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It is now the most referable decade

30.1.2024 TTT 64 : 26 JAPAN: I receive you and speak to you. I have entered your sanctuary and have looked at everything. You do not want to be the last, you always wanted to be the first. But truly, I say to you: This seed is not pleasing in My eyes. Today A.M. received the following message from the Lord, Jesus Christ, He spoke to her in the morning after waking up as follows: "Gemini .... " He gives her to understand that her husband, R., is the twin brother of the Lord. In fact, he is also a twin and has been looking for his twin brother all his life, as the Lord once told her, and that he is his twin brother Jesus. The Lord once told A.M. that she had Lucifer as her father. That was at the very beginning of creation, when Lucifer was still good and faithful to God. A.M. was with the Father, and when the battle in heaven began, she did not go with Lucifer, who claimed all his products (seeds) as his own and asked everyone to go with him. But, as the Lord also info

Raids - hacker attacks on Telegram accounts

26.1.2024  Good morning, everyone... Telegram is currently being raided or hacked. Yesterday, when R. went to Telegram, he got a message telling him to confirm the numbers he had sent and when he did, his 500 channels were suddenly gone, just gone, and instead he had other channels (Arabic) that he had never subscribed to.  If you notice something like this, the best way to defend yourself is to write to the channel (Telegram or similar) as follows: I do not give Telegram or other companies affiliated with Telegram permission to use my images, information, messages or posts in the past or in the future. With this statement, I inform Telegram that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute or take any other action against me regarding this profile and/or its content.  The content of this profile is private and confidential information.  Violation of privacy may be punishable by law  ( UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute ) TELEGRAM DOES NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO SHARE

Our incarnation and return to the spirit realm

1/22/2024 TTT 30  The "resurrection of the flesh" - correctly understood.  9 Now the world is to learn the truth about the "resurrection of the flesh", which is the reincarnation of the spirit.  10 Reincarnation means: returning to the material world to be born anew as a human being; the resurrection of the spirit being in a human body to continue its mission. This is the truth about the "resurrection of the flesh" of which your ancestors have spoken, giving interpretations that are as twisted as they are absurd. 56 Since the dawn of humanity, the reincarnation of the spirit has existed as a law of love and justice and as one of the ways in which the Father has demonstrated his infinite grace. Reincarnation is not only a matter of this time, but of all times....  58 Before your creation you were in Me; afterwards, as spiritual creatures, you were in the place where everything vibrates in perfect harmony, where is the essence of life and the source of the t

Which battle is fought on earth ?

1.18.2024 TTT 30 : 93 When the last day came, he felt death in his flesh and felt no pain. He departed silently and devoutly. He saw himself in spirit, and as if he had a mirror before him, he saw himself beautiful and radiant with light. Then the voice spoke to him and said: "Son, where are you going?" And he, who knew who He was, approached the Father, let His light flow into his being and thus said: "O Creator, O all-embracing Love, I come to You to rest and to give You fulfillment". A.M. asks the father: Father, why do you always criticize me so often now? He replies: "Your head is on the line" "They want to take the DeepL away." "Stay!" Yes, it's foolish of me to always show myself so openly. I understand, you want to protect me, my life, which is at stake. In Davos, where the damned meet it's our heads and necks on the line ...  Lucifer was a son of God and fathered sons and daughters like God, the Fa

We have to "smell" the traffic lights coalition

Developing countries in which projects financed by the German government are maintained 16.1.2024 DDT 1 : 11 But just as many rejected that word, many also believed it - that word which penetrated to the very core of the heart. That way of healing suffering and incurable diseases with just a caress, a look of infinite compassion, a word of hope. That Father's message, which was the promise of a new world, of a life full of light and justice, could no longer be erased from the hearts of many who understood that that divine man was the truth of the Father, the Divine Love of Him whom men did not know and therefore could not love .  After yesterday's large demonstration by our farmers together with hauliers, doctors, craftsmen, fishermen and many private individuals in Berlin and a speech by financier Lindner, there is even greater dissatisfaction, as there already is among the people.  A.M. prayed to the heavenly Father and secretly pleaded for the farmers, who are being pushed t

