion will come your way. So you can be strong, you can overcome everything by prayer, by fasting, by following my teaching, and you can unite and love one another and show mercy. I do not want obstacles to the unfolding of my manifestations to rise, that differences may arise among you, but that understanding and mercy, that brotherhood and love always prevail, that gentleness and humility prevail. Then I will continue to reward you and make myself known through My Word in the bosom of this people.

46. Watch for all, watch for yourselves, so that good and peace may finally overcome your differences, so that my kingdom may conquer with you the kingdom of lies, darkness and evil.

47. I will rise in you as victors ─ will that you may look upon your Father as King of hosts, who conquers the evil in you, and yourselves as soldiers full of spiritual honor, full of contentment and peace of mind Then the hymn of Universal Harmony will be heard in the greatest of victories ─ that triumph which will come, but in which neither your Father nor yourselves will be grieved to have "vanquished" by your love. Our "vanquished" will not be the souls ─ it will be the evil, all darkness, sins and imperfections. The triumph of the Father will consist in the salvation of all the souls left behind, which were rooted in darkness and evil. You are in error when you believe that someone will be lost. I would no longer be God if a single soul could not find salvation. All those whom you call demons are likewise souls that came forth from God, and if they are still lost today, they too will find salvation. When will the true light be in them? Then, when you, together with the spiritual hosts of light, will fight their ignorance and their sin with your prayer and your works of love and mercy.

48. Your Father and your perfect happiness will be the Great Day of the Lord. The Universal Banquet will take place when you all once feed yourselves at his table on the bread of eternal life.

My peace be with you! 

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