BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 191

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Teaching 191
1. The bread and wine on my table contains the seed of eternal
life. Come eat and drink from my table. Do not cry anymore from
hunger and thirst. I no longer want to hear you weeping. Instead, I
want to see peace and joy in my children. I am a loving Father and
Teacher, and even when I judge you, there is love in my justice.
2. The essence of my Spirit is love, as is your beginning and
end. Come, my disciples, and gather around the, Divine Master as
you did during the Second Era when I was among you as a man.
Allow your spirit to remember the gentle voice of Jesus, the Divine
Master. Remember the time when your spirit followed me to the
valleys, to the banks of the rivers, to the desert, and to the mountains
to listen to my words.
3. Your spirit was transported to the heavenly kingdom on
hearing the word of Jesus who used the forms and creatures of the
earth in order to create his parables and to give to man an idea of the
celestial kingdom. There were those who believed and those who
doubted, but all hearts were filled with peace and the sick were
healed. I want you to feel that you are with me in the solitude of a
valley. For a few moments forget the physical surroundings and
symbols inside this house of prayer, so that your spirit may elevate
itself to me without obstacles.
4. Disciples, if I have called you the people of God, the people
whom I love and have chosen, do not think that I love any less the
other people of the earth. When all the people of the earth learn to
acknowledge me, I will form one spiritual family, loving everyone
5. Do not assume that any nation or race is spiritually inferior,
nor assume that you are the only ones who have been privileged.
Truly I tell you that I have given you revelations and divine
prophecies since the First Era, but not because you are the most
loved on earth. You received them because you were the first-born,
in a spiritual sense, among humanity. Rather than becoming vain,
you need to become aware of your responsibility.
6. Study the history of Israel and you will know that in past
times Israel did not share with other nations the heritage and grace
given it by the Father. It became selfish and kept its gifts to itself,
and that was contrary to that which my law and my doctrine
7. Once again, I have come to prepare your spirit during this era.
I have enlightened it so that it will fulfill its destiny of taking my
doctrine to humanity and of blessing and saving its brethren.
8. Soon you will not hear my word, but do not think that I will
leave you orphaned and lost on the path of evolution. My Divine
Spirit will leave you prepared, and I will watch over you always.
Like a divine shadow, I will guide your steps. Speaking through your
lips, I will guide humanity, heal the sick, and with your voice
resurrect the spiritually dead. And when the nation of Israel becomes
united, I will establish my true sanctuary within your spirits.
9. During this Third Era I find the heart of man more barren
than ever before. It is like a soil of petrified rocks, covered with
weeds and thorns. Weeds and trees with poisonous fruits grow
everywhere. The waters have become contaminated, the springs
have become dry, the fountains muddy, and the rivers have stopped
flowing. Only withered flowers grow in the orchards. There are no
nests or birds in the trees. Insects and plagues have devoured
everything. That is what humanity presents to me during this era.
But I have come to bring you the seed, water and tools in order for
you to find the hearts in need and to spiritually enlighten them.
10. Do not feel that my stay among you is too brief. Remember
that I have spoken to you for a longer time during this era than I did
in the Second Era. During the Second Era, three years were
sufficient for mankind to learn of my miracles and to spread the
news of Christ to other nations. In those three years my disciples
were converted into teachers. I taught them to love. Also I taught
them that, although man is ungrateful, he nevertheless possesses
nobility. That nobility is the spark of divine love that every being
possesses, for he is a child of God.
11. The doctrine of Jesus touched the heart of humanity most
profoundly. I erected a temple in the heart of man where I am still
dwelling. Man's life and principles have changed because of his
ambition for power, wealth, human glory, and pleasure. It was
necessary for Christ to return among humanity and to awaken it
from its long sleep. Once again, he needed to show mankind the true
path. I have spoken from 1866 to the present. Although I have
manifested myself through many different spokesmen, always I have
revealed the same word, the same essence, and the same revelations
and prophecies through each spokesman.
12. My manifestation during this era has lasted longer than three
years. It was necessary to manifest myself for a longer period so that
I could explain my teaching in different ways, thus helping you to
comprehend it. Frequently, some of my disciples have rejected me
and have departed from the true path, even though they initially
believed in me and loved me. Although they received manifestations
and evidence of my truth, they chose not to follow the true path.
Whenever man finds himself in the abyss, he will then repent and
weep, asking for my help. Since I am love and have infinite
patience, I help him arise from that abyss so he can return to me. I
sit him at my table as the "prodigal son". I make a feast to celebrate
his return, and he rejoices. Everyone believes that the disciple has
truly repented, except the Divine Master. With time the disciple
again yields to temptation. Frequently, I have seen many disciples
fall, arise, and return to me. My manifestation this era has lasted
until 1950 so that you can return to the true path after departing
from it many times. Then you will have acquired true spiritual
13. What new attractions or experiences could the world and
science offer you? What unknown pleasures could the flesh give you
or what new things can you learn from vice and sin? If you yearn to
experience true joy, wisdom and inner peace, then follow my path
and learn to sow my seed. You will discover more things than you
could ever desire.
