55. The Purification of the World and Humanity in the Judgment

The Third Testament 
XII. The Judgement and Purification of Humanity
Chapter 55 - The Purification of the World and Humanity in the Judgment
The Warning Voice of God and Nature before the Judgment

1 I have told you that a very great trial is coming to all mankind - so great that there has been nothing like it in the whole history of its centuries and ages.

2 Now you must understand that I am speaking to all your hearts, giving you messages and warnings in many forms, so that men may reflect and be awake to my law, like the wise virgins of my parable

3 Will the nations and the various nations of the world listen to Me? Will this people listen to Me, to whom I make myself known in this form? I alone know it; but my duty as a father is to provide all means for their salvation through the way of my children. (24, 80 - 81)

4 Verily, I tell you, if men do not cleanse themselves in this time from the stains they have caused in their Spirit, the forces of nature will come as heralds to announce my judgment and glory and cleanse mankind from all uncleanness

5 Blessed are the men, women and children who, when they understand the nearness of that judgment, praise my name, because they feel that the "Day of the Lord" has come. For their heart will tell them that the end of the reign of evil is near. I tell you, these will be saved by their faith, their hope and their good works. But how many of those who live in those days will blaspheme God! (64, 67 - 68)

6 The paradise of the first men was turned into a valley of tears, and now it is but a valley of blood. This is why today, when I have come to fulfill the promise given to my disciples, I awaken mankind from its spiritual sleep and give it my teaching of love to save it. I seek the spirit beings who have the destiny to witness my rallies and my word with their works in this time.

7 When these who are marked by me are united around my law, the earth and the stars will be shaken, and there will be signs in the sky; for at that time the voice of the Lord will be heard from one end of the earth to the other, and his Divine Spirit, surrounded by the spirits of the righteous, the prophets and the martyrs, will judge the spiritual and the material world. Then the time of the HolySpirit will reach its full power. (26, 43 - 44)

8 Many peoples have fallen into the deep abyss of materialization, and others are near to fall; but the pain of their fall will cause them to awaken from their deep sleep.

9 These are those nations which, after a time of splendor, experienced a decline and sank into the darkness of pain, vice and misery. Today it is not one nation, but the whole of humanity that is blindly running towards death and chaos.

10 The arrogance of the nations will be afflicted by my righteousness. Remember Nineveh, Babylon, Greece, Rome and Carthage. With them you will find profound examples of divine justice.

11 Whenever men have taken the scepter of power and allowed their hearts to be filled with ungodliness, pride, and foolish passions, dragging their peoples with them into degeneration, my righteousness has come to strip them of their power.

12 But at the same time I have lighted a torch before them, which illuminates the way to the salvation of their Spirit What would become of men if I left them to their own power in the moments of their trials? (105,45 - 47)

13 From abyss to abyss man sank spiritually to the point of denying and forgetting me - to the extreme of denying himself by not recognizing his core of being, his Spirit.

14 Only my mercy will be able to spare men the pain of having to repeat the way to come to me. I alone in my love can provide the means in the way of my children so that they may discover the saving path. (173, 21 - 22)

15 On the day when the floods no longer covered the earth, I made the rainbow of peace shine in the firmament as a sign of the covenant that God made with men.

16 Now I say to you: O mankind of the "third age", you who are the same, who have gone through all these trials in which you have been purified: You will soon experience a new chaos.

17 But I have come to warn the people chosen by Me and mankind in general, to whom I have made Myself understood in this time listen well, my children: here is the Ark, go into it, I invite you to do so

18 For you, O Israel, the ark is the observance of my law Everyone who obeys my commandments in the most painful days, in the most difficult time of trial, will be within the ark, will be strong and feel the protection of my love.

19 And to all mankind I say once more: The ark is my law of love. Everyone who practices love and mercy on his neighbor and himself will be saved. (302, 17 -19 o.)

20 I have always given you time for your preparation and provided means to save you. Before I sent you My judgment to call you to account at the end of an age or a period of time, I have expressed My love for you by warning you, awakening you and exhorting you to repentance, correction and goodness.

