BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 192

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Teaching 192
1. I welcome you today on celebrating the first time humanity
heard my word through human spokesmen. Years have passed, and I
observe that the spokesmen through whom I have manifested myself
and those who have witnessed this manifestation have evolved.
They are no longer beginners of spirituality nor are they ignorant of
this divine manifestation. Because of their elevation, humanity is
receiving the Lord's enlightenment which will help it progress
2. Man's ignorance of true spirituality has been eliminated by
my light. Man now understands that God limited his power, in an act
of love, so that his children would be able to feel him and hear him.
3. Since then, a new era has emerged for man. He will no longer
find barriers to prevent his spirit from enjoying the grace found in
this work.
4. Furthermore, all of my disciples no longer believe in the
eternal condemnation of a sinful person or of everlasting happiness
for the righteous. You are now aware that every spirit needs to
journey through the path of evolution, and that it will continue to
reincarnate until it attains perfection. When the spirit attains
spiritual perfection it can then remain in the spiritual valley without
having to reincarnate. You also now understand the reason for
restitution and the meaning of ordeals.
5. Sinners who have come before me have realized that eternal
condemnation truly does not exist. They are now filled with hope
and faith and work to help their spirit evolve.
6. They now know more about spiritual life. Although they
previously lacked faith, they are becoming more spiritual. That
miracle was achieved because of my communication through human
7. When I first manifested myself during this era I allowed you
to continue with your customs and religious traditions, because your
spirit was saturated with them and your senses were accustomed to
them. However, as your spirit gained enlightenment, through my
teachings, those rituals and practices began to disappear. You were
encouraged by the miracles that you achieved through your faith.
You confirmed what Jesus said in the Second Era, "Miracles are
achieved through faith".
8. In 1866 I reminded you of the law given to you since the time
of Moses. Also, it was a reminder of the words spoken by Jesus, the
Only begotten Son of God, who came to teach you in the Second
9. It was necessary to remind you during this era that my law
was given to man since the First Era.
10. You can fulfill my law in various ways. What is important is
that you help your brethren. How you help him will differ as you
spiritually evolve. My law is not a mandate that is imposed through
force. It is an eternal invitation to practice deeds of love. I will not
force you to practice those deeds. However, I will inspire you to
practice deeds of love with your brethren and will then wait for you
to feel that inspiration. Thus, when you choose to practice deeds of
love, you will feel that you are fulfilling the law of God.
11. Throughout the eras man has created a mental image of
God, through which he has sought and worshiped Him. Because of
the confusion that exists among different religions, the Lord has
utilized spiritually illuminated messengers to come clarify that
confusion. Those messengers have been my spokesmen, whom I
prepared to manifest my word of light. While some people have
listened to the divine messages with interest, others, upon sensing
that their deep rooted beliefs were being challenged, have rejected
my messengers.
12. All my messengers have been ridiculed. All of them have
experienced human ingratitude and cruelty. In every era, my
forerunners have come to preach and to. practice what I have
entrusted to them, always in accordance with the spiritual progress
of humanity.
13. I have always manifested my existence to you as Creator of
the universe. Since the beginning I made you understand that to live
peacefully on earth you need to practice love and charity. You then
discovered that something existed within you that did not pertain to
the flesh. Through intuition you discovered the existence of your
spirit, realizing that it has eternal life.
14. When Jesus lived among you, he revealed his new and
eternal doctrine, which signaled the path one has to follow to reach
him. In the Third Era you have listened to me once again through
the Holy Spirit utilizing human spokesmen.
15. Each time that I have come to humanity, I have separated
man from worshiping false gods, showing him the true path. The
Holy Spirit has truly come among you and has demonstrated to the
world that its word is a seed of love and life. That seed will sprout,
grow, and perfect itself. When Christ finished his mission on earth,
he said: All has been completed. That meant that he had finished the
teaching that he brought to mankind in the Second Era. However, I
promised to return because I had new teachings to give to mankind.
16. Behold that the Divine Master is once again among you. He
has come to reveal new teachings and to remind you of past
forgotten teachings so that you can always be aware of your spiritual
responsibilities. Your spirit should always be a true image of the
Creator with both the Father and with your brethren.
17. After I came to earth through Jesus in the Second Era, I
continued to sent others to earth who were my apostles and soldiers
to confirm my doctrine with their deeds and to prevent humanity
from distorting my teachings. However, many who are spiritually
deaf and blind have misinterpreted my word, disagreeing with each
other and creating different religions and sects. If mankind is
spiritually divided, how can man love one another, which is the
main precept of my law? That is why I say to you that today's
civilization is only an illusion, because man is destroying it. As long
as humanity does not construct a world using my law of love and
justice as a foundation, it will not be able to achieve true spiritual
peace and enlightenment. Only through the practice of love and
justice will man be able to establish a world that is truly elevated
spiritually, scientifically, and morally.
