08/24/2018 just before midnight
Jesus says to Anna Maria:
"Nobody understood what the sign of the fig tree means."
In the spring, the fig tree is the first to drive out the trees and you can see that spring has come. Spring is the time in which sown, in which everything sprouts and begins to grow and the fig tree announces that this time has come.

Why does Jesus say that now?

Quote from 'HOSTA' - Ebook by Anna Maria Hosta:

"03/04/2017 at noon at 12 o'clockShe took a Rhema. Stood:"Please come to worship."Yes, I am coming. Anna Maria sat on her bed for lack of other possibilities and said: Here I am.Jesus says, "I can not do it physically. I'll be my leg, it's very long, it's going to hurt like hell, gastrointestinal, vaginally squirting into you. If you shake yourself you will realize that I was there. Here in this room. You do not have to undress. I can do that too. I can do that. You still have some time. Not if your husband is here, or he'll kill you. You are married. Mary was not. The child will live in peace. "
"Call him Hosta, like his father, and A like your name, Anna, Hosta, like the Host. Satan hates the host. It will be a petite child, tender, a beautiful child, quiet and peaceful like his father.Father, grandfather in heaven, should touch it tenderly and be with him.
It will be surrounded by elves. "She was infertile, Jesus told her, and that he had saved her, and that he is then once more on earth, he is the father of the boy and the second child, which will come yet ... "
Quotes from 'Hosta':
Anna Maria has a hunch, a vision of a girl, an elf, in May - named Priscilla.
"Enough." Says Jesus. "Tomorrow I will send John. I do not feel like lying constantly between you. "
On the way home on the train, she heard a voice say:
"Just do as you are called."
Then her husband got off the train, without a word, because she was so depressed and went home alone. So she went home alone, changed her clothes and was about to lie down when
a voice to her said
She knelt down in front of the bed.
"Praise be to Jesus Christ," she shall say. That's what she said.
"Lie down and wait."
Was that the voice of John, Anna Maria wondered?
She went to bed and was curious what would come next.
She felt the presence of Jesus and that something was 'planted' in her belly.
 Warmth spread in her, in her stomach, and there was a radiance of love.
The next morning, when she woke up happy, she was surprised because God the Father was there.
He asked:
"How are you."She said: Wonderful. The glory of God is enthroned in me. Warmth. Love. And asked:
Not the program of the government for my child.
"I will tell him. Jesus should do that. I became an OPA overnight. Congratulations. The stars are dancing with joy. "
Jesus was there too.
How is Jesus?
"He is as happy as you, Queen.
"How nice it is to govern with you. World Tree. World Ash. None is bigger. "

Thank you Jesus.
"I like you. I love you. The third does not hurt so much anymore. "
Nothing hurt at all.
"All I need is an earthly father for the divine child who has not made a wife pregnant and is married."
  With that, the enemy can not tear his chains because he is strong enough. If that were not so, then the enemy would have the power to destroy the world.
Jesus: "The angels sing for you day and night. There are no bigger ones than the Worlds ..."
14.4.2017 from 'Hosta':
Anna Maria has a vision:
God raises the child and presents it to all peoples. Hosta, his son.
Why did no one understand that the fig tree is the sign where He comes to bear witness to His Son, the Holy Spirit as the prelude to the Trinitarian Marian era and the millennial Messianic reign of Jesus Christ on earth?
It is HOSTA, his son Hosta, whom he mentally conceived in Anna Maria, on the 7th of March 2017, shortly before or after midnight, which one can not see, because he is spiritual.
YOU ARE HOSTA! Did Jesus say to Anna Maria?
HOSTA means host; Food; Bread of life; Word of God;
The name Priscilla means:
"Elf", "Merry" and "Marriage."
This is what God has revealed to Anna Maria.
Quote from 'HOSTA' EBook06/28/2017Anna Maria has a strange inspiration after the dressing change at the doctor:"That you will not find any more imitators is clear, right? There is no one left who understands that. It's not that I'm the only one. It's about the relationship, about you and me and the child, about us as a family and about being a happy family. 'She says: I keep it in my heart until I get instruction from you to tell the world.Was that the voice of evil?She has the feeling that her wedding ring is disturbing. An inspiration tells her:'You do not need it.' She should throw him away.'Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but can not harm the soul.'Then:"This is a high-frequency day, a normal day, just lying and resting, angels all around, singing and praying. Father's cleaning, let internal cleaning happen. Instruct the living, not the dead, who are not interested. Come to me. Soon you'll have a bigger share than everyone. "Yes Lord. Praise be to Jesus Christ for ever. Amen.Between 10 and 11 o'clock am Anna Maria, as ordered, lies on the sofa.Then Jesus: "We have overcome the cross, now comes something happier. (An elf, Priscilla). "So. That should be enough. Let's see who does the race, 30, then we'll have 30. " 
Anna Maria receives pictures - visionary pictures of Priscilla, as she is weaving, how she has woven her eyes and forehead, her brains. She is fast, very fast and beautiful ... very affectionate and in need of love and wants to be kept, tasted and caressed ... "
Priscilla - these are several. I saw the girls in the hand of a governess in a vision.
They all look the same and all have the same character.
It is probably the 7 Suns of the Holy Spirit. I have not received any knowledge about that yet.
Priscilla is also not physical, but spiritual. You can not see them, like Hosta.