21 But when the hour of judgment had come, I no longer set myself to ask you whether you already repented, whether you already prepared yourselves, or whether you still persist in evil and disobedience

22 My judgment came at the appointed hour, and he who knew how to build his ark in time was saved. But he who mocked when the hour of judgment was announced to him, and who did nothing for his salvation, had to perish. (323, 51)

The power and dominion of evil is broken

23 Until now it has not been human love that has prevailed in the world. It has been, as it had been from the beginning of mankind, the violence that rules and conquers. He who has loved is inferior as a victim of wickedness.

24 Evil has extended its kingdom and has become strong on earth. But just in this time I come to oppose those powers with my weapons, so that the kingdom of love and justice may be established among men.

25 Before that I will fight. For to give you the peace of my Spirit, it is necessary that I wage war and remove every evil. (33, 32 - 33)

26 Men will come to the end of their own way and will return on the same, reaping the fruits of all that they sowed, the only way through which repentance will arise in the hearts. For he who does not recognize his transgressions cannot do anything to make amends for his faults.

27 A new world is in preparation, and new generations will soon come; but before that, the hungry wolves must be eliminated, lest they take the sheep for prey. (46, 65 - 66)

28 A leprosy of a noncorporeal nature has spread on the earth, eating up hearts and destroying faith and virtue. Covered with spiritual rags men live there; they think that no one can uncover this wretchedness because men do not see beyond what is matter.

29 But the hour of conscience is drawing near, it is the same as when you said, the day of the Lord, or his judgment, is at hand. Then shall shame rise up in the one, and repentance in the other.

30 Those who hear this inner voice, burning hot and unrelenting, will feel in their inner being the fire that consumes, that destroys, that purifies. Neither sin nor anything that is not pure can resist this judgment fire. Only the Spirit can resist it, because he is endowed with divine power. Therefore, when he has passed through the fire of his conscience, he will, purified of his faults, rise anew. (82, 58 - 59)

31 All man-made pain will be put into a single cup, which will be drunk by those who caused it. And those who never allowed themselves to be shaken in the face of pain will then tremble in their spirit and body. (141, 73)

32 It is necessary that for a short time the heavens close for all, and that they open again only when a single cry rises from the earth, because it is recognized that the Father of all beings is one.

33 Verily, I tell you, I will subject this fratricidal and selfish world to judgment and purify it until I see love and light rising from it Also to those who today lead their peoples to ruin, who are currently sowing and spreading all vices, who have created their kingdom of injustice, I will, in reparation, give the commission to fight the seductions, to remove corruption and to uproot the tree of evil. (151, 14 + 69)

34 Man, using his freedom of will, has bent his path of development until he has forgotten from whom he has come; and he has reached the point where virtue, love, goodness, peace, fraternity seem strange to his nature of being, and he considers selfishness, vice, and sin as the most natural and permissible.

35 The new Sodom is all over the earth, and a new cleansing is needed. The good seed will be saved, and from it a new humanity will be formed. On fertile fields watered with tears of repentance, my seed will fall down, which will germinate in the hearts of future generations, who will offer a higher form of worship to their Lord. (161, 21 - 22)

36 I will allow the hand of man to bring destruction, death and war, but only up to a certain limit. The injustice, depravity, blindness and striving for power of men will not be able to go beyond this limit.

37 Then my sickle will come, and it will cut off with wisdom that which my will determines. For life, love, and true justice are inherent in my sickle. But you, people, watch and pray! (345,91)

38 In former times the earth was a valley of tears; now it is a valley of blood. What will it be tomorrow? A whale's place of smoking debris, over which the judgment fire has passed, which consumed sin and cast down the arrogance of loveless men, because they neglected their Spirit.

39 Likewise, from the temple of wisdom will be thrown out the merchants of science, because they practiced usury with the light, because they defiled the truth. (315, 61 -62)

40 Full of arrogance the great nations rise up, boasting of their power, threatening the world with their weapons, proud of their intelligence and science, not realizing the fragility of the false world they have created; for a light breath of my justice will be enough to make this artificial world disappear.

