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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IX - Teaching 242 - 276
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Book of True Life - Volume 9

Teaching 249:

1 Beloved people, here is "The Word" among you, the same that spoke to you in the Second Age, which today makes itself known spiritually through the mind of man.

2 Verily I say to you, the existence of Jesus among men was not easy. From my childhood on, the cup of bitterness reached my lips. But to this I came: To suffer from the beginning to the end, to show you the way to salvation and to teach you that if I, the Lord of life, peace and happiness, renounced my glory to suffer through you on earth - what then comes to you? What can you already expect from the happiness, pleasures and successes on your earthly world?

3 The Christian world still remembers the day when Jesus came into the world. But even in the days of remembrance the noise of war is heard and people kill each other. The women remain defenseless and the children remain orphaned. Meanwhile, Mary, the mother, spreads her mantle of love over the globe. She is the heartiness, the warmth, the eternal womb, the home. The most perfect mother of Jesus as a human being also gave her divine lesson, which began at the manger in the stable and ended at the cross of Golgotha.

4. peace be upon men of good will, who love, bless and pray for mankind.

5 My creatures, you who seek Me without asking anything from Me and expect only what My Will grants you: when you feel My love and My benefits, you receive them with deep love, you entrust your thoughts to Me and tell Me that you wish to perfect yourselves.

6 You are like the birds that look for a nest to find shelter. You have approached each other in your desire for warmth, and My Word has nourished you and satisfied your heart.

7. on this day you put your works before Me You leave tears and sufferings behind and have the hope that the New Year will bring the longed-for peace for mankind.

8. you thank Me that you have found Me after you have suffered incomprehension and disappointments, and when you feel loved by Me, you sing a song of thanksgiving

9. you are now discovering the treasure, the heritage you have sought, and when you entered your soul, you were amazed when you discovered your gifts, when you saw abilities that were hidden and forgotten

10. you have found in Me the love you have sought, the true master, the faithful friend All the noble strings of your soul have awakened, and you feel the desire to tell mankind that my Spirit vibrates above every being, that my light has become the Word to be heard by all, and that the instrument I have chosen is the man who through my will has become the mouthpiece of my teaching. When the Good News reaches people through your mediation and you are heard, you will rejoice. If they do not listen to you, do not worry, for I will manifest myself in many ways to overcome human recalcitrance.

11 In the Second Time I told my disciples: "I will come again and speak to man's soul when he has come to know sin at its height. But I indicated to them in what manner I would come again, namely spiritual, and here I am in fulfillment of my promise. Those disciples asked Me, "How will we know You? And I gave them the signs for my coming. But now you see that although those apostles are not on earth, you have recognized the voice of your Father in those whom I have chosen at this time to give you my teaching.

12 When I arrived at Golgotha and emptied my cup of suffering, many of those who hear Me speak today through the mediation of a man were present. They did not understand who he was who spoke to them, and this is you who have disregarded my teaching and today say to Me, "Master, we love You, we want to follow You. If we did not recognize You in another time - now we see our error and ask You for forgiveness. Let us follow your steps directly."

13 But I say to you: O disciples, who have opened your heart and allow My Word to germinate as a fruitful seed, to grow and bear fruit - allow that this teaching may leave all its benefits in you, and that these may be for the benefit of your fellow men.

014 The time is drawing near in which the human Spirit seeks the truth. Then my seed will be sown on the whole surface of the earth, and apostles will appear everywhere.

15. prepare yourselves today, be patient in the struggle. All your sufferings will be rewarded. Feel my caress and my forgiveness that ease your sufferings. Thus you purify yourselves to come pure to Me. - When I speak to you in this way, you feel peace and your heart becomes still.

16 leave your tribulations behind, do not seek Me in the way of pain come to Me who I am Love

17. I want to see you strong, I want to see you bear your cross with patience and distribute gifts in your way. Pay attention to each of your works so that you may always be worthy of the peace I am offering you.

018 You crowds of men, my children, who come in desire for light: You await my words, my thoughts, so that you may forget your sufferings.

019 You have gathered here and have found my light in the meaning of my teaching. When you have spoken together, you have understood that it was one and the same reason that led you to seek Me in this word, and that this reason was the thirst for truth, the thirst for love.