18. If you would allow your conscience to guide you, there
would be no reason for God to materialize himself so he can remind
you of your responsibilities. If you would realize that Jesus, the
perfect man, came to shed his blood to show you the path of
salvation, you would always seek me through that path. However,
you have not followed that path. But I love you, and I have come to
seek those who have forgotten me. I have come to renew my
promise once again, reminding you that the kingdom of heaven still
awaits you. Although my doctrine and law are not new, I have
brought you new revelations. My new teachings encourage you to
fulfill the mandate of loving one another.
19. As you listen to my teachings and learn about me, your
spirit is acquiring more and more enlightenment. Thus, it would be
useless to attempt to deceive yourself, because your spirit would not
allow it for it would be your judge. You would try unsuccessfully to
justify your bad deeds, but the conscience would continuously point
out your mistakes until you correct them. You will judge yourself. I
do not dictate your sentence nor do I designate what place you will
occupy in the spiritual valley. I only inspire you to acquire
enlightenment and peace in preparation for your departure to the
spiritual valley. Thus, I demonstrate to you that there is an intimate
relationship between God and man. Love me, even if you are unable
to imagine what I am like. I have no form. I am love, power, and
wisdom, and I am throughout the universe. However, if you are
unable to visualize me in that manner, then picture me through
Jesus. Remember that Jesus said: Whoever knows the Son, knows
the Father.
20. Think of Jesus when you practice charity, when you practice
forgiveness, and when you feel love for your brethren. Feel his
presence, and let him dwell in your heart. Then truly you will be
similar to your Father, in your love and in your spirituality, because
you are divine enlightenment.
21. Beloved humanity: I observe that you are tired and
overwhelmed from the weight of your faults. You ask me for a
healing balsam to heal your spirit and body. I say to you: You will
need to initiate an inner struggle. Penetrate inwardly and truly get to
know yourself. Judge yourself through your conscience to discover
why you now suffer. Thus, by strongly committing yourself to
obeying my law, you will be able to remove the seed of evil and thus
will be healed. The bad weed will be cut from its roots and will be
thrown into the fire. Man is not the bad weed that grows on earth, it
is sin and ignorance. These have multiplied and have invaded the
human heart. However, my word comes to enlighten the human
spirit. My inspirations and revelations will detain the progress of
evil and will convert the human heart into a fertile field. I will sow
my seed in that field until it produces an abundance of fruit.
22. I am the Divine Doctor who seeks those who are ill. Come
to me when you are tired of suffering and are unable to find a
merciful hand to heal you. Pray and enter into communion with me,
and I will offer you the comfort that you need. I will not judge your
past deeds. I will guide you to fulfill your mission and will convert
you into a person of good will.
23. Promise yourself and not the Father to correct your negative
deeds because the flesh is weak and it can betray you.
24. Do not despair nor curse when things become difficult.
Instead, you should withstand and accept the ordeals, because in that
manner your spirit will become purified and attain perfection.
25. I will stop man's ambition for power and riches, and I will
set a limit to his destruction of earth. The prophets of the past had
indicated that human pride would one day come to an end. Once
that day arrives I will grant peace to each of my children, according
to their merits. There will be a new dawn on earth. Who is able to
penetrate into my higher judgements? Who will dare to destroy what
I have created and placed within you? The spirit cannot be touched.
Even if the physical body is destroyed, the immortal spirit will
remain. The conscience will continue to guide the spirit until it
reaches me.
26. Everyone who listens to his conscience and obeys it will
discover the path that leads to perfection. I have set the destiny for
each spirit. All spirits were born from me, and they will return to
me. Great joy awaits the spirit along its path. It will confront many
ordeals and will eventually triumph over each one of them. It will
discover my presence along every step of its journey, and my love
will offer it strength. The Father never separates from his child.
Once the child returns to the Father there will be a celebration in the
heavens and joy on earth. Then, the Divine Master and his disciples
will be reunited.
27. Truly I tell you that earth is not the only place where I have
disciples. Spirits also receive and listen to these same words in the
spiritual valley. Even those spirits who are highly elevated and
enlightened come to listen to the teachings of the Divine Master.
Just as people differ on earth, according to the preparation of each
individual, in the spiritual world there are also many steps along the
ladder of perfection.
28. Similar to how you come to listen to me to discover how to
fulfill your mission, the beings of light also listen to me to discover
how to serve the Divine Father better. That is why I am surrounded
by multitudes of spiritual beings whenever I have given you my
teachings during this era. During those moments of my
manifestation, those spiritual beings unite with you with a divine
bond of love.
