57. Reversion and Renewal in all Human Areas

The Third Testament 
XIII. The Transformation and Consecration of the World and Creation
Chapter 57 - Reversion and Renewal in all Human Areas
New and More Profound Knowledge

1 The time is coming when spiritual revelations will reveal the light-filled path to men, so that they may know the secrets hidden in the bosom of creation.

2 The light of my Spirit will reveal to you the way to acquire the true science that enables man to be recognized and to gain obedience from the creatures around him and from the natural forces of creation, thus fulfilling my will that man should subdue the earth. But this will only happen when the Spirit of man, enlightened by conscience, has imposed its power and light on the weaknesses of the body. (22, 19)

3 Already the day is near when men will understand the meaning of the Spirit, because many who think they are believers do not believe, and others who think they see do not see. But once they grasp the truth, they will realize that it would be childish, unjust and unreasonable to continue to feed a being belonging to another life with fruits of the world.

4 Then they will seek the light in the religions, and in their spiritual fear and their agonizing desire to find the truth, they will abolish the falsehood of the teachings and weed out all superficial and outward things they find in the various cults until they discover the divine essence. (103, 42)

5 Mankind will certainly grow weary of continuing to sow hatred, violence, and selfishness. Every seed of hatred it sows will multiply in such a way that its powers will not be sufficient to reap its harvest.

6 This unforeseen and beyond her human power will stop her on her breathtaking and maddening course. After this I will perform a miracle in all hearts, making charity blossom where there was only egoism.

7 Men will again grant me all perfection, omniscience, and highest righteousness. They will remember that Jesus said, "No leaf of the tree moves without the will of the Father. For today, according to the opinion of the world, the leaf of the tree, the living beings and the stars move at random. (71, 30)

8 When my voice is heard in a spiritual way in humanity, men will feel something vibrating that has always been in them, although it could not express itself in freedom. It will be the Spirit who, encouraged by the voice of his Lord, will stand up and respond to my calls.

9 Then a new age will begin on earth, for you will no longer look at life from below, but will look, recognize and enjoy it from the heights of your spiritual upliftment. (321, 38 - 39)

10 Only when it is no longer the mind that prompts the Spirit to observe and delve into science, but when the Spirit lifts and instructs the mind, will man discover that which at present seems to him to be unfathomable, and which is nevertheless destined to be revealed to him as soon as he has spiritualized his intelligence. (295, 37)

11 I have told you that the time will come when the light will appear in all places, in all countries, on all continents. That light will shine according to man's spiritual training. But through the same, a new and more accurate conception of creation will be formed, a new concept of spirituality. In this way a new stage of spiritual development will begin. (200, 41)

12 When men come to think universally in love, each one will seek to perfect himself, to better serve and do justice to others. Every fear of punishment will be superfluous; man will obey the laws not out of fear but out of conviction. Only then will mankind have developed spiritually and intelligently. (291, 25)

13 When this my seed has risen in the heart of the peoples that make up humanity, there will be an absolute change in the lives of men. How great will be the difference that they will show both in their human lives and in their spiritual worship of God, when one makes the comparison between the way of living, believing, worshipping, "fighting" and thinking of the people of former times and those who live spirituality.

14 From that time of fanaticism, idolatry, materialization, and absurd dogmas of faith, no stone will remain upon another. All errors bequeathed by your ancestors and yourselves to future generations will be removed. All that does not contain an essence of good and truth will not endure. But all the good that you have inherited, they will preserve.

15 This teaching, which is presented in a more spiritual form than in past times, will have to fight among men, peoples, churches, and sects in order to prevail and take root. But as soon as the short time of confusion is over, peace will come to men, and they will rejoice when they take from my words the meaning that it has always held.

16 The ideas about my divinity, about spiritual life, and about the purpose of your existence will be put into the right channels, because every man will be a good interpreter of all that has been told you by your master, his messengers and prophets in parables and allegories.