20th little is what I had to give you, people, because you already carry in your soul all that you have asked Me for. I only had to teach you to look to the eternity of your being, so that there you may discover your heritage and your wealth.

021 Only my light opens the eyes of the soul to the truth; only this illuminates the never-ending path to true wisdom, the path to your redemption.

22. the more you seek in this way, the more you will find, the more you deepen, the greater treasures you will find - treasures that were hidden, but which are present in your soul and in the life that belongs to it.

023 How many riches which you had forgotten, and how many wonders you will discover in this way!

24. you still have much to learn to make yourselves receptive to my inspirations and my calls. How often you perceived the vibrations of the spiritual without being able to understand who is calling you! That "language" is so confusing for you that you cannot understand it and you end up attributing spiritual manifestations to hallucinations or material causes.

25. your hearts are hard and foolish in your powers of mind, which do not allow the soul to receive the influence of its true home. Such was not the way of God's people in former times: spiritualization was cultivated by those people with simple hearts and uplifted souls who sought to fulfill the Divine Law and obey the laws of the earth.

26 I want to be felt and loved again as in those times, but in a more spiritual way.

27. this was announced by prophets, by my word, and by one of my apostles. If you could really succeed in uniting all these revelations into one, you would be amazed at the clarity with which they speak of this time you are going through and the manifestations you are witnessing.

28 My rallies will be short through the human mind. For if it were prolonged, you would stand still, you would only prepare to enjoy my word, and you would finally become accustomed to my presence. Therefore my rallies in this form will soon come to an end, and then you will be compelled to study what you have heard, to perfect your prayer to feel my presence, and to prepare yourselves better to become worthy of my miracles.

(29) I want you to avoid two mistakes: that you stop in the habit of your worship actions, and that you want to progress too quickly. Step by step, unperturbed, proceed unwaveringly toward the goal I have set for you. Thus you will gradually ascend, cleanse the stains of your soul and pay off debts. You will draw ever closer to Eternal Life, which is destined as home for all souls, when they have attained the state of perfection.

30 When you hear Me, O my little children, some pray and ask Me for forgiveness, others weep. I see tears of love, of repentance, of fear - I receive them all. Recognize in how many ways you are heard by your Master, who knows how to interpret all "languages".

31 When you hear Me, you do not want this hour to pass. "How much peace, how much tranquility, how infinite bliss," your soul tells Me. But I answer you: This peace, this bliss, this bliss of feeling, loving, knowing and being able, you will have in the spiritual life - not for one hour, but for all eternity.

032 I will await you in that Promised Land, and my light will accompany you on your way until you come to me. For I am the light that shines down to illuminate your way.

033 In my word I have made prophecies to you, which you have seen come to pass, that they who hear your testimony may share in your faith. How much joy will there be in those who have lived without faith until now and suddenly open their eyes, discovering above them eternal life and in themselves the resemblance to divinity itself! At this moment the existence will change for those beings; for they will no longer belong to those who ask, but to those who give thanks. For the one who asks does this because he does not recognize that he has enough, and the one who thanks does this because he is convinced that he has more than he deserves.

34 When you contemplate the wonders of nature and realize that you have been an object of divine love and mercy - is there not gratitude flowing from your hearts? What greater proof of gratitude can you give Me at this moment than your admiration, your humility and your confession of my greatness? It has then been neither pain, nor need, nor self-interest that has inflamed your heart for Me.

035 Whenever you whisper a prayer of thanksgiving, accompany it with works that confirm that feeling.

36- I must remove any error from you because the period of time in which I speak to you in this form is already very short, and when the year 1950 ends, you shall have a greater understanding of my work because you have studied my teaching more thoroughly with the help of the wise counsel of my spiritual world. The voice-bearers who have been entrusted with the task of transmitting the divine message will prepare themselves with greater knowledge of their responsibilities.

37 Until the time when I withdraw my word, there must be a purge among you of the acts and customs of worship. Then let him who wishes to follow me under the banner of truth set out and follow me, and he who insists on distorting what is pure out of selfishness and personal gain will be forced to suffer the consequences of his disobedience and lack of vigilance.

38. it will not be I who punishes the child: he will feel his judgment himself. Every weed will be uprooted.

