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Flooded Lowlands

Anna Maria fell asleep from exhaustion at noon before late-night duty sitting and wakes up at 12 am  at a dream: She looks from a hill on a fertile, green plain with meadows, many trees, villages and settlements. There is also a soccer field hidden somewhere. It is a bright, sunny day and the green is sparkling in the sun. It is an idyllic sight that seems to radiate peace. Because suddenly she hears a hiss and water jets penetrate between the deciduous trees that stand there in rows. Then she finds herself at the foot of a forest of firs and from there she sees the whole plain covered by water and the water goes to the forest at the edge of which she is. It is as if the water is awed by the purity of the forest and therefore it does not rise higher and stops at the foot of the forest. There she also sees a cradle with a baby in it and a man says to a woman: "... because it would be forgotten immediately ... Forest" The word forest was emphatically emphasized The man turn

Flee the mark of the beast ....

Julie Whedbee Saturday, May 18, 2019 ***URGENT MESSAGE !! FLEEING THE MARK OF THE BEAST AND NON-HUMAN ENTITIES*** On the night of May 16, 2019, my oldest daughter and I both had prophetic dreams. They present things to come that many will face during the time of the antichrist and the mark of the beast system. In my dream, I experienced a situation that will happen to those who must flee from the beast system. I was in another person’s body, witnessing and experiencing firsthand the terror of being hunted down by the powers that be. I was on the run with my family. We were doing our best to travel at night, and from one remote location to another in order to avoid being caught. No matter where we traveled though, we were always being tracked, followed, and aggressively pursued. Everything we did was under surveillance. The population by this time had been drastically reduced by the judgments, and the first-fruits remnant had already been translated. Those who were

Offended ones

Worte von Jesus an Byron Searle Matthew 24: 10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. Transcript: My son, in these last days MANY will be OFFENDED by My words. Those people are like tombs that have been sealed up - unable to hear the truth, they believe only what they have been programmed to believe by false teachers.  I have told you, My Children, that MANY false prophets and false teachers would be in abundance in the last days. I also said that MANY would deceive My Very Elect, if possible. It is possible, IF My Children are deaf, dumb, and blind, and follow every wind of doctrine! The foundation of the house (of the dead, dumb, and blind) is built on sand and NOT ON THE ROCK!!    These little ones GET OFFENDED EASILY AND TURN on their brothers and sisters like vipers in a pit!!  I say unto you, BECAUSE YOU HAVE TAKEN OFFENSE AND NOT ASKED FOR FORGIVENESS, I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU!!! I HAVE SAID T

Understand your Atonement !!

05/17/2019 Anna Maria's husband makes a visit with her to his relatives. She says to Father Spirit: That's what you wanted to show me when you let me go! "They slow you down, throw you back. It looks as though everything is fine, but it is not, but everything is in trouble. " I see that they still have a very long way to get to you, their way to you is endless. Yes, I feel thwarted. The fidgeting or twitching of the limbs, it is defense against what I see and hear. "Little trees, switch yourself" Me too. "You are harmless. It only gets bad when one ..." (to hide the children who have died, divorce ...) "That's why I was crucified!" says the Lord, and he is so shaken that he cries out for a moment. ... It must burn in the sacred fire for reparation. "Reparation! The atonement has grown to infinity, they can not make up in one, not in many lives. " That's why I get so fidgety ... "... tap into you ..." ..


Words from Jesus to Byron Searle Jeremiah 21:5-6 5 And I myself will fight against you with an outstretched hand and with a strong arm, even in anger, and in fury, and in great wrath. 6 And I will smite the inhabitants of this city, both man and beast: they shall die of a great pestilence. Transcript: My son, I have SHOUTED FROM HEAVEN and from the heart of My messengers that I will destroy this foul nation called America.  America, with your proud and haughty attitude that "No one can touch me - I am too great! Too strong! Too rich!"   But I, the Lord God Almighty, say unto America, "I will take your riches, and I will take your land! I will move My hand against you, and you will become weak! The stench of your sin has penetrated My Throne Room, and I will destroy you as a military power! America, you have bullied the world into fitting into your sin-soaked mold, but I will break the mold!!" My son, I have told and shown My messenger

