The 12th night after Christmas - the last magic night


DDT 49 : 44 Because human justice is imperfect, your prisons are full of victims, and the places of execution have been stained with the blood of the innocent. Oh, how many criminals I see enjoying freedom and respect in the world, and how many depraved ones you have erected monuments to honor their memory!

A.M. has a problem. It is a high-risk act to fly across the Atlantic in the summer to visit her brother and attend her niece's wedding, and the conflict becomes a problem for her. She and her husband don't get on and A.M. sulks in the kitchen. Her brother calls her and says she can decide later, everything will get better. A.M. says no, if one pilot dies after the other, there will be fewer and fewer of them and eventually someone will have to fly the plane alone and then there will be no one to take over. 
 As A.M. is still sulking in the kitchen, she hears: 
A.M. refuses. 
"There's a fork after the fifth death!" 
When will I find out what the fifth death was? 
"God! Tomorrow!" 
A.M. doesn't understand. 
Which one? There's never anyone there anyway. 
Why are you leaving me all alone? 
Then A.M.'s mood brightens as she suddenly has a realization out of nowhere: 
'If I'm not flying, I'm not the cause,
when a pilot at the controls dies in the air.
If I want to fly, a pilot has to fly and he can die in the process. 
They will still fly, but I will not be the cause of their death,
if they die behind the wheel in the cockpit of their airplane, 
because I did not fly.
Thank you, Lord my God. Now you have helped me. These thoughts are from you because they are wise and prudent. 
Flying is part of the new holocaust after the C. vaccination. 

In the night she hears her husband howling briefly like a dog in a dream, as he tells her he had a dream and was shouting and afraid of waking her and then went straight back to sleep. 
A.M. herself also had a dream: 
There were 2 men around me and each wanted me to come to him. I refused. When they finally gave up, I decided to join them both. There were three chairs, they sat one in the left one, the other in the right one and I sat in the middle one and they each handed me a headphone of their headphones and I put them both on and we listened together and were peaceful.  
Then I heard the words and it sounded pleading: 
"you shall give him the name Jesus." 

A.M. wants to ask her brother: What do you think, dear brother, do you think we could still be friends with each other, with you, with L., with K., with D., if we don't fly and don't expose ourselves to this holocaust? How do you feel about that? 

This was the 12th night, Epiphany, because it is the 12th night after Christmas, the last of the old Germanic nights of smoke and smoky nights, in other words a last night of magic. According to legend, the animals can speak on this night. 

I wish you from the bottom of my heart
A Happy New Year by the hour
A new year that also refreshes
And sends all evils from you

May God bless you and keep you 
In the new year as well as in the old 
That is my wish for you, God make it come true! 

I wish you a Happy New Year,
and if you don't give me anything,
I'll grab you by the hair. 

Happy New Year, eyes bright and clear 
There's something good on your plate and a penny for me 

Happiness and salvation for the new year
A good ointment for old wounds 
On a rough block a rough wedge
On a rogue and a half. 

If Epiphany is bright and clear, there will be plenty of wine this year (Lotday) 

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