Pilot project


Spiritual and material charity

DDT 18 : 20 If you are materially poor and for this reason cannot help your neighbor, do not grieve. Pray, and I will cause light to shine and peace to come where there is nothing.



There was a wedding planned and I was supposed to pack the wedding dress and everything I needed, but a woman (me) stopped me because she was so slow and stopped me. There was a sysem key for the accommodations that someone else had. On the day of the wedding, I stood there without my wedding dress, thinking that now I would have to walk down the aisle in my everyday dress. Then I found out that the groom had to work today and wouldn't be at the ceremony.

When I woke up, I heard the words:

"You have a pilothomepage!"

"You want thousands."


What's wrong with that? Isn't my mission to learn to spread you all over the world? Now there are thousands of visitors, ten times as many as with Google advertising at the same price as with Google, who rejected the campaign on the grounds that my homepage was manipulated - I was spreading religious content.

I'm paying that for you. I didn't intend to get so many thousands of visitors and was surprised when it turned out that way with the new provider, but of the 20,000 visitors in December, many left the homepage immediately and weren't interested in it and only a few stayed and came back. How am I supposed to be found worldwide without an advertising campaign, as you would like?

Pilot project, yes, because you have enabled me to spread your word worldwide in 30 languages. You showed me the DeepL translator and taught me how to do it.

In the bathroom:

"I opened up their mind."

You speak English.  Yes, 80% of visitors to the website now come from America. Almost no one from America ever visited Google, as if they were marginalized. But now you have opened their minds to it and now they diligently visit my site.

Thank you, most powerful Lord, that you have already fulfilled your promise to bring light where there is none over Christmas.  
You may visit our homepage at   https://www.friedensreich-christi-auf-erden.com 


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