We have to "smell" the traffic lights coalition

Developing countries in which projects financed by the German government are maintained


DDT 1 : 11 But just as many rejected that word, many also believed it - that word which penetrated to the very core of the heart. That way of healing suffering and incurable diseases with just a caress, a look of infinite compassion, a word of hope. That Father's message, which was the promise of a new world, of a life full of light and justice, could no longer be erased from the hearts of many who understood that that divine man was the truth of the Father, the Divine Love of Him whom men did not know and therefore could not love

After yesterday's large demonstration by our farmers together with hauliers, doctors, craftsmen, fishermen and many private individuals in Berlin and a speech by financier Lindner, there is even greater dissatisfaction, as there already is among the people. 
A.M. prayed to the heavenly Father and secretly pleaded for the farmers, who are being pushed to the brink of existence by the government through ever-increasing regulations and more and more farmers are giving up. Pensioners are seen collecting bottles from containers for a few pennies to alleviate their poverty. More and more jobs are being lost due to more and more insolvencies .... And and and ... the list goes on and on 
In the morning, when A.M. wakes up today, she hears these words: 
"Now they've lost again." 
"Be loyal!" 
"Movie ... dot.com... " 
What movie? Can you tell me the title. There are millions of them. 
"Germany. Brandenburg Gate." 
"Traffic light smell  ... The Netherlands." 
Yes, Lord. Excuse me. The farmers in the Netherlands were simply expropriated by the government after their demonstrations. 
Therefore, we must also respect the government and we must listen to each other and look for a solution for everyone. 
Yes, with pleasure. You're helping me right now. 
I see and understand that everything is being done at the moment to move Germany forward. Mr. Lindner has said that he knows and understands the situation because he has had many conversations. We must all be prepared to cut back and save at the moment. 
But why donate so many billions to developing countries when our own people are bleeding and struggling to survive. Why is nothing being done to rehabilitate our own people first, who, if they become insolvent, will no longer be able to find the billions to donate to developing countries? I don't understand that. 
"Alleged climate lie!"
Yes father - I understand. You said that the forces of nature will only calm down again when people start to appreciate and love each other, all of them, because it is a reaction of the forces of nature to the alienation from you and the reckless treatment of each other. That is why the forces of nature are unleashed and in turmoil. 
Father, can you tell me something about the farmers? 
"The traffic lights coalition. Resignation. The other way around. Ignore Lafontaine." 
"You too. Still single. The tongue." 
The traffic light remains. Ignore the Wagenknecht party and the AfD would go downhill even faster, you told me. 
"The farmers' people! Lost. For the moment." 
There's enough money. Why do the farmers, the middle class have to bleed so much and the pensioners and everyone? 
"The change is happening!"

Member of parliament watch
Donations from Germany to developing countries - 494 questions for Annalena Baerbock - 0 questions have been answered so far 

Question from Tobias S. - 11.15.2023
Why do we pay 33.3 billion euros in development aid to countries like China that are far ahead of us ? and why does Germany not receive development aid from any country
According to the OECD, a total of 33.3 billion euros in development aid was paid out in 2022. As can be seen in the BMZ transparency portal, China received 86.18 million euros, India 5.71 billion euros and South Africa 558.52 million euros to support development projects (2).
Reply pending from Annalena Baerbock 
Alliance 90/The Greens

Further examples (map above) of the transparency portal
Examples: Brazil 257 projects - 660.45 million euros 
                  India 495 projects - 4.69 billion euros 
                  Congo 151 projects - 745.96 million euros 
                  Algeria 12 projects - 96.10 million euros
                  China 36 projects - 31.64 million euros 
                  South Africa 122 projects - 525.03 million euros .....   
61.85 billion euros - 8,095 projects - 109 countries 

Federal budget 2022 

Total public budget in the 1st quarter of 2023: Revenue + 4.4 %, expenditure + 14.6 %
In the first quarter of 2023, the revenue of the general public budget increased by 4.4% compared to the first quarter of 2022 to 424.7 billion euros.

January 11, 2024
Public financing deficit rises to 91.5 billion euros in the 1st to 3rd quarter of 2023
The total public budget spent around 7.7% more in the first three quarters of 2023, but only took in 6.1% more than in the same period of the previous year: revenue of EUR 1,337.8 billion (EUR 1.3 trillion) was offset by expenditure of EUR 1,429.3 billion (EUR 1.4 trillion). As a result, the core and extra budgets of the federal government, federal states, municipalities and social security closed the first three quarters of 2023 with a financing deficit of EUR 91.5 billion, as calculated in accordance with the financial statistics. The deficit was therefore 25.8 billion euros higher than in the same period of the previous year. According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), based on the results of the quarterly cash statistics, the deficit was still largely borne by the federal government (-75.9 billion euros), but there was also a significant deficit for municipalities and associations of municipalities (-11.4 billion euros) and social security (-7.2 billion euros). In contrast, the federal states recorded a slight increase of 3.1 billion euros.

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