39. I have liberated this spiritualist people, I have illuminated their "fields" and removed the barriers and obstacles for them. But for so many good deeds they also bear great responsibility. Watch, that you may clearly hear the voice of your conscience, which will indicate to you what you should do and will always keep you alert.

40 In this year, which has served you as a preparation, because you have endeavored to break the chains that bound you to fanaticism, which prevented your spiritual development, you had the firm will to get rid of many prejudices. Since that moment you feel freer and closer to the truth. Now you will feel stronger for the fight.

41 How many events will happen! How many small worlds that man has created will be destroyed! Verily, I tell you, every false greatness and every selfish work will be destroyed.

042 There are few among you who have understood my teaching. But when the moment of my farewell has come, I will leave my disciples with the knowledge and strength necessary to face the fight. For the master is lenient with you because I see your effort, which - although small - is nevertheless valuable, and which I accept.

You have the conviction that you work for the soul, that what you sow with tears today will bear sweet fruit tomorrow. Who who knows this will dare to waste his time?

43 Soon you will see that my teaching is published in different languages. Then my word, my teaching, will bring you into contact with people of far-off lands, and although you have never seen one another, you will acknowledge one another. Although there are lands and seas between you, you will be united and be one through my work.

44 When the year 1950 ends, there will be uncertainty and doubt among many of you. Why do some doubt my revelations, who enjoy an intelligence greater than that of those who believe in my manifestation? Because it is not human knowledge nor the intellect which can judge my truth, and when man understands this, he is seized by fear against all that is new, against all that is unknown to him, to unconsciously reject it. But you, the weak, the uneducated, who cannot reach the height of men recognized by their intelligence, are those who believe, and you are able to delve into the secrets of the spiritual. Why? Because it is the Spirit who reveals eternal life and its wonders to the mind.

045 Human intelligence represents a force with which you will now fight, for through it man has created for himself ideas and conceptions of the spiritual which have not been revealed to him by the Spirit.

46. for this fight you are to be strong - with a strength that likewise springs from the Spirit. Your strength will never rest on your body, nor on the power of money, nor on earthly means. Only your faith in the truth that lives in you will let you win the fight.

47. the world will be stirred up when my word is heard in the nations, for the Spirit of men, prepared for this revelation, will be moved with joy and at the same time with fear. Then let him who wishes to know the truth free himself from the bondage of his materialistic imaginings and be refreshed on the luminous horizons that are presented to his gaze. However, he who remains in his mental darkness and in the struggle against this light still has the freedom to do so.

48 The change of heart to spirituality will bring about friendship and brotherhood among the nations. But it is necessary that you prepare yourselves, for the struggle will be great. When men rise up against one another in wars, it is not because it is my will, but because they have not understood the law of God.

049 Since the development of the soul is subject to a just law, man is purified in his way. In this way he becomes just before God through himself.

50. the present time has surprised mankind very far from the right way. War, hunger, epidemics, grief and destruction are voices that speak of the lack of mercy, spiritualization and justice that reigns in the world.

51 Understand that I inspire you to peace. Never have I incited you to war.

52 in the midst of this chaos I have taught you and pulled you out of the whirlwind of passions to reveal to you what I promised you in other times - to tell you that although you are small and humble, your soul preparation and your faith will transform you into brave soldiers and selfless apostles of My Work

53. the world will feel my presence in you, will remember my law forgotten today, and will know the new revelations and teachings. Humanity will see Me in all my glory when it receives the testimony of your works of love.

54 When your faith becomes weak in the face of the great trials, you will not be able to inspire your fellow man with faith, you will not be able to heal the sick, nor shake the heart of the sinner, nor comfort the afflicted. You will feel temporarily deprived of that power to illuminate the ways, to open doors to the needy. You will feel unworthy to take the blind man by the hand to guide him, and then your heart will weep bitterly. Only when you pray with all your trust placed in me, will I receive you, hear you, give peace to your soul and light the lamp of your faith with the inextinguishable light of my love.

55- I have wanted to create out of you a people, a family united in my law, loving one another, where there is no evil-will, so that you may serve as an example to your fellow men and be the foundation of my sanctuary.