14. Whoever does not appreciate this work as being pure,
perfect and infinite, does so because he has not been able to clearly
perceive the truth and to gaze into the sanctuary of true wisdom.
Since he is still learning, he has not allowed me to show him those
things that I need to reveal to him.
15. The last three years of my manifestation are approaching.
They will be a representation of the three years when Jesus preached
in the Second Era.
16. Although it is the same law as always, I will make changes
to how you practice my doctrine. I have waited a long time for you
to make those changes, but you have failed to do it. I have
announced that I will depart in 1950, no longer manifesting myself
through human spokesmen. Also, I have informed you that the
communication from Spirit to spirit will begin after my departure.
However, what will happen to those who do not prepare
themselves? They will continue to call upon my divine ray, but I will
no longer manifest myself through spokesmen. However, some will
pretend that I still manifest myself through them. They will be
supported by others who, claiming to have spiritual vision, will
testify that I am still present. Still others will enter into ecstasy,
proclaiming that it is the spiritual world who is speaking. These
individuals will ridicule those who have respected my will of no
longer manifesting myself through spokesmen after 1950. Thus,
there will be great confusion.
17. What would happen if those confused individuals were to
arise as forerunners and messengers throughout the nations? You
would only find the fields sowed with confusion and deception.
There is still time to meditate and to prepare yourself, for your
brethren will arrive to question you. They will not be satisfied with
just analyzing my word, because they will discover that it is truly
pure. Instead, they will examine the fruit produced by my word and
thus will carefully study the lives of those who have witnessed my
manifestation. Your brethren will examine your life, your deeds, and
your practices, in order to confirm my teachings and manifestation.
If a person could be saved through knowing only my word, then
humanity could have been saved since the time of Moses, when I
first revealed my law. However, Christ had to come to earth as a
teacher for mankind. Today, I have come again but in spirit to make
you aware that one can only be saved, and be close to God, by
practicing deeds of love, charity, and humility. Remember my
apostles from the past. They not only offered testimony with their
words, but also with their deeds, blood, and lives.
18. Today, I want you to practice true charity with your
brethren. Thus, mankind will observe my new disciples and will
intuitively know that this work is not just a result of a human fantasy
or of a disturbed mind. They will know that it is a continuation of
the path outlined by God since the beginning of time. It fulfills the
announcements and prophecies made by Jesus. Christ is the one who
manifested himself spiritually in this era and is the same Christ who
lived among humanity in the Second Era.
19. While the world prepares itself to drink front the bitter
chalice that war offers, I offer you my teachings to share with others.
If the light that vibrates within the human mind helps humanity
perform great deeds, then what can be said of my divine light;of
wisdom, which can change man's way of life to prepare him for the
spiritual life?
20. The divine light and wisdom that descends from my Spirit to
your spirit, according to your evolution, produces an inner
enlightenment that eliminates all darkness. Analyze yourself, and
you will realize that before studying my teachings, you were
uncertain about many things. You could not imagine that many
mysteries would be explained.
21. Today, I am separating all confusion from the human mind. I
am preparing man so that he will not doubt the truth that he carries
22. You cannot have true faith if you experience doubt and are
weak. Faith is believing without doubting. It allows you to put an
idea into practice without fear of failure. The one who has faith is
able to perceive things spiritually and will be able to perceive the
truth and the final outcome.
23. : [Allow faith to develop within you, for not everyone
possesses it. Once you start to develop faith, it will struggle against
temptation. In order to reject and triumph over evil, strive to
discover the weapons of love found in the essence of my word. The
one who is unsure of my presence and my manifestation judges what
he perceives and hears without truly being able to elevate his spirit
toward the Lord. He still needs adormnents and symbols to satisfy
his material senses, believing that he achieves inspiration and
spiritual elevation in that manner.
24. I come to teach you that your spirit no longer needs the
sound of musical hymns to become inspired and elevated. In the
Second Era my disciples could elevate themselves in prayer and feel
my spiritual peace, even though they had no more than the blue sky
over their heads. They could elevate themselves because they were
able to hear the voice of the Divine Master within their hearts.
25. It has pleased me to manifest myself through human
spokesmen during this era. I utilized the mind of man and his own
language to enlighten humanity of my doctrine of love because it
was the best method.
26. Through this doctrine you will attain spiritual elevation, for
everything evolves. Be aware that everything originated through the
righteous power of God. Develop your virtues within your own
surroundings. My enlightenment will be your foundation for
constructing the world of tomorrow.
