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Volume XI - Teaching 310 - 338  
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Teaching 320

1. Blessed is the human race, because it has had the incarnate presence of its Lord. Blessed be the human species, because it has received that inheritance of love.

2. My existence in the world through Jesus happened in the land of Palestine, my preaching lasted only three years, there were only a few villages I visited, and the crowd that accompanied me to Golgotha was not very numerous. Nevertheless, that word which came from the lips of Jesus has reached the humanity of all times.

It was not necessary to go to all the countries of that time in search of disciples, because I knew that like a seed my Word would soon be carried out of that land to be scattered over all the peoples of the globe. Those who heard Jesus and witnessed his "death" were there in place of all the generations to come. For the essence of my teaching and the love with which that blood flowed were meant for all.

3. Do not condemn that people because they did not recognize the Messiah in Jesus, and because they sacrificed Him. Do not be indignant at the thought that He whom they mocked was God Himself. Verily I say to you, I alone am the judge. Many of those who unjustly condemn that people and do not forgive them for sacrificing the Master carry a dejection in their hearts without realizing it because they have taken a place that is not theirs.

4. Just as I, when I was dying on the cross, in the face of a crowd feasting on my sufferings, exclaimed: "My Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do", so the same sentence could be repeated daily by Me addressed to you. For though you have known my name from birth, and though in your Spirit you have my teaching, my commandments, and my laws within you, you do not cease to throw insults at me and mock my principles.

5. You have lived through three epochs of spiritual revelations, but still mankind has not built the temple I expect. Yet ─ in this Third Age, men will erect the Blessed Sacrament at the bottom of their hearts, where the Ark will be, which is the Soul that keeps within it the tablets of the Law, which is in your Spirit.

6. To you the moral and spiritual transformation of humanity seems impossible because you have distanced yourselves greatly from the principles that have been revealed to you. You cannot imagine a world, much less believe in one in which love rules, peace reigns and justice exists.

7. I tell you that you cannot believe in all this because you did not want to explore the meaning of my word or the meaning of my works. If you would dedicate a little of your time to spiritual contemplation, you would receive great inspiration and attain wisdom.

8. Which of the people 2000 years ago had an idea of the present world, which you have created by the power of your intelligence? Nobody. Therefore, many of the ancient prophecies that announced this world of today were not believed.

9. I prophetically announce to you a new world and a spiritualized humanity, but when this word is known, it will again not be believed.

10. Generation after generation will pass away, the arrogance of men will unleash storms and floods, epidemics and plagues, and the wailing of mankind will shake the space. But after all this, the new inhabitants of the earth will begin a life of introspection and spiritualization, taking advantage of the immeasurable treasure of experience that past generations have left them, and the divine seed will begin to sprout.

11. The divine seed exists in every soul, since it has come forth from Me, and just as your children inherit the traits or character of their parents, so will souls eventually reveal what they have inherited from their Heavenly Father: love

12. Remember that day when I died as a man on the cross out of love for you. Remember my Passion ─ yes, but do not do it any more in the traditional way to which you have been accustomed for centuries ─ an outward and sensual way, which has left no seed in your soul because you have not absorbed the meaning and significance.

13. I see that you, in order to move your heart, dramatize my death through bloody representations and images, that you weep and wear mourning robes as if a person had just died, and that year after year you offer your condolences to the Mother without being aware of what you are doing.

14. Why show condolences to Mary, although she has lost no one, since He who died on the cross rose to eternal life? why shed tears for Me when I am beyond pain and death?

15. Verily I tell you, you had better shed tears for yourselves and feel sorrow for your sins and carry sorrow in your heart because of so many virtues and noble sentiments that have died in you

16. I want you, without waiting for anniversaries or dates or traditional commemorations, to unite yourselves in meetings or in the bosom of your families and, going over again those examples and works which I showed you in the Second Time, to gather yourselves full of spiritualization and devotion to reflect and interpret My Word. For then you would really have a benefit for your soul, because you would discover the meaning or essence of my works and my words.

17. Do not try to feel pity for me, because there is nothing in me that could cause men to regret. Instead, let yourselves be inspired by that love which I showed you during a whole life and apply that pity, that regret for offending and those pangs of conscience to your neighbour, among whom there are thousands worthy of every pity and every compassion: some because they suffer greatly; others because they have thrown themselves into the dirt of vice; still others because they do not know the light of truth, and still others because they live without love, or because they are hungry and thirsty for justice and peace.

18. Feel truly compassion and mercy for them, weeping and praying for them. But above all, do something that will ease their pain or improve their lives. Then you will truly be on the way to comprehend my teaching, to understand my sacrificial death and to interpret my will correctly.

