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New, united humanity

We see a new humanity and yet it is still the same but now united in brotherly love, ready for the divine law, she enjoys health, happiness, liveliness, is willing to serve the Lord despite its work. Into infertile hearts falls the new seed, God will pour the fountain of His mercy, until flowers sprout from rocks. It's not Jordan's water, the love light touches the soul ', healed then she hears the voice, follows the conscience in prayer. The new era is peace, Past are traditions, Symbols, images, idols wiped out, liberated the mind from prejudice Veneration is for their god in sincere worship. Life's river wets the dead fields, how new they awaken to eternal life. The new humanity is now here, although it was the same old one. Anna Maria Hosta  (Source: Teaching188: 61...)

BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 189

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master -  Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207   Download here: Book of True Life - Volume 7 Teaching 189 1. Humanity, I come to unite you. I see you as if you were one single people scattered all over the world, and I will consider you as one single child. Here you have a new page of the book of life, which is still unknown to my disciples. 2. My people: Elijah, whose Spirit is manifested through my voice-bearers, and who speaks to you with words full of light and prophecy, is the same one who in the First Age amazed the world with his power, and you shall not be surprised when I also reveal to you that he was also in the Second Age among men, where he was then known as John the Baptist. I tell you that you are not to be surprised about this because I did not reveal these teachings to you only today, but these are already written down. 3. A proof of this is that the prophets said that Elijah would come before Christ to prepar

The Return is final !!

The following message   A.M. has got today, the most beautiful she has ever received: "You allow the water to teach you and to bathe." Come, Holy Spirit! Yes, come, with your inspiration, to teach and to bathe, I even ask it of you. Amen. My soul should be refreshed, in the fountain of your graces, oh, how well will I be there. The best news is always with the father. "They have to compensate us. They broke us. " Oh, that would be a measure. "The man is gone, separately, in another place, so that I may love you." Clever of you. But you take care of him. That calms my conscience. "Share!" That's right. BEING IN YOU is EVERYTHING. There is nothing better. I'm very well inwardly, resting on this Sabbath in you. "In the 2,000-year siege of massive crimes you returned to me ruefully. Finally!" YOU speak of IS-RAEL? From your people IS-RAEL? "The return is final. It will not be withdrawn. The number is