BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 190

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Teaching 190
1. Humanity: Elijah is with everyone during this era.
2. Multitudes, you rejoice with this communication. Listen to
the voice of Elijah. Although the importance of his mission was
recognized at Mount Tabor, humanity has not acknowledged him.
You have not analyzed the manifestation at Mount Tabor. Now that
you have listened to the voice of Elijah, you feel his presence and
even seem to hear his chariot of fire approaching.
3. Elijah is a ray of light whom I have always sent to illuminate
your path. He has illuminated the world, helping men to discover
and to follow the quickest path to the Father. He is the carrier of the
great mysteries of the spirit, which today I have come to clarify so
that you will know your Father better. Today, Elijah has come to
fulfill a mission similar to the one that he had in the First Era, which
was to remove man's idols from their altars and to teach man how to
worship God spiritually.
4. The law of reincarnation, greatly disputed by mankind, is
explained and verified with Elijah. In him, one can discover a
teaching and an .explanation of the communication through a human
spokesman, when Elijah manifested himself spiritually through the
prophet Elisha.
5. Behold the many great lessons that Elijah has always brought
to your spirit. Observe how during all periods he has come to reveal
and to explain things that were difficult for you to understand. All
the teachings that you were previously unable to understand will be
explained by Elijah in this Third Era. His mission is to restore the
truth to all things that were falsified and misinterpreted.
6. Blessed are those who have become spiritually sensitive and
proclaim: "Elijah has arrived. The arrival of the Lord is
approaching." Similarly, in the Second Era, after having heard John
prophesy and talk about the wonders of heaven, men asked if John
the Baptist was Elijah.
7. The great prophet, the forerunner, the messenger is now
among you spiritually. He is manifesting himself with the same ray
of light that he used in the past to destroy the false gods and to help
the people of God develop faith.
8. Spirits: Follow him! Humanity: Listen to him! He is the
shepherd who comes to guide you to my sheepfold. He is
illuminating and signaling the path that you will need to follow to
reach the port of salvation.
9. Be aware that time is passing and the day will come when I
will no longer speak to you through human spokesmen. Those who
have taken advantage of my teachings will experience peace, but
others who have not will remain like orphans, seeking my presence
through spokesmen unsuccessfully. I am not leaving. I will be with
those who prepare themselves communicating from spirit to Spirit.
10. The moment will come in which different sects and
religions will announce that the time for the Lord to come is now,
proclaiming that all the signs have been fulfilled. You, who know
the truth, will tell them about my manifestation. Oh humanity, since
1866 I have come as the Comforter, seeking those who belong to me
and who will spread the good news!
11. You will not distance yourself from those who, although
awaiting my arrival, did not recognize the signs that signaled my
new coming. They did not understand how to interpret their intuition
of the Divine Truth. Do not reject your brethren because of your
differences. Even though they failed to witness my manifestation, I
have illuminated their spirits and they are following the right path.
You will all unite to pursue the same ideal.
12. My chosen ones are found in the different branches of the
same tree. Many will come prior to 1950 to witness my
communication, whereas others will arrive later. Blessed are those
who listen to my word through the human spokesmen, for they will
realize that previously they have heard this voice. It is not a human
voice, but a voice that originates from God.
13. I have come to tell you to let your conscience guide you and
to free yourself. Do not become a slave to those who want to submit
you to imperfect forms of worship, to misconceptions, and to false
14. Everyone can become my worker and a messenger of my
doctrine. You will not feel alone in your battle. Under my protection
you will feel secure and will not fear anything.
15. I, who am present throughout the universe and who rule all
creation, am manifesting myself through man, my privileged child.
Do not be surprised that I chose to communicate through humble
and illiterate individuals, or that I manifest myself in places filled
with humility and poverty. I assure you that what you view as a
palace is not a palace to me. There can be true spiritual splendor in
places where poverty and humbleness exist.
16. I say that to you because many have asked why I do not
manifest myself inside great synagogues or magnificent churches. In
the Second Era there were many who also asked why the Messiah
was not born nor raised in the temple of Zion.
17. Today, as in the past, I have come to teach you that only the
purity within your heart reaches the Father, because each heartbeat
speaks to me of your good deeds.