Lively Stones

My son, tell My Remnant that they are My Lively Stones, yea, the stones of which I will use to bring My Body back to being pure and clean.  I will raise up a Mighty Body, one which depends TOTALLY ON ME and walks in the faith of those who have passed on. You, My Remnant, will lead the Great Revival and minister in the power of the Holy Ghost! My Precious Remnant of dedicated servants to the Most High, giving up the cares of this world to suffer at the hands of men, I have given you all strength through the Spirit and My Word to carry the battle to the highways and byways, bringing the lost to Me during times of persecution. My son, as the world moves towards War, My Remnant must NOT be swayed by every wind of doctrine, and stay focused on Me, NOT the things of the world!  Many trying times lie ahead, and My Body who have believed they will be gone, will be confused when they see that they have been asleep!!! My son, the First Church was under Great Pers

Love God - and your friends also !!

TTT - Chapter 17 - Vers 62 62. "Seek Me, speak to Me, and do not let it bother you that your thoughts are slow to express your petitions. I will know how to understand them. Speak to Me with the confidence with which one speaks to a Father. Tell Me about your concerns as you would tell them to your best friend. Ask Me what you do not know or comprehend, and I will speak to you as a teacher; but pray, so that at that blessed instant in which your spirit elevates itself to Me, you might receive the light, the strength, the blessing, and the peace which your Father grants you". (Teching 36, 15) Anna Maria's husband wants to organize a meeting with friends and tells her she can come too. She is at first pleased and then she gets remorse, if that is not too much amusement. During the morning prayer, Father Spirit intervenes and says: "Meet friends ! He loves you ! Otherwise you will stay alone! ,Get away.'" If I never know what to do? "Friends!"

America and her idols

Words from Jesus to Byron Searle Hosea 4:17-19 17 Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone. 18 Their drink is sour: they have committed whoredom continually: her rulers with shame do love, Give ye. 19 The wind hath bound her up in her wings, and they shall be ashamed because of their sacrifices. Transcript: My son, America and her idols and the whoredoms of the Church are a repugnant stench before My throne! America's idols are many, yet the people do not even know they are idolaters. They sacrifice to their Idols, they worship their Idols, they serve drink offerings to their idols, and yet because they are blind, they do not see the sin. My son, the whoredoms committed in the Church and in My Name are the main reasons for judgments coming upon America.   The Church is committing whoredom by worshiping  a king that has the blood of millions on his hands. This king desires the worship of those that go by My Name. He is a great liar and will bring destruct

Rumble in Heaven

  Words from Jesus to Byron Searle Joel 2:15-16 15 Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly: 16 Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet. After my time in prayer, I was quietly reading the passages in my Bible where the Lord had directed me to. While reading, I began to hear a faint sound in the distance, almost imperceptible at first. As I listened more closely, the sound resembled a rumbling   like distant thunder. I continued to listen, and this rumbling began to grow louder and louder. At this point, I could then hear the sound more clearly, and I was able to recognize the rumbling as the sound of an approaching mighty army of seemingly thousands and thousands of running horses. Then the Lord began to speak the following words to me. Transcript: My son, the sounds you hear ar

57. Reversion and Renewal in all Human Areas

The Third Testament   XIII. The Transformation and Consecration of the World and Creation Chapter 57 - Reversion and Renewal in all Human Areas New and More Profound Knowledge 1 The time is coming when spiritual revelations will reveal the light-filled path to men, so that they may know the secrets hidden in the bosom of creation. 2 The light of my Spirit will reveal to you the way to acquire the true science that enables man to be recognized and to gain obedience from the creatures around him and from the natural forces of creation, thus fulfilling my will that man should subdue the earth. But this will only happen when the Spirit of man, enlightened by conscience, has imposed its power and light on the weaknesses of the body. (22, 19) 3 Already the day is near when men will understand the meaning of the Spirit, because many who think they are believers do not believe, and others who think they see do not see. But once they grasp the truth, they will realize that it would