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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 244:

1. My love and my mercy are among you, O beloved people of Israel

2. Men and women, who bow their necks before the presence of the Father: I bless you, souls of God's chosen people in the Three Times that you open your eyes again today to see my presence and my light. Be blessed!

3. Enter into the core of my word: Christ reveals Himself precisely through the human mind to give you the teaching. But I tell you: Whenever He has given you His Word, Jehovah the Father and the HolySpirit have been involved. In my Divine Spirit, seek not three persons, but a single Creator-Spirit, a single Father, who has come to you in three different times and stages of revelation.

4. Verily I say to you How much theologians have confused mankind! But I give you my light to save you, to redeem you and to lift you up, telling you truthfully that it is not your mind that reveals these realizations to the Spirit, but that the Spirit reveals spiritual and divine knowledge to the human mind. Therefore, your Lord tells you: It will not be the theologians but the spiritualists, the true disciples of the HolySpirit - the souls who learn to be in contact with the Divine Spirit to hear my voice and to feel the caress, the encouragement and the call of your Lord.

5. Therefore, I have limited Myself in this moment in a single ray of light to make Myself known to you through a single mind. I speak to you as Father through my own "Word" which became man in the Second Time together with my HolySpirit, which has always been in Me. For I myself am it, from which you all have come forth. Recognize the true Divine Trinity by seeking one Spirit, one essence and one Father love.

6. You have entered the time of development, rallies and revelation of the HolySpirit, and every one of my revelations will awaken the people and make them reflect. There will be moments of confusion in which you will say: "Father, reason is always in you, the truth is you, and I am always a little child in your presence.

7. I receive you on this day of remembrance; but the tradition that still exists with you will be extinguished in future times, and the coming of divinity and the spiritual world will no longer be commemorated in a single day. I want you to always be in contact with Me and with your brothers and sisters.

8. In the first time you brought me a cult of fear and not of love for me, which arose only from your earthly part of being. For you had not yet discovered in the heart of the Father his infinite and perfect love for his creatures and saw in me only an unrelenting, strict and just father. You possessed my laws and obeyed them out of fear of my justice, and I waited for the time when you would recognize me as a loved and not feared father.

But though I gave you great proofs of my love, warm-heartedness, and tenderness, you still fear the righteousness of Jehovah. You still fear the voice of your conscience through which the Father spoke to you incessantly.

In that time of preparation and awakening for the soul, when you began to take the first firm steps on the way that would lead your Spirit to Mine, I made you understand that it was not my will that you should enter into communion with the souls of the dead because you were not yet prepared and would not make good use of that grace. Neither the spiritual world nor you were sufficiently prepared to have contact with one another. But the inkling of this was already there, as was the possibility and the grace. Therefore, from then on those people appeared in the world who sought connection with the spiritual beings.

9. The prohibition was not to be valid forever. How should the father, who loves his children so much, forbid communication between them himself? How should my Divine Spirit erect barriers and insurmountable distances between the brothers and sisters who seek each other with fervor and love? It just wasn't the right time for this yet, and that's why I spared you. But in my infinite love for man, for your own incarnated soul, I became man, whereby I prophetically announced this to you beforehand and informed you of it so that my coming would not be a surprise, and I could meet you awake and praying in expectation of my presence.

10. I fulfilled my promise and incarnated my Spirit. I was born as a man and lived among you to live, grow and die, and in this time, in which I, your Father, was man, I gave you manifestations, lessons and teachings full of spirituality. Many revelations I gave to your Spirit, which filled some with light and by some got into confusion.

11. I prepared you with my coming in the Second Time so that you would lift up your eyes and look closer at my kingdom - so that your soul would feel in that time that the Kingdom of Heaven was drawing ever closer.

At that time I met among men great legions of invisible and for you untouchable souls, which were still an inaccessible secret for your own souls - that life which moved and woven among you. I revealed it to you, revealed the mystery of those manifestations and showed the theologian and the scientist that my revelation was his

12. I healed the sick abandoned by science because their illnesses were supernatural, because they were of a spiritual nature. I delivered the possessed from the great legions of confused souls, and those who believed in me rose up and praised my name and acknowledged my power. Those who did not believe in Me condemned Me and attributed those proofs of power to evil and treated Me as a black magician.

I opened a door to the light to mankind so that you might realize that there are no distances for the soul, and at the moment of my death as a man, my Spirit awakened the souls that dwelt in their graves. I made them come out of their graves like Lazarus and sent them among you to witness their presence and existence.

13. Your eyes saw them and your hearts felt them very close because in that moment of trial I raised them to new life so that they would testify the glorious life of the soul, the eternal life in the Hereafter, which awaits you all It was also my will that, after my body had lain in the innermost part of the earth, it would return to you in the form of Jesus, to reveal me again and again before your eyes, to leave open forever the door that connects the "spiritual valley" with the one you are currently inhabiting, and thus to give souls access to my blessed and promised kingdom, so that they would see that this door of the Father's love, the HolySpirit, is always open to all - that this door, which was closed only for a time because your souls were unable to cross their thresholds, had been opened by the mercy of the Lord. From that moment on, the soul of man awakened to spiritual communication.