19. Love for one another will be the only way to obey my word and be pleasing to my Spirit.

20. I said on the cross through Jesus: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do! After many centuries I can tell this humanity once again that it still does not know what it is doing. For often it distorts the meaning of the law or the teaching I have revealed to it, and violates both, believing to honor and fulfill them.

21. If you would understand and feel my teaching, love would flow through veins ─ love for your fellow men, who are a part of me. But you are far from loving one another, and of this you give proof with almost all your works.

22. Remember in your memorial celebrations that I, the Divine Master, left the spiritual kingdom out of love for you and became man to dwell with men ─ that I left my kingdom to show myself in your world as a human being in the service of the needy ─ that the Father of all created things, being in Christ, came to you to be the most humble and to dedicate his whole life to you

23. My teaching taught that the more you possess, the more you must give, and that the greater you are, the more humble you must be.

24. Who are those who take Me as an example in this time? Who are those who are able to descend from a throne or from a chair of honor to be among the poor and needy and to give life to them? I do not discover them, although your world is so large and humanity so numerous.

25. Once such examples are found in abundance on earth, you will be able to say that you take my word and my examples to heart, that you live them.

26. From generation to generation and from one age to another, men have moved further and further away from the divine laws, causing a regression in the spiritual realm.

27. If you pause for a moment to look at your world, to see it through reason, as if you were on the top of a mountain and looking at a city, you would observe that men have developed their passions and their intelligence and have always used them for earthly purposes.

28. If you investigate and reflect, you will discover that nowhere a sign of true spiritualization is shown ─ something that proves that in man dwells a being of light.

29. When you descend from this mountain of your contemplation, you will grieve, sadden ─ with the realization that you have strayed far from the divine laws that govern the spiritual life.

30. On your way you will meet the small, lower-standing beings: a bee, an ant, a worm, and you will say: "Father, why do you not allow these beings who are among us to sin, and on the other hand allow your spiritual children, like us, to sin? Oh, you little ones who dare to ask your Lord such absurd questions!

31. I have already surprised you how you envy these creatures for the light-heartedness and peace in which they live. I have already seen you envy the birds because of the joy in their nests that have made them a home, and I have heard your heart say to itself: "perhaps these creatures deserve greater blessings than the children of God? I tell you now that you are wondering and agonising because you do not know how to study My teaching until you find the truth.

32. Why do you not see that these creatures have only one home, which is the earth, and that it is just that they have their heaven and bliss on it? Do you not see that I cause them to follow a power which is the law of nature? Since they live within the law, they must enjoy all that the law contains, which is love, peace, well-being, bliss, activity, life.

33. You people have the opportunity to know something that is beyond the earthly nature, which is the spiritual life. For this the way has been revealed to you, which leads to the kingdom of your Father. But I have left you the freedom to take this path, or not to ascend or descend ─, to approach you or to remove you. For this is the way to acquire true merits towards the Father and at the same time to prove your love to Him.

34. The irrational being is guided by instinct, which is his inner voice, his master, his guide. It is like a light that comes from its mother, nature, and illuminates the path it has to take in its life ─. This is also a path of dangers and risks. The soul guides you men, the Spirit guides you souls, who is the light that the Divine Spirit has placed in his spiritual children.

35. The destiny of the children of nature is on earth; here it begins and here it ends. The destiny of the soul, however, begins with me and will never end. For when it rises above earthly life, when it reaches beyond the worlds of perfection and enters eternity, it will move from one home to another, discovering new worlds full of wisdom, becoming ever more blissful, loving ever more.

36. Do not cease to reflect on your destiny, and do not fail to observe your lower-standing brothers and sisters, for with them you will discover infinite examples of wisdom, which, when applied to your lives ─ ─ will make you reap good fruits.

37. Take an example from the harmony with which each species lives, from the activity of those who are industrious. Take to heart the examples of fidelity or gratitude. They are examples that contain divine wisdom, since they come from my creatures, likewise emerged from me, so that they may surround and accompany you on your world, so that they may share in what I have laid in the earth, and so that you may discover in them the voice that tells you that if you fulfill the Divine Law to the letter and let yourselves be guided by the voice of conscience, as they are guided by instinct, you will know harmony, you will experience peace, and it will lead you to the increase of your goods, to abundance, and to spiritual and human progress

38. Do you think that he who reflects deeply on all this would then be able to stir up a war? Do you think that he who has clearly heard the voice of his conscience will set out to humiliate his own neighbor? No, beloved people. So come to the conclusion that you must think about my revelations, that the world, too, must think, so that the soul rises in those reflections, the intellect gets into admiration, and the person ─ with a word ─ really hears the voice of conscience and obeys it.

39. Reflect upon the lesson of this day and teach to reflect upon it. It is a message which you must bring to the hearts of your fellow men with the cordiality I have given you. For you have a mission to accomplish, and that is why I have come at this time to bring you my word. But for this rallies I have used myself not of those who have strongly trained their minds in the erudition of this world, but of those who in their simplicity have been like my disciples of the Second Age.

