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The fifth element

Yesterday we watched this movie. The fifth element   at night I heard:  "Water and fire have broken the divine law .... 1 million soldiers gather ..." In the science fiction movie The Fifth Element, Bruce Willis must save the world from the apocalypse with the help of Milla Jovovich. What is the fifth element ? The four elements of water, fire, earth, air need a fifth element to save the world from the apocalypse ... and at the end of the movie, a few seconds before the catastrophe, she, the flawless one, just before she would die, reveals the secret ... the fifth element alone, love, can save the world from the catastrophe. However, God is portrayed here as a woman ... you should know this before you watch the movie and understand that God is not a woman. God is a man. God is very vulnerable, and if He were not loved, He could not save the world either. The starting point is 1914, and

Listening to the inner voice more than ever

24.10.2023 The spiritual sun of the return of Christ TTT 3 : 11 People: When my coming was announced in such a way that it would be in the midst of wars, unleashed forces of nature, pestilences and chaos, this did not happen because I would have brought you all this; it happened because my presence would be helpful for mankind just in that hour of crisis. In the night A.M. sees in the spirit how a woman makes the last gasp, relieved, and leaves. Like her mother when she died. "Naftali ... it's done." Naftali is a group of Israeli on Telegram that informs about the events of the war. In the morning when waking up: "Don't go to the Botanical Garden now. They're lurking everywhere now." In fact, A.M. has been harboring thoughts of going to the Botanical Garden again lately. Maybe that was radio-controlled mind control, too. "You get shot at from the outside, too." Forwarded from Middle East Spectator  - 🇮🇱 / 🇵🇸 NEW:

Dead or Alive

10/23/2023 In the night she startles from sleep when she hears the words: " Bloody hot..." and she feels urged to remove the song immediately. She gets up and does it on the computer and deletes all the files to it. "Indian!" He contacted her on Telegram after she chatted along in a Palestinian group. He asked very personal questions and also wanted a picture, but he didn't get that. A.M. also removed that chat. "Comes just now the story: To Jerusalem! Stay!" "You I want ...." "Interesting question about Where At Home ... dead or alive." Ah. That is the question. Alive is home. Dead is homeless. The time of judgment it da TTT 53 : 2 There is a time for man to do his work and another to answer for what he has done; the latter is the time in which you live. That is why you all suffer and weep. Just as you have a time of sowing and another of reaping, God also has one that He granted you to fulfill His law and ano

The Internet of Feeling

10/20/2023 around 1 o'clock a.m. Anna lies awake in bed and feels a mental connection to Nethanyahu. She holds the connection because it was pleasant. She sees Nethanyahu mentally and watches him writhing in thoughts of whether or not to attack Gaza. She doesn't mutter or make a peep, just observes. After a long time, in Nethanyahu comes this word: 'I'll be glad if I don't have to do this.' Again, a long time passes, during which Nethanyahu struggles with himself. Finally it comes out of him: 'I.e., if I don't do anything, they won't do anything to me.' TTT 46 : 5 A materialist loves only human life. However, since he realizes that everything in him is transient, he is anxious to live it intensely. Around 7:33 a.m.  Anna woke up at this dream: I saw them putting a sick person in a tub, like a small bathtub, as his bed. Then cold water accumulated in the tub and the sick person was lying in it. But the sick man was of majestic size and his body wa

Dark clouds are coming

10/19/2023 in the middle of the night TTT 12 : 45 Jesus was strong through the Spirit that animated him, which was the Divine Spirit, and could have been impervious to pain and invincible to the attacks of his persecutors; but it was necessary for him to shed tears, to feel that he kept falling to the ground before the eyes of the crowd, the strength of his body exhausted, and that he should die after his body had lost the last drop of blood. "You don't know ..." "She cries" Then comfort her and give her hope. 'Then God would not be allmighty, if man were stronger in judgment.' (Song of A.M.) "Door to Gaza (in Gaza center to south) closed. They blow it in the air. Hamas." "Israel  bombed Gaza. Wiped out." "By the arrival .... Are victor .... When I come. "Good bye Palestine ... forever." "Thumbnail... Israel." A.M. sees a large bridge over a large body of water being torn from its moo

