56. Triumph and Recognition of the Spiritual Work of Christ

The Third Testament 
XIII. The Transformation and Consecration of the World and Creation
Chapter 56 - Triumph and Recognition of the Spiritual Work of Christ
The Spreading of Spiritualism by the Envoys of God

1 My law will be the ark of salvation in this time. In truth I tell you: When the waters of the flood are unleashed with wickedness, pain and misery, the people of other nations will come in long trains to this land, attracted by its spiritualization, hospitality and peace; and when they have come to know this revelation and believe in what I have spoken as the HolySpirit at my renewed coming, I will call them too "Israelites according to the Spirit.

2 Among these crowds will be my messengers, whom I will make return to their peoples to bring their brothers the divine message of my word.

3 But not all will come to this nation to know the teaching I brought to you, for many will receive it spiritually. (10, 22)

4 You will all receive peace as you have earned it; but I promise you better times

5 After the purification that must take place on earth, men sent by Me will appear, virtuous spirit beings with great missions to create the obedient human family

6 Four generations after yours will still pass until my teaching spreads over the world and reaps beautiful fruits. (310, 50)

The struggle for the recognition of the new word

7 Today it is a small flock that surrounds me, but tomorrow it will be immeasurable crowds of people that gather around me. Among them will be the Pharisees, who will come and seek errors in my teaching, to stir up the opinion of the great masses against my work. They do not know that - before they still investigate my work - they themselves will be seen through. (66,61)

8 In those days three judges judged Me: Annas, Pilate and Herod, and the people pronounced judgment on Me. Now I tell you that many are My judges, and even greater is the number of those who will cause Me pain in this time.

9 But the more people abhor my law and teaching - when it is most persecuted and rejected, the voice of the people of faith will resound, because the same will not happen as in the "Second Age"; now I will not be alone. (94, 67)

10 There will be a short period of time in which my word given at this time will seemingly have disappeared from the face of the earth.

11 Then men will begin to invent spiritual teachings, to teach new laws and commandments. They will call themselves masters, apostles, prophets and messengers of God, and I will let them speak and sow for a time. I will let them plant their seed, so that when they reap the fruit, they will know what they have sown.

12 Time and the forces of nature will pass over their seeds, and their steps will be like judgment for each of these children of men.

13 It is necessary for the world to know deceit, that it may know the truth. Then the truth and the life essence, which I handed over to you in this time, will rise again among men in all their sincerity and spirituality. (106, 9 - 10)

The power of the teaching of the HolySpirit

14 A new age has dawned for humanity; it is the age of light, whose presence will be a culmination in the spiritual journey of all men, so that they may awaken, reflect, get rid of the heavy burden of their traditions, fanaticism, and errors, and then rise to a new life.

15 Some sooner and some later, all religions and sects will gradually come to the invisible temple, to the temple of the HolySpirit, which is present in my work, immovable like a pillar rising up into infinity, in expectation of men of all peoples and sexes.

16 When all have entered into the interior of my sanctuary to pray and to immerse themselves, the one and the other will attain the same knowledge of my truth. Therefore, once this climax on the way is completed, all will rise united in the same law and worship their Father in the same way. (12, 94 - 96)

17 Together with the people whom I am forming and who I have wrested from darkness and ignorance, I will fulfil the prophecies given in times gone by, and in the face of my proofs and wonders the world will tremble and the theologians and interpreters of the prophecies will burn their books and prepare themselves inwardly to study this revelation Men with titles, men of science, men of scepter and crown will pause to hear my teaching, and many will say, "Christ the Savior has come again! (84, 60)

18 Verily I say to you, my word will change the stamp of your present world and of your whole life

19 For men of the present time, the world and its pleasures are the purpose of their lives. But soon they will value the Spirit higher than the body, and the body higher than clothes, and instead of chasing after worldly glories, they will seek the immortality of the Spirit.