29. In the spiritual valley all spirits are equal and no one is
rejected. Spirits feel close to one another, and they all practice
charity. The people of God who are spiritual should do this in the
different nations, religions, and sects, until true brotherhood is
30. The new disciples will witness the fulfillment of those
prophecies that announced the reign of Christ in the universe.
31. Be aware that those beings who inhabit other mansions
serve me and also receive my orders. They will become your helpers
and accompany you, manifesting their strength and light along your
path. They will speak to you through the gift of revelation. In that
same manner the future generations, who will be more spiritually
advanced than you, will receive spiritual enlightenment from those
great spirits.
32. Based on what I have said, you should realize that man is
not responsible for everything that happens on earth. Become aware
of the influence of the spiritual beings in your life.
33. Through my teachings you have gained sufficient
knowledge to tear down the veils of fanaticism and ignorance.
Those veils prevented you from perceiving the truth.
34. Allow your spirit to be free so that it will be able to journey
through the infinite heavens. Do not restrict it into believing only
those things that are created in your imagination. Let your spirit
become inspired through my teachings. Allow it to perceive and to
discover so that it can acquire wisdom. If you want your spirit to be
great, help it to evolve, but do not let it become stagnant through
fanaticism. Everything evolves, changes, and perfects itself. Only
my law is eternal and does not need to change, because it is perfect.
My law guides the world, offers divine advice, and inspires
35. Tomorrow, you will speak under my inspiration. But until
that moment arrives, the spiritual world will continue to penetrate
into the human heart to guide humanity along the path that will lead
it to the kingdom of peace.
36. It has been my will to choose sinners. I did not come to seek
the righteous, for they are already saved. You were selected because
of my charity. Allow your brethren to perceive how you live, thus
offering them an example of how you have regenerated your life.
37. I am well aware of the struggles that occur within your spirit
and of the weaknesses that exist within your heart. Sometimes you
lack the strength to triumph over your ordeals. It is then that you
pray to the Divine Master asking for his help, confessing to Him that
you are not worthy of his gifts and grace.
38. That is why I have come to tell you: Drink from the essence
of my word, for it is my blood, which will cleanse and save you.
39. My new disciples are being born to the true life. Their spirits
experience great joy listening to my teachings, and their hearts beat
rapidly as they receive spiritual enlightenment from my word. Also,
they are starting to speak their first spiritual phrases.
40. I observed your poverty and your meekness, as well as your
great humility and obedience that existed in your spirit. When the
appropriate time came, I brought you your heritage.
41. When the multitudes started to arrive at those places where I
have manifested myself, I observed that many were like orphans.
But as they listened to my word, which is a powerful healer, it
miraculously resurrected them to life.
42. Only this doctrine teaches you to seek your spirit within
you, along with its powers, attributes, and missions.
43. Now that you have begun to truly know yourself, you now
experience great confidence in life, true faith in God, and a peace
that you had never felt.
44. Do you not believe that it is important for your spirit to
become familiar with the path that it needs to follow? It is the path
that I have revealed to you in my teaching. Remember that in the
Second Era I said, "I am the Way, whoever follows it will not
45. Those who are listening to these teachings are not the only
ones who will acquire wisdom. No, lam preparing everything so that
my word will spread throughout the world when this manifestation
comes to an end. My message is for every nation throughout the
46. My people, those of you who arrived ill before me and who
have been healed with my word should realize that I did not
summon you only to heal you. Be aware that the main reason that I
summoned you was to reveal the spiritual mission that you will need
to fulfill with your brethren.
47. Do not limit yourself to rejoicing because you have regained
inner peace. Also let your spirit experience the joy that one feels by
practicing deeds of charity. Do not limit your testimony to only
telling others that you have been healed by the Divine Master.
Rather, you should also heal your brethren. Then you would truly be
offering testimony of your Father's love and also fulfilling your
responsibility with me and with your brethren.
48. Whoever does not feel charity toward the needy or is unable
to feel the pain of others in his heart, will not have taken the steps
needed along my path to be called a true disciple of Christ.
49. I have found that you are insensitive, indifferent, and selfish.
Thus, I have begun by offering you my grace, helping you to
become sensitive and compassionate. Thus, you will become more
aware of the needs of your brethren and will disregard your own
needs to help them.
50. Today, the world is unaware that I am reuniting a multitude
of people whose voices will be heard throughout the world in the
future. I will send my new, disciples to preach my word only after
they are prepared and know how to confront a struggle. Mankind
will be unable to silence their voices because they will offer
convincing evidence of my truth.