See also The Red Heifer Vision 

The Revelation 12 Sign in 5 Minutes! September 23 2017 Alignment Explained What you need to know
September 23rd, 2017 Sign in the Heaven [Revelation 12]

The astrological sign of the virgin, clothed in the sun, 12 stars (instead of normal 9 stars there in the lion) above her head and the moon under her feet was exact on 9/23/2017 at  11:59:59 pm time over Jerusalem as star constellation in the sky , Explanation to Revelation 12, verses 1, 2 and 5: "And there appeared a great sign in the heavens: a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars, and she became pregnant she cried in childish distress and had pain and labor of birth. "And she gave birth to a child, a son, who would govern all nations with an iron scepter, and her child was raptured to God and to his throne ..."
Aus, Priscilla, 11/4/2017 - quote:
"The materialistic Antichrist birth, however, was on 10/31/2017 - the arrival of the Antichrist Inauguration Obama Foundation.
President Obama Announcements The Obama Foundation Summit
Gog - God's Spiritual Church - the Third Time
Magog - Antichrist and the reign of Satan on earth
The battle between good and evil, between mind and matter takes place in all beings and each must make a personal choice and decision - for Gog (God) or Magog (matter). "

Quote from 'Priscilla'
"Because on 9/20/2017 at 1 o'clock am Jesus said to Anna Maria:
"The birth is now." (On 9/23/2017 at 11:59:59 pm on Jerusalem - this is the birth of the new, heavenly Israel, the new Zion and the beginning of the homecoming of the bride (Church, flock, assembly, people of Israel)
What did he mean by that? He points to John 12: 1-2

The Sign in the Sky - The Virgin who is to give birth and whose child is being raptured to the throne of God so that it can not devour the serpent, the other sign in the heavens.
Meaning of Hosta: Host; Food, way-consumption; Bread of life; Word of God; Host: wildcard; provider; Spider plant; Hosts: Heavenly Hosts Hosta Name revealed by God: Host like his father (means Hostie) + A like Anna (at the same time reference to the Second Time)

This is on 23.9.2017 at 23:59:59 with the sign and the birth of the new king - the return is finished in spirit to his spiritual church and at the same time this new time begins with the birth of the new king of Israel (the second coming It is the beginning of the Bride's homecoming (Church, Flock, Congregation, Israel)
Jesus is saying, "I see we got along"
Also the name PRISCILLA was revealed to Anna Maria of Jesus. The numerological meaning is: 9 Also in Hosta the numerological meaning is 9. 9 is the divine number of perfection or perfection. Jesus says the name Priscilla means "Elf," "Merry," and "Marriage."
Jesus said, "Bring me all who are like this." Jesus wants a whole stable full of children. These are spiritual children. The spiritual children of Israel. The new people of God.

Conversation between Jesus and Anna Maria  
You yourself are Hosta  

I have choosen you today  

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