Your inner voice is your only guide - learn to listen

Osho can you say something about the "inner voice"? "The first thing: the inner voice is not a voice, it is silence. It says nothing. It shows something, but it says nothing. It makes a gesture, but it says nothing. The inner voice is not a voice. If you still hear a voice, it is not an inner voice. 'Inner voice' is a misnomer, it's not the right word. Only silence is inner. All voices come from outside. For example: you want to steal something and the 'inner voice' says: 'You should not steal! - That's a sin! That's not the inner voice - that's just your conditioning: you've been taught not to steal. It's society speaking through you. It seems to come from within, but it doesn't ... It's just your social conscience. Society has to create internal rules in you because the external ones are not enough. There is the police, but that's not enough - the police can be fooled. There are the courts, but that is not e

Farmers' protests in Germany

1.8.2024 TTT 50 : 3 Why have you forgotten Me and wanted to measure your power against Mine? I tell you that I will place My sceptre in your hand on the day when a scholar uses his science to create a being similar to you, endowing it with spirit and giving it a conscience. But your harvest will be different at first. (125, 16 - 17) "100 years!" Jesus said to A.M. this morning and she meant that she would have to go to court for 100 years ... "that would come from spreading false teachings" (he denounced that she had watched and spread Christmas movies and she said that after years of being depressed, they had cheered us up a bit and that we had also learned from them, from cohesion and fraternal togetherness and sharing the experiences of the roles in the movies ... and today's motto also speaks of pride in knowledge and vanity ...  until she thought she understood ... 1-8-2024 ... Day of the first farmers' protests in Germany, because politically a limit

The 12th night after Christmas - the last magic night

6.1.2024  DDT 49 : 44 Because human justice is imperfect, your prisons are full of victims, and the places of execution have been stained with the blood of the innocent. Oh, how many criminals I see enjoying freedom and respect in the world, and how many depraved ones you have erected monuments to honor their memory! A.M. has a problem. It is a high-risk act to fly across the Atlantic in the summer to visit her brother and attend her niece's wedding, and the conflict becomes a problem for her. She and her husband don't get on and A.M. sulks in the kitchen. Her brother calls her and says she can decide later, everything will get better. A.M. says no, if one pilot dies after the other, there will be fewer and fewer of them and eventually someone will have to fly the plane alone and then there will be no one to take over.   As A.M. is still sulking in the kitchen, she hears:  "Sorry!"  A.M. refuses.  "There's a fork after the fifth death!"  When will I find


1/5/2024 Providence, destiny, fate DDT 45: 26 Do not be fatalists who are convinced that your destiny corresponds exactly to what God has placed on your path through life, and that if you suffer, it is because it was written, and if you rejoice, it is because it was also written. I have convinced you that you will reap what you have sown. Gardener P√∂tschke quote: A garden is what you make of it! Jesus said to me: What comes from me does not harm you   If you've noticed a bright, shiny coating on fruits and vegetables lately, even on organic produce, it's most likely the new Bill Gates-funded chemical coating called Apeel, and no one seems to be able to figure out exactly what it's made of, if it's organic, and why it won't wash off. Even in Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sprouts and other so-called health stores, you can find it on the products. The shiny, polished look is made from a byproduct of the canola and soybean oil processing industry. Apeel contains (residual)

Pilot project

1/4/2024 Spiritual and material charity DDT 18 : 20 If you are materially poor and for this reason cannot help your neighbor, do not grieve. Pray, and I will cause light to shine and peace to come where there is nothing.   Dream. There was a wedding planned and I was supposed to pack the wedding dress and everything I needed, but a woman (me) stopped me because she was so slow and stopped me. There was a sysem key for the accommodations that someone else had. On the day of the wedding, I stood there without my wedding dress, thinking that now I would have to walk down the aisle in my everyday dress. Then I found out that the groom had to work today and wouldn't be at the ceremony. When I woke up, I heard the words: "You have a pilothomepage!" "You want thousands." "Sit" What's wrong with that? Isn't my mission to learn to spread you all over the world? Now there are thousands of visitors, ten times as many as with Google adver