17 That expression was only partially understood by men. It was the teaching which was intended for them according to their increasing spiritual and intellectual capacity. But since they wanted to know everything at once, they became entangled in more and more contradictions and misconceptions, because they gave material interpretations to what could only be interpreted in a spiritual way. (329, 22 - 26)

Enlightenment through people sent by God

18 I have promised you to send spirits of great light to live among you. These are just waiting for the time to approach the earth, to incarnate and to fulfill a great mission of restoration.

19 If then those spirit beings live in this world, what will you have to teach them? Verily, I tell you: Nothing! For they will come to teach, not to learn.

20 You will be astonished to hear them speak from childhood on profound things, to see them talking with scientists and theologians, astonishing adults by their experience, and recommending the right way to children and young people.

21 Blessed is the home that receives in its bosom one of these spirit beings. How heavy will be the burdens of atonement for those who seek to prevent the fulfillment of the commission of my messengers! (238, 30 - 31)

22 I tell you again that you will not be lacking in the world of men who are endowed with great light, who will light your way and sow your life with love.

23 Mankind has always had the presence of those men on earth, but there are times coming when great legions of high spirits of light will come into the world, who will eliminate the false world you have created to build a new one, where you breathe peace and rule the truth.

24 They will suffer much under the wickedness of men. But this is nothing new, for none of God's messengers has escaped persecution, ridicule and hostility. They must come into the world and dwell on it, because their presence on earth is necessary.

25 They will come and lovingly address the hearts of men. Their word, imbued with the Father's righteousness, will strike the pride and joy of all those who have replaced the garment of humility of their Spirit with the splendor of vanity, pride, false power, and false glory.

26 These will be the first who will arise and point to my messengers with fingers trembling with wrath. But this will serve so that my servants may give great testimony of the truth they have brought to the world in every trial to which they are subjected.

27 At present you do not know in what ways of human life they will appear. But I tell you that some will appear in the bosom of the great religious communities. They will fight for the unity and spiritual harmony of all men.

28 Others will rise among the scientists and show with the fruit of their inspirations that the true end purpose of science is man's spiritual perfection, not his impoverishment and destruction.

29 So in all areas of life my servants will come to light, who will carry my law in their hearts and confirm with words and works all that I have spoken to you in this time. (255, 43 - 47)

The transformation of man

30 I prophetically announce to you a new world and a spiritualized humanity, but when this word is made known, it will again not be believed.

31 Generation after generation will pass away, the arrogance of men will unleash storms and floods, plagues and plagues, and the wailing of mankind will shake the space.

32 But after all this, the new inhabitants of the earth will begin a life of introspection and spiritualization, taking advantage of the immeasurable treasure of experience that past generations have left them, and the divine seed will begin to sprout.

33 The divine seed exists in every Spirit, since it has come forth from Me, and just as your children inherit the traits or character of their parents, so will spirit beings eventually reveal what they have inherited from their Heavenly Father: love (320, 9 - 11)

34 After the new flood the rainbow will shine as a symbol of peace and of the new covenant which mankind will make spiritually with their Lord.

35 You must prepare yourselves for a hard fight, for you will all have to fight against the dragon of evil, whose weapons are glory, hatred, earthly power, licentiousness, vanity, selfishness, lies, idolatry, and fanaticism - all powers of evil born of the human heart, against which you will have to fight with great courage and faith until you have defeated them.

36 When the dragon of your passions has been slain by your weapons of light, a new world will appear before the eyes of men - a new world, though it be the same; but it will appear more beautiful. For then men will use it for their welfare and progress, instilling an ideal of spiritualization in all their actions.

37 The hearts will be ennobled, the minds of men will be enlightened, the Spirit will be able to bear witness to his existence. All good things will flourish, all uplifting things will serve as seeds for human works. (352, 61 - 64)

38 Man has sunk to the bottomless pit, and to that point his conscience has accompanied him in waiting for the right time to be heard. Soon this voice will be heard in the world with such great violence as you cannot yet imagine.