20 In the beginning there will be fanaticism for the sake of the spiritual, the striving for it will be increased to the extreme; but afterward hearts will calm down, and spiritualization will blossom full of truth and sincerity. (82, 30 - 31)

21 My teaching will cause great upheavals in the world, there will be great changes in customs and ideas, and even in nature changes will occur. All this will indicate the beginning of a new age for mankind, and the spirit beings whom I will shortly send to earth will speak of all these prophecies. They will explain my word and describe the works to cooperate in the restoration and upward development of this world. (152,71)

22 A "new song" will spring up from the Spirit of all those who could not see me, and who finally did see me because they sought me in spite of their imperfections; and you know that he who seeks me always finds me.

23 As for those who have denied me, who have shunned me, who have kept my name secret, who do not want to acknowledge my presence, these will be given those trials on their way, which will open their eyes and likewise let them see the truth. (292, 35 - 36)

24 Like a torrential stream that sweeps away everything, so will be the flood that will form the spiritualist masses - a flood that no one will be able to stop because their violence will be insurmountable. And the one who wants to stand in the way of their course as an obstacle will be swept along by the current.

25 Who on earth could have the power to stop the development of spiritual beings or the execution of God's counsel? No one. The only being with absolute power and righteousness is your Father, and He has ordained that every Spirit shall progress to perfection.

26 If my Divine Laws were violated by men for a short time, I will see to it that my voice, like the sound of a loud bell, is heard even by those who are dead for the spiritual life. (256, 40 - 42)

27 When mankind then knows my teaching and grasps its meaning, it will put its trust in it and will be strengthened in the faith that it is the sure way, the guide for every man who wants to live in justice, in love and in reverence for his neighbor.

28 When this teaching takes root in the hearts of men, it will illuminate family life, strengthening parents in virtue, marriages in fidelity, children in obedience, and teachers will fill them with wisdom. It will make the rulers generous and inspire the judges to exercise true justice. The scientists will feel enlightened, and this light will reveal to them great secrets for the good of mankind and for their spiritual development. In this way a new age of peace and progress will begin. (349, 35)

The knowledge of the return of Christ all over the world

29 When man has sunk into the deepest depths of the abyss and, exhausted from struggling and suffering, no longer even has the strength to save himself, he will be amazed to see how from the depths of his own weakness, despair and disappointment, an unknown power springs forth, coming from the Spirit. When he realizes that the hour of his deliverance has come, he will spread his wings and rise above the ruins of a world of vanity, selfishness and lies and say, "There is Jesus, the rejected. He lives. In vain have we sought to kill him at every turn and day by day. He lives and comes to save us and to give us all his love. (154, 54)

30 Verily, I tell you, if once even kings marveled at the wretchedness in which I was born, at this time one will be equally surprised when all will experience the inconspicuous way I chose to bring you my word (307, 52)

31 At present, humanity is in the preparatory phase. It is my righteousness that is at work in it, without men already noticing it. For in their pride, in their haughty materialism, they attribute to chance all the events of their lives that are inevitable for them.

32 But soon my call will reach the hearts, and then they will approach me repentantly and ask me that their arrogance and their faults will be forgiven them.

33 This will be the hour of the cross for the Spirit of man, in which he will experience for a short time an absolute emptiness after his great disappointments, when he discovers the falseness of his high-handedness, the frailty of his power, the erroneousness of his ideologies.

34 But this state of confusion will not last long, because then my messengers will appear and spread my new message.

35 Once more, as in past times, when the messengers of my teaching went out from the East and brought the knowledge of my word to the West, so will the world at that time again see my messengers bringing the light of this message to the nations and the homes.

36 Will it seem strange to men that now the light goes from the west to the east? Will they therefore not acknowledge the message that my messengers bring to them in my name? (334, 42 - 45)

37 There are whole races that do not recognize Me, there are peoples that stubbornly distance themselves from My laws, that do not want to know My teaching, that oppose it because they consider it out of time.

38 There are those who have not understood Me, who insist on earthly liberties. They are also those who often do good out of their own advantage and not out of generosity.

39 But to every people and every race my righteousness and trials are intended, and these arrive day after day to finally make their hearts and minds fertile, as if they were cultivable fields, and after they have been worked, to plant the seed in them, the eternal seed of my love, my justice and my light.

40 Those peoples will speak of Me with love, those races will then put their hope in Me, and in the spirits of all the peoples of this mankind will resound songs of rejoicing, choirs of praise and love to the one Lord of all men. (328,12)

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