27. You have visible evidence of your spiritual evolution. Today,
you do not think the same as you did yesterday. You are different
from your parents, and your children will be different from you. You
cannot avoid it, because you are guided by a superior force. Truly I
tell you that evil will not prevail. Virtue will triumph, because the
one who practices charity cannot be selfish, the one who feels love
cannot hate, and where there is light there can be no darkness.
28. I want you to follow my path with true conviction so that
tomorrow you will teach your children to follow this same path.
Always offer sincere advise to others, and my word will touch those
who need it at the appropriate time.
29. There are those who fight against themselves, due to their
own corruption. They need my enlightenment to recognize their
errors and to learn to love their fellow human beings.
30. I am walking ahead of you, my people, removing all
obstacles from your path so that you may continue your journey.
31. Come to my banquet, my beloved people, where for a few
moments you may enjoy the presence of the Lord.
32. Come and fill your heart with my peace. I possess the peace
which you greatly lack on earth.
33. Although only a few have listened to my teachings, it is
sufficient because tomorrow they will offer testimony to their
brethren. I know that if I were to summon everyone, the majority
would not listen, because they are too occupied with their daily
tasks. They would deny me and prevent men of good will from
listening to me.
34. In these humble places where I manifest myself, I am
allowing the seed of my doctrine to germinate. I have united those
with simple hearts into groups. After they are free from their
everyday responsibilities, I speak to them of love, of the eternal, of
the spirit, and of true human and spiritual values. I have made them
perceive life through their conscience and not through their physical
35. I refer to these individuals as my disciples. Since they were
poor and not acknowledged by their brethren, they experienced
great satisfaction when I summoned them. They resurrected to a
new life and rejoiced at my teaching. Since the Lord has given them
his revelations and has shown them the path of love, they strongly
believe that they can help their brethren.
36. Some will reject and ridicule them because they call
themselves disciples of Jesus. But truly I tell you, that in spite of
that rejection and ridicule, they will continue being my disciples.
37. Man believes that the heavens are so distant that it is very
difficult for me to manifest myself among those who you feel are
insignificant. This occurs because man has only a vague idea of
heaven. He ignores that heaven is a state of perfection for the spirit,
a state of purity and of enlightenment that all spirits have to reach. It
is not a specific place in the universe.
38. The spirit, as it elevates itself, will be able to dwell in more
elevated mansions. Thus, when it achieves perfection, it will
dominate the infinite and be everywhere. It will be truly enlightened
and in harmony with the Father and all beings. That will be its
heaven and its glory. What more could the spirit desire other than
eternal peace, wisdom, and the joy of loving and of being loved?
39. It has been close to two thousand years since I dwelt among
mankind. Today, humanity perceives my deeds and my words of the
past as imagined and supernatural. Man needs to know that earth
and men were the same as they are today. He is mistaken to believe
that only those of the past were worthy of the grace of my presence,
for I have always dwelt in the heart of man. I also have always
manifested myself before him, as I did in the Second Era, and as I
do today in Spirit.
40. It is necessary for man to know me so that he can know the
truth. Whoever knows the truth will no longer be able to depart from
the path of my law, for he will listen to the voice of his conscience.
41. The one who ignores the truth is like a blind individual who
cannot find the true path or like a deaf individual who is unwilling
to listen to the voice of his conscience, a voice that originates from
God. That is why I have come once again to earth. I come to reveal
the truth, which was hidden from man. I offer him wisdom and new
enlightenment to help his spirit arise from its sad and miserable
42. I will awaken in man the divine desire to elevate himself
toward the path of righteousness. I will reveal to him the existence
of the true "heaven" and the new "promised land". I will prove to
him that I am not distant, for if I were, man would not exist.
43. Disciples: Remember these words in your heart, so that
when you meditate and reflect on my divine law you will experience
great joy.
44. Be aware that I am a fountain of love. Come to me, and I
will quench your need for love and charity. Behold how the light of
my Spirit illuminates all human beings. Arise to live a useful and
productive life. Although in the past you were not capable of even
guiding yourself, today you can guide multitudes.
45. Many were walking toward the abyss, but when they heard
my voice they chose to return and to continue striving toward the
true path. I say to you now that you are my disciples, that I have
created a nation with this multitude. I will receive you only when
you are in harmony and are fulfilling the will of God.
46. Among this multitude there are those who still do not fully
understand my doctrine and misinterpret it. That is why there are
disagreements and a lack of harmony among this multitude. I say to
you that there is still time to study my teachings in order to correct
those faults, thus removing all evil from your hearts. Those who first
received this task have the greatest responsibility, because they have
listened to me the longest. I say to those who were the first to
witness my manifestation: Fill your hearts with charity and perceive
those who have come after you as your younger brethren. Let your
life, deeds, and words serve as an example to others of the
perfection, greatness, and virtue of my work.