39 But this will cause humanity to rise up from its abyss of pride, materialism, and sin, to wash itself in the tears of its repentance, and to begin to move upward on the path of spiritualization.

40 I will stand by all my children, for I am the resurrection and the life that raises the "dead" from their graves.

41 In that life which I am offering to mankind today, men will do my will and renounce out of love the freedom of will, convinced that whoever does the Father's will is neither a servant nor a slave, but a true child of God. Then you will know true happiness and perfect peace, which are the fruit of love and wisdom(79, 32).

42 I say to you that in this "third time" - even if it seems impossible to you - the renewal and salvation of mankind will not be difficult, since the work of redemption is divine work.

43 It will be my love that brings men back to the way of light and truth. My love, which penetrates secretly into every heart, caresses every Spirit, manifests itself through every conscience, will transform the hard rocks into sensitive hearts, will make spiritualized beings out of materialistic men and men of good, peace and goodwill out of hardened sinners.

44 I speak to you in this way because no one knows better than I the development of your Spirit, and I know that today's man, in spite of his great "materialism", his love for the world and his passions developed to the greatest sin, lives only for the appearance of "flesh" and material life. I know: as soon as he feels in his Spirit the loving touch of my love, he will quickly come to me to rid himself of his burden and follow me on the path of truth, which he unconsciously longs to walk. (305, 34 - 36)

45 Be vigilant, and you will be witnesses of the conversion of those who had denied me, as you will also see the return of those who had strayed from the true way.

46 Scientists who dedicated their lives to the search for elements and forces of destruction will, when they feel their judgment approaching, return to the way of truth to dedicate their last days to the moral and material reconstruction of the world.

47 Others, who in their arrogance have tried to take my place in the spirit beings, will descend from their throne seats to emulate me in humility. And also men who once stirred up the nations and unleashed wars will recognize their crimes and anxiously strive for the peace of men. (108, 39)

48 When my light has penetrated into all hearts, and men who lead the nations, those who teach them, and all who have the most important tasks to perform, are guided and inspired by that higher light which is conscience, then you can trust one another, then you can trust your brothers, because my light will be in all, and in my light my presence and my justice of love will prevail. (358, 29)

49 My teaching will be heard again by mankind, but not because my law has returned to men, because it was always written in their Spirit. It will be men who return to the way of the law.

50 This world will be an image of the lost son of my parable. Like him, she will also find the Father waiting for her in his place, to embrace her with love and sit at his table to eat.

51 The hour of this mankind's return to Me has not yet come, nor has any part of its heritage remained for her, which she will spend in feasts and pleasures until she is naked, hungry and sick, to then raise her eyes to her Father

52 It is necessary to grant a few more "moments" to those who chase the goods of the world, so that their disappointment may then be complete; so that they may finally be convinced that the gold, power, titles, and pleasures of the flesh will never give them the peace and welfare of their Spirit.

53 The hour of self-examination in the light of conscience is drawing near for all mankind. At that time, scholars, theologians, scientists, the rulers, the rich, and the judges will ask themselves what the spiritual, moral, or material fruit was that they harvested and that they can give mankind to eat.

54 After this time many will return to me because they realize that despite the prestige they enjoyed on earth, they lacked something to fill the emptiness into which their spirit had fallen, which can only be nourished by the fruits of spiritual life. (173, 19-20 + 57- 58)

55 Out of the people of today without spirituality and love I will bring forth the generations that have so often been prophesied through my word. But first I will work on these peoples who today misunderstand each other, war against each other and destroy each other.

56 When then the execution of My judgment has passed over all, and the weeds have taken root, a new humanity will begin to emerge, no longer bearing in its "blood" the seed of discord, hatred, or envy, because the "blood" of its parents was purified in the melting pot of pain and remorse.