18. I have always come in true humility. I have always arrived
without a throne, a scepter, or a palace. Instead, I have come
surrounded by simplicity and meekness. What would the poor, the
underprivileged, and the outcasts think of me if they were to see me
arrive surrounded by splendor and luxury? They would feel
humiliated and unworthy of me, whereas the aristocrats and the rich
would refer to me as their God.
19. Those who are poor are greatly touched and moved when
they perceive the humility of Jesus. They identified with me because
I was barefooted, fatigued, and bleeding when I carried the cross.
But those who are only materially wealthy cannot think of me as
being poor even though they should have the same sentiments as
those who are humble. Thus, the rich try to represent me through
images that are covered with linens, silk, gold, and precious stones.
They do this because they have forgotten that my doctrine of love
opposes vanity.
20. Once again I must say to you that I have not come to
criticize any particular religion, for they are all blessed by me.
However, you should understand that I, your Teacher, need to
identify the errors that man has been committing so that he may
correct them. I have come to help you find the truth, because you
have not been able to do it on your own.
21. Allow my truth, which is enlightenment and love, to reach
all individuals, religions, and cities, for what you consider as truths
reaches me. The divine truth that I want from everyone is your
prayer, your faith, and your hope.
22. When a spirit elevates itself to communicate with me, it
sheds all of its darkness and deceit. It only reveals the truth to me.
Even the wicked individual, when confessing to me, reveals his
stains without trying to deceive me.
23. It is man's responsibility to perfect himself and to better his
life on earth, without judging the manner by which others seek me. I
am the only one who is capable of judging the truth of your deeds.
24. My love and my enlightenment are with everyone, including
the idolater and the spiritualist. I assure you that frequently I have
received great proof of spiritual elevation from those whom you
consider spiritually backward. Also, many times I have received
proof of great spiritual backwardness from those who believe that
they are highly spiritualized.
25. A multitude of people have received me in this era, and I
have entrusted it with this page from my book of wisdom. However,
there is a message for every religion in this page of wisdom.
26. My light will be similar to a universal divine sunrise that
will awaken everyone. When man awakens on this new day he will
began to feel the presence of God.
27. I now tell you that the "kingdom of heaven" will not be
descending toward humanity, instead it will be the spirit of man that
will elevate itself toward the kingdom of the Divine Father.
28. Why must I always come to help you amend your faults? I
come because I love you. I want to comfort you, and I want you to
feel my spiritual peace because there is sorrow in your heart.
29. Sometimes I manifest myself as Judge, sometimes as Father,
but always as the Divine Master. However, the same divine essence
is found in: God's Law, God's Love, and God's Wisdom. Behold the
Trinity that exists in my Spirit.
30. Close your eyes and free your spirit, enabling it to truly
communicate with the Lord during these moments. Allow it to feel
close to the Lord, similar to those who in the Second Era followed
the Divine Master through the valleys, roads, villages, riversides,
and deserts to listen to his teachings. You will then be able to
comprehend those things that I have explained figuratively. I use
material things from earth to represent spiritual things so that you
will comprehend my teachings. Observe how my word brings the
"Kingdom of Heaven" closer to your spirit.
31. Come, humanity, so that I may teach you with love. Do you
want suffering to be your teacher throughout your lifetime?
32. Come to my fields to sow brotherhood. I assure you that this
work will not disappoint you as do other things on earth.
33. The path is before your eyes. I invite you to follow it and not
to delay, because each step that you take will bring your spirit closer
to the divine mansion.
34. I will continue to give you my teachings in this manner for a
few more years. I want you to achieve merits so that in those
remaining years, you can receive an abundance of spiritual
enlightenment through my teachings.
35. What must you do to achieve merits? You need to develop
faith, devotion, and spirituality. This multitude needs to practice
deeds of love and charity, and find joy in the divine truth.
36. Truly I tell you that if you do not unite and practice what
you preach, as is my will, humanity will reject you.
37. What will happen if men discover that in every house of
prayer there is a different type of worship and a different way of
practicing my doctrine? They will not believe that it was I who
taught you.
38. During these last three years of my communication, I want
this multitude to work hard to become united. The unification needs
to be both spiritually and physically. The unification, harmony, and
equality of people from different houses of prayer and communities
is the greatest evidence that all of you were taught by the same
Divine Teacher, God.