47. Those who are guiding these multitudes need to carefully
study my teachings and mandates. They need to be alert and to pray
for the multitudes, so that the people will listen to them, follow
them, and perceive them as prophets.
48. You shiver every time that you hear the Father speaking in a
tone of justice. But, once again you are betrayed by your weaknesses
and succumb to the ordeals, which only serve to strengthen your
49. When will all those who belong to this multitude, and who
are now scattered in different nations, unite with you? This
multitude is experiencing hardships in its journey, but others await it
so they can unite in pursuit of the promised land. They do not need
to unite physically, because the true path is in the heart and the
"promised land" is spiritual peace.
50. Each member of this multitude, no matter where he is, will
be inspired by the Father and will receive thoughts of comfort from
his brethren. My new people of Israel will arise in different places
throughout the world and will teach this doctrine of spirituality with
true purity.
51. My people, how can you believe that you are distant from
one another because you have gathered in different houses of prayer
to witness my manifestation? Only ignorance will prevent you from
discovering the spiritual bond that unites all of God's children.
52. Allow your spiritual gifts to manifest themselves, enabling
you to guide yourself through your intuition and revelation. Thus,
you will no longer stain nor disrespect the spiritual gifts that I have
given you.
53. In this era I have given your spirit a new opportunity to
elevate itself toward the Father.
54. The Messiah, who in the past came to earth and outlined the
path of salvation for mankind with his word and deeds, has now
come in spirit and is making his voice of justice heard through the
55. I have called many to witness this manifestation and to
listen to my word, but not all have come.
56. These multitudes who follow me are those who felt a
spiritual desire to be with me and to enjoy the shade of the divine
tree. They heard the voice of the Lord and yearned to become
sowers like him. They will be given seeds to sow along their path.
They are slowly becoming disciples and are aware that in the future
they will leave the warmth of their homes to take my seed to all
those who are hungry or thirsty for love, truth, and justice.
57. I have given you an abundance of teachings, therefore you
should not become intimidated in the presence of scholars. Truly I
say, that many scholars have become confused with their own
58. The mission of this multitude is to teach their brethren
through their deeds, words, and prayer. This multitude will journey
to distant lands knowing that the beloved Mother will always be
with them to offer her protection.
59. Many times you will speak to others about Mary, and about
her great love for mankind. You will notice that some will react with
indifference. At times you will be rejected for talking about her and
for having faith in her. But do not be afraid. Remember that when
Jesus was dying on the cross, a woman in great pain was agonizing
at the foot of the cross. That woman was Mary, the Divine Mother,
who at that moment was feeling all the suffering of the world. Did
the crowd at Calvary control itself in the presence of that woman?
No, my people, it did not. But with the passage of time, Mary was
acknowledged as the Mother of the Savior and as the spiritual
Mother of humanity. Humanity constructed an altar in its heart to
honor Mary, the mother of Jesus.
60. Humanity comes to listen to my teachings similar to how
one obtains water from a fountain to water his fields. Everyone has a
portion, a family, or a multitude that he must spiritually nourish. He
knows that only I can give him water that is pure to make his fields
blossom and produce fruit.
61. The heart of the Divine Master is touched as it welcomes
those messengers who come from distant lands representing
different people. I will send my message of peace and my teaching
of wisdom back to those people through their messengers.
62. You do the right thing in seeking me amidst those who have
listened to my teachings the longest, for they have learned many
things. However, do not forget that it is not necessary to travel long
distances to find me. The only distance one needs to travel to feel
my presence is the one that exists between his materialism and his
spiritual gifts.
63. Return in peace to your home, your community, or amidst
your congregation. But before you do, fill yourself with dedication,
justice, and enthusiasm so that you will guide the multitudes through
the righteous path, allowing no one to dishonor this doctrine with
his impure deeds. You will carry healing balsam in your heart to dry
the tears of those who ask for your charity. Allow your deeds to
reflect what my doctrine truly is, a true fountain of love;
forgiveness, and salvation.
64. Meditate on your past. Analyze your present and you will
truly be convinced that you have been sent to earth to fulfill this
mission. It will not be the words of men that will convince you of
this truth, but rather the proof that I will present along your journey.
Have true faith in these teachings. Dedicate yourself truly to
fulfilling your mission in a loving manner.
65. Some say: Lord, this work is so perfect. However, the
Divine Master informs you not to allow it to become meaningless
and a routine. In the future you will attain a much higher state of
spiritual elevation, which now you are unable to comprehend. You
will progress spiritually, step by step, without ever perceiving an end
to my infinite wisdom and knowledge.
66. Do not become stagnant nor attempt to progress too quickly.
Take small but firm steps, and strengthen each step through study
and meditation.
My Peace be with you!