It is now the most referable decade


TTT 64 : 26 JAPAN: I receive you and speak to you. I have entered your sanctuary and have looked at everything. You do not want to be the last, you always wanted to be the first. But truly, I say to you: This seed is not pleasing in My eyes.

Today A.M. received the following message from the Lord, Jesus Christ, He spoke to her in the morning after waking up as follows:

"Gemini .... "

He gives her to understand that her husband, R., is the twin brother of the Lord. In fact, he is also a twin and has been looking for his twin brother all his life, as the Lord once told her, and that he is his twin brother Jesus. The Lord once told A.M. that she had Lucifer as her father. That was at the very beginning of creation, when Lucifer was still good and faithful to God. A.M. was with the Father, and when the battle in heaven began, she did not go with Lucifer, who claimed all his products (seeds) as his own and asked everyone to go with him. But, as the Lord also informed her, she was abducted by the Wanen and since then her father had not seen her. And the one who had abducted her was his twin brother, who was also St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, and who had taken Mary into his home.

"Hand broken!"

When A.M. doubted the sincerity of Jesus' love for her in 2017 and wanted to withdraw from him so that he could be with Clare and she could be with her husband, A.M. broke her left hand several times in the evening while putting on her pyjamas, lost her balance and was only able to work again after ¾ of a year. Her father used this time to teach her, as A.M. now had enough time and could listen.

"You have won in 2023!"

By this, the father means that those who follow him and serve him faithfully in 2023 have won the battle between good and evil and decided it in God's favor.

"Now it is the most referable decade..."

(Is it the highest reference decade? Or another temporal decade?)

"It seethes among the Slavs.... (he names another country, but I've forgotten it) ... in New York ... in England ... literally look at it." (A.M. should turn her attention to this)

When A.M. calls up, she sees the following message before her eyes in German:

Russians in the Baltics in turmoil - Latvia threatens forced expulsion

Updated on 30.01.2024, 09:40 am.

Russia is at war with Ukraine, but complains that Russians are not welcome in other countries. Kremlin leader Putin accuses the Baltic states in particular of hunting people down. EU member Latvia is threatening to expel citizens with Russian passports.

"There will certainly be forced expulsions," says Gunars Kutris, Member of Parliament in Riga, on the situation of Russians in Latvia. Hundreds of people who have lived in the EU country for many decades and only speak Russian could be affected by the expulsions. "That will become clear in practice," says the chairman of the Committee on Citizenship, Migration and Social Cohesion. Anyone who cannot prove that they speak Latvian will have to leave the country in future. That could be up to 3,000 people.....  

Just one language family: why are the Slavs so different?


Russia belongs to the largest ethno-linguistic group in Europe, the Slavs. But history has meant that Russia and its Slavic relatives have grown apart.

What does it mean to be a Slav? The question is not easy to answer, because "the Slavs" are between 300 and 350 million people of many different ethnicities. Slavs live everywhere, from Germany to Kazakhstan, in the Far East of Russia. And not only there. They can be found all over the world.

It is not easy to find common ground when you are so widely dispersed, but it is possible. On the website, the peculiarities of Slavdom and the prejudices are explained in a humorous way. There are the loving older relatives who are always afraid that you might starve to death even though you are 30 kilograms overweight, or they make fun of the Slavs' supposed resistance to drinking: "Your 15-year-old sister can drink any American under the table". A Slav actually always takes off his shoes before entering a foreign house.

But despite all the similarities, there is no such thing as "the Slavs". They are all different, and history unfortunately shows that they have not always got on well together. Why is that? ..........

Note from A.M.: There are disagreements about borders not only in the Baltic states, but in many countries of the Eastern bloc.

Kate Middleton, wife of the heir to the English throne William, and Charles III of England both had to undergo surgery in January 2024 - Kate on her stomach and Charles on his prostate. They were told they would have to stay in hospital for a longer time, but they have already been discharged and allowed to go home.

A.M. doesn't know what's going on in New York, but there's a civil war in Texas because the wall that Donald Trump built is going to be torn down. Biden has ordered this because Trump has already achieved success in some electoral districts and, unlike the other candidates, has a large influx of fans.

ELECTION HAMMER USA: Trump uncatchable! "...unless a meteorite hits him!" DeSantis gives up

USA: TRUMP TRIAL IN MARCH 2024! "The big question is, what will he do with it?"

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