39. Not everyone has seen spiritually what will happen to
humanity in the future nor has everyone felt the pain of mankind.
However, I am forming a large multitude of dedicated workers, who
are learning to love me. ,They will work hard to sow my divine seed
in the human heart.
40. I say to those who will sow my word: When the time comes
to work in the fields, have complete faith in the one who has taught
you. Do not fear being mocked or ridiculed. Sow your seed in fertile
soil and not among rocks or sand, for it will grow and sprout but not
produce fruit. If you sow my word among thorns and bad weeds, it
will also fail to produce fruit. That is why you should pray to receive
my inspiration so you will know where to sow my word. I, the
owner of all fields, will give you large fields to cultivate. Prepare
yourself to work hard. Sow my seed so that you will gather the
harvest. The day will come when you will prepare bread to nourish
yourself using the wheat from your harvest. Behold that I speak to
you figuratively, for you may gather your harvest in the spiritual
41. Today I say to you: You have important things to fulfill
using the physical body that I have temporarily given you. The body
is your aid. You must guide it wisely.
42. Plagues and catastrophes are now appearing on earth, as
prophesied. Man is experiencing fear and he is praying for someone
to help him and to give him words of inspiration. You are his
43. You will need to journey across oceans and mountains to
visit other lands, helping those who suffer. Do not fear the journey.
Travel in simplicity.
44. When I have shown you your mission, I have said: "Take
your cross and follow me." Why are you afraid of losing the
conveniences that you have on earth? You tell me that you love the
world and you are unable to make the sacrifices, and to achieve the
spiritual purity, required for this mission. But I say to you: At any
age, regardless of your state or condition, you can love me and serve
me without neglecting other responsibilities.
45. Carry out loving deeds and set examples that will change the
world. Help mankind to eliminate their false beliefs. Make the earth
a paradise and not a valley of tears.
46. I will give you a brief time to fulfill your mission on earth.
47. Remember that you need to leave a spiritual heritage for
your children, because I will manifest myself through their
descendants. Among those generations there will appear prophets of
great faith who will explain my teachings and guide humanity.
48. Do you want to fulfill my word? I bless you because you
have listened to my word and want to follow me. Your heart
overflows with grace; offer that grace to those who request it.
49. In this era you have come to receive my teaching. Some
come as disciples, others as beginning students, and yet others come
due to curiosity. However, everyone seeks peace, tranquility, and the
fulfillment of the prophecies that correspond to this era.
50. You did not find out about my new arrival through a religion
or a sect. Instead, it was a messenger who gave you the good news. I
have come to judge all spirits and to set the foundations for a new
life, thus preparing humanity to become spiritualized. If you prepare
yourself while on earth, you will be able to perceive the perfection
of the spiritual mansion where the virtuous spirits .dwell. Those
spirits elevated themselves through their own merits and we
presently work together for your salvation. Amidst these humble
people who are witnessing my new manifestation you will be able to
comprehend all those things that previously you were unable to
comprehend, because I have come to enlighten you by removing the
veil that covers your eyes. I am referring to your spiritual eyes
because you were unable to perceive spiritual and divine tilings. I
am now guiding you, and spiritually illuminating your spirit.
Remain vigilant. If you triumph over your flesh, .allowing your
spirit to follow my path with humility, you will become enlightened
with love. Your brethren will then observe that you are one of my
chosen and humanity will love and respect you.
51. You are soldiers of righteousness. I have given you weapons
to battle against sin, not against your brethren. I do not want man to
be born, to grow, and to die in sin, ignoring his divine mission. If
you penetrate into my doctrine, you will become strong and
invincible, not yielding to temptation. Your preparation will help
you to elevate spiritually, enabling you to become more spiritual.
You will then become incarnated angels helping humanity.
52. Although many are summoned, few are chosen. Among the
chosen, fewer are privileged. But woe to the privileged, if they
become vain! Do not imitate Solomon who was given a nation to
govern, and endowed with wisdom, grace, and power. After
acquiring great spirituality, and spiritual elevation, he ceased to
remain spiritually alert and thus became dominated by the flesh. All
of his previous deeds, inspired by love and justice became tarnished
through his selfish and materialistic behavior. Do not fall into this
kind of vanity because you are one of my chosen. If I select you to
govern a city or a nation you should dictate righteous laws inspired
by me, without becoming vain. You should elevate your spirit and
remain humble before God.
