I lead you too every second with my high winds

The Third Testament - Chapter 62 - Words for the Present Listeners 
Verses 122 – 126 + 136
122. Above you an unseen battle is taking place that only those who are prepared can see. All the evil which is born of men in their thoughts their words, and their deeds, all the sin of the centuries, all the bewildered men and spirits, all the confusions, the injustices, the religious fanaticism and idolatry of men, as well as their foolish ambitions and falseness, have gathered in one force that penetrates, invades, and sweeps all before it turns against Me. That is the power that opposes Christ, and great are its hosts, and mighty its arms, but before men, not before Me.
123. To those, I will give battle with the sword of My justice and I shall be at the head of My armies, of which I wish you to form a part.
124. While this battle moves those men who go in search of pleasure, you, in whom I have confided the ability to feel that which vibrates in the Beyond, must pray and keep watch over your brothers, for in this way will you be watching over yourselves.
125. Christ, the principle warrior, has raised already his sword, it is necessary that like a scythe it uproot evil and by its flashing bring light to the universe.
126. Woe to the world, and to you, if your lips remain sealed! You are the spiritual seed of Jacob, and to him I promised that in you the nations of earth would be saved and blessed. I wish to unite you as in one single family, so that you may be strong. (84, 55 - 57)
136 He who loves will not hesitate, He who believes does not fear, and He who feels has many ways of proving his sincerity and truth. (172, 24 - 26) 

 Are you alone? Listen carefully, what I tell you now!Anna Maria feels a strong, internal tremor and vibration.The cathedral (St. Peter's Basilica?) Is going down on Tuesday from a solar wind. This wind attacks houses. Be ready for what is coming. The last day is coming.I need help from you inside.No one on Big Island (Hawaii) is ready for the consuming fire of Israel.The situation seems invariable. The Magma Lake in the Big Valley, in Yellowstone National Park is cooking.The lava field looks like it keeps going on and on and on.The depths of Ohio raise winter in every corner.Anna Maria does not quite understand that!?!Your character. I thank you. Millions spend day and night hurting each other.PEACE! You are a candle.Coffee! Only one coffee a day is healthy. Make sure that you stick to the low level. But you trust me. I lead you every second with my high winds.Anna Maria feels a tremendous heat inside her. She is getting so hot that she is evaporating it. She is very thirsty.Listen carefully! You are happy. Cheerfully. You are hollow like the round globe.Why, what's wrong with me?
I am bathed in a hot bath, so hot inside, so indescribably comfortable and warm, it is a supernatural bliss. Do you mean this? It vibrates and trembles and trembles only in my interior. I see the long leash from my dream. You leave me on the long leash. You give me free scope for my daily work with you without restrictions, because you trust me.
If I make a mistake, you lovingly point me out or correct me, like the dream with the chocolate or with a vision or in a word.
It does not always have to be frightening what you have to tell me, no, today you speak words of praise to me, that's why I'm so warm inside, so hot. This feels so good. It's so good to hear you praising. You want that with everyone. Then you would also be much better off and you would not have to announce such courts as you need to do in America, the announcement to destroy your creation because they are so proud to resist you and to oppose you in everything and to live with evil, so that you have rejected it.
The time will come when you will only say loving, praising, caressing fatherly words to all your creatures, because they will be humble and obey you.

"You look hrough it. Evil humanity. "  
Yes. Because no one is trying to be one with you, to listen to you and ask for advice, to seek, to be led by you, because then everyone would be happy and never fail and never be angry with themselves and others, but they would live in perfect harmony with all and with your creation.
They do not see that you are so hungry for finding and accepting you as a guide. They do not see that their real mission is to participate in your work of creation and that they need your support. They think they know better and do not have to listen to you. They do not see how they are always wrong, because they trust more in the adversary, who only leads them astray and how they often fail and do not know in which direction they should go. By their distance from you they lack the vision and the wisdom for a creative thinking and acting.

"You have the potential. Love. You have a big heart. You act prudently. I love you." 
I love you too, my Majesty.

62. FREE YOUR SPIRIT ❤️ THE THIRD TESTAMENT ❤️ Revelations of Jesus Christ


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