A Travel !!

In the evening while praying Anna Maria takes a heart and asks the father:
Please, open the door to your heart for me!
She imagines in front of the beautiful white door to the inner sanctum under the rosebush with the red roses on it.
Since the father takes her on an inner journey.

They go spiritually through the door into bright, spiritual spaces. Then there are also other rooms that she once wandered through, rooms in which it was dark, where the heart has frozen, where battles have taken place, inner struggles with pain and wounds, in which the conscience accuses her.
Then she leaves these rooms again and finds herself again in bright, friendly rooms, in which she is happy, enthusiastic and full of confidence.
Then she walks through rooms where she is struck by heatwaves, which burn her from the bottom up inside and go up through her forehead. This is a process of purification and cleaning on the mental-spiritual level, and here it is no longer possible to describe in words what exactly is at stake in this inner burn or glow. It is beyond the intellectual level.
Afterwards, she finds herself in light rooms and is constantly flowed through by a feeling of happiness, of bliss, peace and joy.
Then the father says: "Now love is real! Marry!"
She sees her spirit adorned with a white lace dress, like a bridal gown, and marrying means that the spirit in the purified, cleaned state unites with the Divine Spirit and stays there forever.
It is not a ceremony to capture something, but a state that the spirit has achieved through exertion that makes it worthy to connect with the Divine Spirit, when the spirit of a man has reached that level which is the goal of every human being.
The dark spaces which have to be overcome are among the dense levels of material, mortal, transient existence, and the light, bright spaces are those of spiritual life, love, peace, joy, and immortality.

"That saves you from the consequences of destruction at an inner point."

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