53. Many will come to this land that I have chosen and will
perceive my light of truth reflected in those who dwell here. They
will rejoice in meeting you and visiting the place where I gave the
teaching of the Third Era. Those who arrive after 1950 will seek the
written teachings. When they become acquainted with my
revelations, they will feel the strength in my teachings. They will
bless you and will love me. Many of them belong to the 144,000
chosen people of Israel who will unite with you to obey my
54. Today, the nations of earth are surrounded by materialism
and confusion. I have spoken to them spiritually, and I have sowed
my seed in the hearts of my chosen ones so that my word will spread
throughout the world. Do whatever you can to help your brethren in
their spiritual journey.
55. Very few of my disciples are presently with me. However,
my word will spread throughout the world. My divine word will
reach the hearts of all those who cry out for love.
56. This is the appropriate time for you to become familiar with
the mission that you need to fulfill. I have prepared you to fulfill
your mission on earth. Also, I want you to become familiar with
what awaits you in the spiritual valley. I have helped you to evolve
spiritually enabling you to understand those events that are
occurring on earth which others are unable to comprehend.
57. While the spirit is united with the material body, it is
unaware of the merits it has achieved in past lives. However, it does
know that it possesses eternal life and that it will continually evolve
in pursuit of spiritual perfection. You are presently unaware of what
level you have reached.
58. I have observed you from the time that you took your first
steps, weak and confused. I have seen you gradually awaken and
evolve, achieving a greater understanding of the truth. I have seen
you struggle against adversity, ordeals, and temptation. After you
have achieved spiritual elevation and have discovered the value of
spiritual life, I have seen your spirit rejoice. It is overjoyed because
of the peace, satisfaction, and hope it feels. But also I have seen the
spirit stumble and stain itself on earth. It has cried and has had to
purify itself to attain my grace. But even when it has stumbled, it
has gained enlightenment through those experiences.
59. You should no longer be deceived, because with these
teachings I have removed the veil which had concealed the truth.
Now you are able to perceive the clear horizon of divine truth and
continue faithfully on that journey.
60. A bright light is illuminating your path. Thus, you should no
longer lose your path, only if you choose to reject the truth and to be
deceived by the false pleasures of earth.
61.1 cannot tell you that on your journey you only need to trust
yourself or that you will be free from temptation. There are forces
that are trying to destroy your spiritual progress. Those forces
conceal their darkness and create strong temptations. I forewarn you
so that you will be able to defend yourself with your faith.
62. Man's destiny is to know the truth and to elevate himself to
the One who created the universe. But the path is long. This long
journey allows you to develop all of your spiritual gifts and to learn
to know me, feel me, and love me. The path has thorns and
obstacles, and thus your strength and faith will be tested. However,
at the end of the journey your spirit will have been purified.
63. The other path it can follow is one with winding turns. That
path will delay your progress because it offers desirable temptations.
If you yield to the temptations on this path, you will not be
concerned then with the delay it causes. But later, you will
experience great sorrow and resentment for prolonging your
spiritual progress.
64. I could list the different paths that mankind chooses to
follow. There are so many that man finds it difficult to choose the
best one.
65. When a spirit comes to dwell on earth it is granted an
opportunity, through its material body, to evolve and to perfect itself.
The marvelous and perfect formation of the human body enables the
spirit to think, to behave, and to feel through that body, according to
its spiritual evolution.
66. The spirit participates in the pleasures experienced by the
material body, and also becomes purified when the body suffers
physically. Furthermore, the material body is sensitive to the joys
and sorrows of the spirit. Thus, while they are united they form only
one being.
67. There is perfection in the human body. That is why Christ,
the "Divine Word", came to incarnate in a human body, similar to
yours. However, he did not suffer because of his imperfections. He
suffered because mankind had fallen into the abyss. Jesus helped
mankind elevate spiritually through his suffering, sacrifice, and his
68. Although the spirit is strong, it is sometimes unable to
overcome the stubbornness of the flesh. Then the Father, Creator of
the spirit and the flesh, will come to save you. Remember, I am the
Good Shepherd who saves the lost sheep, for none of my children
will become lost.
My Peace be with you!