57 I will receive them and say to them, "Ask, ask, and it will be given to you", as I told you in the "Second Time". But today I add: understand to ask. (333, 54)

Changes and upheavals in all areas of life

58 the material world, the planet, is not near its dissolution, but the end of this world of errors and sins, of darkness and bad science is brought about by the light of my teaching, and on its ruins I will build a new world of progress and peace (135, 5)

59 Great will be the transformation that mankind will suffer within a short time. Social organizations, principles, creeds, doctrines, customs, laws and all orders of human life will be shaken to their foundations. (73, 3)

60 Men, nations, races and peoples, they will all have to follow the Divine Call when the Spirit of man, weary of his imprisonment on earth, rises, breaks the chains of materialism and emits the jubilant cry of spiritual liberation. (297, 66)

61 The time will come when men will appear who truly love my law, who are able to unite the spiritual law with that of the world, that is, eternal power with temporal power.

62 It will not happen to enslave the spirit beings as in times past, but to show them the way to the light, which is the true freedom of the Spirit.

63 Then morality will return to the bosom of families; there will be real places of education and spirituality in your customs and habits. It will be the time when conscience will let its voice be heard, and when my children will communicate with my divinity from Spirit to Spirit, when the races will merge.

64 All this will be decisive for the disappearance of many differences and disputes; for - although your world is so small - you have not yet understood how to live together as one family, you have not been able to offer Me a uniform form of worship.

65 Ancient Babylon has condemned you to this separation of peoples and races, but the building of my spiritual temple in the heart of men will free you from this atonement and make you truly love one another. (87,10)

66 A time will come when man's desire to develop his Spirit higher will be so burning that he will use all means at his disposal to transform this valley of tears into a world where harmony reigns, that he will accomplish "the impossible", that he will go to the point of sacrifice and superhuman effort to prevent wars.

67 It will be those people who will bring this world up, who will remove the cup of suffering from human life, who will rebuild all that past generations have destroyed in their blind striving for power, in their materialization and imprudence.

68 They will be the ones who will watch over true worship for Me - that worship without fanaticism or outward and useless ritual acts. They will try to make mankind understand that the harmony between human laws and spiritual laws and their fulfillment is the best worship that men can offer to God. (297, 68 - 69)

69 The time of rites, altars and church bells is now coming to an end among men. Idolatry and religious fanaticism will show their last signs of life. That time of struggle and chaos will come, which I have continuously announced to you.

70 When then, after the storm, peace will have returned to all spirit beings, men will no longer build royal palaces in my honor, nor will the crowds of people be called together by the sound of bells, nor will those who feel great exercise power over the masses of people. The time of humility, fraternity, spirituality will come, which brings with it equality of spiritual gifts for mankind. (302, 37)

71 In the present day the reaper is present, with the order to cut down every tree that does not bear good fruit. In this great struggle only justice and truth will prevail.

72 Many churches will disappear, some will remain. In some the truth will shine forth, in others only deceit will be offered. But the sickle of justice will continue to cut until every seed that exists on earth is sifted.  (200, 11)

73 This is the continuation of my teachings, but not the end of times, as man interprets it. The world will continue to orbit in space, the spirit beings will continue to come to earth and incarnate to fulfill their destiny. Humans will continue to populate this planet, and only the way of life among humans will change.

74 The changes that human life is undergoing will be great, so great that it seems to you that one world is coming to an end and another is coming into being. (117, 14)

75 To this you are all moving, towards that life of joy and peace, not towards the abyss and "death", as your heart believes it to be.

76 Although you still have to experience much bitterness before the time of your spiritualization comes. But neither death, nor war, nor pestilence, nor hunger will stop the course of life and the spiritual development of this humanity. I am stronger than death, and therefore I will give you back to life if you should perish, and will let you return to earth whenever it is necessary.

77 I still have much to reveal to you, beloved mankind, my Book of Divine Wisdom still holds many surprises. (326, 54)

My peace be with you !

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