056 I ask nothing impossible of you; I only want truthfulness to be contained in your words and works. If you follow my teaching with humility and understanding - if you express virtue and simplicity in your lives, you will not have to speak or make any effort to awaken the soul of your fellow men. The testimony of your active charity will then suffice.

57. you will not be the only ones on whom this responsibility rests. There will be new crowds of people, new "workers" and new "soldiers" with as much or even more fervor and love than you have, who will manage to take a step forward on the path of development.

(58) Just as I taught the twelve apostles of the Second Age to heal the sick, to love one's neighbor, to forgive insults, to free the possessed, and to raise the "dead" to new life with words and works of love, so have I also taught you that you too may be true apostles of my teaching.

59. put your mind at rest, train your reason, for truly, I tell you, you will receive from Me according to your preparation, and I can tell you: here I am in fulfilment of my promise that I would be with you anew

60. speak to Me in the innermost part of your being, for I hear your spiritual language. You point out to me your misfortunes, but I also see that you suffer when you see the suffering that empties mankind as a cup of bitterness in this time because the world has rejected me, has fallen into the clutches of temptation and is lashing around in its ignorance and agony. I approach myself humbly, to knock at the doors of every heart, to give men comfort, peace, bread for their souls. But man has forgotten me, hurls me far from him, because he has not recognized me. Man weeps over his past because he believes me far away, because he has not heard this word, which I am giving you at present. Therefore I remind you once again of the sublime mission that you have to fulfill among mankind.

I have filled you with my power to awaken souls, to pass on my peace, to pray for those who do not know how to pray, to pray for them, feeling the pain of your fellow men. You are the people whom I have awakened and blessed so that you may take the first steps full of love, brotherhood and forgiveness. Be true disciples who study and follow the teaching I have given you. For I will leave you on earth as my disciples.

62. people: Among you are unbelievers who are not content with the meaning of my word, who do not feel true faith in my spiritual rallies, who seek me in materialism, in the songs and word prayers, in the rites and ceremonies, because their souls have not yet become strong in the truth, and for this reason they are moving away from me.

63 I have taught you many things. I have promised you to dwell in the sanctuary which you prepare for Me in your heart. But those who practice a materialized cult believe that they are pleasing to Me and better fulfill their mission. But I tell them: I have clearly given you my teaching. Why do you remain asleep?

I have spoken much to you, but you have learned very little. When I have made great revelations to you, you have rebelled against them and have said: "This way of worshiping the Father is not pleasing to us; we will hold fast to our forms of worship. For we have not learned the form of worshipping the Father from Spirit to Spirit. But I tell you: Time will pass, and you will continue to sleep, and you will not have that glorious awakening which lifts your soul. Tomorrow you will feel yourselves orphans of Me, and although I am so near you, you will not feel Me because you have not learned to feel Me.

64. remember, O beloved people, that your Father has spoken to you at all times In the Second Time the Divine Master showed you the way of ascension and left his marks on it so that you would reach the true Fatherland. In the present time I have enlightened your soul, prepared you by My word and grace, so that you may set out to work like Elijah. So you can become leaders of men.

065 This is the time in which I have united and gathered the twelve tribes of the chosen people of Israel to receive again the teaching of the Divine "Word. As Master I have made my teaching audible among you. I have prepared you, orientated you by my word. But this form of communication with you will soon pass away.

66 "Israel, become the leader of mankind, give her this bread of eternal life, show her this work of the spirit, so that the different religions may spiritualize themselves in my teaching and in this way the Kingdom of God may come to all people.

67 I give you milk and honey because you are the people who have a difficult mission to fulfill - a mission that will not be a heavy cross on your shoulders. You are the people who have recognized Me one more time and want to set out in spiritualization to show their banner before mankind.

68 I have taught you to live in harmony with Me and to be humble and simple in all your actions and thoughts. I have taught you that while man foments his wars to kill himself, you should be the soldiers of my divinity, carrying the weapons of light in your hands to fight the hatred and ignorance of the world.

69 Recognize, my people, how in your surroundings people agonize in their fear and pain, and you are the ones called to bring them the consolation, encouragement and love of my Divine Spirit

70. see, when you have fulfilled your mission in this way, you will feel my peace, and in this peace you shall let people share Give up every earthly ambition and clothe yourselves with my love so that my mercy may be revealed through you all over the earth.

My peace be with you! 

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