The strike forces are forming

Der Herr sagte heute vormittag diese Worte:  „Israel … from abroad.“  A.M. checkt die Telegram Kanäle und findet heraus:  Nachdem Israel ein Krankenhaus mit mehr als 1000 unschuldigen Frauen und Kindern in Gaza bombardiert hat, welches auch kein Wasser, keine Medizin, keinen Strom und kein Benzin fĂĽr Notstromaggregate mehr hat und Israel behauptet hat, sie hätten nur auf die Parkflächen gezielt, obwohl das Krankenhaus stark beschädigt ist,  äuĂźerte sich der AuĂźenminister von Iran dazu wie folgt: Zitat:   The head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, published a rather aggressive post on his Twitter: " The time has come for global unity of humanity against this fake regime, more hateful than ISIS and its killing machine. Time's up!" ( Der Leiter des iranischen AuĂźenministeriums, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, veröffentlichte auf Twitter einen ziemlich aggressiven Beitrag: " Die Zeit ist gekommen fĂĽr eine globale Einheit der Menschheit gegen dieses fal

The gate that will never be closed

10:20 p.m. Ground assault on Gaza delayed a few days due to weather. "Watch out ... now they want to take your life with crypto .... You won the war." "Hezbollah!"   "Matomo" "basically ... now you already know that many are looking.... Google is doing GET AWAY with you... " Google. Censorship is underway. The review of me as an advertiser is still ongoing. If they stop the home page campaign, then I already don't have to pay anything for visitor clicks. Matomo continues to record the visitor flows in detail. At the moment, only returning visitors come to the site. Twitter. Elon Musk has also been told to shut down Twitter or leave. He is struggling and wants to know what is wrong with it? (!!!) 10/16/2023 at about 7:30 am. TTT 21 : 65 Understand that I am the saving gate - the gate that will never be closed to all who seek Me with true faith. (BTL -   T. 23, 19 - 23) A.M. perceives: The Lord is not alone on the wa

Israels new map and a site map from 2008

10/14/2023 Around 1pm: A.M. blogging on the homepage:   when the Lord said to her:   "Great community ... everything is working." But Google Ads has initiated a review as an advertiser and the review process is still ongoing and while it is ongoing the ad campaign is paused and only returning visitors can find the homepage. Since August, when the campaign was paused, which A.M. only recently discovered, the flow of visitors has decreased by 90%, but this is not a big deal, since 85% of the visitors were only on the homepage for a short time anyway and left again. Visitors already come from over 200 countries, mostly India and Pakistan, Germany, etc., and there are still returning visitors who go directly to the site. The night before she goes to sleep, A.M. hears these words in her spirit: "You can go wherever you want the land is yours." The Lord's heart is filled with great sadness as he watches the inferno that

The Sunday of the Flaming Hearts

TTT 51: 41 When will you attain peace of mind when you have not even attained peace of heart? - I tell you, until the last fratricidal weapon is destroyed, there will be no peace among men. Fratricidal weapons are all those with which people take each other's lives, destroy morals, deprive themselves of freedom, health, peace of mind, or destroy faith. (119, 53)  10/14/2023 at about 3:35 a.m. A.M. is awakened and hears these words in her spirit, with the voice of the Lord trembling, he is close to tears:  "Today was a white Sunday, the Sunday of flaming hearts."  In Israel, the Sabbath is Sunday and Israel's ground offensive in Gaza.  "Aleppo - Curtain."  A curtain of fire in Aleppo, a giant city in Syria.   "Bethlehem - Gaza."  (Beit Lahm located in Palestine and Islamic - birthplace of Jesus). Jesus told me in 2017, he was Syrian and Arab. His parents were not only Jews, they were Essenes, like Abraham and Moses and David and Akhenaten.  "Do

The school enjoy

10/12/2023 7:40 p.m. The reports say that 1.1 million residents in Gaza shall be evacuated by Saturday morning, because then the ground forces will move in and raze it to the ground. All around is desert and people already have no water and no electricity. They go on to say that in the coming days Hamas forces will attack Israeli bases all over Europe and people should stay away from public places. A.M. prays: Lord Jesus Christ, into your hands I commend my spirit and my life. A.M. hears these words before going to sleep: "Near death. You will see me and then ..." Am I still here? I am supposed to receive species - animals in the aquarium because of the mass death. 10/13/2023 A.M. wakes up from sleep around 1:30 a.m.   and hears the words: "Save us from the fire of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of your mercy. Satan is proud that he got them all." Where are they now? "In the places where they were. LUST..

