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I have choosen you today

Words from Jesus to Anna Maria Hosta from 25.03.2017 of EBook 'HOSTA' (Available only in German) - quote: Jesus: "You are so glad to be here. The garden is already a feel-good garden, laid out with love. Youmay stay here rather than flee." Oh yes, I would like that, Jesus. Jesus: "I'm still thinking." Anna Maria said: What if, for once, the Americans were haunted, insteadagain the Germans. They have already added enough to us. Jesus wondered whether the new Jerusalem, the new Zion, the heavenly city were to be established in Germany. Anna Maria saw his thoughts and thought: I think that could happen, since I am here. Mesake. How happy I would be. Anna Maria decides to sleep on the sofa because she wants to think.She is awakened by Jesus. He says,  "Yemen. Two similar routes. Hamburg. Dusseldorf. Today. Immediately." Anna Maria: Who are you?Answer:  "Tss ... God."Jesus refers to a video:  "Seal Eras" ...(The s