Flooded Lowlands

Anna Maria fell asleep from exhaustion at noon before late-night duty sitting and wakes up at 12 am  at a dream:
She looks from a hill on a fertile, green plain with meadows, many trees, villages and settlements. There is also a soccer field hidden somewhere. It is a bright, sunny day and the green is sparkling in the sun. It is an idyllic sight that seems to radiate peace. Because suddenly she hears a hiss and water jets penetrate between the deciduous trees that stand there in rows. Then she finds herself at the foot of a forest of firs and from there she sees the whole plain covered by water and the water goes to the forest at the edge of which she is. It is as if the water is awed by the purity of the forest and therefore it does not rise higher and stops at the foot of the forest.
There she also sees a cradle with a baby in it and a man says to a woman:
"... because it would be forgotten immediately ... Forest"
The word forest was emphatically emphasized
The man turns around and floats further into the forest.
She goes along the edge of the forest along the water and it is a steep slope that has been covered by the water and than she also goes in the direction of the forest.
Anna Maria wakes up and the voice of her father says:
"Remember that your country has also darkened my light ..."

It could be the Rhine plain, which is lined with mountains and forest all around the edge.

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