Golan Heights

TTT 16: 31 Interpret my instruction correctly; do not think that my spirit can take pleasure in seeing your sufferings on earth, or that I come to deprive you of everything that gives you pleasure, in order to delight Me in it. I come so that you recognize and respect My laws, for they are worthy of your respect and attention, because they will bring you happiness if you obey them. 10/11/2023  Noon:  A.M. was tired and resting when the voice of the Lord came to her:  "Works. You have children. You were allowed to stay here. What do you think they (Hamas) did to them (hostages). In prison. Beheaded."  I'm immensely grateful and relieved about that.  A.M. gets up, overcomes her fatigue from yesterday's heavy gardening and goes to the garden to continue working.  The Lord observes her movements as a woman and this displeases A.M. She feels uncomfortable.  10/12/2023 around 0:05 AM  A.M. wakes up and sees a white rose in her spirit  and then hears these words:  "Sp

Update on the Gaza-Israel conflict - Who are the responsible parties?

10/11/2023 DDT 26 : 19 You have often asked Me what there is beyond this world, and if those stars which make their orbits in space are worlds like yours. 20 My answer to your curiosity has not completely lifted the veil of mystery, since I see that you do not yet have the necessary development to understand, nor the spirituality absolutely necessary to harmonize with other worlds. ------- Please, pay attention to the date of the messages. After all, the surprise attack by Hamas was on the Sabbath, October 7, 2023. ------------------ 10/11/2023 Redirected from Uncut News.Ch - The Original - Telegram - Channel Kim Dotcom: Understanding the Hamas attack on Israel: Iran aims for confrontation with Israel and the US. Russia's success in Ukraine emboldens Iran to reverse decades of hostile US foreign policy in the Middle East. A bankrupt U.S. government has just been invited into another war. The timing is opportunistic. The U.S. government is forced to print trillions of USD as it stru


9.10.2023 10/9/2023  A.M.Hosta  TTT 8 : 71 You can meet these emissaries in all the ways of your life, both in the religious communities, and in the sciences - among the people who govern, or among those who give good teachings. Invasion of water snails in the aquarium. Water plants bought, there were some on it ... stowaways. Within a short time there are so many that they cover the bottom. They eat the food of the catfish. What to do?  I hear:  "Migration!"  and generate TTT 8:71.  I hear:  "Wolves" ... then I mentally see a wolf standing there peacefully, saliva dripping from its mouth. Then I hear: "If it will meet HIM, it will meet HIM." HE is the Lord and takes care of the "wolves" so that they will be well, get courage and then may be go home again.  --------------------------------------------- Please visit our Homepage:  

US House of Representatives cuts funding for UN, WHO, WEF and climate change

US House of Representatives cuts funding for UN, WHO, WEF and climate change Quote: Most interestingly, it prohibits funding for several United Nations agencies, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the EcoHealth Alliance, any research on function extraction, and multilateral support for climate change funds managed by the World Bank. Key messages - United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA): no money will be provided to UNFPA. - Right to Information: prohibit "disinformation" and "misinformation" programs that violate the free speech rights of American citizens. - Accountability at the United Nations: Calls for increased accountability at the UN and other multilateral organizations, including the need for written agreements for Inspector General access to oversight powers. - Climate programs: Counterproductive climate programs that harm energy security and economic development in underdeveloped countries will be elim

Victory and recognition of the spiritual work of Christ

Surprise attack of Palestinians on Israel  10/7/2023  The Lord has already said this morning and yesterday also that I should pray ... Roche (Russia) ... it could be that Syria and Russia get involved in this conflict ... that would not be good .... he has also said let us not sow the cloud ... i don't know exactly what he means by that, but it could be about nuclear weapons German Videos  RAKETS AND TERROR AGAINST ISRAEL: War - Reservists mobilized for first time in decades    First pictures from Israel - Bild avoided showing really gruesome pictures Terror attack on Israel | BILD SITUATION CENTER SPECIAL   Prophetic partners ➤ The Russia/Turkey alliance ➤ GOG/MAGOG from the north and far north ➤  Nations that invade Israel will according to Ez 38:1-6 Magog (Kazakhstan ... all stan. Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanista

The MEGA tax office comes, the Ziesen shoot sharp and the Lord has spoken

10/ 3 / 2023 Google Ads has paused A.M.'s advertising campaign since the beginning of August and this has only now been noticed by her, as the flow of visitors has decreased by 90%. The reason is a business review on the part of Google Ads. She is now supposed to prove that she is registered for sales tax so that the campaign will be released again. The expenses for the service for God have been much higher than revenues since 2019 and A.M. has paid everything out of her own pocket. Dream: The dream is about someone buying a car and then selling the same car again. There is an interrogation about this and it is found that the purchase price was twice as high as the proceeds. A.M. writes to her tax advisor and asks for the data to be sent to the tax office. Tax offices have all access rights to all persons from Jan. 2024. New MEGA tax office is coming on Jan. 1, 2024! RA Lederer explains (in german)     TTT 35: 8 If an i