14. But it was not yet the time of complete understanding of spiritual revelations. But the longing for these divine teachings began to embrace mankind, and men of the various generations of the Second Age began to seek the hereafter with zeal, making use of the abilities and gifts that were latently present in their midst, and so they gradually found the path that led them to the "spiritual valley.

15. Many obstacles and disappointments were experienced by the people, many profanations were committed in my work and in my spiritual world. But the Father forgave everything, because He saw the longing of the souls that populated this earth to attain the exchange of thoughts with their spiritual brothers and sisters. But while one part of mankind longed for the discovery of these revelations and the communication with the hereafter, another part regarded the spiritual communication with suspicion and aversion.

16. But the Third Age has dawned among you - the time in which I, your God Himself, the same Father who came as law in the First Age, the same Who became man to spread His Word among you, came as HolySpirit - not, to make me materially audible as in the first time, nor to become man as in the second time, but to prepare you through the mind of man by announcing myself for short periods of time to be able to do it later with you from spirit to spirit. For even now, while I speak as HolySpirit, I had to materialize myself to a degree determined by my will, when I spoke through man himself.

17. Shortly a new era will open before you, the time of grace of the HolySpirit, in which you will find me - not by rites, nor by church ceremonies, nor by the mind, but in your own soul.

18. Much time has passed and with it the trials, the struggle, the development for your soul, and now in the time of the HolySpirit you are rising up as men who are able to understand Me

19. Now is no longer the time of prohibition of communication with the hereafter. It is no longer the time in which I only prepare you and make promises. It is the time of fulfilling my promises - the time to tell you that you have not only enslaved your body on this earth, but you have also chained your soul to material needs, although your true home is infinity, is the universe, is the spiritual space without end, which I am giving you. For it does not matter that your soul is just incarnated. Already from here you can conquer the spaces; you can be at home in the spiritual world and embrace each other as brothers and sisters.

20. Before my light has lifted the boundaries, it has prepared you so that you can connect with my Divine Spirit as well as with your brothers and sisters in the "Spiritual Valley". For I do not want you to be children of ignorance, but that you, as disciples of my Trinitarian-Marian Spiritual Work, with complete purity and exaltation, can establish this connection. Only he who does not know how to prepare himself will not be able to remain within it. Nor will he who is defiled reach the blissful communication of which I am speaking to you just now. For I have already told you that nothing impure will reach me.

21. When only curiosity should cause you to strive for the communication with the hereafter, you will not find the truth. If the desire for greatness or vanity should cause you to do so, you will not receive the true rallies. If temptation should beguile your heart with false intentions or selfish interests, you will not receive the communion with the light of my HolySpirit either. Only your reverence, your pure prayer, your love, your mercy, your soul elevation will bring about the miracle that your soul will spread its wings, cross the rooms and reach the spiritual homes - as far as it is my will.

22. This is the grace and consolation which the HolySpirit bestowed upon you that you might look upon one and the same home and be convinced that there is no death and alienation, that not one of my creatures dies in regard to eternal life. For in this "Third Time" you will also be able to embrace in spiritual embrace those beings who have parted from this earthly life and whom you have known, whom you have loved and whom you have lost in this world, but not in eternity.

23. Many of you have come into contact with those beings with the help of my "workers. But verily, I tell you, this is not the perfect way of making contact, and the time is drawing near in which the souls incarnated and the disembodied souls can communicate with each other from Spirit to Spirit without using any material or human means, namely, through inspiration, through the gift of soul sensitivity, revelation, or prescience. The eyes of your spirit will be able to perceive the presence of the hereafter, after which your heart will feel the expressions of life of the beings who populate the "spiritual valley," and then the rejoicing of your spirit will be great, as well as your knowledge of and love for the Father.

24. Then you will know what the life of your soul is, who it is and who it was, recognizing yourself without seeing yourself in such narrow limits as those which correspond to your bodies. For the Father tells you Even if your body matter is indeed small, how similar is your Spirit to my Divine Spirit!

25. I speak to you for the present and for the future. I prepare and awaken you with my words through this revelation. You are to set out to do the same with other men, speaking of my divine work - not only of the Third Age. For what I have taught and revealed to you in it is not all my work. That which I taught and revealed to you in the First and Second Times is likewise a part of it, and therefore you must know the teachings of all three Times so that you may be the true Trinitarians. For you have been with the Father in the three times, in his three manifestations in his three revelations.

26. Prepare yourselves in this way, beloved people, so that tomorrow you may not confuse humanity, and that there may not be in the heart, mind, or soul of men a single question that will cause you to fall silent; but that with the light of my Spirit you may answer or illuminate all things, leaving not a single soul in confusion, but giving to all life the explanation of what man had contemplated shrouded in mystery, darkness, or uncertainty.

