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TEST ... equip yourselves !!

A.M. Hosta 8.5.2021   TTT - Chapter 5 - Verse 44 44 People ask, beg, plead for light out of mercy, because they feel the need to prepare; but in answer to everything they are told that the Spiritual Life is a mystery and that the desire to lift the veil that covers it is presumption and blasphemy.   When I woke up that morning, I heard the Spirit's voice speaking within me: "Now relaxations ... later all the harsher measures ... vaccination programs ... they want everyone to be vaccinated." Who actually ? You control the government...who really wants it.... Do you want it to check all how they choose? Didn't you say you are Satan too...the one you created? You told me that I am too. Do you want me to be vaccinated? Why do you keep saying that to me. Don't you want me anymore? Digitize me? I've been asking myself that all along. Why did you give me the name LUCIDA? I've been asking myself that for a long time. Don't you want me to

Enter the field of mutations

A. M. Hosta 05/02/2021   The Holy Spirit told Anna Maria that she should take a wooden spoon for DORSA (sucking DOR out of the inflamed joints) because her joints are inflamed. At the same time, he also told her to leave this field (DORSA) and directly enter the field of mutations, so that the gaps (degraded cartilage in the joints) are closed again. Also the method cherry brandy with rock salt and red wine with silica is such a field, which must be left again, because it has basically again other, harmful side effects (alcohol means death for the soul). Cf:   Natural Harmony Station (NHS) and the Holy Spirit    Anna Maria is at a loss and turns to her father with the question: Father, the field where the mutations take place, how do I get there? "Very simple. The Spirit does everything you ask it to do." "Love!" "Do this: Ask!" "Who c

Natural Harmony Station (NHS) and the Holy Spirit

A. M. Hosta 29.4.2021   Event from 26 - 29.4.2021 26.4.2021   Quote from: Raum & Zeit   No. 231 / 2021 p. 47 - 51   Harmonize the climate naturally with nature-oriented orgone technology by Urs Wirths The weather situation with threatening dryness in Germany has defused. This does not come by chance. Urs Wirths reports about progress of his work with orgone-based natural harmony stations. Successes have also been achieved with nature-based orgone technology in other countries such as Paraguay, Bosnia Herzegovina and Namibia. After we had supplied Germany pretty much nationwide with natural harmony stations NHS until 2019, further problem factors for a healthy climate became apparent. We realized that there was a targeted "damage irrigation" against trees by means of radio waves. This reduces their metabolism to 5 to 10% of its normal value. Proof of this are the annual rings of felled trees in recent years, all of which have a minimal briete. What is t