41 But it will be man's own hand that destroys his own work; it will be his intellect that will invent the way to destroy what he has created before

42 I will see to it that only those human works which have brought good fruit to men will survive, so that they may continue to be used for the good of future generations. But everything that serves a corrupting or selfish purpose will be destroyed in the fire of my relentless judgment.

43 On the ruins of a world created and destroyed by a materialistic humanity, a new world will arise, the foundations of which will be experience, and which will have as its goal the ideal of its spiritual upward development. (315, 55 - 56)

Apocalyptic wars, epidemics, plagues and destruction

44 You are living in times of fear, in which men are purifying themselves by emptying their cup of suffering to the point of exhaustion But those who researched the prophecies already knew that the time was imminent when wars would break out everywhere because the nations did not understand each other.

45 It is still to be seen that the unknown diseases and epidemics will appear among mankind and confuse the scientists. - But when the pain reaches its climax among men, - before 1950, they will still have the strength to cry out: "God's punishment! But I do not punish; it is you who punish yourselves when you deviate from the laws that govern your spirit and your body.

46 Who has unleashed and challenged the forces of nature, if not man's unreasonableness? Who has defied my laws? the arrogance of scientists! But verily, I tell you, this pain will serve to uproot the weeds that have grown up in man's heart.

47 The fields will be covered with corpses, even innocent people will perish. Some will die by fire, others by hunger, and still others by war. The earth will tremble, the forces of nature will be set in motion, the mountains will spew out their lava, and the seas will surge up.

48 I will allow men to drive their corruption to the limit to which their free will allows them, so that they may feel true repentance in their Spirit, horrified by their own works. (35, 22 - 26)

49 The tree of science will be shaken by the raging of the hurricane and its fruits will fall upon mankind. But who has broken the chains of those elements, if not man?

50 Admittedly, the first human beings also learned to know pain in order to awaken to reality, to be awakened to the light of conscience and to conform to a law. But the developed, conscious, and educated man of that time - how dare he defile the tree of life? (288,28)

51 Epidemics will break out in the world, and a large part of humanity will perish. There will be unknown and rare diseases against which science will be powerless.

52 The whole world will be rid of weeds. My judgment will eliminate selfishness, hatred, the insatiable desire for power. Great natural phenomena will appear.

53 Nations will be devastated and whole regions will disappear. It will be an alarm call to your hearts. (206, 22 - 24)

Natural and earth disasters

54 Mankind, if you had spent all that you have used to wage bloody wars on doing humanitarian works, your existence would be full of the Father's blessings. But man has used the riches he has amassed to sow destruction, pain, and death.

55 This cannot be the true life that those who are brothers and sisters and children of God should lead. This way of living is not in accordance with the law that I wrote in your conscience.

56 To make you aware of the error in which you live, volcanoes will erupt, fire will pour out of the earth to destroy the weeds. The winds will be unleashed, the earth will shake, and the floods of water will devastate entire lands and nations.

57 In this way the kingdoms of nature will express their unwillingness to be displeased with man. They have broken with him because man has broken one bond of friendship and brotherhood after another, which bound him to the nature that surrounds him. (164, 40 - 42)

58 Much disaster will come upon mankind; there will be upheavals in nature, the elements will break their fetters: The fire will devastate whole regions, the waters of the rivers will overflow their banks, the seas will undergo changes.

59 There will be areas that will remain buried under the masses of water, and new lands will emerge. Many creatures will lose their lives, and even the beings lower than man will perish. (11, 77)

60 The forces of nature are only waiting for the hour to come to assail the world and purify and purify the earth. The more sinful and arrogant a nation is, the harder my judgment will be upon it.

61 Hard and deaf is the heart of this mankind. It will be necessary for the cup of suffering to come to her, so that she may hear the voice of conscience, the voice of the law and of divine justice. Everything will be done for the sake of salvation and the eternal life of the Spirit. It is he whom I seek. (138, 78 - 79)

62 That flood which cleansed the earth of the uncleanness of men, and the fire which fell on Sodom, you know today as legends. Nevertheless, even in this time you will experience how mankind will be shaken when the earth shakes under the power of air, water, and fire. But I send you an ark anew, which is my law, so that whoever enters it may be saved.

