Our incarnation and return to the spirit realm


TTT 30 
The "resurrection of the flesh" - correctly understood. 
9 Now the world is to learn the truth about the "resurrection of the flesh", which is the reincarnation of the spirit. 
10 Reincarnation means: returning to the material world to be born anew as a human being; the resurrection of the spirit being in a human body to continue its mission. This is the truth about the "resurrection of the flesh" of which your ancestors have spoken, giving interpretations that are as twisted as they are absurd.
56 Since the dawn of humanity, the reincarnation of the spirit has existed as a law of love and justice and as one of the ways in which the Father has demonstrated his infinite grace. Reincarnation is not only a matter of this time, but of all times.... 
58 Before your creation you were in Me; afterwards, as spiritual creatures, you were in the place where everything vibrates in perfect harmony, where is the essence of life and the source of the true light from which I nourish you.

TTT 36 : 43 Many have thought they know everything, but truly, I tell you, the ant that imperceptibly crosses their path also contains for them an unfathomable secret.

Gardener Pötschke says:

"Snow encloses a layer of air and thus protects plant life from frost if you don't step on it."

In many testimonies of near-death experiences, we are already given very vivid evidence of the otherworldly spirit world. It is the spirit of the witnesses who have these experiences while their material body lies as if asleep or already clinically dead on the sickbed, until they then come back and re-enter their earthly body to continue to fulfill their task on earth.

TTT 30 : 93 When the last day came, he felt death in his flesh and felt no pain. He departed silently and devoutly. He saw himself in spirit, and as if he had a mirror before him, he saw himself beautiful and radiant with light. Then the voice spoke to him and said: "Son, where are you going?" And he, who knew who He was, approached the Father, allowed His light to flow into his being and thus said: "O Creator, O all-embracing Love, I come to You to rest and to give You fulfillment".

The revelations of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ in Mexico from 1884 to 1950 bring us the science of spiritualization on the occasion of the promised and thereby fulfilled return of Jesus Christ in the cloud, which means: spiritually, in the spirit, from spirit to spirit.

TTT 17 : 121 Prayer is the means revealed to your spirit to reach Me with your questions, your worries and your desire for light. Through this dialogue you can dispel your doubts and tear the veil that hides some secret.

Ohso, mocked and ridiculed as a sex guru in India, but being the spiritual scientist and professor that he was, already recognized the basic tenets of spiritualism, the doctrine of spiritualization, when he said:

"Meditation is simply understanding. It is not a question of sitting in silence, it is not a question of chanting mantras. It is a question of understanding the subtle workings of the mind. When you understand this functioning of the mind, a great awareness arises in you that does not come from the mind. This awareness arises in your being, in your soul, in your consciousness."


Jesus Christ, who showed us through his human life on earth how we can easily fulfill the divine law of love, also gave us these indications once again in the Third Testament, in his revelations from spirit to spirit in Mexico:

TTT 11 : 4 After this I withdrew into the desert to meditate and teach you to enter into dialogue with the Creator, and to contemplate in the silence of the desert the work that awaited Me, teaching you that you must first purify yourselves before going about the fulfillment of the work I have entrusted to you. Then, in the silence of your being, seek direct communion with your Father, and thus prepared - louder, stronger and more determined - set about the fulfillment of your difficult mission unwaveringly.

TTT 17 : 31 All hours and all places can be suitable for prayer and meditation. I have never told you in my teachings that there are places or moments that are specially designated for this. Why go to certain places in the world to pray when your spirit is greater than the world you inhabit? Why limit Myself to images and such limited places when I am infinite?

TTT  17 : 165 Learn to pray and meditate at the same time, so that knowledge and understanding may come to light in each of you.

TTT 17: 171 If you would learn to meditate daily for a short time, and if your meditation concerned the spiritual life, you would discover infinite explanations and receive revelations that you could not receive in any other way.


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