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Spiritual paths and dwellings

The Master says to all: come to Me !! Once again, He came to us to prepare us. People cherish the tradition of commemorating those who no longer belong to this world. They imagine a place where those beings are and the life that surrounds them. They believe that they enjoy eternal peace and at the right hand of the Father enjoy his mercy. But they are far from reality. However, without knowing it, all already feel the new, spiritual vibration. There comes a time when everyone is opening this book and its essence will pass from heart to heart together. Every soul iwill be purified, perfected until it enters divinity. God outshines the path with light and gives strength to the soul so that she rises step by step. Depending on the level of development she has achieved on earth will be her spiritual home in the hereafter, when she leaves her earthly   body. If she has finished her task here and does not have to come back, will she inhabit a

Thank for the Harvest

It's almost over, this garden year, It has given us rich with a good harvest. You, Lord, gave us strength to work and always rain in the drought. Your light has guided us intuition for intuition. You let sprout the grass in the meadows, we cut it to mash the fields; that prevented a lot of weeds and keeps the plantlets from drying up. The flowers attracted the insects for pollination. Wind blows caress all kinds, told them the laws of growth and prosperity. They did not resist that, so they are grown well. To maturity came berries, fruits, tubers, roots, herbs, flowers, leaves, seeds. The table is now covered and offers a colorful picture of all the delicacies. So the trouble found its reward. Even if the garden is covered by white snow we still will enjoy his noble gifts. We can sing a song of praise to the Father of these gifts, who created them all, to the joy and well-being of the people. He wants us to strive to maintain that harmony, whic

BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 195

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master -  Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207   Download here: Book of True Life - Volume 7 Teaching 195 1. Hear my teaching, beloved disciples. 2. Through the inspiration of the voice bearer my word of teaching comes to you. By hearing it, you have realized that it means working power, balm, and renewal, and in its essence you divine the life of the soul. 3. Do not think that it is enough for your master to see himself surrounded by you. There is one more thing you should do, and that would really please Him, and that is to settle that debt which you have to Him, and which you have not yet settled. It is a debt that has weighed on you during all the periods that you have lived on Earth. This is the reason why you feel a reproach in the caress of my word. In his love you discover a commandment, and in the essence a law. 4. Your mind sometimes goes astray in this duty of atonement and resists it, and this is because only t