40. Show her my work without fear, for it must enlighten the world at all times.

41. Train yourselves that my word may remain written in your hearts, that you may be like your Master, that because you are humble, you may be my true disciples. Bring the truth, that through it all mankind may be enlightened.

42. Exercise the virtues and unite as one disciple. From this book all will take the teaching with them, and so "the last shall be first.

43. Beloved people, with what devotion have you heard this word, which instructs you and announces to you the events which you will shortly see come to pass among you.

44. Man will make great strides towards spiritualization; his Spirit will be able to go beyond human limits and reach higher worlds of life, to communicate with his brethren and receive the light they have to offer him. He will also be able to descend to the levels of life where beings of lesser development, retarded beings, are to be found, to help them to leave behind their miserable existence and transfer them to a better life plan. The ladder on which the soul ascends to its perfection is very long; on it you will meet beings of infinitely many different developmental levels, and you will offer them some of what you possess, and they, in turn, will also give you some of their spiritual wealth.

45. Then you will discover that this is not the only world struggling for its improvement. You will experience that on all planets the soul is developing, that it is moving and growing on all in fulfillment of its destiny, and I want you to prepare yourselves to make a covenant with all your brothers, to exchange with them in that holy desire to know, love and assist one another. Do it in my name and in unconditional obedience, by means of your thoughts. As you begin this exercise, you will gradually understand their requests, their teachings and their benefits.

46. I long for you to be in harmony with your brethren on and outside this planet, which is your home at this time. Make bonds of friendship, ask for help when you need it, and also rush to the aid of those who ask you for what you possess.

47. How much do the beings who are destined to bring you to the knowledge of my return at this time love and protect you, and how charitably do they influence this humanity! I alone see this constant effort and know their merits. I bless them because their work is great. If you would penetrate into your spiritual life, you would see it filled with care, with miracles which you owe to your spiritual benefactors. They work in various missions on your world without you even suspecting their goodness and their efforts. I only tell you that they are constantly struggling to restore order and justice to the lives of men.

48. Help them in their difficult mission, understand their love, their selflessness, and become their collaborators in this great work!

49. Not only in this time, but since the first man inhabited the earth, the spirit world was sent and has manifested itself, sharing in your sufferings and joys I have ordained it so that you may not feel abandoned or distant from your spiritual brothers and sisters. Once you return to simplicity, once you are in contact with these beings and see them around you, you will recognize their work and bless them. And when you once leave the earth to begin the journey to your next home, you will be united with them who were the protectors of your life. But after you have come to know the virtue of your spiritual brothers and sisters ─, don't you want to be for your little brothers and sisters what your guardian angels are for you?

50. I am currently revealing to you what was hidden from your understanding of the world, because I do not want what is fundamental in your life to remain unknown to you: the immortality of your soul, its always ascending path and its final goal in me.

51. Walk the way step by step, live on earth, but always look up to heaven. Remember that you live eternal life from the moment when you have begun your journey, and that every trial you go through brings you closer to me, and that every distance covered makes the time of your return shorter.

52. You have seen the first lights of this era of spiritualization, but you will not see their full unfolding from this world It will be your descendants who will continue your work. But I will grant you to continue to care for your seed, just as I have allowed the souls of those who were your parents to continue to work for your commission.

53. Work for the good of this world, bring my word to the hearts. Often you will not find a hearing with some, but with others you will find an echo, and to them you shall give this teaching in abundance, which I have given you, so that you may transmit it to all your fellow men.

54. Today you have my word, which reveals the same and only essence that I have given you at all times: love. The principles on which my law and teaching are based are unchanging and eternal.

55. Today I come in Spirit to reveal my truth and my presence through the Divine Light, just as I made my "Word" become man in Jesus in that Second Time, to reveal my truth to you through the Word and seal it with blood It was necessary to come to men, to live with them, to let them feel and see as they see and feel, to give them proofs of the infinite love that my Spirit feels for men.

56. I, Christ, revealed through the man Jesus the glory of the Father, his wisdom and his power. The power was used to perform miracles for the benefit of those who needed faith in their Spirit, light in their minds and peace in their hearts. That power, which is the power of love itself, was poured out upon the needy to give themselves to them completely, to the extent that I did not use it for my own body, which likewise needed it in the hour of death.

57. I did not want to make use of my power to avoid the piercing pain of my body. For when I became man, it happened with the intention to suffer for your sake and to give you a tangible divine and human proof of my infinite love and compassion for the immature, the needy, the sinners.