63 Not all who say "Father, Father" in the hour of the visitation will love Me, but those who always practice my love for their neighbor. These will be saved. (57, 61 - 62)

64 A new flood will come, which will wash the earth clean from human corruption. It will overthrow the altars of the false gods, will destroy stone by stone the foundations of that tower of pride and wickedness, and will wipe out every false teaching and perverse philosophy.

65 But this deluge will not be only of water as it once was; for the hand of man has unleashed all the elements against him, both visible and invisible. He pronounces his own judgment, punishes and judges himself. (65, 31)

66 The nature kingdoms will cry out for justice, and when they are gone, they will cause parts of the earth's surface to disappear and become sea, and seas to disappear and land to appear in their place.

67 The volcanoes will erupt to announce the time of judgment, and all nature will be shaken and shaken violently.

68 Pray that you may behave like good disciples, for this will be the appropriate time for the Trinitarian-Marian spiritual teaching to spread in the hearts. (60, 40 - 41)

69 Three quarters of the earth's surface will disappear, and only a part will remain to be a refuge for those who survive the chaos. You will witness the fulfillment of many prophecies. (238, 24)

70 Make no mistake; for before the "sixth seal" comes to an end, great events will take place: the stars will give meaningful signs, the nations of the earth will groan, and from this planet three parts will disappear and only one will remain, on which the seed of the HolySpirit will sprout as new life.

71 Humanity will then begin a new existence, united in one teaching, one language, and one bond of peace and brotherhood. (250, 53)

72 I speak to you of the pain which you deserve, which you increase more and more, and which, when the hour has come, overflows.

73 I would never give such a cup to my children; but in My righteousness I can still allow you to reap the fruit of your wickedness, pride and recklessness, so that you may return to Me repentant

74 Men have challenged my power and my righteousness when, with their science, they desecrated the temple of nature where all is harmony, and their judgment will now be relentless

75 The elemental forces will be unleashed, the cosmos will be shaken and the earth will tremble. Then there will be horror in men, and they will want to flee, but there will be no escape. They will want to tame the unleashed forces and will not be able to. For they will feel guilty and, regretting their presumption and folly too late, they will seek death to escape punishment. (238, 15 - 17)

76 If people knew their spiritual gifts - how many sufferings would they relieve! But they have preferred to remain blind or lazy while facing times of greatest pain.

77 My teaching is to enlighten you so that you may spare yourselves those great sufferings which were announced to mankind through the prophets of former times.

78 Only in the improvement of your life can you find that power or ability to free yourselves from the effects of the elements unleashed. For faith or prayer are not the only weapons that will give you victory over the blows and adversities of life: that faith and that prayer must be accompanied by a virtuous, pure and good life. (280, 14 - 15+17)

79 Soon a time of great events for the world will begin. The earth will quake, and the sun will send down burning hot rays on this world, scorching its surface. The continents will be afflicted with pain from one pole to another, the whole world will be cleansed, and there will be no creature that does not feel hardship and atonement.

80 But after this great chaos, the nations will regain their peace, and the forces of nature will calm down. After that "stormy night" in which this world lives, the rainbow of peace will appear, and everything will return to its laws, its order and harmony.

81 Again you will see the sky clear and the fields fertile. The watercourses will again be unclouded and the sea will be calm. There will be fruit on the trees and flowers on the meadows, and the harvests will be abundant. Man, purified and healthy, will feel worthy again and will see the way to his ascent and his return to me paved.

82 Everyone will be thoroughly pure and purified to be worthy to experience the coming New Age. For I must found the new mankind on firm foundations. (351, 66 - 69)

The justice of love and the mercy of God

83 The hour is approaching in which the judgment will be fully felt in the world. Every work, every word and every thought will be judged. From the mighty of the earth who rule the nations to the least of them - they will all be weighed on my Divine Balance.

