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Deuteronomy 30:4 If any of thine be driven out unto the outmost parts of heaven, from thence will the Lord thy God gather thee, and from thence will he fetch thee.   Only one thing is necessary for the grace of being allowed to return to the Father's house: Change - repentance and asking the Father to return home to Him into His kingdom! The father announced for this weekend: 1) The plates are moving in the area of Australia, Fiji, New Zealand 2) Krakatau intensifies its explosive discharges 3) Yellowstone National Park intensifies its seismic activities 4) In the area of California, seismic agitation increases 5) A new tropical Zyclone towards JAPAN  6) More Hurricanes are coming                                     *****************************  Attachments:  Repentance, Request for Homecoming to God  The Third Testament

Effects of Solar Storms

What effects do geomagnetic storms or even storm tornadoes have on the sun for us on earth?   Effects of a G3 Geomagnetic Storm can be: Mental problems, heart problems, depression, suicide, aviation problems, blackouts (as in Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri). They trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms like hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, floods, landslides.   100,000 km of solar tornadoes of 08/29/2018 (The flares / winds are on their way to us)     Anna Maria and her husband had disagreements that escalated under the influence and pressure of these storms. For this reason, Anna Maria could not hear Jesus anymore - rather, Jesus did not say anything so that things do not escalate any more. In the evening they reconciled and 2 rainbows appeared in the sky.    Anna Maria has googled and found out that a rainbow in addition to peace and harmony is also a symbol of victory after a

When the night falls

Humanity is in the time of judgment. People are reaping what they have sown in all their lives.   For many, the night breaks in and their dark actions come to their consciousness. Some burn this hotly in the conscience, while the divine spirit burns its faults with a consuming fire, because nothing unclean can remain before the divine spirit. Fire is the balance to which all things must return in the long run to justice or punishment of the ostracists with restrictions of all kinds, but not necessarily as insurmountable limits, rather than lack or scarcity that man needs here. The attainment of justice can be achieved by patient endeavor against the adversities. Basically, we admit to ourselves what we do to other beings when we disregard the cosmic laws. When the consuming fire purifies us, it gets dark and the night of the spirit breaks. The wind brings the hail. The hail covers the ground with a layer of ice. The forces retreat inwards, rest and gather new strength. The n

Eternal in the HELL ??? Jesus explains ...

Jesus Christ revealed by Jakob Lorber: From hell to heaven - The otherworldly leadership of Robert Blum  Joseph:  6. Only one thing lingers on, a clarification of the concept of the so-called eternal punishment, which occurs in almost all Christian religious sects. Is there such a thing or is not there? If one receives an eternal reward for the earthly days of honest and legal life, one can also assume that there must be an eternal punishment. For if an eternal reward is due here in the realm of the spirits of a short, noble deed, on the other hand an eternal state of punishment in hell is due for a brief, evil deed. I find this assumption quite logical. "   7. Say I: "You already, but I do not - because with all that I have created, I could not possibly have more than one purpose in mind! Since I am the self but eternal life, yet I can never have created beings for eternal death! A so-called punishm

The TRUTH is the SIGN !

Truth is the sign and whoever who is pure, he will see it.     AstroWEEK quote: "This week there is a tension in the air, which affects a total of Monday to Wednesday. Mercury in the lion makes you extremely self-confident in thinking, you represent your ideas enthusiastically. At the same time Jupiter in Scorpio pushes everything to the extreme and you quickly get into something, make big plans that may not be feasible. Many people think that they have leased wisdom and lose all sense of proportion. Especially with the money is caution. Some people now tend to show off. "   Anna Maria requested a Rhema and got this: See here:   Rhema: Jesus says: CRACKS ARE BEGINNING TO FORM IN THE ELITE's NETWORK ❤ ️ Love Letter from Jesus ❤ ️ March 13, 2017   Quote: "Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice. For others, life seems to be almost as usual, but events unfold in your

Some corrections of God

1 Samuel 16: 7 But the LORD said to him, "Do not be impressed by his looks and size. He is not. Because I judge by different standards than humans. What is important for people is what they can perceive with their eyes; I, on the other hand, look every person in the heart. Message from Jesus: Much has to be repented and atoned for, and if people do not do it themselves, then vicarious of his servants - He shows Anna Maria here her broken hand, which is not only the result of one's own wrongdoing but also a means of atonement - many sins have to be cleaned up and His honor must be restored. When Anna Maria woke up early in the morning at about 4 or 5 o'clock, she feels oppressed by pride and proude and one temptation after the other. The only thing that helps is to pray: I repent, please forgive me, I'm sorry. Forgive me in the name of Jesus, your beloved Son ... and that unceasingly in one go. She hears the number: One: Something bad is blamed on her. She feel


Suspicious Observers Disaster Prediction App reports this morning at 4:08 CET Geomagnetic storm in progress and is currently at Kp 6 (this is G2, the highest so far) In Iran they report a quake of 6.1 magnitude at 0:38 CET. Yesterday in the evening Jesus said: "It is done"  "Mountain slide" ( which means Big Island - Tsunami Warning)  Hawaii Island Flooding Update - Noon Saturday (Aug. 25, 2018) Kp 6 (G2) Geomagnetic storm warning  WARNING TWO !! At about 7 am new message: Kp 7 (G3) that's never been so far !!    Landslide of the mountain begins   Hawaii Island Mountain Slide: 4:32 pm Kp 6 (G2)  9:45 am: Again Kp 7 (G3)  9:15 am: Again Kp 6 (G2)  9 am: It takes 2 - 3 days to see the effects of the geomagnetic storm G2 (Kp 6) and G3 (Kp 7) on Earth. Now it is again Kp 5 (G1) 7 am: Kp 7 (G3) Warning !!!  Follow on Twitter:     The white, shining, big sun that we see is not our yell