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BILLA - a healthy plan

A.M. Hosta 29.1.2021 Father speaks into my Spirit these words: "8,000 protective pass roads have been established in the north of the country alone." There is talk of USA. That is where the arrests have now taken place in Washington DC. Later Father says to me in my Spirit: "Trump has summoned the country's representatives to a conference. BILLA ... Jens Spahn." I google what BILLA means and find an online delivery service of healthy food in Austria:   I then researched to see if it was available in Germany. Yes. It runs through REWE and a delivery flat is possible for 9,99 € per month, but currently no booking is possible because of the Corona crisis.   Now the father says: "Biden is alive...! He can activate them all again!"   He has already emph

The race continues - stay in love

A.M. Hosta 1/27/2021 This is a correction. That Trump will come back, I was not told by the Father. It came from other sources. Trump is not coming back again...... The most important thing is to implement the divine law of love better and better, to trust in God more and more, because He cannot help anyone else. Yesterday at 9:12 pm Father began to speak to me as follows: "Pizzagate .... The goal of the military liberation operation was to track down the luxury yachts that were circulating unchecked .... Pelosi ... had something to do with that. She played a major role. "worldwide .... in the worldwide network of child trafficking, child abuse, torture, ritual killings. The network is global. "Seek and ye shall find, find and it shall be opened unto you .... Putting the stray hunters out of harm's way .... And show them the door to prison - like Eppstein. "Bill Gates .... Passé .... There will only be peace when that is gone....  

Snake convicted - Let your birds fly

A.M.Hosta Just heard: "Pence. Convicted. Biden. It's done, dungeon." "The soil - vengeance - United States - robbery." "Translate!" The Father normally speaks to me in German, s.t. in english. "Corona. A high price. Thank you." Thank you. Praise and glory for your triumphant deliverance. Praise, glory, honor and thanks be to You, O Father of the Worlds, forever and ever. Amen. "Resist. Corona deny. The thing has provided excitement." (That everything came out and was washed to the surface. That's how they were identified). "Biden. Mandate. Thief. Ridiculous." "Brussels, tax evasion. Measures, grotesque." Oh yeah. When will they get to it? "Soon" "Embargo. Trump on the horizon. The healthy need the doctor" 😈😈 You mean the symptomless persecuted by the vaccine mafia. "That is the World full of judgment. Horrible stories." "Biden, but t

Snake on the run

  A. M. Hosta  6/4/2020 - Quote from Lucida 2: Woke up around 0:20 and feel His racing heartbeat inside me. He says as if out of breath: "Trump suspends second term and calls for flash bankruptcy. Because of protesters. Hitler. Himmler. Dictatorship." I see a vine in the Spirit...then: "Your renunciation will determine your behavior." (Good deeds, bad deeds... a spiritualist does not go to demos to rebel against God, otherwise he joins the fallen ones). I see a black, fat snake with a lambent forked tongue. It has hidden itself in the earth so as not to be seen by the Lord's children and to tempt them. I see a slight shaking of the planet. 1/24/2021 - Annotation: Trump was the last president of the Corporation. He called for a storm on the Capitol against Biden. The slight shaking of the planet means fight: it is the arrest of the fat black snake that is in full swing. "Ten thousand they have already. The virus ... the implant...