27. I am light, simplicity, and truth. It is no longer time for you to see secrets where all is clarity. I reveal my wisdom to the soul as it moves upward. The further it progresses and spiritualizes, the better it understands the revelations it did not know, and in this way your soul will eternally enjoy the ever new lessons that my Divine Spirit reveals to you.

28. You here already have in this time the certainty that you have inhabited the earth many times before, because you believe in the reincarnation of the soul But this revelation, as I have given it to you, will shake the world, will cause a revolution among men, and with it they will obtain the explanation of many secrets and the encouragement for their soul, because reincarnation is a law of love and my light underlies it.

29.  You do not yet know, O beloved people, how many times you have been in different earth bodies in this world. Although the "flesh" explores itself and questions its own soul, you do not succeed in seeing your past, your former lives. For I as Father have forbidden this knowledge, have prevented your soul from discovering its former earth lives during human life, because this is still a prohibition of the HolySpirit, who is among you. But you are currently preparing the coming generations, which will possess souls of great spiritual developmental height and which now still live in the hereafter, where they are purifying and developing upwards, in order to then come to this planet. They will certainly be given, through the HolySpirit, the ability to remember their past lives, to know their past, because this will be useful for their own souls. If I have not granted you this, it is because I still find weakness in your soul and even more in your earthly nature, and I know that you would despair when you look at your past. The one who committed many transgressions and insulted his father with them would not have enough strength to stand up to the remorse and reproaches of his conscience. And he who was important would be filled with vanity - he who was insignificant would feel humiliated, and the desire for revenge would arise in his heart. That is why your Father, who is perfect wisdom, would not reveal to you the past of your soul during your physical life.

30. This grace is reserved for the generations of the future, to whom the knowledge of their past will not harm. You will be for them like an open book before their eyes. Those souls will be the unveilers of many secrets - those who illuminate the life of the soul through their own lives on earth - those who will speak to this world from other worlds and from the so far way, which is the spiritual way.

31. Prepare, people, that you may bequeath this preparation to those who will come forth from you - that this grace may continue in your descendants - that the bodies you witness and receive may be willing instruments for the souls of the generations to come. For I am currently preparing a new world for this humanity through you yourselves. You are the wheat which I am growing in this time and irrigating with the crystal clear water of my teachings.

32. The souls incarnated and those who dwell in the "Spiritual Valley" pay homage to Me at this moment. The whole creation offers Me its attribute of love.

33. Whoever on this day did not prepare to receive Me bears sadness in his heart. But that door which was closed to Me, I will open with the key of my love. For I am the earth walker who visits all to leave behind as a trace of my steps my perfect teaching.

34. My voice wakes up the one who sleeps and strengthens the one who is tired to make them understand that the time they have at their disposal is short and it is necessary to make use of it.

35. My word is done for all, both for the educated and the uneducated. To all I have spoken in the same way, plain and simple. For to the spiritual teaching word of the Divine Master, you are all child pupils. But how much life, how much truth, and how many revelations have you discovered in this simple word, without having fully understood and fathomed it.

36. Great is the responsibility of those who have heard me in this time, for they are to be like a seed of renewal in this world and an incentive for men to change. My new apostles and "workers" are to bring resurrection to those who are dead to the life of grace, though they continue to live physically. They are to hear the voice of my messengers like that "Arise and walk" that Lazarus heard.

37. Some have prepared themselves by developing their gifts and following my divine teachings, and have prepared themselves for battle with fervor and hope. Others, on the other hand, are discouraged because they have not used the time, have not made the effort. I speak to all and enlighten all, so that everyone may absorb what concerns him.

38. I do not want to see some people satisfied because of their good performance of their mission, because they present the golden wheat in abundance, while others shamefully hide their empty hands, because then my joy cannot be complete. But I do not want to spoil the joy of him who has fulfilled his task. For in order to show me his harvest, he had to work, toil and often even shed tears. But among their tasks is also to revive and spur on the fearful, the cold, those who have grown weary, so that in the whole people a feast takes place when the master appears to demand account of the result of your work.

39. I work your hearts with love, so that works of mercy and brotherhood may spring from them.

40. Continue to advance and do not think like those who have been content with what they have done, because they believe they have already conquered the Promised Land.

41. Ye are in the way of souls, which was foretold by God from eternity. It is not an earthly way visible to human eyes. For if it were, the landscapes of Canaan would still be the destination. But I removed the souls from there to scatter them all over the world - just as I did to you, who in past times lived in the East and now appeared in the West without deviating from the spiritual path.

42. For some, a symbol represented in material form is still indispensable; others have in their imagination the figures representing the soul forces. Once you have attained true spiritualization, you will have no more desire for visible or invisible images or figures to believe in the presence of the Divine, or to understand its meaning.

43. You are pioneers, for new generations will come forth from you, and in them will incarnate new spiritual hosts.

44. You are currently preparing the way for them so that their practice of religion, their ritual acts and their communication with Me may be more advanced.

45. Take firm steps, and you shall ascend step by step. Give up your false and materialistic religious practices, and you shall daily give your soul greater upliftment and freedom.

My peace be with you.

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