51. Humanity is unaware of the spiritual gifts that I am
revealing to this multitude, gifts which are possessed by every spirit
and human being. Once my disciples prepare themselves and
develop these gifts they will be able to offer extensive and true
testimony to their brethren.
52. This multitude will still need to struggle for their
preparation and spiritual progress. It will endure many ordeals to
purify itself. My prophecies in this era will be fulfilled, similar to
how my prophecies from the First and Second Era were fulfilled.
You will perceive my spiritual seed spread throughout the world. It
will be similar to a forceful river flowing with pure water, purifying,
cleansing, and sweeping away all evil. It will fertilize all the fields,
offering life and truth everywhere.
53. Can the power of mankind be compared to my power? Will
those nations that are highly materialistic be able to oppose the
infinite strength of spirituality? The answer is no. I have allowed
man to reach the limit of his ambitions and pride, thus verifying the
gift of free will that I have given him. But once man reaches the
limit of his ambition, he will awaken spiritually, and will pursue
spiritual enlightenment and love. He will then kneel before God
who is the only absolute power and universal truth.
54. Battle and be persistent, my people, and truly I tell you that I
will allow you to perceive the fulfillment of my word.
55. Beloved disciples, feel how God's love manifests itself when
you repent for your faults. My Spirit rejoices when you repent.
56. I have manifested myself through the human spokesmen as a
Father who is understanding and gentle, patiently and wisely
correcting your imperfections.
57. During this era I have come to explain spirituality with
simple words. I have come to teach you how to fulfill your mission,
so that as my disciple you will not stumble along the path outlined
by my charity.
58. Spirituality does not come to establish new laws. It teaches
man that if he follows the same laws revealed in all three eras, he
will ascend and progress spiritually, without becoming stagnant.
59. The spirit was originally pure. If it became stained on earth,
it will need to purify itself and to fulfill its mission.
60. The person who is spiritual should choose to separate
himself from anything that can hinder his spiritual progress. My
word will not be imposed through fear. Instead, people will believe
in my word when they feel the love and purity found in my
teachings. In the Second Era Christ did not impose his doctrine of
61. Today, Christ, the Divine Master, says to you: The miracle
of changing because of my word is accomplished through faith.
62. Who doubts that I am manifesting myself in this era? Who
can limit the abilities of the One who is able to do everything? Who
can prevent the Divine Master from manifesting himself through a
human being, God's greatest creation and made spiritually in God's
63. Tomorrow, you can use that explanation to explain my
manifestation during this era to the unbeliever.
64. You will be asked numerous questions by those who are
stubborn and who will reject my manifestation during this era. But
do not be afraid, for I will be with you. I have prepared you
beforehand, allowing you to become familiar with the right and
wrong paths, crossroads, and dangers found along the path of life.
Thus, you will always know the true path that you should follow.
That path will guide you back to your origin, the Divine Father, who
created you.
65. Man dwells on earth due to the will of the Father. He is able
to breathe and live on earth because it is the Father's will. In the
Second Era the Father came to dwell on earth, in a human body,
allowing good and evil to draw near him. Because of his humility,
he allowed himself to be tempted. If because of my love for
mankind I came to dwell among you, why would I not manifest
myself through humans, whom I greatly love and want to save.
66. Every human being feels his spirit and occasionally wishes
that the Father would extend his hand to help him. When sorrow
invades his heart, he glances up toward the heavens, shouting from
the innermost part of his being asking for patience. Why does he
believe that the Creator hears his voice and perceives the sorrow on
his face? Why does he assume that the Lord knows him? Because
the spirit possesses spiritual gifts that allow it to know the Divine
Father and to feel his presence. Thus, the spirit asks for the Father's
help when it cannot find what it seeks on earth. If you are able to
comprehend my teachings in this manner, why would you not
believe that God is able to manifest himself through human
spokesmen, given that man is a part of God himself?
67. Man, no matter how materialistic he may be, will sense the
presence of a power that rules throughout the universe. That feeling
and intuition of my existence will convince him that these
manifestations are subject to a principle of truth, love, and justice.
68. Truly, those whom I chose to be my spokesmen need to have
strong faith to be able to fulfill such a delicate responsibility.
However, when a spokesman has been unable to overcome his
weaknesses and materialistic tendencies prior to my manifestation,
the manifestation has lacked the external splendor desired by those
who witnessed it. But in spite of the imperfections of the human
spokesmen, the essence and truth of the Divine Spirit has always
been present.
69. Do not be confused if you study my word and find that there
are some differences in the way different spokesmen have expressed
it, for that is unimportant. All of the spokesmen receive my same
divine inspiration, and they express it verbally according to their
ability with words.
70. Seek the essence of my teachings, for that is what you need.
My Peace be with you!