84 But confuse not righteousness with retribution, nor reparation with punishment. For I only allow you to reap the fruits of your seed and eat them, so that you may recognize by their taste and effect whether they are good or harmful, whether you have sown good or bad.

85 The innocent blood shed through human evil deeds, the grief and tears of widows and orphans, of the outcast who suffers misery and hunger - they all cry out for justice, and my perfect and loving but merciless justice comes down on all. (239,21 - 23)

86 My righteousness will come upon every creature and touch every human being, as the angel of the Lord came upon Egypt and executed my judgment, in which only those who had marked their door with the blood of a lamb were saved.

87 Verily, I tell you, in this time everyone will be saved who watches and believes in the Word and promises of the Saviour; the Divine Lamb who sacrificed himself to teach you to pray and to fulfil with perfect love the tasks of your atonement, because my Blood will protect you like a mantle of love But he who does not watch, he who does not believe or who blasphemes will be afflicted so that he may awaken from his lethargy. (76, 6 - 7)

88 When from the innermost part of men the cry for help comes up to me, saying to me, "My Father, our Savior, come to us, we perish," then I will let them feel my presence, will reveal to them my infinite mercy and prove it to them once more. (294, 40)

89 The habitual course of your life will suddenly be whipped by strong storms. But after that, in infinity, the light of a star will shine forth, whose rays will give the peace, light, and tranquillity that the incarnated Spirit requires to contemplate eternity. (87, 52)

The effect of the court

90 When it appears that for man all things are over, death has triumphed or evil triumphs, beings will rise from darkness to the light. From death they will rise to true life, and from the abyss of destruction they will rise to obey the eternal law of God.

91 Not all will know the abyss; for some were intent on keeping away from that war of passions, ambition, and hatred, and lived only on the edge of the new Sodom; and others, who have sinned much, will pause in time, and through their timely repentance and complete renewal will save many tears and much pain. (174,53 - 54)

92 Of all that moral and material structure of humanity "no stone will remain upon another". For, in order that the "new man" may appear on this earth, it is imperative that every stain be wiped away, every sin removed, and only that which contains good seed be left.

93 The brightness of my presence and of my righteousness will be perceived in the whole world, and in the face of that light the idols will be overthrown, the accustomed traditions will fall into oblivion, and the barren rites will be abandoned. (292, 33 - 34)

94 One door will remain open for the salvation of man: that of spiritualization. Whoever wants to save himself will have to give up his arrogance, his false greatness, his base passions, his selfishness.

95 Very bitter will be the cup that men will have to drink in the great battle. Nevertheless I say to you: well to those who drink from that cup and then leave the earth as purified ones. For when they return to this world in other bodies, their message will be permeated with light, peace and wisdom. (289, 60 - 61)

96 The "last battles" with their bitterness and the "last hurricanes" have not yet arrived. It is still to come that all forces will be thrown into turmoil, and the atoms will whirl around in a chaos, so that after all this a lethargy, an exhaustion, a sadness, and a disgust will occur, which will give the appearance of death.

97 But this will be the hour when the vibrating echo of a trumpet will be heard in the sensitive consciences that have become sensitive, announcing to you from the beyond that among men of good will the kingdom of life and peace is drawing near.

98 At that sound "the dead will rise" and will shed tears of repentance, and the Father will receive them as the "Prodigal Sons" tired from the long journey and weary from the great struggle, and will seal their Spirit with the kiss of love.

99 From this "day" on, man will abhor war. He will drive hatred and resentment from his heart, will pursue sin and begin a life of reparation and reconstruction. Many will be inspired by a light they did not see before and will set out to create a world of peace.

100 It will be only the beginning of the time of grace, the age of peace.

101 The Stone Age is already far behind. The age of science will also pass, and then the age of the Spirit will flourish among men.

102 The wellspring of life will reveal great mysteries, so that men will build a world strong in the science of good, in justice and in love. (235, 79 - 83)

My peace be with you !

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