58. All power which I revealed to others ─ be it that I healed a leper, restored sight to a blind man and mobility to the lame, or that I converted sinners and raised the dead ─ all authority which I revealed before the crowds to give them proofs of my truth by proving to them my power over the nature kingdoms and my power over life and death, I would not apply to myself, allowing my body to live through that passion and suffer that pain. True, my power could have spared my body any pain, but what merit would I then have had in your eyes? What example would I have left behind that was comprehensible to man if I had made use of my power to spare myself pain? It was necessary, in those moments of my power, to deprive myself of it, to reject the divine power, in order to feel and experience the pain of the flesh, the grief in the face of ingratitude, the loneliness, the agony and death.

59. Therefore the lips of Jesus asked for help at the hour of death, because his pain was real. But it was not only the physical pain that overwhelmed the feverish and exhausted body of Jesus ─ it was also the spiritual feeling of a God who was maltreated and made a mockery by his blind, ungrateful and haughty children for whom he shed that blood.

60. Jesus was strong by the Spirit that animated him, which was the Divine Spirit, and could have been insensitive to pain and invincible to the attacks of his persecutors; but it was necessary for him to shed tears, to feel that he was falling again and again to the ground before the eyes of the crowd, that the powers of his body were exhausted, and that he should die after his body had lost the last drop of blood.

61. Thus was my mission on earth fulfilled; thus ended the existence in the world of him whom the people had proclaimed king a few days before, when he entered Jerusalem.

62. Those who had received Me were the same who accompanied Me to the place of the skull, and many who had sung, "Hosanna! Hosanna!" cried later, "Crucify him! But many who received Me in their hearts prepared with love and faith followed Me faithfully until the last moment and let their tears fall on the trail of blood left by the Master.

63. For those who saw Me through the light of their soul, I was the incarnate God Himself. For those who saw me only through their senses, I was not the truth, since my death as man confused them and made them feel cheated. These were the ones who made fun of themselves, who called themselves lied to, in memory of the insistence with which Jesus promised them a kingdom full of joy. But now that they saw Him bent under the weight of the cross and then nailed to a shameful cross, they could only laugh and shout out that Jesus was a false prophet who did not deserve to live.

64. They were poor ignorant intellectuals, poor materialized souls, caught up in their own speculations: "If he is the Son of God ─ why has he not been saved from the hands of his oppressors and executioners? If in his voice and in his right hand is power ─ why did he complain on the cross that he had been abandoned? If he is the life, the dead raised ─ why did he die under the hands of meaningless people?"

65. It was not yet time for the light to reach the souls of those creatures. They had to continue to walk the paths of life to understand the divine truth of my pain and death. Those, on the other hand, who loved Me with their souls never had a moment of dismay or doubt, and the more they saw their Lord suffer, the greater was their admiration for those evidences of infinite love, perfect justice and wisdom.

66. Even the robber Dimas, of whom everyone had said that he had a heart full of darkness ─ unable to discover even one atom of my truth, was able to recognize my divinity precisely where others no longer recognized it: on the cross. He was able to recognize my light, he was able to discover my love, he saw the humility of Jesus and the blindness of the world, and since he had suffered much on earth, had been condemned, and had known the scaffolding of blood, he understood me and said to himself in his heart: "It is right that I should die on a cross as a robber and evildoer. But why are you giving this chalice to the Master ─ to this man from whom you have received only benefits?" And when he saw the patience and humility with which the righteous Jesus struggled with death, he could not stop at himself and exclaimed: "Lord, remember me when you are in your kingdom!

67. Yes, dear Dimas, you were with Me in the paradise of light and spiritual peace, where I carried your soul as a reward for your faith Who could have told those who doubted that in Jesus ─ dying and bleeding as he was ─ a God dwelled, that in the robber, who was in the throes of death at his right hand, a spirit of light was hiding? Time passed, and when the peace of mind returned, many of those who had rejected and mocked me penetrated into the light of my truth, which is why their repentance was great and their love indestructible in my following.

68. I have bequeathed to the world from the cross the book of life and spiritual wisdom ─ a book that should be interpreted and understood by men through the centuries, ages and epochs. Therefore, I said to Mary at the foot of the Cross, shaken by pain, "Woman, this is Your Son", pointing with the gaze of John, who at that moment embodied humanity, but the humanity transformed into a good disciple of Christ, the spiritualized humanity.

69. Also to John I turned with the words, "Son, this is your mother" ─ words which I will now explain to you.

70. Mary embodied purity, obedience, faith, tenderness and humility. Each of these virtues is a rung of the ladder on which I came down to the world to become man in the womb of that holy and pure woman.

71. That tenderness, that purity and love are the divine womb in which the seed of life is fertilized.

72. That ladder on which I descended to you to become man and to dwell with my children is the same as the one I offer you to ascend on it to Me, transforming yourselves from men into spirits of light

73. Mary is the ladder, Mary is the maternal womb Turn to her and you will meet Me.

My peace be with you. 

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